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Welcome CARTO
An open, powerful, and intuitive platform for discovering and predicting the key insights underlying the location data in our world.
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Mobile data collection and field mapping
Learn how to CartoDB and Fulcrum work together.
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Count points inside polygons using CartoDB
Use basic spatial SQL to count the number of points that are inside polygons. The tutorial uses two tables, one containing polygons and the second containing points. SQL Statement UPDATE polygon_table SET point_count = (SELECT count(*) FROM points_table WHERE ST_Intersects(points_table.the_geom, polygon_table.the_geom)) PostGIS ST_Intersects Documentation postgis.refractions.net/docs/ST_Buffer.html
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Create real time maps: an example with CartoDB
In this video, we'll show you how to create a real-time map of rain around the USA. The map will update every hour based on the NSW hourly data feed. See the final map here, cdb.io/1dyoyWY You can use any online source of geospatial data to create a synced table. In this tutorial, we use data from the National Weather Service, you can find that link here, srh.noaa.gov/ridge2/RFC_Precip/ The CartoCSS style applied to the map can be found here, bit.ly/17Ab63I Synced tables are available in paid accounts, John Snow or larger. To get an account, visit CartoDB.com
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Create multilayer maps using CartoDB
A brief tutorial that will show you how to add, arrange, and edit multiple layers on your maps at the same time.
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Create your first Torque visualization in under a minute!
In this video I'll show you how to quickly create animated maps with the Torque visualizations available in CartoDB. See the map live here, cdb.io/1akmXTo Torque is an efficient, fast, and styleable rendering method to bring your data to life. By using the the Torque visualizations you can animate your data directly on an interactive map. Just like your point maps and choropleths, now you can see how your data has grown, moved, or changed over time and space.
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Dive into CartoDB in less than an hour
Our webinars offer an in-depth look at CartoDB and allow you learn about the features we offer, update, and release daily. Visit cartodb.com/webinars to sign up!
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CARTO — Empowering Data Democratization with Location Intelligence
CARTO expert and advisor, Miguel Arias explores how Location Intelligence is changing the rules, serving new audiences with powerful analytics, new data streams, and an open, extensible platform. Learn more: https://carto.com/products/?utm_source=marias_video&utm_medium=managervideo_marias&utm_campaign=marias_video
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Create point maps using CartoDB
This is a beginner level introduction to the CartoDB style wizards for point data. In the tutorial you will see who to create Simple, Cathegorical, Bubble, Intensity, and Density Grid style visualizations all using point data in CartoDB.
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CartoDB - Create amazing maps with your data
CartoDB is a cloud tool to create amazing visualizations with your data. Make sense of your location data. Visualize, analyze and develop applications with your geosptial data.
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Location Intelligence for Real Estate: Overcoming Unprecedented Shifts with Predictive Analytics
Rental management, investment crowdfunding, asset management, and data monetization are just some of the ways Location Intelligence is changing the world of Real Estate. Find out more in our factsheet: http://go.carto.com/carto-factsheets-realestate?utm_source=realestate_video&utm_medium=managervideo_realestate&utm_campaign=realestate_video
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Using data filters in CartoDB
See how to filter data in CartoDB using our filter wizards.
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Add any basemap you want to your CartoDB maps
A quick tutorial on adding basemaps to your account. In this video we will show you how to add MapBox, XYZ, and WMS basemaps to your CartoDB account. Once those basemaps are added to your account, you can use them in any visualization you create! Remember, when adding basemaps to add credit and attribution when necessary! Also, keep in mind that mapviews to your MapBox baselayers will be counted in your MapBox account and could lead to charges.
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The Future of Location Intelligence in 2018
Location Intelligence is key to businesses future. Find out more here: http://go.carto.com/the-future-of-location-intelligence-in-2018
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Edit and add geometries in your maps
In this tutorial you can see how to quickly add and edit geometries in CartoDB. You can add points or draw new linestrings and polygons directly from map view.
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Telefónica builds customer loyalty with user-centric mapping solution
Telefónica, Spain's premier broadband and telecommunication company, simplifies BI analytics using interactive, responsive data visualizations that clients find appealing and accessible.
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Interview with the Data Quality Architect at Sanitas
When a company expands and diversifies its offerings, it needs to make sure it is growing in the right places, and in the right way. Sanitas, an international leader in the healthcare field, prides itself in serving its clients throughout every stage of life. Undertaking these types of services effectively and across a growing variety of facilities, requires a wealth of demographic and location information, as well as the means to organize and understand that data in actionable ways. Find out more in our case study: http://go.carto.com/smart-site-planning-for-healthcare-with-location-intelligence
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Securitas Direct creates mobility solution with CARTO to improve field sales efficiency
Securitas Direct, one of Europe's leading home alarm providers, worked with CARTO to create Compass, a territory management tool led to more efficient sales territory alignment.
