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Disney's The Jungle Book - RCT3 Mixmaster Display
A full virtual firework, laser and water display based on Disney's The Jungle Book. Best viewed fullscreen and in HD. "The Jungle Book" 1967 animation film copyright is owed to Walt Disney Productions. The soundtrack copyright is owed to Disney Records and is available in all good music stores. Formally known as "Project 6", this was started 26 months ago but was massively delayed from the original Summer 2010 release date due to other commitments. However, a huge amount of time and effort has gone into this, my last ever virtual project. I hope it was time well spent and that you enjoy the film. For more information on this and other displays please visit the home of the virtual pyrotechnics community - vPyro.com.
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POB's DIY Professional Fireworks Display at Halesworth Golf Club
Please visit http://pobspyro.co.uk for more information about our displays. I'm proud to present the first ever professional fireworks display at Halesworth Golf Club. The fireworks display was in aid of a birthday and retirement party and this was the first time I undertook the whole process of organising a display for a private function. This included site visits and risk assessments, public liability and employer's liability insurance for my two extra firers. After weeks of planning and preparation I feel the display went very smoothly and safely, despite a moderate cross wind. The yellow and green flares towards the beginning were a special touch for the birthday boy who is a Norwich City supporter. The only minor issues were one strobe that failed to light at the beginning and the final cake (Hercules) that ran for 10 seconds longer than its twin that I was using as the cue for the rocket finale, despite the fact both were lit at exactly the same time. But overall I am very pleased with how it all turned out and I am very proud of my two firers whose first display this was.
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Mars Fireworks Bone Shaker Firework (80 Shot Cake)
I chose Boneshaker to be my finale piece because of one thing: its power! Weighing in at nearly 9kg, Bone Shaker boasts 80 30mm bore shots that are all fired in just over 40 seconds. The big bursts are in sequential volleys and the noise for the final few shots is off the scale. Despite all this the crowd did go more crazy for the firework leading up to this: Hercules. Bone Shaker - £80 POB rates this 4 out of 5 (very good / highly recommended).
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Brothers Pyrotechnics Hokus Pokus Firework Fountain
The Hokus Pokus fountain by Brothers Pyrotechnics is essentially exactly the same as Fantasia by Epic Fireworks but with a different label. This is certainly a good thing since I was very fond of Fantasia as it, just like Hokus Pokus, has a solid one minute duration with three different fountains back to back which are intersected by three surprise mine eruptions. I got to film Hokus Pokus at its intended 8m safety distance (Fantasia I filmed at about 20m) and the thud from those 22mm mine eruptions is really quite something. I even had reports of people hearing this fountain from 1km away which is impressive for a fountain with no bangs. Not good if you’re trying to stay on good terms with your neighbours, but these eruptions are superb and turn a routine fountain into something more memorable for your spectators. Hokus Pokus is about £1 more expensive than Fantasia, but Hokus Pokus remains good value and was slightly more fluent in its change-overs from fountain to fountain (I had to edit the Fantasia video as the person filming thought it had ended half way though!), so essentially either fountain makes for a very good purchase. Hokus Pokus - £6 POB rates this 4 out of 5 (very good / highly recommended) http://www.pobspyro.co.uk/hokus-pokus/
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Marvel Fireworks - Awesome Rocket Volley x 4
Here I describe the Awesome Rocket Volley by Marvel Fireworks, followed by a clip of four of them fired together giving a 100 rocket volley! http://epicfireworks.com/single-ignition-sib/awesome-rocket-volley?cPath=6&#.VA4G5vldXnM
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(US) Shelton Fireworks American Hero 119 Shot Cake
The finale to our 4th July fireworks over in America, this cake had a huge physical size but is ultimately disappointing when fired. This firework did not match the performance description on the side of the cake wrapper (white strobe, red peony, silver fish etc.), instead it fired a few impressive big bore shots but mostly a repetitive fan of crackles with faintly visible red, white and blue tips. At least it had a big impact final three shots and overall this was not a terrible firework, but this was quite a letdown compared to the product description. Beware! American Hero - Abraham Lincoin "Four Score and Seven" - $84.95 (£56) - POB rates this 2 out of 5.
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Thunder in the Sticks Cat 3 Display
Prior to the Category 4 display we were treated to a Category 3 display. All of the pyro had been donated by members of the community and then expertly set-up. In total there was around 240 cakes and it was breath-taking how there was virtually no respite for over 9 minutes! Our contribution was 6 x Hercules that was lit from around 14:20. The finale that followed was something else...
