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Deep Pullback trading strategy
James Chen with FXDD explains the deep pullback strategy for trading.
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Succeed at Market Extremes with the Tick
The Tick is an extremely useful tool for intraday traders. The Tick gives us the relationship of stocks up ticking versus down ticking at their last traded price.
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Using Scale Trading to Profit From Volatility
Traders can use scale trading to profit from that continuous movement. Like a hydroelectric plant harnessing the power of a river already in motion, this methodology sets itself to profit from the continuous flow of volatility. Colson Hauser shows you how to do it.
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Three's a Crowd
Greg Michalowski of FXDD explains his strategy for SFO magazine. It's called Three's a Crowd.
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Advanced Trading Techniques - Futures Spread Trading
Markus Heitkoetter presents SFO webinar. Also, be sure to read the article on the same topic (complete with a video). Find the article at: http://www.sfomag.com/Stocks_Futures_Options-Lock_in_Profits_with_Spread_Trading-ar1647ic.aspx Get a free subscription to the magazine to access the story: http://www.sfomag.com/SubscribeRenew/Default.aspx
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Trading Earnings Calendars
Steve Lentz explains how to trade earnings calendars
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Using triangles to trade markets
Todd Krueger explains how to use triangles in trading. Learn more at http://sfomag.com
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50-Period Weekly Moving Average
Whenever someone is looking for a basic methodology to improve their passive results, Quint Tatro points them to the 50-period weekly moving average in relation to the S&P 500.
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Scale Out for Maximum Profits
Ross Beck of Geometric Trading explains how to maximum profits with this trading technique. Learn more by getting a free subscription to SFO magazine at http://sfomag.com.
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Global Handshake Number Helps Gauge U.S. Stock Market Open
DTI uses a math formula to help gauge how the U.S. markets will trade based on how the European and Asian markets traded. Get more free trading tips at http://sfomag.com.
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Swing Trade Forex with Binary Approach
James Chen walks you through a swing trade approach for forex using the chart.
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Trades with 3:1 reward/risk ratio
Markus Heitkoetter will teach you how to identify trades with a 3:1 reward/risk ratio. See Heitkoetter's and Mark Hodge's related story at http://sfomag.com.
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Learning the basics of forex (foreign exchange) trading
Greg Michalowski of FXDD
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How StockTwits Can Help You Trade Better
Phil Pearlman of StockTwits hosts a webinar for SFO magazine on how to use the site he helped create.
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OpenTrader.com Offers Social Network for Traders
The mission of OpenTrader.com, a new social network for traders, is to offer a verified track record of trading mentors before traders subscribe to their trading rooms. The social networking site has developed BrokerLink, an innovative app that allows traders to verify and publicly share their real track record.
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Tips for Trading After Hours
Brian Lund breaks down the overnight session in charts. Learn more about trading after hours for free at http://sfomagazine.com.
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Using Tradervue as online trade journal
Greg Reinacker developed Tradervue to make track trades. Read more at SFO magazine: http://sfomag.com.
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Grow Profits at the Market's Edge
Learn more about Market Profile in Charles Cochran's SFO magazine video.
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Low Hanging Fruit - Trading Forex
Greg Michalowski of FXDD explains how to make easy forex trades. Read more for free at http://sfomag.com.
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Candlestick Trading with Constance Brown
Constance Brown shows a trading method with candlesticks.
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The Mulligan Trade
Larry Levin shows that by combining the tactical entry points of a volume-based tick chart with the context of Market Profile, you can make the mulligan one of your most profitable trading signals.
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Bottom Reversal Trading Strategy - Wicked Reversal
The wicked reversal is a fierce bottom reversal trading strategy that studies overextended declines and candlestick behavior and triggers trades from wick analysis. Learn more from Edward J. Moya of Alpari (US) LLC.
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Find Better Entries and Exits for Trades
Jeff Kilian shows the setup for better trade entries and exits on the E-mini S&P 500 15-minute chart.