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Location Intelligence for Telcos
An interview with Jaime de Mora, Director of International Sales at CARTO – Understand the critical challenges that telcos are facing and how Location Intelligence is helping them achieve better business outcomes.
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Sync tables: an introduction using a spreadsheet
In this video, we'll show you how to import a spreadsheet you save in your Dropbox folders. You can use the methods in this video on any spreadsheet of data, if you would like to try with the fake data provided here, you can download it from bit.ly/HxhluF Synced tables are available in paid accounts, John Snow or larger. To get an account, visit CartoDB.com
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Embed a CartoDB map in Tumblr
In this quick tutorial we will show you how to use embed a CartoDB map in your Tumblr blog.
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Add labels to your polygons in CartoDB
This tutorial will show you how to add labels to your polygon data in CartoDB.
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Wecity: Using LI to drive sustainable mobility strategies in smarter cities
"We are able to answer complex geospatial questions," Paolo Ferri, CEO and Co-Founder of Wecity, state in regards to his experience with using CARTO, "and provide our customers with both an intuitive and attractive dashboard." Download our new Wecity case study to learn more about what our Location Intelligence platform can do for you! https://goo.gl/iNe1HG
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Geographica & CARTO: 3 years of partnership, teamwork, and collaboration
Geographica discusses the benefits of partnering with CARTO and the ease of using our platform when building solutions that make data count.
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Draw a circle in your maps
Use a small bit of SQL to turn points into circles of specific center and radius. First SQL used UPDATE table_name SET the_geom = ST_Buffer(the_geom::geography, 100000)::geometry Second SQL used UPDATE table_name SET the_geom = ST_Buffer(the_geom::geography, 100000)::geometry WHERE name = 'Frankfurt' PostgreSQL UPDATE documentation postgresql.org/docs/9.1/static/sql-update.html PostGIS ST_Buffer documentation postgis.refractions.net/docs/ST_Buffer.html
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Adding infowindows to your CartoDB maps
A brief introduction to adding and customizing infowindows on your CartoDB maps. This tutorial will teach you how to add beautiful infowindows to your maps in two minutes with zero coding.
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Interview with the CEO & Founder of Geographica
Indoor mapping is changing the way establishments use location data to collect insights on consumers, while optimizing inventory and staff for maximum efficiency. Learn more about indoor mapping in this on-demand webinar: http://go.carto.com/location-intelligence-for-indoor-mapping-recorded
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Add icons as the markers in your category maps
Create a Category map using CartoDB and show a different placemark icon for each of the categories. In this tutorial, we will create a simple map that shows populated places. In it, we will upload a star icon and set it for all capital cities and a standard icon for all other populated places.
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How Vodafone creates Insights from Mobile Data
Vodafone, the leading Telco company, works with Location Intelligence to power its Vodafone Analytics solution, which provides betters services to customers allowing them to make strategic decisions based on precise, accurate location data.
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How Sanitas created clinic profiles to improve site planning process
Sanitas, an international healthcare provider, created interactive maps using location data on current medical facilities, catchment area demographics, and nearby competitors to build robust clinic profiles to implement precise site planning strategy centered on improving patient services. Find out more: https://go.carto.com/smart-site-planning-for-healthcare-with-location-intelligence
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How CARTO's technology helped Descifra grow from a local startup to global business
Descifra, a global location analytics provider, discusses how CARTO's scalable geographical computing platform helped the startup expand while also providing exceptional customer service.
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Interview with the Director of Development at Fon
Using CARTO’s location and data analysis platform, Fon created visualizations to supplement their reports and represent hundreds of locations, as well as integrating CARTO’s technology into their business intelligence to create a data portal.
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Endesa delivers better customer services with CARTO's visualization tools
Endesa, a leader in the Spanish electric power industry, revised past approaches to geospatial analysis of service networks with CARTO to monitor current power usage and identify where new customer service centers were needed.
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CARTO, Waze and The City of Madrid partner to improve mobility through crowdsourced traffic insights
We announced a partnership at our CARTO Locations event, bringing real-time and historical Waze data as part of the Connected Citizens Programme through our CARTO Traffico solution. https://carto.com/solutions/traffico/
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