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Ground Zero + HAT CAM - Halesworth Fireworks Display
I've finally got some good hat cam footage and the this combined with a ground zero cam facing the specators provides quite a different show. This footage is condensed slightly so the 10 minute display is about 9 minutes in this video (with some 'bonus' footage at the end). With the hat cam it doesn't show exactly what I see - it has a narrower field of view so it misses out some of what I can see top and bottom - but I think it's still pretty good. Notice at 0:34 the strobe sparking and failing to light and at 3:06 I nearly got the next cue completely wrong. But apart from that all was well. All fireworks were CAT3 and were waterproofed as a shower was expected that evening (but never came, hence why the fuses were out). I'm sure it's obvious but do not attempt a display like this at home without professional training and personal protective equipment.
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25 x Bright Star War Hawks Rocket Firework - Natural Number Sequence
My 200th video had to be these beauties, my favourite firework for the second year running. This video is taken from my main display and shows a sequence of 25 War Hawks (aka Air Hawks) with 4 fired to open the show, then 1, then 2, then 3 all the way up to a finale of 6. I segregated the effects for extra impact. For anyone wanting to know, the colours of the War Hawk rocket caps associate with the following effects: Orange = Gold Willow to blue star Red = Gold Willow to red star Yellow = Gold Willow to Crackle Green = Brocade to green star Purple = Brocade to purple star Next year I plan to get either 80 or 120 of these rockets, but for the remainder of this year I have a large firework order coming soon so I'm excited to show you all that (including 30 King rockets!), which also means I'll have brand new video reviews on the way.
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How to waterproof and set-up firework cakes
Based on suggestions from the UKFR forum (link below), here I show you how I waterproof and set-up multi-shot firework cakes for safe and reliable operation. I did record the step-by-step process of actually doing the setting up but my hat cam wasn't angled right so this is the only good footage I have. Typically there were pointers that I forgot to mention so I've added them in text during the footage. Hopefully it's easy enough for you to carry out the methods I describe should you decide to follow them, which you do at your own risk as this film is for informal guidance only. For excellent in-depth text and picture guides check out the UKFR website. Please note I am in no way associated with the guides on the UKFR website, I just thoroughly recommend reading them for everything you need to know about fireworks and displays: http://www.firework-review.org.uk/ Also be sure to check out the firework forum: http://www.fireworks-forum.org.uk/
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Firework Lighters - Tapers, Welding Torch and Portfire Comparison
Here is an introduction to different methods of safely lighting fireworks. The standard issue taper is ok for 5m garden fireworks as it is non-intrusive and long lasting, but for anything else you will want to try something more effective. One alternative is the kitchen lighter that could again be used for small gardens, but I really want to focus on portfires. Portfires are good for quickly lighting fireworks and are not affected by wind. Their only downside is you can't turn them off and on and they go out after about four minutes. Here is a comparison of the two brands featured in the video: Cost: Brothers Pyrotechnics Portfire (BP): £3 for a pack of 5 (60p each). Standard Fireworks Portfire (SP): £1 for a pack of 3 (33p each). Duration: BP: about 4 minutes. SP: about 4 minutes 30 seconds. Smell: BP: get the smoke from this portfire blown in your face and you will choke under the horrid sulphur smell. SP: very little to no smell, certainly much more pleasant. Flame: BP: Good flame however the end of the portfire does tend to "clog up" which means the flame occasionally suffers. To resolve this you have to give the portfire a tap to restore the cleaner flame which also drops hot ash down below. SP: Good flame, appears brighter in the video. Flame stays consistent throughout burn time. There are a few more small sparks thrown off the end however this didn't seem to present a problem. Conclusion: I've used the Brothers portfire for years and has always done its job, however the fact that it smells horrid and the flame does tend to get "clogged up" means I would have much preferred to have the Standard portfire. A welding torch like the Rothenberger Superfire 2 featured in this video is now my preferred choice but for the more casual pyro connoisseur the Standard portfire is a good choice. Let's hope we start to see the Standard portfire stocked at more retailers. For more information check out the UK firework review website: http://www.firework-review.org.uk/lighting-your-fireworks-safely/ Note: I did not contribute to the Firework Review article but it's an in-depth and very useful guide.
