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"Trans-Europe Express" performed on CasioTone.
Goofing around in a music store, the urge came upon me to play this Kraftwerk piece. I apologise to Ralf and Florian in advance.
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"Brother John" (Joe Satriani) Cover Song Performance
Played on an abused Stratocaster, this is a performance of the guitar-only track "Brother John" from Satriani's debut album "Not of This Earth" (1985). The guitar was played through an SSL Equalizer and also the Waves Super-Tap Delay plugin.
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Go Kart Montage (Kingston Park Raceway)
Using the 2-stroke 'Schumacher' karts (max. speed 85kph), this is a montage of a single race with approx. 15 drivers. It is on the Le Mans track (700 metres)... A good lap time here is approx. 60-61 seconds. Original music by: http://www.last.fm/music/The+Curved+Blade
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Call of Duty: Black Ops - Glitch Report (Wii Edition)
Call of Duty: Black Ops for Wii displays its unprecedented talent for freezing and crashing. A report has been prepared and is ready for your briefing, cadets.
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Epic (outro) - Faith No More
The ending of the rap-metal masterpiece...
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'Sarabande' from Kubrick's 'Barry Lyndon' - by Handel
Made popular by the film 'Barry Lyndon', this is a beautifully composed piece that was originally for harpsichord. Here I am using a microKorg to play it (it's only 3 octaves) so if my fingering is goofy that may be why. Music details: George Frideric Handel's Sarabande from the Suite in D minor HWV 437. (Originally for solo harpsichord).
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Waldorf Blofeld, microKorg, ER-1 Mk. II and Mermaid Beach...
While on holiday at the Mantra Bel Air, Gold Coast, I took a portable digital studio and knuckled down to make this electronic piece. The footage? Well that's me taking a long walk on that famous stretch at Mermaid Beach. Fascinating!!! You can download the song here: http://freedownloads.last.fm/download/328932155/Green%2BPoints.mp3 If you like this, please check me out at www.myspace.com/mieli, or check out my entry at lastfm.com: http://www.last.fm/music/Mieli, or http://www.last.fm/music/Twotone
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Weird Pokémon Diamond Glitch and Crash
Whilst innocently playing the Pokemon Diamond DS game, the software had a sudden and fatal embolism. This spasmodic episode froze the game, glitched the graphical output, and stuttered the sound (that damn repetitive 'battle music'). Why do these things happen, Digital God? 'Why' indeed.
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Castlevania Slot Machine - Feature Battle
This is what happens if you get the special feature on a Konami Castlevania Poker Machine.
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Brisbane Flood - Boat Destruction
A twin-engine outboard boat (approx. 26ft) has been dislodged from its moorings and swept down the swollen, speeding Brisbane river. Here, it hits the pile-on of the Goodwill Bridge. This was as close as I was able to get at this time when the river was yet to reach its peak.
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"Boys Don't Cry" ~ The Cure (Live at Sydney Opera House 2011)
The "Reflections" concert had the band play throught the entire albums of Three Imaginary Boys | Seventeen Seconds | Faith, as well as an encore of B-sides for each album. This song was from the first set. The entire concert was filmed for DVD/Blu-ray (not yet available), and re-united long time ex-member Lol Tolhurst for the "Faith" section and encores.
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Byron Bay NYE Crowd Walk - 2012/2013
Ever wondered what New Year's Eve is like in Byron Bay? Well, I braved the crowds, the sand, the glass and the fights and recorded a little bit of the night at the centre of the town's street party. Approximately from 11:50pm to 12:10pm 2012/2013.
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Slot Machine Guy Bashes on Buttons
Are slot machines pressure-sensitive after all?
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Computer Dub - In-studio Dub Recording
Tooling around in my project studio, I thought I would make a quick recording of a computer dub loop. Using Cubase as the looping device, I also used a microKorg for the bassline, the Nord Rack 2X for several of the synth parts, and a Kawai K5000 as the controller. This is by no means a final piece, just some nerdy dub fun.
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Strange Man in Take-out Shop, Pacing
Here he is. The man circled the store, pacing around and spinning his umbrella. What was he doing there, what did he want, what was he listening to? We can only guess... Inexplicable.
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"Tides of March" - Mieli
Music video for the surf-rock band Mieli. This video, due to massive budget restrictions, was cut together using stock-footage.
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"Ceiling Zero" by Twotone
A one minute micromontage of a song recently made for a competition. All original, all real.
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(Pt. 1/3) "A Disturbing Multimedia Bootleg"
Bootleg copy of somebody dictating their violent and insane intentions for another. Not the nicest message I've heard left, but one of the most "original".
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(Pt. 2/3) "A Disturbing Multimedia Bootleg"
(Part 2) Bootleg copy of somebody dictating their violent and insane intentions for another. Not the nicest message I've heard left, but one of the most "original".
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Lennox Point 2nd Jan 16
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(Pt. 3/3) "A Disturbing Multimedia Bootleg"
(Part 3) A bootleg copy of somebody dictating their violent and insane intentions for another. Not the nicest message I've heard left, but one of the most "original".
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"Glare" by Twotone - Full Album (2014)
Produced over two years, this varied collection of micro-house, micro-jazz and tech-house is a beautifully produced technical album. (00:00) 01. Press (04:02) 02. Guarantee (09:30) 03. Cyclostomata (14:48) 04. Green Points (19:24) 05. Many Sleepers (25:20) 06. End of the Vale (30:53) 07. Mature Specimen (35:05) 08. Non-Theory (40:14) 09. Geisteswissenschaften (45:00) 10. Weak Emergence (49:40) 11. Glare Available to buy or listen for free at: https://ryangobbe.bandcamp.com/album/glare or: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Twotone_Glare?id=Bfz7v27rnf6yu3ewwwbglx424pu
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Creepy Glitch! Skyrim
If you ever require first aid, just hope that you are given more effective treatment than this... Like members of a deranged cult, the citizens gather around the corpse attempting to resurrect the body with mystical hand movements...
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'Xenites' by Twotone  - Full EP (2015)
Composed exclusively with the synthesizer found inside the SEGA Megadrive (or Genesis), this EP is an exploration of the gritty, crunchy and fizzy output of that machine's sonic heart. Brushed with the microjazz glaze, the EP is nostalgic and humorous. (00:00) 01. Xenites (04:24) 02. Almanac (08:38) 03. Those Megapanels (12:57) 04. Out of Rank (16:15) 05. Eliminate Down (22:00) 06. Continue/Retry (bonus) Available to buy from: https://ryangobbe.bandcamp.com/album/xenites
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Real-time Cubase Recording with Sidejack Guitar
With an Eastern musical flavour, I have made a real-time video of overdubbing a guitar track on Cubase. The guitar is an Eastwood Sidejack baritone guitar, (the tuning is B|E|A|D|F#|B). I am using native VST plug-ins on the lead guitar track (flanger and delay), and the 'bass' track is the same instrument just with a different pick-up setting and EQ/compression settings. You can see the waveform being printed to the drive as the track progresses. This video is just a brief insight into basic, digital sound-on-sound recording. Be gentle, I've never had a lesson in my life. Downloads of my music: 1) http://www.last.fm/music/Twotone/+albums 2) http://www.last.fm/music/Mieli/+albums 3) http://soundcloud.com/greeninferno
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Faxedhead - Secret Track Discovered (Tire EP)
On its own cut track on side B of the infamous Tire EP, this public announcement by McPatrick Head can only be found by lifting the needle and dropping it onto the special groove. Behold the sound words of social responsibility of the tartan-wrapped vocalist. Makes you think...
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