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Apex MC1 Best ski boots ever, for many reasons
I am very happy with my Apex MC1 boots as you will see if you watch this video. I am a 62 year old with very severe foot problems that (in old type ski boots) almost made me give up skiing. I started to snowboard but simple board boots also hurt. I skied in racing/ high performance boots from Lange, Technica, and Nordica all my skiing life that I had fit too large for because I could not bear the pain when I tried to use a snug fit in my worst foot, then had a lot of heel lift as a result. I spent almost as much as the original price of boots in custom boot-fitting services to get boots to work no matter what boots I used or tried. Except for a custom foot bed I have no modifications on my Apex boots. I do not have ANY heel lifting in my boots when skiing of boarding in my MC1s' and they fit right out of the box! As I see it the extra cost of the Apex boot is easily offset by myself not requiring a lot of custom boot-fitting work, plus I get a good snowboard boot as well. It is nice (but not the most important part) that I can walk easily in the removable liners, and I do not slip on icy areas. If your boots fit well without pain GREAT, ski on, otherwise try the APEX! The Apex boots are NO compromise as some think but are superior to OLD style boots and I prove it!
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Volcanic vent on mammoth Mt. 3-3-15
I had to find a fumerole that I heard about years ago on the news where 3 ski partollers died from the lack of oxygen in a snow pit they fell in to as they adjusted the fence around the vent.
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Hobie 16 Anti Pitchpole Planes do work! 7-30-13
The anti picthpole plane is under water doing its thing at 51 seconds in this video.
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Big Boy 4014 pushed out of steam shop. 8-12-14
The locomotive needed to be pushed out to allow work to be done in the engine house.
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Hobie 16, Stressed out 37 year old boat !
Julie and Gary sailed the old Hobie in 17 MPH winds yesterday stressing the 37 year old boat a bit! She held up well and we were very wet. The GPS failed so we have no idea how fast we were going but we were the fastest sailboat on the lake.
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Crossing Largest Ski Area in the USA, Park City Ut.
Park City and Canyons ski areas were joined to make the largest ski area in the USA and I had to ski between the two base areas for fun. As the snow conditions improve I will try to ski between the extreme North to South borders (about double the distance I skied today) and see how long it takes! there is more terraign here at Park City now than you could ski in a week!
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Venture 21 sailing
Norm Sailing a Venture 21 on Hidden Valley Lake with Julie and Gary. This is the first Norm has sailed since about 1978. The Venture we are on belongs to Bill and Ruth Ann was built in 1973.
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Chisholm Trail
The Chisholm Trail is a new trail just outside of Dead Horse State park that we did as an out and back. The whole trail is nine miles but we only did 15.4 miles round trip. The vast desert is amazing!
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Apex XP, Garys New Ski Boots
My new Apex XP Ski boot! They are great! I would recommend them to any advanced skier! I had worn a hole in my MC1 boots after 4 years and about 200 days of use. They were great boots as well but the XPs are quite an upgrade and I am sure to enjoy these boot for a long while!
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Drinking water from Crater Lake
Drinking water from Crater Lake while on Wizard Island.
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Pakalolo run at Blackcomb
An action video of dropping the Pakalolo chute last Tuesday. We couldn't take more video because the batteries kept freezing and shutting down the camera. The run is great and a great example of a low risk extreme ski run because if you wreck you just slide harmlessly out onto a broad slope (although, probably a long slide).
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9990 - Top of the Canyons 1-1-16
Julie and I skied the summit area of the Canyons at Park City New Years day for the first time. The lift tops out at 9990 ft. above sea level and that is the areas name. The whole area is for expert and extreme skiers only. We have seen the lift top many times as we ride past on Mt. bikes on the Wasatch crest trail. Julie and I wish you all good skiing for 2016!
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Falcon Jr.  RC Planes First Flight
This plane was built by Bill Talipsky but he was never able to fly it. I, Gary, was able to fly it today for its first flight. This plane is the exact type I learned to fly RC planes on in 1967. This plane was hanging in Dads garage a few years ago and I encouraged him to fly it with my help but he just did not feel well enough to do it. Now it is flying, and flying well. I wish he had been able to fly it before he passed! Thanks to the family for letting me have the plane!
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Hobie 16 "uprighted" 8-6-2014
This is the second time capsizing our Hobie and the first time the procedure is caught on camera. I became a little excited to see that the we were drifting close to a rocky shore with the mast but otherwise the whole event was fun.