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Brothers Pyrotechnics Nuclear Demolition (49 Shot Cake)
Nuclear Demolition boasts shot after shot of 30mm bore loveliness, and with more explosive content than Hercules but less than half as many shots, Nuclear Demolition is the closest thing the consumer can get to a shell cake. To go with the large burst size and the high noise, the effects are nice too with Magical Palm style bursts adjacent to other crackling effects. This is certainly an impressively powerful firework over a long duration, but that seems to be its only strengths. I’m not convinced the effects are as nice as they could be which means, apart from the loud bangs and the pretty palm effects, there isn’t a lot to rave about this firework. Magical Palms may contain 13 less shots but it also costs £20 less and has a nicer finale. Unless you’re in the market for the largest bore cake with a duration of around a minute, then Magical Palms is the better choice overall. Nuclear Demolition - £60 POB rates this 3 out of 5 (good / recommended) http://www.pobspyro.co.uk/nuclear-demolition/
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10 Bright Star War Hawk / Air Hawk Rockets (fired in four stages)
Each pack contains 5 War Hawks (also known as Air Hawks) and costs £20. I bought two packs and fired them in fours stages: 1, 2, 3 and then finally 4 War Hawks. Compared to some of the big individual rockets that can cost over £20 each, War Hawks represent excellent value for money. They don't launch as high so, as you can see and hear from the video, each one can still fill the sky and erupts with a spectacular bang while still being a safe distance from the crowd. War Hawks - £20 for a pack of 5 POB rates this 5 out of 5 (Best of the Best). http://www.fireworkscrazy.co.uk/store/shopexd.asp?id=575
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Royal Party Supreme 12 Pack - fired all at once!
Superb value from this pack of 12 decent sized cakes for the price of one big one. Usually these would last 6 minutes if fired back to back or even 10 minutes if treated like a high-end selection box, but I decided to fire all 12 at once to see what impact all 264 shots would have in just 30 seconds... Supreme 12 - £100 - POB rates this 5 out of 5.
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Epic Fireworks Thunderous Finale (80 Shot Cake)
At long last I have been able to try out a Thunderous Finale and sure enough it lived up to my high expectations. The 80 large bore shots fired in volleys are simply awesome - the effects are huge and the noise impressively ranges from high pitch screeches to bellowing booms and crackling. The price of this product is also very attractive and there really is not much else to say other than go buy one and try it for yourself - trust me it's even better in the flesh. This is the first cake since Hercules to receive my highest rating and it's a sure fire way to please a crowd. It's hard to compare this and Hercules and pick a favourite as they are both quite different in style; Hercules has a more playful charisma while Thunderous Finale is true to its name with volley after volley of sheer power. Thunderous Finale - £64.95 POB rates this 5 out of 5 (Best of the Best) http://epicfireworks.com/single-ignition-sib/thunderous-finale-80-shot#.U0-EDvldX_Q
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Absolute Fireworks Manic Miner (16 Shot Mine Cake)
At around £70 Manic Miner has to be the world’s most expensive 16 shot firework. However, don’t let this mislead you: this is a very unusual and unique firework in that this is classed as a “mine cake”. The maximum tube size of a multi-shot consumer cake is usually 30mm, however mines can have a much greater tube size. So in effect what you are getting with Manic Miner - as indeed the video shows - is 16 x 50mm mine eruptions, with 3 shots ejected with each mine lift. This is an interesting innovation, and those 50mm mines certainly make for a louder than average thud (but not as loud as 6 Machine in my opinion), but above and beyond that feature I’m not sure there’s enough here to justify the high price tag. The trio of bursts from each salvo carry nice tails, bright effects and good size bursts, however they don’t rival 30mm bore sized shots (probably more along the lines of 22mm bombettes) and for me don’t live up to the 50mm hype. The final 4 “shots” (thus 12 shots in total) all fire in rapid succession for a stunning finale with a big and beautiful brocade effect - if only all of the volleys had this effect it would be much easier to recommend. As it stands that nice 50mm thud and superb finish nudges me very close to recommending this firework, but there are far too many other fireworks at this price point that have much more of a “wow” factor. Manic Miner - £70 (best price) POB rates this 2 out of 5 (‘not bad’)
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Category 4 Shells vs Category 3 Rockets Comparison
While at Thunder in the Sticks there was a comparison between professional shells and rockets. Obviously the everyday consumer in the UK can only buy rockets but here we can see how well they perform against professional shells. The rockets in order were: Brothers Pyrotechnics King Epic Fireworks Sky Thriller Cube Revolver All excellent heavyweight rockets and all virtually the same to my eyes and ears.
