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Bulletproof PLUS Income
Take a look at how RadioActive Trading can help a "buy-and-hold" investor to: 1) Lock in profits with an insurance policy 2) Take in more Income than that policy costs 3) Leave the upside UNLIMITED... something that covered calls CANNOT do for you SOME folks would only teach you how to trade covered calls, an incomplete method. Others would pirate what I was doing eight years ago, repackage it as something new. There's a father/son team in the UK doing just that. Watch this space to see what they'll be teaching in their overpriced seminars next ;-) Being a protected trader is important. But it's important also to keep one's upside open as well, ESPECIALLY in this market! What the RadioActive Trading principles in The Blueprint allow... is so much more. Hey, by the way at the end I say, "Did I forget to mention..?" and then it cuts out. That's not a tease, I just ran out of time. I forgot to mention that MCD pays a quarterly .55 cent dividend that the player may also take advantage of. So this insurance plus income play is even better than I'm showing.
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Investing with married puts from A-Z
Learn how to invest with married puts and protect your portfolio
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Generate income weekly with weekly options
Learn all about weekly stock options and how to invest with them.
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What is a Vertical Spread?
In this presentation we will introduce the basic setup and configuration of the 4 vertical spreads: Bull Put Credit, Bear Call Credit, Bull Call Debit and Bear Put Debit. We also discuss the parity view between these trades, discuss criteria investors might use when entering a spread and the risks involved with the leveraged vertical spread positions. This is the perfect starting point if you are just starting out with credit or debit spread investing. Management techniques on the spread positions will be discussed the following week in a different webinar. In this presentation we focus on the initial setup and overall risk vs. reward of the vertical spreads.
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How to Set up a Riskless Spread Trade
We get the question fairly often: "If there are so many spreads that offer double digit returns with high probability, why doesn't everyone trade them?" Well, the answer may surprise you. We can find many 7 day, 10 day or 15 day trades that offer double digit returns with an 80% probability of success...but you will likely need a 90% success rate in order to profit long term. This webinar shows why you are likely not making the returns you expected with credit spreads or other spread strategies. More important, we show a simple structure that guarantees you can't lose more than 6% or so on any position, while still being able to take advantage of the benefits of certain spread trades WITHOUT adding any risk! That's right, done in the proper context you can still trade Credit Spreads, Ratio Spreads and other common spread plays without taking on any additional risk. Enjoy!
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Why Use a Married Put?
In this presentation we take a look at the Married Put / RadioActive Trading structure. Whenever you are considering a strategy of any kind you wonder: What is this strategy? Why would anyone use this in their portfolio? Is it better than other strategies? Who benefits from this technique? In this video we answer those questions as it pertains to the Married Put, but also why the RadioActive Trading approach is the best structure we know of when implementing this options strategy. You will see: What is a RadioActive Trade? - A married put, but done in the proper structure to put time on your side, as opposed to the improper structure you are likely familiar with. Why Would Anyone Use This? - To control risk (the only thing you can control in the market) and avoid the Lie of Leverage which likely has gotten you into trouble at one time or another... Is it Better Than Other Strategies? - We look at the pros and cons, run simulations against other popular options strategies...and also give insight to why you are perhaps not reaching your goals with those strategies. Who Benefits? - You do! By seeing how to properly control risk, even reduce and cancel that risk with the proper trading structure. Enjoy!
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Trade Simulator Tool
How to limit your downside and be a winner in the stock market. How to "right-size" your investments.
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Debit Spreads vs  Credit Spreads
This is Part 1 of our 4 part series on Vertical Spreads. In this presentation we break down the Actions, Goals, Reasonable Expectations, Proper Structure, Risks and Hidden Risks of the 4 vertical spreads: Bull Put Credit Bull Call Debit Bear Call Credit Bear Put Debit This is an introductory level webinar that will get you up to speed on the finer points and structure of the 4 vertical spreads. Even seasoned Spread investors will get useful information and education from this presentation. ...Oh, and ignore that little foible in the Bear Spreads discussion where it states 'BABA at $321 on expiration.' That was for CMG. Copy and Paste error. We're human too. Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts!