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Denver to Salt Lake City Zephyr Ride (Part 2)
Our trip from Denver to Salt Lake City Zephyr Ride part 2. We were able to claim seats in the observation car on the trip from Winter Park into Glenwood Springs.
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New Driveway, Boat Pad & Easement Rocks
We wanted a pad for the Hobie to sit on and to zero scape the easements with rock. This is the project and what it now looks like! Thanks to Dave's Demolition and Concrete for a great job!
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Swift Creek Basin Hike slide show 2015
Julie and Zach hiking in the High Uintas in eastern Utah, August 2015
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Sailing a Livingston skiff 9-3-14
Julie and I sailing the Livingston on a long voyage on Bead Lake.
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Denver to Salt Lake City Zephyr Ride (Part 1)
Denver to Salt Lake City Zephyr Ride part 1. This was a 15 hour long ride and worth every minute of it! The sceenry was great! More of the trip to come.
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Surrey Bike Tipping
Julie and I rented a surrey bike at Lake Tahoe. The bike proved to be quite a workout. I had Julie ride past to take pictures and she said she felt like it was about to tip when she turned around. That is when I got the idea to tip and hopefully balance while turning. I tipped without tell Julie what I was going to do and she thought it was really funny, so we spent most of the time tipping and laughing. This bike goes nowhere fast!his video is about Surrey Bike Tipping
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Recoil (double black diamond trail) at Mammoth Mt.
This video is about Recoil (double black diamond trail) at Mammoth Mt.
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Widdow-Maker, Mott Canyon, Heavenly Valley
Julie and Gary on the Widdow-Maker in Mott Canyon on Heavenly Valley
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Hiking & Skiing Jupiter Peak East Face
I had often looked at Jupiter Peak and the steep slopes down its' East face and wanted to ski it sometime. It requires a hike to reach the top and the skiing looked "kinda crazy". I did the hike from the top of the McConkeys' lift taking about 40 minutes and skied down in 10 minutes. I have to do this again sometime!
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Amtrak Zephyr in Green River
Spotted the Eastbound Zephyr while driving along Hwy 6 going to Moab and caught up with the train at the Green River station.
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Hobie 16 Pitchpole
After 5 years of sailing our Hobie 16 we Pitchpoled for the first time! What a ride!
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Fifth River Hot Springs, Diamond Fork Utah
Julie and Gary hiked to the Fifth River Hot Springs, Diamond Fork Utah for the first time. The hike is a easy 2 1/2 miles that can be done on mountain bikes. The springs form the head water of the stream when there is no snow or rain water runoff. All together there is a lot of hot water coming from many spring up-wellings. We plan to bike in again soon to soak some more.
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Escapade Second Flight Session
This is Escapade MX second flight session with the engine idiling correctly allowing for better landings. I changed the prop from an 11x6 to a 14x4 and had help setting the idle needle valve. Now the engine runs great and the plane flys well.
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Moab Scenery from the Ramblin Trail
The Ramblin Trail is beside the road leading to Canyonlands and Deadhorse parks and can be done by dropping off the biker and picking them up at the trails end. Julie did the first ride Monday evening and Gary rode Tuesday morning. Ramblin is a beautiful technical trail that is a must ride in Moab!
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Crashes & Tumbles by Terry, Julie, Norm and Gary
Crashes & Tumbles by Terry, Julie, Norm and Gary.
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Fezzari Signal Peak Mt  Bike demo
The Fezzari Signal Peak is my choice for my newest bike. I'm lucky enough to live in Salt Lake and was able to test this bike with 29 and 27.5 wheels. This bike works well with both wheel sizes but my favorite was the 27.5 x 2.8 and is a much better overall ride than the last 29er I rode. The price is amazing, and the staff helping me to pick the correct size, model and accessories were also amazing! I have purchased a bike like I demoed and am looking forward to getting my bike soon.
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Steep slope, Dropout Chute, Mammoth Mt. 3-3-15
Julie and I skied Dropout Chute, a very steep slope on the North face of Mammoth Mt. This was the steepest and longest slope skied on this trip.
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Levitate Trail, Draper Utah (full run)
Levitate is a neat new advanced / expert trail on the South slope of Traverse Ridge that is about 1 1/2 mile long.