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Cosmic / Astra Space Hawk Rocket Firework (5 Pack x 2)
Here we have 2 packs of 5 Space Hawk Rockets by Cosmic / Astra fired one at a time before a bit of a volley at the end where I was experimenting with different types of link fusing. Note that the third rocket in this clip would have red tips right after the camera cut off similar to the blue tips in the fourth rocket in this sequence (although sadly the colours didn't come out too well with this camera). The Space Hawk rockets are also very similar to War Hawks by Bright Star and Air Hawks by Menshun. While the effects are technically the same, i.e. two golden willows with coloured tips, two brocades with coloured tips and one golden willow with crackle, the style in which they appear are different. While the brocades are virtually identical, the Space Hawk willows have a longer hang time but the War Hawk willows are much brighter. The crackle effects in the Space Hawks meanwhile burst in a central cloud almost immediately while the War Hawks are delayed and on the tips of the willow. All of the Hawk varieties are great value, VERY loud and break at a safe but low height so the bursts appear huge. Overall I slightly prefer the War Hawk effects more as I feel they are denser and more vivid compared to the Space Hawk rockets, but essentially it's largely down to personal preference. I prefer the War Hawks though it's the Space Hawks which are more readily available now. For a good alternative, however, if you haven't already then check out the Astro Blaster rocket pack by Brothers Pyrotechnics for more variation in effects. Cosmic / Astra Space Hawk - £20 for a pack of 5 POB rates this 5 out of 5 (Best of the Best)
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Lets Party Review Night - Celtic Smash That
Available from https://letspartyfireworks.co.uk/
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Jonathan's Fireworks Demo Night CAT4 Closing Display 2017
The short and sweet closing display at Jonathan's Fireworks demo night 2017.
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Rocket Rack Idea
This is a firework rocket rack concept I have created. I wanted to test them first before uploading this video - I mention Good Friday in the video as it was a good while ago now! The tests were successful and you may have seen the rocket product reviews recently - they were all launched from these racks. Personally I don't like putting rocket tubes in the ground as they fill up with mud and bend or snap quite easily, especially on hard ground. That's why I thought I would try my hand at making the set-up of rockets a little different. The biggest problem of course is you need a fair bit of space to store and/or transport them! I also use the smaller wooden racks to attach candles (to the other side), while the pallets allow cakes to be securely attached and "slotted" in on the underside, which is handy if you don't want to damage the ground by hammering stakes in. Pallets can be had for free from building yards while plastic or copper tubing can be bought from building yards and cut down to size. The tubes can then be attached with cable ties or plumbing tube clips. The pallets can then be secured on the ground with 2 or 3 stakes and a wrapping of tape. Oh, and when I say they are easy to angle, of course I mean slight angles to counter the wind or to point them away from the crowd!
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Jorge El Dorado JW405 Firework (49 Shot Cake)
One of my favourite new firework brands last year, Jorge produces a number of superb products and El Dorado (also known as Eldorado, Elderado or just JW405) is a fine example of the powerhouses on offer from Jorge. It was very windy when this was filmed as you can probably hear from the video, but you can still just hear me say “wow” after the first few shots. El Dorado is very similar to the Jorge Sajgon Big Cracker Pro 49 shot cake that I reviewed last year in that it boasts huge bursts that are akin to 2” shells. It also just features just a single effect 49 times over, but replacing the crackling with long lasting glitter makes El Dorado better in my opinion. The price tag is also still a stumbling block as £60 - £65 is a lot for 49 shots when Toxic Warlord from Epic Fireworks has similarly powerful shots for around £10 less. But I do still admire El Dorado - it's both supremely powerful and extremely pretty and it’s a cake I’d quite happily have in my display. El Dorado - £60 - £65 POB rates this 3 out of 5 (good / recommended) http://www.galaxy-fireworks.co.uk/shop/pro-barrages/products/49-shot-elderado.html (you get 10% off when you create an account)
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Lots more EPIC fireworks to be reviewed soon!