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RadioActive Trading: Our Favorite Income Methods
Perhaps you downloaded a copy of The Sketch, our free white paper that blows the cover off of the notorious "Covered Call" method of trading... pointing out its weaknesses and limitations... and giving the first of a series of far better alternatives. Maybe you've been to one or more of our weekly free webinars, in which we not only show how to limit risk in any stock trade down to single digit percents (without a finicky 'stop' order)... but we also show how to take income out of your stock using one or two of our ELEVEN different ways... ...or maybe you've been to one of Kurt's seminars in which he teaches how to BULLETPROOF your stock ('Bulletproof' is the curious state which allows you to hold a stock that's up a bit for further gain... but it no longer has any capital risk left to your account). You're intrigued. You keep coming to the free webinars. You've seen Mike, Ernie, and Kurt do riskless nested plays for spendable income even when they are Bulletproof. And for whatever reason, you haven't made the plunge yet and picked up the RadioActive Home Study Kit, even though it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. That's okay... it's hard sometimes to step out on faith. Believe me, no one knows better than I do. Back in the Nineties, after shelling out over $6,000 worth of education and software... I got an even MORE expensive education from the market itself when I went absolutely broke trying to figure out this stock and options game. Did anyone offer me a refund? Nope. But, I don't want YOU to miss out on some information that could very well pay for itself a hundred times over, just because the price tag seems a little steep today. The RadioActive Trading Home Study Kit is $599 and comes with a money-back guarantee... ...but I thought you might like to check out a much lower priced and risk-free alternative right now. We are taking some of the BEST teachings from the RadioActive Trading Home Study Kit and making it available for about 5% of the cost...
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Managing Covered Call Positions
This presentation shares our thoughts on rolling, adjusting and managing a covered call position. We start by evaluating the 3 types of covered call investor, and how different trigger points and management techniques can be applied based on your trading plan. A trading plan is important, but management based on your trading plan is just as important to be a successful covered call investor. Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts!
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8 Ways to Manage a Bull Put Credit Spread
The title says it all... In this video we discuss PowerOptions' preferred ways to manage a Bull Put Credit Spread that moves against you. First, we talk about the Trigger Points one might consider for adjusting or closing a spread and the necessity of a trading plan with this strategy. Then, we look at the 8 ways to manage a Bull Put Credit Spread discussing the Pros and Cons of each, what the adjustment would look like on an actual trade heading to expiration this Friday, and do's and dont's for each adjustment. We also discuss the year to date outcomes of our default Bull Put Search on PowerOptions. We will follow up later this week on how each adjustment would have performed after close on Friday. Enjoy!
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When Parity is NOT a Parity:  Married Puts vs. Long Calls
Here at PowerOptions we advocate the RadioActive Trading, Married Put techniques for investors. Some investors who see the discussion on the initial Married Put structure say: 'This is nothing more than a Long Call, but uses more capital. The Long Call is the Same, but Better!' First, something can not be the same, but better. Second, these are the right questions to ask and third, we are up to the challenge to answer. In this presentation we address the comments of why a long call is better (or not) than the Married Put approach. We also look at a side by side, 'parity' portfolio of the RadioActive Married Puts vs. just Buying the Call option... And how these would have performed in the real market, with real dollars and a real trading plan. Enjoy, and comment away with your thoughts!
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Managing Naked Put Positions
In this presentation we discuss management techniques and adjustments for Naked Put positions to help maximize gains or minimize losses. Whether the Naked Put performed as you wanted, dropped just below your short put strike price or dropped significantly, we show you various ways to turn a loser into a winner or maximize the profits on a winning trade. Enjoy! And let us know your thoughts.
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Unwinding a Covered Call
In this short video (a SwiftSkills presentation) we take a look at Unwinding a Covered Call position. A few weeks ago a subscriber asked to see shorter videos on managing / unwinding different options strategies. First Up: Unwinding a Covered Call We take a look at rolling a recent SBUX position, using the patented PowerOptions Portfolio tools to help our selection, and of course discuss when to roll and where to roll to. Enjoy!
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What is Possible with RadioActive Trading?
