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XK K110 Helicopter   November 12th   One Month
Hovering practice with my XK K110 micro-sized helicopter. This is WAY harder than it looks! I've been practicing daily, for a month, and as you can see, I still have a hard time holding the helicopter in place. I can, however manage to hover without running into anything - most of the time. And yes, I do much better when the camera isn't rolling... At least repair parts are cheap - and because it is small, the helicopter survives a lot of abuse without damage.
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Hover Practice with My New Align 470LP RC Helicopter
Other than a couple of brief tests in my driveway, this is the first time I've had my new Align 470LP RC helicopter in the air, and yes, I'm a beginner. I had a lot of trouble keeping it where I wanted - wind, nerves, etc.
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Hover Practice in Heli-X
This is a short video of me attempting to hover in various orientations in the Heli-X RC Helicopter simulator, flying the Align T-Rex 500 FBL. This is after several hours of practice, and it's way, way harder than it looks. I've got a long way to go...
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Blade 230S RC Helicopter Basic Hover Practice
Some basic hovering with the Blade 230S RC Helicopter, with stability on...
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Align 470LP   First Motor Run
Align 470LP - First Motor Run... Seems awfully loud to me...
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Spinner Dolphins
Spinner Dolphins off the coast of Hawaii - June, 2017.
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Flying In Circles in Heli-X
Heli-X practice, flying in circles...
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