While visiting the Midlands we popped into Epic Fireworks and here's what we brought home! Epic fireworks do of course deliver to the UK but we wanted to visit in person to see their large showroom for ourselves and of course meet the friendly locals ;) You'll notice a couple of transitions towards the end of this video which is because I somehow managed to miss the rather large Thunderous Finale and Screaming Spiders cakes first time around. I also have a few more product reviews to upload which should fill the void between now and when I fire the products from Epic. The list of products to be reviewed from Epic Fireworks are... Cakes: Alien Dr Thrust Mad Moth Star Charger Sky Lab Cyborg Werewolf Iron Man Dynamite Eclipse Mini Missiles Magnum Force Spectrum Sky Action Zone Thunder King Optimum Heavy Duty King Cobra Screaming Spiders Thunderous Finale Fountains: Cinder Cone (pack of 3) Rocket Packs: Mega (21 rockets) Supreme (12) Super Starbust (5) Heat Seeker (5) Tomahawk (5) Solar Quest (5) Thunder (5) Echo Bombs (5) Single Rockets: Smily Face Love Heart Sky Thriller Draco Red, Blue and Green Ball (Shell) Heads Quiet display fireworks: Super Conic Fountains (2) Silver Spirals (2) Typhoon Twister (2) Humming Hornets (2) - possibly a bit loud, will see, but still a very unique sounding firework!
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Brothers The Judge Firework (35 Shot Cake)
Despite a fairly nice effect of gold tails to golden brocades and coloured tips, The Judge fires the same effect far too slowly to get properly excited about this piece. The four banks of fanned shots towards the end look impressive but it just feels dragged out. Overall I feel the pacing, price and effect of Golden Gauntlet by Magnum Series is a superior offering. The Judge - £50 POB rates this 2 out of 5 ('not bad').
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3 x Sandling 4-Inch Mine Fireworks (Crackling, Hummer and Red Crossettes)
Following my main display the crowd was asking for an encore and since I didn't light these beauties as part of the display (because I felt there wasn't enough space on site) I was pleased to accommodate their request. When the first mine went off the better half was so shocked she stopped recording, but luckily I have now managed to secure two other lines of footage. The crackling mine was angled to the left while the hummer and crossettes were straight up, and because of high winds the latter two got blown sideways somewhat. Last year I fired another Sandling 4" mine (Colour of Thunder) which can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nqqdk4IDV0 Unfortunately these mines were the last of their kind and are no longer available for sale to the public.
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Let's Party Review Night - Sovereign Wizard 12 Barrage Pack
Available from https://letspartyfireworks.co.uk/
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Total FX Caged Tiger Pro Firework (112 Shot Cake)
The last of my big finale cake uploads of 2013, Caged Tiger Pro currently has a staggeringly high price tag which is a real shame as some of the effects this cake produces are utterly beautiful. This cake contains 112 big bore shots so each makes a big impression and if money is no object or you can find this around the £100 mark then I can highly recommended it. As it currently stands though I will still recommend Caged Tiger Pro as it truly is a brilliant firework but there are other great fireworks to be had for much less. I've got two Hercules on order this year, the total cost of which is the same as this one piece. I know for a fact that the two cakes will far outperform the one. Caged Tiger Pro - £150 POB rates this 3 out of 5 (good / recommended).
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Jorge Black Cat Firework (25 Shot Cake)
A brilliantly powerful cake from Jorge, Black Cat is a really likable piece. 25 massive shots with beautiful comets to coloured palm tips and a surprisingly good cycle of crackling effects. The pace is suprisingly good for a cake with not a lot of shots and this overall this piece presents us with lovely sound and vision. Black Cat - £33 POB rates this 4 out of 5 (very good / highly recommended). http://www.fireworkscrazy.co.uk/store/shopexd.asp?id=657
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Planet Fireworks Vortex Volley 64 Shot Cake
I had Vortex Volley a couple of years ago and not only is it loud but it also beautifully fills the sky. It's also popular with the audience thanks to its impact. Personally I love the screeching and howling tails and the volley of bursts are superb. There are virtually identical alternatives in the shape of Brothers Powerstation 1 and Epic Thunderous Finale, the latter of which has more shots and is slightly cheaper (and I plan to get several of them next year), but Vortex Volley remains better value than Powerstation and is still a great buy. Vortex Volley - £69 POB rates this 4 out of 5 (very good / highly recommended).
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10 x Battalion / War Hawk / Air Hawk Rockets (all at once!)
10 War Hawks (also known as Air Hawks) fired almost simultaneously. Quite a noisy spectacle! Taken on an Android phone but the brilliance of these rockets still shows.