This webinar shows one simple tweak that can change your trading...and turn a losing year into a winning year! In this presentation we show our solution to why stock traders, covered call investors and spread traders are not seeing the returns they were promised. With one simple tweak we show how you can stack the market odds in your favor... BUT, then we show how with one or two simple adjustments you can cancel ALL of the risk on your position while still having an unlimited upside gain...and still be able to do other adjustments to earn extra income and higher profits. Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts!
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See How You Can Bulletproof Your Stock
Bulletproofing is a term we use here at RadioActive Trading when we cancel all of the risk of stock ownership, and still leave the upside open. In this video we show how you can Bulletproof your position, whether you started off with just owning stock or if you started off as a proper limited risk position. We show 3 adjustments, including a Riskless Spread Trade, that can help put your position in Bulletproof status. Whether you are buying stock today, or you are holding stock that has a small gain and are worried about unexpected market events, or if you have a current RadioActive Position, this presentation will show you how to properly control risk and potentially cancel all of the risk on your position.
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Credit Spreads - Beyond the Basics, Part 1
We take a deeper look into credit spreads focusing on: Realistic Expectations and Goals A look at structure for better success Position and Portfolio Sizing Comparison of higher return vs. higher probability What works best, even in a market like 2018 What does not work as we expect...and more! This webinar will give you a better gauge for position criteria, and better confidence on what works to be successful when trading credit spreads!
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The ATM Machine - Past and Current Examples
During this presentation KUrt Frankenberg of RadioActive Trading shares his history with covered calls trading, why that strategy can hurt investors long term and his solution to prevent losses. Also discussed is how to place a Riskless Spread Trade in the context of the protected RadioActive Trade and using the ATM Machine to reduce your at risk and Bulletproof the position. A past ATM Machine example is shown as well as current examples from the Fusion Portfolio on RadioActive Trading.
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How RadioActive Trading PERFORMS
After blowing away the arguments of the naysayers in my last three vids, I thought I might talk about RESULTS. See, I'm not aware of anyone (else) that actually publishes ALL of their trading record... not just the good ones. This video talks to the performance of the Fission' Account, established just before a major BEAR market. The account waaaay outperformed the S&P initially: as the market went sideways and kinda downish, RadioActive Trading was boasting double digit returns just five months after inception. Then, when the CRASH hit, the FIssion' Account ended up protecting capital so well that now we are UP again... though the major benchmark is DOWN almost 30% in the same timeframe. This video will contain ONE reason why the FIssion' portfolio has performed so admirably, and contain an invitation to our twice-weekly live Webinars in which I go into greater detail. Come visit us at www.radioactivetrading.com for more details.
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Iron Condor Management,  Bear Put Debit, Weekly Earnings Straddles
In this edition of our Friday Open Forum, we take questions from our attendees on: 1. Iron Condor Management ideas 2. Closing A Bear Put Debit Spread 3. Weekly earnings straddles on GPRO, YELP, WTW and others 4. Double Iron Condors 5. Discussion on Brokers
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Options 101:  Exercise vs  Assignment
In this presentation we share the basics of option investing assignment and exercise, and handle the common questions such as: 1. What is the outcome of a sold call that is In-The-Money at Expiration? 2. What happens if I do not close a long call or long put that is In-The-Money at Expiration? 3. When will I be Assigned early? 4. How will my broker handle a vertical spread position where the stock is between the two strike prices at Expiration? 5. Should I allow my broker to exercise my long, far out option to deliver my short obligation in a Calendar Spread? In this class we will handle all these questions at once, and clear up any confusion investors might have on being exercised or assigned.
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What is Possible with RadioActive Trading
Earlier this week we introduced how investors could Fight the Fear and Embrace the Greed for 2018. We showed one simple tweak that could change portfolio performance (for the better), and properly structure a position to control risk - while still realizing further upside profits. In this webinar we talk about how to structure that position, the problems associated with covered calls, naked puts, spread trading and other strategies - and how this solves those problems. We also looked at why investors should not fear, or be adverse, to focusing on limiting risk (although many are), and how proper insurance does not set you up for a loss or put you underwater to start a position. Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts!
