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AvP1's Deformable Explosions - a few examples
a couple of shots (pun not intended) of AvP1's deformable explosion effect in action I made this to show to the people over http://portalized.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=204 what I was talking about, I haven't put any effort into "prettying up" the video nor anything, there are a couple of editing slips here and there, no transitions etc it was kinda hard to get everything require to get these images working, the game isn't quite compatible with modern hardware and software, the adaptation that made it work might not be completly stable just yet, and it got worse with recording apps running, and then I looked into several different possibilities till eventually getting the right thing and settings for this (and on top of that my machine hasn't been all that stable lately, I think it's the hot weather combined with dust accumulating in the heatsink or somthing) In the end I got way more shots of explosion thru holes than nay other behavior of this effect, it is harder to get a clear manifestation of the effect than remember it was, I don't got all that i wanted to show
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Dogs also have humor + the magic of Deshaker
(The original is not mine; you can find it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zMSqhvFHkE ) This was just a quick test to see what it would look like without so much shaking. I could still tweak the deshaking parameters a little further though, and i probably messed up the compression.
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