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Epic Fireworks Toxic Warlord (50 Shot Cake)
On the face of it £50 for 50 shots seems a lot of money, but Toxic Warlord has some of the biggest breaks I have seen from a consumer cake. The breaks look like they could have come from a 50mm shell cake and each shot is arguably almost impressive as a Space Hawk rocket. Every shot also comes with a crackling mine lift, which was difficult to film with the frantic pace as you can see from the video! There’s also a slight interlude of crackling comet tails that only seem to serve as a false breather before another onslaught of big breaks. A comparison of Toxic Warlord, a 1.3G cake, and Nuclear Demolition, a 1.4G cake (1.3G cakes contain more flash powder and are thus more ‘powerful’ than 1.4G cakes), shows Toxic Warlord has roughly the same number of 30mm bore shots and is about £10 cheaper, but it also contains less explosive content than that of Nuclear Demolition. However, the shots from Toxic Warlord are clearly more powerful. Can I recommend Toxic Warlord? Most certainly, however do take into consideration the price. Arguably, because of the burn up rate - though note this one did fire about 10 seconds faster than it perhaps should have - Toxic Warlord perhaps doesn’t feel like the best value cake compared to say Screaming Spiders, which costs a fiver less but lasts a minute. However, I really do like this cake a lot, so I will say if you want the biggest breaks with very loud bangs, some pretty decent effects and a relentless pace, then Toxic Warlord should put a big smile on your face just like it did for me. Toxic Warlord - £49.95 POB rates this 4 out of 5 (very good / highly recommended) http://epicfireworks.com/single-ignition-sib/toxic-warlord-50-shot#.U9-_F_ldX_Q
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POB's Fireworks - Ground Zero
The condensed version of my display from 'ground zero' - up close and personal. Please do not attempt this at home without the right training and personal protective equipment (PPE). Looking back now I was far too close to the rockets when they were launching (if one exploded on the ground I would have been in serious trouble) so in future I will be moving much further away once they have been lit.
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Epic Fireworks Ice Fountain - 4 Pack
This was the first time I had tried ice fountains, a Category 1 firework designed for use indoors. In the first half of the video I planted the pack of four into a cake that had already been half enjoyed. As you can see from the video, I struggled to light the ice fountains (I didn’t include it but the first one took a while to light too) and I gave up after the first one. Once lit, the fountain, whilst pretty, was surprisingly large and vigorous. Other problems encountered included the amount of debris the one ice fountain littered onto the top of the cake, which did tarnish it somewhat. I would certainly worry about putting these into a pristine new white wedding cake. Also the one fountain generated quite a bad smell that lingered around the house for a while, and the ice fountain did get very hot so had to be left for a few minutes before removing it. The second half of the video shows me lighting the remaining three outside using a portfire. I couldn’t get them into the dry hard ground with the plastic stakes, and I Instead used my bathroom duck board that I had previously converted into a rocket rack. Outside the ice fountains struggled a bit in the wind, but provided you could get them into the ground I think these would look nice down a pathway in some kind of elaborate red carpet style. These Ice Fountains are still a nice product that are also cheap (I haven’t found the exact ones I had on the website yet), but I can’t recommend placing them in cakes as the fountain is quite large, imposing and litters small bits of ash below. To give a party cake that extra bit of pyro style I would stick to sparklers which are more subtle. These Ice Fountains may still have other uses, but rather bizarrely for an indoor firework I would rather use them outdoors. Ice Fountain (4 Pack) - £2.50 (approx) POB rates this 2 out of 5 (‘not bad’) http://epicfireworks.com/indoor-fireworks
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Lets Party Review Night - Celtic Bedazzled
Available from https://letspartyfireworks.co.uk/
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Planet Fireworks Baptism of Fire 30 Shot Cake
Very similar to the Super Brocade I paired with a Zero2sixty, Baptism of Fire has some nice thick comet tails leading to some good sized willow bursts, however it is let down by the fact it has some weak crackle effects added to some of the shots. This cake could also do with a slightly quicker firing rate and a smaller price tag, because as it stands it's beaten in all areas by the Super Brocade. Baptism of Fire - £37 POB rates this 2 out of 5 ('not bad')
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Jonathan's Fireworks Evolution 2017
Here I go again, just uploading footage with no review. Sorry about that, I just don't have the time anymore :( All this footage was filmed at the Jonathan’s Fireworks demo night on October 6th 2017. Please note these are all filmed 50+ metres away which is quite far away for some of the smaller products which have an 8 metre safety distance. Jonathan’s Fireworks started business in August 1999 and have grown from a small retail shop to a large scale fireworks display company with their own brand of fireworks. Jonathan and his team are very reliable, passionate and really care about their products, which is why I thought I would give them some coverage of their products. Their products contain very high quality chemicals which equals less smoke and brighter colours (not brilliantly captured with my camera though).