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Adjusting and Managing Covered Calls, Buying Weekly Options and More!
During our Open Discussion presentation on Friday, we handled several questions on the fly from our PowerOptions customers: 1. When should I adjust a covered call? - We showed examples of a covered call where the stock stagnated, fell by -20% and rose by 20% to discuss trading plans for management of a covered call and management techniques in the case of a large movement in the down direction. 2. This same topic was then covered for the Naked Put / Cash Secured put strategy. 3. Question: Can I generate weekly income by buying weekly calls? Answer: We use the PowerOptions Historical Tools to show results of Weekly long calls and puts, the risk of buying options for shorter term plays and information on a better approach. 4. Can I use a Calendar Put Spread (shorting a near term put and buying a long term put) to perform better than a RadioActive (Married Put) trade. Short answer: No...and we show you why. 5. How can I use options to trade Earnings? We show the strategies and tools we would use to play earnings. 6. Recap on the basics of the Married Put / RadioActive Trade rights of protection and trade entry. A spirited conversation indeed, and a little something for everyone.
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3 Core Principles of Trading and Married Put Comparisons
In this webinar we briefly discuss the 3 Core Principles for any trading strategy - and why the RadioActive Trading setup forces those 3 Principles on any trader. Then, we compare the pros and cons of synthetic strategies - Simply buying a call, using an ITM Long Strangle or trying to time the trade by legging into the stock and put or by selling a put to get into the stock at a cheaper price. This webinar includes real prices and real trade results for a fair comparison and an understanding why the RadioActive Setup is better than the 'synthetic' setups for a protected position. Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts!
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Monthly income with limited risk - stock option collar
Monthly income with limited risk - stock option collar - introduction to the stock option collar and its benefits
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RadioActive Trading
Start with limited risk investment and after performing income methods end up with investment that cannot lose, yet still create income!
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How to trade stock options with covered calls and married puts p1/7
How to trade stock options with covered calls and married puts p1/7
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The Role of the Income Methods
You have heard us talk about the Best Put to Insure Your Stock, and why the RadioActive Trading approach should be part of your investing plan. You have also heard us mention the 'Income Methods' for continuing the trade... In this archive we discuss the Income Methods and how they are used in this structure, as well as how they should not be used. We won't show every income method, but you will get a taste of 3 of the 12 adjustments we use in the RadioActive Structure to not only help you control risk - but also to generate income, lower the initial at risk and potentially Bulletproof your trade!
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The Best Put to Insure Your Stock
Is there one perfect put option to properly insure your stock? We think so! During this webinar we will show you why we select the puts we use for the RadioActive Trading techniques. We will break down the criteria for our Married Put selection, talk about the criteria (using PowerOptions, of course!) and compare against other, common Married Put ideas. If you are interested in properly limiting risk... If you are considering getting The Blueprint and taking that next step to properly limit risk... Or if you are trading RadioActively and have questions about the right put to insure your position... This video is for you.
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Managing Your Spread Positions
In this presentation we share our ideas on managing vertical spread positions: Bear Call Credits, Bear Put Debits, Bull Put Credits and Bull Call Debit spreads. We discuss: 1. Trigger points when you should look to manage a spread 2. Multiple ways to manage a spread position 3. Turn a losing spread to a winner 4. Pros and Cons of the different adjustments 5. Sentiment discussion and tips on what to consider before adjusting your spread. Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts!
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7 Ways to Manage a Bear Call Credit Spread
In this presentation we look at the different ways an investor can adjust a Bear Call Credit Spread. Even with high probability trades, a stock or ETF can move against you quickly. But what are the best ways to adjust a credit spread that moves against you, and can you potentially turn a winner into a loser. In this webinar we show some of the different ways an investor can adjust a spread to avoid large losses, turn a losing trade into a winning trade and in some cases still keep a credit.
