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Monster jam 2017 tampa 1 jan 14th grave digger freestyle
Grave digger freestyle tampa monster jam 2017 tampa 1 show.
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Monster jam 2017 tampa 1 overkill evolution freestyle
Monster jam 2017 tampa 1 overkill evolution freestyle run. Was sitting 2nd row up from around the 60 yd line. Hope u guys enjoy!
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Samsung ks8000 game mode settings
Hey guy, heres just a quick video of my samsung ks8000 settings. These are just my opinions and my settings that work for me. Feel free to try mine or tinker yourself. Hope you enjoy the video and subscribe if ya feel like it. Lol. Thanks again and have a great one. Game on!
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Monster jam freestyle tampa 2016 alien invasion
Monster jam freestyle tampa alien invasion 2016 Feb 6th second show
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Losi 8ight-t rtr front diff noise.
This is my new losi 8ight t rtr nitro truggy. Took my time breaking it in and tuning it. Ran maybe 7 tanks thru it after tune on flat grassy field. Didnt get too crazy. And now the front diff sounds like its clicking. Any thoughts internet?
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Monster jam tampa 2 2016 son uva digger freestyle
Monster jam freestyle tampa 2016 son uva digger. This is from the second show on Feb 6th
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Ps4 pro "boost mode" comparison on/off gta 5
Ps4 pro "boost mode" comparison on/off with gta 5. Hope you guys enjoyed the video and if you did like and subscribe. Please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion. Thank you for your time and enjoy. Game on!
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Savage x4.6 with terra pin tires
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Transformers 3 super bowl trailer
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2005 Pontiac Gto & 2011 Bmw 328i (e90) video // Midnight shoot //
Check out his full music video: https://youtu.be/A-sS_Ts2Bjc Music by: G-Eazy & Carnage Guala (feat. Thirty Rack) Copyright 2017 RCA Records, a divison of Sony Music Entertainment I do not own any of the rights to the music used in this video. 2005 Gto and 2011 bmw 328i e90. This video was basically me (gto) and a buddy of mine (e90) takin a few photos and a few video shots for fun. We found this location months back riding some 50cc scooters around. I did a lil editing on my phone, thats all i have at the moment. A proper pc is $$$$. Eventually ill get one and the quality will improve drastically. But for now this is what we have to work with and is a test for future ideas and projects. Please comment good, bad, or indifferent or constructive ideas to help us along. Just be respectful :) please like and subscribe for more! And thanks for watching #gto #bmw #e90 #ls2 #v8 #video #gwalla #cars #rooftop #parkinggarage #
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813 droid guitar
just messin around.. forgot to even warm up so i made mistakes..lol.. but 90% of it was off the top... mostly my own stuff. a lil van halen at the end.. but again i was only messin around. filmed this on my motorola droid phone proped up barely on a cup ha ha... hope u like...
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Gto, bmw, cobra- "Sunset"
05 gto, 2011 bmw 328i, 2001 mustang cobra. This is a small video i put together of me and my buddies cars. We had the day off and unfortunately didnt get to our spot with much time left before the sun went down. Hope you liked the video, if ao slap that like button and consider subscribing. Sound off in the comments if you like car related stuff and ill try to bring more content in the future. If you guys like this, next time ill get running and driving shots. Again thanks for watching and have a great day guys!
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Grave digger tampa 2013 freestyle
This was the first show. Dennis was sick with food poisoning, so driver rod schmidt took the helm to pilot the digger.. i believe his final score was 26 even tho i stopped taping before they showed it
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Picnic island video. Filmed with galaxy s7 edge and zihyun smooth c gimbal
Hey guys. This was my first test shoot and edit using new software and a new camera stabilizer gimbal called the smooth-c by ziyhun. Still very much learning the ropes on both of these. And hopefully will be bringing you more content like this and in higher richer quality. Hope u enjoy this relaxing video i made of picnic island, a nice little park near my house. As always thanks for watching and please leave a like, subscribe, or comment down below! :)
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Pontiac gto 2005
2005 pontiac gto. Music credit to aliap rap bpa ft. Sean noize.
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droid guitar 2 "blackbird"
i learned this yester day in about 30 min... still very rough gotta practice more and get it down perfect. i know it doesnt go "exactly" like the song but close enough.. i played maybe 5 min before recording this, hope i didnt mess up to bad.. lemme know if you like. thanks!
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Messin around
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Bob drifting the 240
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New song??
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Baby drift in the 240
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