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Mount & Blade: Warband | XB1 Multiplayer
[PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION] All my content is made purely for entertainment value, I don't monetize any of my videos. Xbox one gameplay of Multiplayer with some friends...most of my duels in this clip are against B00ger Knight because we would have some good Parry's against eachother. Although Yaxuuh and Benzy i also had some good duels against too. GG guys. All footage was recorded on day of release.
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Chivalry: MW + MK = Epic? | XB1
Please Wear Headphones and Watch in 720p/1080p 60Fps. As a long term Big Fan of Mortal Kombat (Started at "MK 3" ) I had alot of fun editing this. The outro with all the Players is an Easter Egg of the Intro Cut scene To "MK Shoalin Monks" :3 All rights go to Warner Bros
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Jurassic Park - Raptor Snack
First time playing This Demo. just like my Last Jurassic Park Video This Is a recreation of the Kitchen Scene from Jurassic Park. Do you wish to play this game too? Great! because it's Free! https://www.reddit.com/r/playmygame/comments/801fzi/raptors_free_dinosaur_game_update/
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That Feeling when you Ace (Skit)
Bants Ennit.
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Jurassic Park - Rexy at Large!
My First Time Playing the Unity Demo of the Iconic Scene from Jurassic Park where the T-Rex Escapes it's Enclosure. I Personally Found it rather Nostalgic ^_^ If you want to Download and Play this Demo. It's Free! https://unity5games.itch.io/t-rex-breakout-free-dinosaur-game
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Chivalry: MW - DerpTage 7 | XB1
hope u enjoy n stuff
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Chivalry: MW - GOA I Halfdan (Farewell Montage) | XB1
A little Something, Something i created for our Dear Chivalry Member "GOA I Halfdan" or otherwise known as "HalfdanTheBl4ck" or his joke names such as HalfdanThePurple or the other colours of the rainbow. He asked me to Create him this Montage and to upload it after his last clan war so this is his departure from the Competitive/Community. I Had Help From "ODST SR117" With the intro. Enjoy. (Chosen by Halfdan) TrackList: • Eluveitie - A Rose for Epona •
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Chivalry: MW - A Day in the Life of an Archer | XB1
Hope you enjoy, lads. If you don't understand the beginning then basically a clan Called TGL used to piss alot of people off xD
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Gallius.Exe Has stopped Responding
Inspired by ThePlagueFather (Aka Iza Entity) Decap & SP4C3 C4KE's Kung-Fu Head kick. "Gallius" A.K.A "Duet"
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Chivalry: MW - DerpTage 6 | XB1
I make Derp-Tages purely because of what I've read and heard people enjoy them AND because no one else makes anything non serious content wise in the community for YouTube. PLEASE READ In the middle of editing An AST Montage and preparing for the Next Chivalry 101 Video's I've made this video. Enjoy! :3 AST Montage is almost finished & I've began Work on Part 2 of Chivalry 101. And prepared Clips for Part 3. After my AST Montage I may take a break from YouTube and make Part 2 & Part 3 Afterwards. Since I want to make sure Ive got enough energy to make them Properly and Clear without missing any Details or Information out in a professional as I can be. [My Chivalry 101 Video's have been put on hold as of me being ill and Other projects being in the way also when they are made they will be private until all the video's are done so they can be available all at once part 1 will be available just so it's known about]
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Chivalry: MW - DerpTage | XB1
[PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION] All my content is made purely for entertainment value, I don't monetize any of my videos. [None of this is scripted] If I get enough likes I will make another Derp-Tage :D "Derp" = "foolishness or stupidity"
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Chivalry: MW - DerpTage 2 | XB1
[PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION] All my content is made purely for entertainment value, I don't monetize any of my videos. "Derp" = "foolishness or stupidity"
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Chivalry: MW Skit - How NOT to be a Archer | XB1
From yours truly "How NOT to be a Archer" :3 this was originally made for "Derp-Tage 7" but i thought it deserved its own separate video, well...that and it's 1 minute long (which is longer then most of my normal clips)
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SP4C3 C4KE 2.0
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The Real Chivalry God!