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Standard Fireworks Ballistic Blaze Selection Box
This is a larger ‘premium’ selection box coming in at around £27. This is over four times more than the smaller selection boxes I have tested, but it’s still relatively cheap considering the number of items you get. There are 16 items in total including the usual selection of fountains, a pair of the same wheel, a couple of roman candles and the introduction of four small bore cakes and two shot tubes too. Everything in this box is bigger and longer lasting than the £6 selection boxes, and while a few of the items carry a 5m safety distance, most are 25m. This additional safety distance will be slightly awkward for some, though I’m not sure the size of these items warrant a 25m distance (probably 15m under the new CE classification will be more sensible for this particular selection). The items in this selection box are also noisier than the smaller ones. Overall, the selection of items are fairly decent, and fired back to back with no gaps will see this lot last at least 5 minutes, or more like 20 - 30 minutes for the average user which is a good duration for the money. This box will please families with slightly elder children or a dad who wants a bit more impressive pyro in his garden this November, but it goes without saying that this is not going to impress more hard-core pyro enthusiasts who would rather spend the same amount of money on a single cake. But Ballistic Blaze is certainly good value for money containing a decent amount of pyro, and it sits rather nicely for those looking to take a step up from the more basic selection boxes. Ballistic Blaze - £27 POB rates this 3 out of 5 (good / recommended) http://epicfireworks.com/firework-brands/ballistic-blaze#.U9-_gvldX_Q
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Lets Party Review Night - Celtic Triple Crown
Available from https://letspartyfireworks.co.uk/
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Lets Party Review Night - Klasek 75mm Mine
Available from https://letspartyfireworks.co.uk/
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Tai Pan Rio Grande 80 Shot Cake
This piece is classed as 1.3G which means it cannot be delivered and must be collected, however despite this not having the biggest bore shots it is a very loud piece. I was going to use this as my finale last year but was swapped out with Boneshaker, and I'm glad I didn't use it then. A good build up in pace and effects but those 80 shots seem to fly by and is simply not good enough as a finale piece or even the price. The cheaper and higher impact Hercules slays this hands down. Rio Grande - £90 - POB rates this 3 out of 5.
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(US) Shelton Fireworks Fore!! 33 Shot Cake
The second of my America holiday fireworks for 4th July. This was highly recommended by one of the store representatives but I wasn't as impressed when it came to firing and there wasn't as many multiple shots as he made out. Some decent breaks and effects but ultimately let down by very slow firing. Avoid. Fore!! - $44.95 (£30) - POB rates this 1 out of 5.
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[Trailer] The Jungle Book - RCT3 Mixmaster Display
Best viewed in HD, this is a trailer for the upcoming The Jungle Book - RCT3 Mixmaster Display. Release date for the finished show is May 10th 2012. Soundtrack copyright owed to Disney Records. For more information on this and other projects please visit the home of the virtual pyrotechnics community - vPyro.com.
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Marvel Fireworks Cinder Cones (Pack of 3 Fountains)
Here we have a lovely pack of 3 small fountains which cost around £1 each, and in this video all 3 are fired at once. I underestimated the power of these fountains when I placed these straight on the grass hence why the middle fountain goes a little off-centre. These Cinder Cones are superb value for money and the effects and height are impressive considering their size and their duration is good too. The effects are nice and varied too as the outside fountains are silver with a hint of red and blue at the base (left and right fountains respectively) while the middle fountain is gold with crackling. These are simply excellent fountains at a great price. Cinder Cones - £2.94 POB rates this 4 out of 5 (very good / highly recommended). http://epicfireworks.com/fountains/cinder-cones#.U1uPxvldX_R
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Epic Fireworks Super Conic Fountain
Here we have a huge conic fountain that’s super by name and super by nature. Just like all cone shaped fountains, this one starts small but works its way up to a whopping 10 metres in height. When the crackling kicks in at 40 seconds the fountain seems to reduce a bit in size, but a minute later the staggering potential of this fountain becomes clear. The beautiful deep red colour of the fountain doesn’t show so well in this video, but the deafening noise of the crackling when it goes into overdrive towards the end does. The combination of the red colour, the impact of the crackling, the duration of nearly two minutes and the excellent price make this the best fountain available bar none. Super Conic Fountain - £13 POB rates this 5 out of 5 (Best of the Best) http://epicfireworks.com/fountains/super-conic-1kg-fountain#.U9ty1fldX_R