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Credit Spreads - The Basics
A short time ago, a comment was made on our Debit vs. Credit Spread video (https://youtu.be/UZ9axMv5FZk), to the effect of: 'Why cant these smart people make it slower for us dummies. Now i know why people lose$, they dont fully get it. Dude, keep it simple.' I appreciate the feedback, and here is my offering. This webinar just discusses the basic structure of Credit Spreads: Bull Puts and Bear Calls. We look at strike selection, effect of wider or closer spreads, going further Out of the Money vs. At the Money and some basic stock criteria. That's it... Well, a few comments on position sizing, being disciplined and pros and cons (and a little discussion on Iron Condors based on an attendees question...) but that's it. This is really just the basics of the two vertical Credit Spreads: Bull Put Credits Bear Call Credits Enjoy!
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Myths and Legends of Bull Put Spreads
A quick review of some of the Myths, and Legends, of the Bull Put Credit Spread Strategy. Check out our full videos on Bull Put Spreads to see how you can be successful with spread trading!
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Repairing a Losing Stock and Stock Protection (RadioActive Trades)
From our Open Discussion on February 24th we discuss: Stock Repair - Using the Stock Repair tool (one of our Signature Tools) to fix a stock that has fallen in price, also a look at managing an In-the-Money Naked Put. Stock Protection (RadioActive Trades) - How far out to buy the protective put? Why buy that far out in time? How do you make money since the put is expensive? Long Call vs. Married Put Expectations when opening a Married Put Concerns with selling a call too soon against the position
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RPM Basics, IM #6 and #4, intro  to PowerOptions
See how to take a limited risk trade and turn it into a money-making trade that cannot lose!
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Straddles and Strangles for Earnings Season
In this webinar we take a look at the comparisons of Long Straddles and Long Strangles for Earnings Season. This webinar introduces the difference between long straddles and long strangles, and expectations for each strategy. We show real world examples of different expiration dates, entry dates and strike prices to showcase what an investor should expect if there is little to no movement due to earnings, or a movement greater than 10% in either direction. We also discuss what to look out for in terms of implied volatility and expectations of an IV crush. We share our approach for when to look to open a straddle or strangle, position sizing and portfolio sizing briefly, and how to start using the PowerOptions tools to find new positions with earnings coming up.
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PowerOptions Your One Stop Shop For Options Trading
The patented tools on PowerOptions are truly a One Stop Shop for Options Investors! Whether you are an experienced options trader or you are just learning the basics, our tools are the best to help you Find, Compare, Analyze, Track and Manage your options investments! This quick video shares what is possible with the PowerOptions tools.
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How to Take the Risk out of Spread Trades
Kurt Frankenberg discusses two of the eleven different income methods used in the RadioActive Trading Techniques - Spread trades that are placed while being nested into a larger trade so the spread positions do not carry the risk normally associated with the leveraged positions.
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Principles of Options, Options Trading for Earnings, High Dividends and Finding Stock Breakouts
This is a long webinar, but it covers a lot of useful information that can be traded or applied to your trading right now! In this archive from our Friday Open Forum we cover: 1. 3 Core Principles of any options trade (start - 15 minute mark) A customer asked a question about the 'REDLine' term in RadioActive Trading (Time Decay Line). We illustrate this principle, and the other Core principles to illustrate which options an investor should buy or sell. 2. How to play earnings to take advantage of high Implied volatility (15 minutes to 34 minute mark) Here we look at why selling premium ahead of earnings, because premiums are increased, might not be what you really want. We look at different earnings plays, and how some of those strategies are not what you want... 3. Using PowerOptions patented search to find High Dividend Stocks and Stock Breakouts. (34 minute mark to 54 minute mark) We illustrate how to use the Search criteria for stocks that pay a high dividend, and using some of our Technical criteria such as Bollinger Bands and MACD - how to potentially identify stocks that might surge...before they surge. 4. Is it good to 'follow the crowd' for options trading (54:15 mark to 1 hour, 1 minute mark) Investor asks about following unusual option volume seen on CNBC, where the trade did not work. We look at option volume, change in volume, what it might mean and why it might not be a good idea to follow the crowd. 5. More on earnings and implied volatility (1 hour 5 minutes to 1 hour 17 minutes) We delve deeper into the idea of high implied volatility heading into earnings, using AAPL as an example. We look at how to evaluate IV crush and the profit and loss chart you want for earnings. 6. Can you make a living trading (1 hour 17 minutes to 1 hour 19 minutes) A quick one. What you should expect investing in options, how much capital you might need to make a living trading options, and realistic expectations vs. what is over hyped. 7. Personal question - why do I trade other strategies than married puts / RadioActive positions (1 hour 19 minutes to 1 hour 21 minutes) 8. How can investors lose on spreads that have an 80% probability (1 hour 24 minute mark to end) We look at the math behind high probability spreads, and how even with a portfolio of an 80% probability - you still need to be right closer to 90% of the time to profit long term.
