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Reverse Osmosis Operations
This video gives an overview on the basic operations of a reverse osmosis system.
How Ionpure CEDI Products Work
Continuous Deionization (CEDI) Products from Ionpure.
Reverse Osmosis Troubleshooting
This video gives a general overview of how to troubleshoot a commercial or industrial reverse osmosis system.
Cómo Funciona el CEDI de Ionpure
Cómo Funciona el CEDI de Ionpure
What is Reverse Osmosis?
This video offers a brief introduction into reverse osmosis, where it's used, how it works and the pros and cons of using a reverse osmosis system.
MemPulse® Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System
Plant operator interview demonstrates performance & reliability of an Evoqua integrated solution over the last 5 years. MemPulse® Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System installed in Lancaster, OH..
¿Qué sucede dentro de un filtro prensa?
“Esta máquina, la cual está presente en la mayoría de las industrias de hoy, es capaz de quebrar huesos con fuerzas titánicas y a la misma vez filtrar micro partículas. ¿Qué es lo que ocurre dentro de las entrañas del filtro presa? En Evoqua, el Doctor D. explica lo que ocurre dentro de la cámara de filtración de forma exclusiva gracias a sus dispositivos y equipos en su laboratorio ¡únicos en la industria! Industrias tal como la minería, alimentación, alta tecnología, acabados de metales y muchos más. Todos usan filtro prensa, en el cual el proceso esencial es el mismo: agua ha de ser separada de los sólidos y no hay nadie mejor capacitado para ello, que Evoqua Water Technologies.”
IONPURE® CEDI for High-Purity, Industrial Deionized Water
http://www.evoqua.com/en/brands/IonPure Evoqua’s IONPURE CEDI technology is the preferred method for creating ultrapure water for industrial applications.
What Happens Inside A Filter Press?
Bone-crushing pressures filtering micron-sized particulates inside a machine that nearly every manufacturing process uses - what happens inside a filter press? Evoqua's Dr. D explains what happens in filter press using a unique viewing chamber in the industry's best-equipped lab! Industries such as mining, food and beverage, high-tech, metal finishing and many others, all use filter presses where the essential process is the same: water must be separated from solids - and no one is better at that process than Evoqua Water Technologies.
Evoqua Water Technologies - Manufacturing Marvels
Learn about Evoqua's manufacturing facility located in Holland, MI where they manufacture filter presses and other water and wastewater treatment equipment.
World Class Ionpure CEDI Product for High Purity Applications
Continuous Deionization (CEDI) Products from Ionpure.
Evoqua Water Technologies
We are the global leader in helping municipalities and industrial customers protect and improve the world’s most fundamental natural resource: water. We have a more than 100-year heritage of innovation and industry firsts, market-leading expertise, and unmatched customer service. Our cost-effective and reliable treatment systems and services ensure uninterrupted quantity and quality of water, enable regulatory and environmental compliance, increase efficiency through water reuse, and prepare customers for next-generation demands. www.evoqua.com
Sequencing Batch Reactors for Treatment in a Single Reactor
Ken Norcross, co-founder of Jet Tech and consultant for Evoqua, explains how Sequencing Batch Reactors complete multiple treatment steps sequentially over time in a single reactor. Benefits include flexibility to address changing water conditions, nutrient removal, and a small footprint.
Evoqua Intake Equipment For Raw Water Intake Channels - Helps Communities and Habitats
What does a fish see when it goes up a traveling water screen? Check this out! Evoqua Water Technologies designs and manufactures intake equipment for raw water intake channels for power plants and other industries that use large volumes of water from rivers, lakes or oceans. Our equipment contributes to sustainability by saving small fish and larvae with fine mesh overlays on our traveling water screens, and transporting them back into their natural habitat. Along with our grab rakes, bar racks, stationary water screens and ancillary equipment, we’ve been innovating intake equipment for over 140 years - connecting industry, community and the environment.
Vortisand® Cross-Flow Microsand Filtration System Provides High Efficiency Filtration Results
Learn how the industry leader in high efficiency media filtration systems utilize microsand media and cross-flow technology to provide submicron filtration performance.
Installing a Gasketed Filter Cloth on Evoqua’s Filter Press
Have no fear, Dr. D is here! Dr. D, the filter press doctor, from Evoqua Water Technologies shows us the step-by-step process of installing a filter cloth on a gasketed filter plate for your filter press. Our gasketed plates form a tight seal due to O-rings around the recessed chamber and filtrate discharge eyes, allowing for virtually leak-free operation. For further information on this video or any other Dr. D videos, visit www.evoqua.com/jwiservice.