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Developing a Solid Trading System Based on Pattern Recognition
Quint Tatro walks traders through his system and daily activities including scanning and chart work, trade preparation, risk quantification and profit management.
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Follow Big Traders to Take Big Profit
By seeing what the large traders are doing, you can get more out of trends. Markets don't move without these larger traders. So, see what they are doing to make the most of trades.
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Use Options to Hedge Trade
Carley Garner teaches you how to use options to hedge your trade.
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Trading Cotton
Darin Newsom explains his cotton trade for February 2012. See the story for free at http://sfomag.com
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Investing in Green Energy Stocks
Des Woodruff creates a watch list of stocks to consider trading. Learn more for free at SFO magazine: http://sfomag.com
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Learn to Use StockTwits
Phil Pearlman of StockTwits walks you through the site.
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Inside Scoop July 2012
Get free trading tips at http://sfomag.com.
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My Money Journal
"My Money Journal" is a children's book created by Karris Golden, Sara Kies and Melanie Decker. These three moms wanted to provide a resource to teach children how to save, invest and trading basics. Learn how to get a copy. It is perfect for: baby shower gift grandchildren's birthdays children opening their first bank account fundraising On Twitter: @TheMoneyMoms Facebook: The Money Moms Email: [email protected]
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4 Tips for Trading Options
Gregory Brown of Sequence Trading Group LLC has 10 tips for options traders: 4 in this video 3 in a print story at http://sfomag.com 3 in a webinar at http://www.sfomag.com/TraderUniversity/WebinarArchive.aspx
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What Kind of Trader Are You?
Adrian F. Manz, MBA, Ph.D., helps you determine your trading style. Learn more for free at SFO magazine: http://sfomag.com
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Find trend reversals in trading
DAVID DUTY shows examples of blips that can be used to spot trend reversals.
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Corn top commodity to watch in 2012
Darin Newsom explains why you should be watching corn and looking at the trading opportunity this commodity has in 2012. Get trading tips. SFO is free at http://sfomag.com
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Build Wealth by Trading Futures
Get trading tips on building your wealth. Trading futures has its advantages. Learn more at http://sfomag.com (story link: http://www.sfomag.com/Stocks_Futures_Options-Eye_on_Futures-dp512ic.aspx)
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Natural Gas Stocks to Trade
Two natural gas stocks had an excellent run and have the potential to be future blockbusters in 2012. Quint Tatro is watching Clean Energy (CLNE) and Westport Innovations (WPRT). Learn more for free at http://sfomag.com
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Inside Scoop December 2011
Get free trading tips from SFO magazine at http://sfomag.com.
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March 2012 Inside Scoop
SFO magazine offers trading tips and strategies. Everything on the site, including the monthly publication, the weekly newsletter and the daily posts are free. Visit http://sfomag.com
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SFO July 2011.flv
Watch video relating to July's trade of the month. Get your stock questions answered in a short interview. July's SFO is packed with educational material just for you.
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Question 1
For those readers who may not be familiar with your exchange, please give us a brief history of it.
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February 2012 Inside Scoop
Get free trading tips by accessing SFO magazine at http://sfomag.com.
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Trading USD/JPY (dollar/yen) in January 2012
David Rodriguez gives you trading tips for trading USD/JPY in the forex market for January 2012. Read more for free at http://sfomag.com.
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Inside Scoop November 2011
Get a subscription to a free trading magazine: http://sfomag.com
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Trading Cisco Systms
At the time of this video (late September 2011), Tatro was long Cisco Systems (CSCO). He walks you through the trade.
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Inside Scoop June 2012
See what June's edition of SFO has to offer. Get free trading tips at http://sfomag.com.
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SFO June 2011 Inside Scoop
See what SFO has to offer in its June issue. The magazine is free and available at: http://www.sfomag.com
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Question 8
Going forward, what do you see as the top one or two major challenges for the exchange industry in general?
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Trade of the Month November 2011
Tim Kosen likes buying pullbacks in EUR/GBP on the break of this potential daily bear flag as long as we remain above the 200-day moving average (MA) with stops shortly below.
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