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RadioActive Trading Gifts Keep on Giving!
In this webinar we show why having the right tools and 12 different ways to adjust your positions is so essential to market success. First, we review the benefits of the properly structured, limited risk, RadioActive setup. We talk about why it is important to have the proper tools, i.e. the 12 different income methods taught in The Blueprint. These 12 adjustments give us the proper tools for different market Conditions, Expectations, Goals - to determine our Action. The CEGA model. THEN, we look at RadioActive Adjustments on 2 opposite positions: A winning trade on SH - the SPY inverse ETF and on NRG, the trade we opened on DEC 18th, currently down -8.5% (but only a liquidation loss of -2.9%). We see adjustments we can use on either position to lower risk, lower the Break-Even, or generate income...or combine two of those to Bulletproof the trade (cancel all of the risk!) and still meet our CEGA model. Whether the stock is up or down. That is having the right tools to meet your goals. PLUS! Don't forget the details of the End of Year Bonus offer that ends December 31st! This is the webinar that puts it all together - from start to finish - of what we have discussed with you this month. Enjoy!
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Do this ONE thing and you will have MORE at the end of the year
In this RadioActive Trading presentation we show investors why they are still not reaching their goals...by showing them the one problem that faces investors, how that compounds other problems, and why it has not been solved yet. We show the solution on how you can skew the market odds in your favor by following the 3 Core Principles of any options trade: 1. At-the-Money Bell Curve 2. REDLine, or Time Decay curve 3. Forcing an Ideal Sized Trade We show why common options investment strategies - Covered Calls, Spreads and Call Buying (plus others) do not fit those 3 Core Principles...and the proper structure that does. Oh, but there is more. We also show real time, real market comparisons on our setup vs. Call Buying, ITM Long Strangles, Calendar Spreads and more. We also show how you can turn a low risk trade into a potential No Risk trade! This webinar fulfills the promise and shows you how you can have more at the end of the year...even turn a losing year into a winning year...with just one simple tweak to your trading. Enjoy!
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Riskless Spread Trade
Kurt Frankenberg of RadioActive Trading introduces the 3 Core Principles of the RadioActive Trading Technique, shows a real world comparison against a covered call trade, trade simulation of how you can be wrong more often than right and still make money and also shares an example of one of the 10 Income Methods
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Put Butterfly Spreads, Married Puts on Inverse ETFs and After Earnings, Market Sentiment
Here is our discussion from our final...Standard Expiration Open Discussion of 2018! During this webinar we took attendees questions live to discuss options traders positions, potential adjustments and the Market in general. Here is a breakdown of the discussion: 1. Mark: Not a question, but I have been using Put Debit Butterflies for this directional market... - We take a look at the SPY directional Put Butterfly spread Mark is in, discuss thoughts on management and adjusting, trading plan for the strategy and more. (0:00 to 10:05) 2. JD: Currently holding a Married Put on an inverse ETF (SH). PowerOptions tools show a Bulletproofing idea...is this the right adjustment at this time? - We enter JD's position into the Portfolio and link to the Position Analysis view. We look at the Roll Out Opportunities shown for the position, compare the before and after picture on the Simulate Trade feature and discuss the next possible moves. (10:20 to 29:30) 3. Sam: A look at a Married Put on NKE through Earnings and adjusting. - A quick Married Put that moved in the right direction, and an adjustment was made after the 'pop'. We look at Sam's adjustment and discuss other ideas that could have been used. (29:35 to 33:53) 4. A look at the Market Sentiment Tool - Our Market Sentiment tool on PowerOptions moved to Extremely Bullish Buy...but how can this be in a Bearish Market. We break down the Market Sentiment Tool, the indicators that are used and why 10 of the 13 indicators have moved to Bullish range (34:05 to 43:00) 5. Brief Wrap-Up - We discuss Mark's comments on the fast moving Put/Call Ratio on Friday, using the Market Sentiment tool for adjusting trades, review of Sam's Inverse ETF plays and wrap up! Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts!
