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Photoshop CS6 Actions and Batch Automation
For more tutorials, visit www.dbdaishu.com
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How to Remove Haze, Mist and Fog in a Photograph Using Photoshop
Image, adjust, Levels then Filter, sharpen, unsharp mask For more tutorials, visit www.dbdaishu.com
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3D Maya Animate moon orbiting earth around sun orbit
How to animate a moon orbiting the earth orbiting a sun. Had trouble in class today with this. Thanks to Steven for showing me how. More tutorials at www.dbdaishu.com
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Import Photoshop and Illustrator Files into Flash CS6
Quick video showing how to import your photoshop and illustrator layers and symbol into Flash. For more tutorials, visit www.dbdaishu.com
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How to Animate Color and Transparency in 3D Maya
Animating a color and transparency. For more tutorials, visit http://www.dbdaishu.com
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How to Make an Animated GIF in Photoshop CS6
Five minute video showing how to make and save an animated GIF in CS6. Very quick, very easy
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InDesign CS6: Page Numbering, Section Markes and Table Of Contents
Making interactive menu options part one. Putting in Page Numbers, Section Markers and a Table of Contents using Paragraph Styles.
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3D Maya rigging basics - Joints, IK handle, Controls and Bind Skin
How to create a joint system with IK handle and control, then attach joints to skin. For more tutorials, please visit www.dbdaishu.com
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Joomla - Insert or Embed Flash swf Object File Into Joomla Article
1. Make sure you're using the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor 2. Plugin Manager - Editor -TinyMCE - Parameters - Functionality - Extended 3. New Article - Press the Insert/Edit embedded media button (next to smiley and looks like film)
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How to Embed Google Map into Joomla Article - Quick and Easy
It's quick and easy, but not great if you will be making changes to your article after you insert the map. 1 In Google Maps, click on the link map, customize the map size, then copy the HTML 2 In Joomla, go to site manager - User Manager and change user editor to 'No Editor' 3 Open your article and paste the HTML from Google Maps into your article. 4 China really sucks if you're trying to do anything on the internet. The big problem with this method is that you can only make changes to your article without an editor (like JCE). If you make changes with JCE, your map will disappear. I always make the map the last thing I put into an article. For more tutorials, go to http://www.dbdaishu.com
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8/11 3D Maya Rigging Tutorial  Knee Controls
Oh...Ignore everything from 3:50 onwards, it seemed a good idea, but is more trouble than its worth later on. remember to delete history and modify freeze transformations For more detail, go to www.dbdaishu.com
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Photoshop CC 2017   How to Select and Mask
A five minute video showing the few simple changes from CS6 to CC2017 in selecting and masking.
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10/11 3D Maya Rigging Tutorial  Cleaning up the Rig
Getting the rig ready for animation. For more details and other tutorials, please go to www.dbdaishu.com
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Flash CS6: Animate Background to Simulate Movement Tutorial
Use Photoshop and Flash to create a plane in a moving background effect. For more tutorials, visit www.dbdaishu.com
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Adobe After Effects CS6 - import Image Sequence and Save
Import an image sequence into After Effects and Export. Useful for Stop Action Movies. For more tutorials, visit www.dbdaishu.com
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3D Maya: Mesh Combine two polygons and extrude
3D Maya: Combine two polygons into one. Useful for joining a head, leg or arm to a body. For more tutorials please go to www.dbdaishu.com
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Page Layout Using the Golden Mean (Proportion) in Illustrator
Using Illustrator to create a layout using the golden proportion. For more tutorials please visit www.dbdaishu.com
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3D Maya Techniques - 3D Paint Tool
the 3D Maya Paint Tool. In Shading, Make sure you always select by 'Object' Turn 'Use default material' off If you are having trouble with transparency, make a new lambert and start again. For more information and tutorials, please go to www.dbdaishu.com
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6/11 3D Maya Rigging Tutorial Reverse foot lock
Part 6 of making a rig in Maya. The reverse foot lock. It makes walking your model a whole lot easier. More detail at www.dbdaishu.com
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2/11 3D Maya Rigging Tutorial  Reverse Foot Lock
for more detail, please go to www.dbdaishu.com
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3D Maya - Create Rocket Smoke, fire and exhaust tutorial Pt 1
My take of a tutorial I found here: http://www.tutorialized.com/view/tutorial/Model-a-Rocket-with-Particle-Trail-in-Maya/28652 Thanks to whoever did this. For more of my tutorials, please visit http://www.dbdaishu.com
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Changchun 2016
Time Lapse photography of Changchun, Jilin Province. Using a Canon EOS, Photoshop, Topaz, After Effects, iMovie and Garage Band. For more about Changchun, visit www.changchunlive.com
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Flash CS6 Animation Tutorial - Motion Tween Jumping Man
How to use motion tween to make a jumping man in Flash CS6 For more tutorials, visit http://www.dbdaishu.com
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3D Maya: Extrude and Sub Division
Make a drinking glass using the extrude tool and a sub div proxy. For more tutorials, go to www.dbdaishu.com