A video AST I Benkei sent me so i edited (footage from Xbox lmao)
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My Experience of The Ringed City DLC - Dark Souls 3
Added my own little humour to this because...well...It's simply Boring without Commentary at the very least :S
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When a Nub Thinks they can handle you.
Had to be done achilles. You're Welcome m9.
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Chivalry: MW - Naughty Archer (Voice edit)
So i made this because i was bored and because i got some of the sound files and thought id try make some Chivalry character say something wrong or different. this is what i came up with xD DONT JUDGE ME! Feel free to use this if you like...i don't own the sound files anyway.
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Chivalry: MW - Final Montage | XB1
Update: Changed my YT name to Lord Uhtred. Hey Guys! This is probably going to be my Last Montage For Chivalry. The rest of my Montages will be on For Honor in the near future. This video is 11 Minutes long so I'd appreciate if you could hit the Like Button & Perhaps Subscribe. Cheers ;) Fights In the video: HitoKiri & Achilles VS Maharold & b00ger Knight - LTS - Score: 3-7 - Loss HitoKiri Vs Maharold - LTS - Score: 5-7 - Loss HitoKiri Vs BenKei - FFA - Score: 14 - 3 - Win Rest of the Fights: Public FFA Private FFA TrackList: Delinquent Habits - Return of the Tres (Instrumental) 0:27 - 0:58 bvd Kult - Made Of Something (Feat Will Heggadon) 0:59 - 4:28 Jensation - Joystick 4:30 - 8:07 Volcians - Seconds 8:08 - 11:34
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Fuck The Media Men!
People take this Game too seriously :3 Don't ask me why i made this video...just appreciate it. People seem to like stupid stuff it seems so i guess if people want more of this shit i can do more i guess...i.Dunno *shrug* But then again i get alot of hate comments towards me on xbox (hert mi feiwlings)from people who don't like this stuff because they clearly take everything too god damn seriously... if you like it great but if you hate it...cool? i must ruin their mentality of being a king of some shitty console port that originally was a Mod for Half Life. Woopdy Doo. R.I.P Me. i must go cry now right?!? •TrackList• Nobody Ever Told me - TrailerPoopers
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Rainbow Six Siege: Don't Do It (Skit)
EAR-RAPE WARNING!!! Re-edited this because why the hell not. Just a funny moment i witnessed while playing Casual (Casul skrub ikr) On Rainbow Six Siege. Someone put this on Reddit or something :P
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ARMA 3 - New and Noobish!
To be honest i didn't quite know what i was doing, But this was interesting....I guess? o_0
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Chivalry: Robin Hood/x7A Staz - Montage [XBOX ONE]
[PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION] All my content is made purely for entertainment value, I don't monetize any of my videos. A small Montage of (x7A Staz) Alter Ego Robin Hood! As of 18th October 2016... AST I Ares changed his name to II Unisys II and Left AST Chivalry. He later Rejoined under the name AST I Benkei before we Reformed AST and Separated ourselves from AST into x7A. He is no known as x7A Staz.
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COD 4: MLG Pro Derp (ReUpload)
it's Reuploaded My Dudes ;) Joined Faze ennit !!
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LOL o_0
(read Description) This video isn't edited, It's raw footage with a mod that slows down time and plays silly/joyful songs when headshots happen in game.
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Chivalry: Star Wars Map and Mod
I dunno, just thought i'd showcase the Star Wars Mod for Chivalry. Looks fun ;D
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Chivalry: MW - Favourite Kills of March | XB1
Just a selection of Cool Clips i Recorded in March.
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Chivalry: MW - DerpTage 5 | XB1
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Chivalry - When you RKO Halfdan
Biggest Reverse win ever pulled off in the history of Chivalry.
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