VAF™ Filtration Systems
How Evoqua's automatic self-cleaning filters work for removal of suspended solids from 10 to 1500 micron for flow rates from 7 m3/hr (30 gpm) to 2,274 m3/hr (10,000 gpm). Learn more at www.evoqua.com.
Evoqua Employees Explain Why They are Proud to Work at Evoqua
Listen to Evoqua employees explain why they are proud to work for the leader in Water and Wastewater treatment.
Memcor® CPII Ultrafiltration System - the Latest in UF Technology
Learn how this industry-leading ultrafiltration system reduces footprint by up to 50%, minimizes installation costs and improves efficiencies to deliver 10% more water with 11% less membrane area.
Ionpure CEDI Facts
Continuous Deionization (CEDI) Products from Ionpure.
Evoqua Grab Rakes for Intake Systems
Evoqua Water Technologies manufactures intake equipment like this grab rake - sometimes called a fish rake or a trash rake. These are typically placed in large water channels at power plants or other industry sites that use large volumes of raw water. Grab rakes clean the water of large debris before the water flows into a second screening system composed of Intake Traveling Water Screens, which Evoqua also manufactures. If you are interested in inquiring about a capital purchase or if your existing equipment needs repair call: (877) 477-2787.
Evoqua Rings NYSE Opening Bell as Part of IPO
November 2, 2017 footage of Evoqua ringing the opening bell on the NYSE as part of the IPO. NYSE Listed: AQUA.
Evolution of the Water Industry
Li Shiang Liang, Principal Scientist. Research & Development Evoqua, discusses the evolution of the water industry including intelligent controls, efficiency and modular design.
SeaCure™ Ballast Water Management Systems - A Solution for all Salinities
An overview of the IMO and USCG regulations for the prevention of transferring aquatic species in ballast tanks, with insight into the MERC testing procedures. Includes product information on the SeaCURE™ ballast water management system, which has been approved in three salinities and is based on the main pillars of electrochlorination, filtration and control system.
Meeting the Challenge of New Environmental Regulations for Coal Fired Power Plants
Evoqua Water Technologies webinar includes an overview of Effluent Limitation Guidelines (ELGs), Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) wastewater treatment solution and case studies, CCRs regulation overview, and Coal pile remediation solution and case studies.
Delta UV - Ultraviolet Disinfection for Residential Pools
Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is one of the most effective methods for deactivating harmful pathogens and reducing algae in your pool. Delta UV offers affordable, easy to install systems that help deactivate chlorine resistant pathogens like Cryptosporidium and protects users with sensitive skin or health issues by allowing a reduction in chemical usage. Learn more by visiting http://www.evoqua.com/en/brands/delta-uv.
Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) Retrofit & Rehab
Rotating Biological Contactors are an efficient fixed-film wastewater technology for secondary and/or advanced biological treatment. Learn more about the benefits of RBCs and retrofit and rehab solutions from Evoqua, including OEM parts for Envirex®, Lyco, and Autotrol brands.
Orbal® System for TrueSND™ Biological Treatment
Technical Sales Manager, Freddy Kade, discusses Evoqua's TrueSND™ biological treatment system, which provides simultaneous nitrification-denitrification, reducing energy costs and maintaining flexibility and redundancy for changing conditions.
The Forty-X™ Disc Filter: High Quality, High Volume Filtration in Less Space
Learn how the Forty-X™ Disc Filter can improve tertiary wastewater filtration efficiency, increase throughput and minimize lifecycle costs in a small footprint.
Nexed™ Electrochemical Desalination Modules for Brackish Water Applications
Pat Buzzell, Product Manager for Nexed™ Electrochemical Desalination Modules describes the brackish water applications and energy savings achieved with this technology.
CoMag® System for Faster Solids Settling
Product Manager, Casey Whittier, explains how Evoqua's CoMag® System enhances solids settling, improves effluent quality, and increases treatment capacity. Visit www.evoqua.com to learn more.
The OMNIFLO® SBR with Jet Tech Technology
Evoqua’s OMNIFLO® SBR is a robust, simple, flexible sequencing batch reactor system that operates in a “True Batch” mode. These attributes create the opportunity to provide a solution in a small footprint that is cost effective, energy efficient, and can meet the most stringent nutrient removal requirements at any flow.
Evoqua's Innovative Ergonomic Plate Shifter For J-Press® Filter Press
Evoqua continues to innovate and make operating a filter press easier! We've just developed a more ergonomic filter press plate shifter with safety features. This new design makes it easier for the operator to maneuver the assembly, and to change the controlling side if necessary. For questions about this ergonomic plate shifter, or J-Press® filter presses by JWI(R), an Evoqua brand, call 855-467-3389.
Evoqua’s NEXED Modules: Electrodialysis Reimagined
Designed to deliver a higher recovery while using less energy than other desalination technologies, Evoqua’s NEXED module will change how you think of electrodialysis desalination and electrodialysis reversal (EDR).