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3D Maya: Animate a Spotlight Tutorial
How to animate a spotlight to follow a moving object in Maya. For more tutorials, visit www.dbdaishu.com
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3D Maya: Export to After Effects to Make Movie
Make an animation in 3D, then export to After Effects to create the movie
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3D Maya Polygon Model Making Pt 2 Feet and arms
For more tutorials, please go to www.dbdaishu.com Part 2 of making a polygon model character. Extrude (using global extrude) to create the foot. You will need to mesh fill hole at the bottom of the foot. For the arm, edit mesh split polygon tool. Create a diamond and delete the two triangles created. Extrude and scale. Edit duplicate special and scale on the x-axis -1 Mesh Combine Edit mesh merge Part 3 will come soon - either hands or head
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9/11 3D Maya Rig Tutorial  Spine Control
More detail at www.dbdaishu.com
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5/11 3D Maya Rigging Tutorial Orient Joints and IK Handle
Part 5 of making a rig in Maya. Its hard to explain this simply, but it's important. More detail at www.dbdaishu.com
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Illustrator 01: Basic Shapes - Cute animal icons
Digital Illustration week 2: Using basic shapes and functions to create an animal icon
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3D Maya Extrude Local and Global Space Differences
The difference between extruding in local and global space. For more tutorials, please go to www.dbdaishu.com
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Joomla installation Tutorial with MAMP or XAMP
for more detailed tutorial, please go to www.dbdaishu.com
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3D Maya tutorial - Paint Skin Weight Tool
Skin, edit skin, paint skin weight tool. For more tutorials, go to www.dbdaishu.com
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How to watch live EPL football in China
Forget those spam sites promising the world. If you know a little Chinese you can watch almost any game you want - Spanish La Liga, Italian Seire A, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1 Important Characters: England: 英 France: 法 Germany: 德 Spain: 西 Italy: 意
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3D Maya: Print files
Maya basics: prepare files for print
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3D Maya Blueprints Import Image to Image Plane
Import blueprints into 3D Maya and create a simple airplane polygon model
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Illustrator CS6: Introduction to the Pathfinder Tool
Explanation of the pathfinder tool. For more tutorials, visit www.dbdaishu.com
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How to reduce file sizes in After Effects
Why are my file sizes so big in After Effects? Compression! This two minute video shows you how.
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3D Maya Model Making - Body
3D Maya Model making Part 1. Creating the torso, starting with a cylinder polygon. Use 'x' to create from center. Make model subdivisions 8 axis, 5 heigh, 0 caps. Delete caps and model body. Extrude a bottom edge (using global extrude) and merge vertex to create hole for leg. shape the leg hole to shape of square, then extrude. Scale to even edge. Extrude to knee and ankle. For more tutorials, go to www.dbdaishu.com
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7/11 3D Maya Rigging Tutorial  Foot Controls
Part 7 of making a rig in Maya. Creating Foot controllers. Remember to Modify, freeze transformations. Its a real pain when you forget!
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Canon 600D Import to Final Cut Pro Plugin Fix
To import from the Canon 600D you need Download free plugin from Canon http://support-th.canon-asia.com/contents/TH/EN/0200136502.html Text Wrangler - free text editor (important) to edit the plugin http://www.barebones.com/products/textwrangler/ The file you need to edit can be found at /Library/Application Support/ProApps/MIO/RAD/Plugins/CanonE1.RADPlug/Contents/camera.plist Make sure it's your 'HD' library folder, NOT your 'Home' folder. NEW If you can't find your library folder, its because Apple hid it from us. To un-hide it, go here http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13727_7-20082044-263/os-x-lion-where-did-my-library-go/ more information at www.dbdaishu.com
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11/11 3D Maya Rig Tutorial  Paint Skin Weight
The final stage of rigging - binding the skin and painting skin weight tool. For more tutorials, go to www.dbdaishu.com
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Changchun Multimedia Students Frente Ordinary Angels
Multimedia students in Changchun create a music video for the Audio and Production Class, Spring 2012
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Joomla: Google Maps Plugin - Multiple Locations on One Map
This is my new HD tutorial on a quick and easy fix for google maps http://youtu.be/ftAtRU4_8r8 I'm wanting to show different map locations on different pages. This is the best solution I found. If anyone finds an easier method, please let me know.
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Changchun LIVE - A Very Changchun Christmas 2011
Merry Christmas from Changchun and ChangchunLIVE www.changchunLIVE.com
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1/11 3D Maya Rigging Tutorial Part 1 The Leg
www.dbdaishu.com for complete set
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Photoshop Tutorial - Remove shadow from photograph
Just use the screen option in the layers menu. For more tutorials, visit www.dbdaishu.com
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3D Maya Blueprints - Import Image to Image Plane
Crop a blueprint in Photoshop and import into Maya Image Planes. For more tutorials, please go to www.dbdaishu.com
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Raffles Changchun University Visual Communication promotion, 2009
"Join Us" Promotional video for the Visual Communication department
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