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Brothers Pyrotechnics Lavish (25 Shot Cake)
Here we have one of the new 2014 CE products from Brothers Pyrotechnics. My apologies for the footage going out of focus at times, and this was filmed from much further back than the minimum 8 metres that is required. I have chosen Lavish to review first as a follow on from my review of Quick Fire which had 16 large and lovely shots that were fired in banks of four which meant the fun was over too quickly for my liking. Lavish on the other hand has 25 shots that are fired in five banks of five shots. Granted the shots are smaller - the bore size for Lavish is about 18mm compared to 27mm for Quick Fire - but Lavish is CAT2 and not CAT3 like Quick Fire so it can be used at closer range. Lavish is also about £5 cheaper and with a duration of 30 seconds it’s also 50% longer lasting than Quick Fire. Which is better depends on what you are after. The effects and instant impact from Quick Fire is superior that’s for sure, but Lavish wins on duration and sense of value. But I do wish Lavish would be a little more - dare I say - extravagant with its effects. The coloured comets, bangs and burst sizes are good, and, while the effects in the sky are decent, they're not the most adventurous. I guess I can’t have everything, but at least Lavish is a solid performer with a good duration that is well suited for a back garden fireworks party. Lavish - £15 POB rates this 3 out of 5 (good / recommended) http://www.pobspyro.co.uk/lavish/
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Brothers Pyrotechnics Lion King Multi-Shot Barrage
Sneak peak at some of the new Brothers retail products for 2016.
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Epic Fireworks Fire Snake (100 Shot Missile Cake)
Another missile cake this time from Epic, Fire Snake features 100 shots of fast firing whistles leading into crackles. Some find whistling missile cakes annoying but there is no denying their popularity as a very cheap entry level cake. I've reviewed several variations of 100 shot missile cakes and it really is difficult to pick a favourite as it depends on individual preference of effects. Fire Snake features whistles and crackling while others lose the crackling in place of a small report (bang). Fire Snake is on the cheaper end of the missile cake spectrum and it may be preferred by those who prefer a faster firing missile cake as this one tends to fire its 100 shots about 3 times quicker than its rivals. Essentially though you can't really go wrong with Fire Snake and, despite its shot duration, for around about a fiver this represents good value. Fire Snake - £4.74 POB rates this 3 out of 5 (good / recommended). http://epicfireworks.com/single-ignition-sib/fire-snake-100-shot#.U1gToPldX_Q
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Jonathan's Fireworks Poisonous Spiders 2017
Here I go again, just uploading footage with no review. Sorry about that, I just don't have the time anymore :( All this footage was filmed at the Jonathan’s Fireworks demo night on October 6th 2017. Please note these are all filmed 50+ metres away which is quite far away for some of the smaller products which have an 8 metre safety distance. Jonathan’s Fireworks started business in August 1999 and have grown from a small retail shop to a large scale fireworks display company with their own brand of fireworks. Jonathan and his team are very reliable, passionate and really care about their products, which is why I thought I would give them some coverage of their products. Their products contain very high quality chemicals which equals less smoke and brighter colours (not brilliantly captured with my camera though).
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Cosmic Astra Space Hawk Rockets (5 Pack)
I've uploaded plenty of videos showing the Space Hawk rockets before, just never just one pack and one rocket at a time. So here you have it; these are the best rockets in the £20 - £30 bracket simply because of their very loud bang and large burst. This video shows them filmed at about 30m with the rockets angled away from the crowd. The actual visual effects aren't that varied and in fact there are only supposed to be two brocades whereas I got three. Certainly not in the same league as the King or Sky Thriller rockets, but for bang for buck the Space Hawks are a very popular rocket and rightly so. The only other rockets on test are the Space Blasters from Epic Fireworks which are about half the size and price, but they put up a good fight as you'll see when I upload the video of them soon.
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Menshun Fire Fight Firework (146 Shot Cake)
In this video Fire Fight fired much faster than it is supposed to - its normal firing time being 45 - 60 seconds - but in this form it's hugely impressive and it can't help but put a smile on your face. It's got a good variation of width and effects with a large shot count which makes it a great single ignition finale cake. Fire Fight also has 50% more similar sized shots than Carnival Time for just over 40% more cost which means it represents slightly better value for money too, so if you can afford this amount on a rapid but high impact finale then go for it, but if not Carnival Time represents a cheap but still very good alternative. Fire Fight - £100 POB rates this 4 out of 5 (very good / highly recommended).
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