Ultra Clear™ Laboratory Water System
Dmitrij Materi, International Sales for Evoqua Laboratory Water Products, introduces compact Ultra Clear™ System with updated touch screen controls.
Time-Lapse Video Of Evoqua Building Monster Filter Presses For The Power Industry
Evoqua Water Technologies designs, fabricates and builds industrial filter presses. This time-lapse video shows 3 monster filter presses being built for a power plant to filter sulfur dioxide from the plant's emissions. They keep acid rain from falling! These massive filter presses were built by hand by the best mechanics in the business. These are JWI® brand filter presses – the most trusted name in dewatering, and we are proud that all our filter press brands can help the environment.
Rapid Uniform Sludge Removal with the Tow-Bro® Clarifier
Improve effluent quality, limit phosphorus release, and handle higher RAS concentrations with the Tow-Bro® Hydraulic Sludge Removal System.
Installing a Non-Gasketed Filter Cloth on Evoqua’s Filter Press
Have no fear, Dr. D is here! Dr. D, the filter press doctor from Evoqua Water Technologies shows us the step-by-step process of installing a filter cloth on a non-gasketed plate for your filter press. Evoqua’s filter cloths are available in a wide variety of weave patterns, weights, materials, & porosities and are specifically selected to best fit your application and desired results. For further information on this video or any other Dr. D videos, visit www.evoqua.com/jwiservice.
Evoqua’s OEM Products
Stefan Abramo, Vice President and General Manager, discusses Evoqua’s OEM Products.
Evoqua and Air Products Team Up to Reduce Water Use by Up to 75 Million Gallons a Year
Evoqua installed two brine recovery reverse osmosis (BRRO) systems at Air Products’ Hydrogen Plan near Los Angeles, recycling wastewater back into the main system. Evoqua’s BRRO solution offsets the total amount of water Air Products uses in the production of hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles and is expected to save approximately 75 million gallons of fresh water a year. The WateReuse Association presented Evoqua with Industrial Project of the Year in 2017 for this water recycling system. Learn more about industrial water reuse at Evoqua: www.evoqua.com/en/brands/IPS/Pages/Industrial-Water-Recycle.
The CoMag® System for Enhanced Primary and Tertiary Treatment
The innovative CoMag System from Evoqua infuses magnetite into chemical floc to make it heavier, significantly improving clarifier performance. This video explains how the CoMag® System works and how it can be used to increase capacity, enhance clarifier performance and achieve total phosphorous of 0.05 mg/L.
How the MEMCOR® Microfiltration Process Works
MEMCOR® microfiltration assists world renowned leader in ground water replenishment provide a reliable source of water for over 2.5 million people.
CEDI Ionpure de Clase Mundial para Aplicaciones de Alta Pureza
CEDI Ionpure de Clase Mundial para Aplicaciones de Alta Pureza
Defender® Regenerative Media Filters
Keep your commercial pool clear with Defender® Regenerative Media Filters and use less energy and chemicals than traditional sand filters. The regeneration process reduces water consumption by 90%.
VARI-CANT® Jet Aeration System with Jet Tech Technology
VARI-CANT® jet aeration systems utilize proven principles of jet aeration, combined with state-of-the-art design and materials, resulting in a system with superior performance, efficiency and trouble-free operation.
Adoption of New Technologies and Replacement of Aging Infrastructure in Municipal Wastewater
Marc Roehl, VP and GM of Municipal Wastewater, discusses what Evoqua Water Technologies is doing to help foster the adoption of new technologies and to provide replacement equipment and services for aging plants. Visit www.evoqua.com to learn more.
An Important Step Toward a Net Zero Energy Consuming WWTP
Learn how The Captivator® System can generate up to 40% more biogas, reduce aeration energy by up to 40% and lower capital costs by up to 20%.
Introduction to NEXED EDR Demonstration System at Kay Bailey Hutchison Inland Desalination Plant
This video describes the key features of the NEXED electrodialysis reversal technology as it relates to the specific operation of the 15 MGD reverse osmosis inland desalination system at Kay Bailey Hutchison (KBH) in El Paso, Texas.
Electrocatalytic Marine Shipboard Animation
Chloropac Electrochlorination Shipboard Installation
SeaCure™ Ballast Water Management Systems – Serving IMO and USCG regulation
Ian Stentiford gives an overview of the IMO and USCG ballast water regulations, and the Evoqua Electrocatalytic product range. The SeaCURE system is being tested via the MERC laboratories who provide an overview of the testing process. The SeaCURE system has been developed, and is undergoing testing to help ship owners and operators comply with these regulations.

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