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Deschutes First Tracks
Gary on the Deschutes run in 20 inches of powder 1-24-17. This run is at the top of the Tombstone lift in the Canyons ski area. Julie could not be with me because she tore her knee up the day before.
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50 Year old Skis
This is the first time I have video of skiing on the old Head skis thanks to Julie! This is also the first time she'd seen me skiing the old long skis and she thought it was funny seeing me struggle a bit in the first turns. I can't believe that as a young kid I used skis just like these to ski difficult runs like High Rustlers. I couldn't do it now!!
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Julie in the Terrain Park
Julie in the Terrain Park at Northstar
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KOA Cabin, Moab Utah
Sheila, Lynne, Julie and Gary stayed in a KOA cabin in Moab. It was fun cozy and warm. We had a great time.
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A-Basin Extemes, The Pali-Face
This is a video of Gary skiing the full length of the headwall on the Pali-Face. May 7th 2017
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Klonzo trails
This video is about Julie and I riding the Klonzo trail network 10 miles North of Moab.
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Hobie Sailing July 18, 2017
Gary and Julie sailing a 39 year old Hobie 16 on Jordanelle Res. Utah in 18 MPH wind.
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Maverick trail at Moab
Riding the Moab Brand trail network north of Moab.
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Boulderdash Mt  Bike Trail, Cedar City Ut  Jun  2018
The purpose of this video is to show a new trail in Cedar City named Boulderdash that I have not seen any videos posted about this trail yet. Boulderdash is an expert trail that is hard to find because there was no trail signs, so you must watch for colored ribbons in the trees on the right side of Green Hollow trail when going uphill. Green Hollow trail is reached by going up the trail called Lichen It. The end of Boulderdash drops onto the Lava Flow trail (which is also a great trail). The video documents about 80% of Boulderdash. Try this trail you'll like it!
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Kayaking the Susquehanna 7-20-15
We traveled to New Holland Pa. to vist the Tennis family. One of the things we all did was to kayak the Susquehanna river between Bainbridge and Columbia (about a ten mile trip) just below Three Mile island. The river is large, rapids moderate, and we all had a good time! Vinnys trailer was loaded by the boat rental guy and his method of tying down was not the best so we began loosing parts from the rack and trailer. Nothing was seriously dammaged and the parts of the rack and tailgate were recovered from the road.
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Hike to Scotts Peak and Bowl at Park City
I hiked this short and easy climb to ski down Scotts Bowl and wanted to show the views into the Big Cottonwood Canyon. Skiing down Scotts Bowl was fun and well worth the hike. I like it because this is the same area we mountain bike on in the summer when riding the Wasatch Crest Trail.
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The little Ninjas' of Solitude 2-16-15
Sierra, Xavier and Julie snowboarding at Solitude 2-16-15
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Wasatch Crest to Mill D 8-2-15
This is my Wasatch Crest to Mill D ride on 8-2-15
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Little Wildhorse Canyon
Lynne and Sheila had never seen a slot canyon before so we went the the Little Wildhorse canyon in Southern Utah. There were several pools of water that required climbing to keep our shoes dry. We had a great time!
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Terry, Norm and Gary Skiing Arapahoe May 26-28, 18
I became very behind in publishing videos and these two videos are a month old. This was Terry Gary and Norm closing out the 2018 ski season.
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Hobie 16 Fall Cruise Park City Utah 10-14-15
Yesterdays was a record high temperature for Salt Lake so Julie and I decided to take the Hobie 16 for a fall cruise on a lake east Park City Utah on 10-14-15. This is likely to be the last of our sailing for the season and is turned out to be a lovely day. Winds were a little gusty at 10 to 12 MPH but we were able to sail as fast as 17 MPH and we traveled 21 miles!
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Apex MC3 boots
I have been skiing on Apex boots for 3 1/2 years now and have really liked my old MC1 boots but I have worn a hole in the inner liner of one of the boots. I began shopping on a local bulletin board for an upgrade replacement spotting two pairs of lightly used MC3 boots, which are expert level boots. I was waiting to attempt buying one of the boots until after I went to California, one pair posted $500 dollars, (used 2 days) and the other pair for $375. The afternoon I returned from California I saw the $500 dollar pair lowered to $250 and were the size I needed! The poor fellow I bought the boots from had feet more deformed than my feet, and had paid $800 for boots that would not work for him. I looked up the boots and they originally cost $995. I got a great pair of boots for a spectacular price! I love Apex boots!
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