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Part 3 of the No Pitch series - Bulletproof Vest
In Part 3 of the RadioActive Trading 'No Pitch Series', Kurt Frankenberg shows the 'Bulletproof Vest' adjustment used in the RadioActive Trading techniques.
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Too Much Insurance, Covered Call Structure, Rolling Covered Calls and Debit Spread Management
In this archived video of our Friday Open Discussion from April 7th, 2017 we cover: 1. The risks of Too Much Insurance - how going too deep ITM with a protective put can hedge you out of potential gains. 2. Covered Call Structure - a quick comparison of selecting an In-the-Money, Out-of-the-Money or At-the-Money covered call. 3. Rolling Covered Calls - do we always need to roll for a credit? The risks of rolling too far out in time to manage a loss and more. 4. Evaluating Theta when rolling a long call or long put - is it okay to roll to a higher Theta if you want more time on the call or put? 5. Management of a Debit Spread - ideas on managing a losing Debit Spread that has gone from ITM to OTM. Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts!
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Why Use RadioActive Trading?
In this presentation we take a look at the problems facing investors, why that problem has not been solved, the long term risks of the most popular options strategies... AND of course, our solution to this problem. For many years investors have been looking for the Best Premium, the most Bang for the Buck with leveraged spread or the Home Run trade buying options. But, in every options strategy you will have strings of winners and losers...and in many cases one loss could wipe out months of previous gains. Here, we see a simple way to control the risk up front, Guaranteed - unlike a stop order - where you can still generate premium with income strategies and not increase the risk. Take a look, and see why you should consider using the RadioActive Trading techniques in your Portfolio.
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Lock in Gains, Smile Through Earnings!
Having a stock that is up in price can almost be as troublesome to investors as having a stock that is down. With SPY up almost 10% over the last 15 days or so, and earnings upon us...Should we Stay or Should we Go? Placing a Stop Order, which is just assumed insurance, can still result in losses with a correction or a poor earnings announcement. Sell now, we might miss further upside. Sell half and we reduce the exposure, but could still take a loss. Sell a call to give a 2-3% hedge? Why cap the upside and not really protect against an unexpected event. This webinar shows you how to properly lock in gains, generate income WHILE leaving the upside open and how to 'Smile' as you head into earnings. Check it out and lock in your gains correctly before the market eases back or you come across an earnings surprise.
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Why would you want to Bulletproof your stock?
Investors are always troubled by what actions to take if they have a stock that is down in price. But, just as troubling is what to do with a stock that has moved up in price: Do we sell now and risk losing further upside? Do we sell half and leave the rest exposed? Do we hold the stock and hope that it does not reverse turning a gain into a loss? This presentation shows how you can Bulletproof a stock that has moved up in price...and potentially get paid to do it!
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PowerOptions Strategy Discussion   Calendar Spread Basics
In this webinar we introduce the basics of Calendar Spreads - the different structures, setups and approaches for investors. We break down the definitions of Horizontal vs Diagonal vs. Reversals; discuss the general structure and goals for each strategy as well as define the specific terms that are important to know when implementing these techniques. This presentation will help investors just getting into Calendar Spreads as well as refresh the concepts for those who have been trading these strategies. In the upcoming weeks we will further discuss Calendar Spreads - evaluating selection criteria more in depth and management techniques. Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts!
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Managing Your Spread Positions
Part 3 of our 4 Part discussion on vertical spreads. In this webinar we show our 7 preferred ways to manage a spread position, when you would consider using each one as well as the pros and cons to each technique. Sometimes it is OK to close a spread and take a partial loss - sometimes it may be OK to allow the spread to take the full loss if you have practiced proper position sizing... But there are ways that you can convert a losing spread into a winning spread, at times with just one simple tweak. Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts!
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