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Agile Corps - James Grenning
James Grenning is a founder of Agile/XP and the father of Planning poker — Tells the story of the situation that prompted him to create planning poker. For more information, visit www.serena.com/agilecorps.
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Agile Corps - Sanjiv Augustine
Author: Managing Agile Projects. Talks about Agile project management techniques. Applying the Agile principles and standard project management practices to Agile projects. For more see the AgileProjectManagement Yahoo group (http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/agileprojectmanagement/)
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Agile Corps - Artem Marchenko
Artem Marchenko is from Nokia — Tells the story about the introduction of Agile into Nokia in Finland. Has a very practical take on the benefits of Agile. For more information, please visit www.serena.com/agilecorps.
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Agile Corps - Amr Elssamadisy
Amr Elssamadisy, a partner with Gemba Systems talks about the challenges for Agile adoption and transformation. Focus on gaining traction and getting what you need to out of Agile.
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Agile Corps - Victor Szalvay
Victor Szalvay, CTO of Danuber Technology, makers of ScrumWorks, tells a story about his hope for the future of Agile in the next 2 years. "I think the coolest thing for Agile is if the corps principles are still intact and hadn't been corrupted by this push, this press for codification at the enterprise scale."
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Agile Corps - Steven "Doc" List
"Doc" tells the story of how he got his nickname diagnosing and providing a remedy for an Agile team gone awry.
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Agile Corps - Michael Hamman
Tells a story about some of the hardest things for companies to overcome to "transform" or "adopt" Agile into the enterprise.
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Agile Corps - John Mulligan
John Mulligan is from Capital One, Manages the Voice Response Unit — Tells a story about starting agile 4 years ago to decommission Oracle Databases, having used waterfall unsuccessfully to do so they turned to Agile, 50,000 tables were decommissioned in the project finishing 3.5 mos early and $1 Million under budget. For more information, please visit www.serena.com/agilecorps.
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Agile Corps - Vivien Gordon
Vivien Gordon is a SR Project Manger at RIM — She is just kicking off their first SCRUM project, to see if it can move things forward faster with the development of new products. Anticipating cultural changes and talks about challenges of adoption/transformation. For more information, please visit www.serena.com/agilecorps.
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Agile Corps - Rose Anton
An Agile coach and consultant with CCPace, Rose shares a very practical story about applying "blended agile" to enterprise environments and the feasibility of working with distributed Agile teams.
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Agile Corps - Eric Burke
Tells a story of struggles getting off the ground with a new software project in 2002 using traditional methods. The solution was bringing in Agile expert John Scumniotales to figure out core themes of the release and hit delivery dates within acceptable margins.
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Agile Corps - Glenn Gordon
Glenn Gordon is from Blue Cross & Blue Shield WNY -- Tells a story of trying to do Agile Development in a Waterfall Company. For more information, please visit www.serena.com/agilecorps.
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Agile Corps - Lina Spivak
Lina tells her story of adopting XP during a project involving millions of lines of code while moving databases. Using XP was a recommendation by consultants to successfully complete the project.
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Agile Corps - Israel Gat
Israel Gat is from BMC Software — and tells the story of the introduction of Agile into a Waterfall environment, specifically SCRUM. They currently have about 1,000 Scrummers. Talks about End to End Agile, in R&D, Support, Consultants, etc. For more information, please visit www.serena.com/agilecorps.
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Agile Corps - Skip Angel
Tells the story of tough times around 2001 as the CTO of a National Software POS company and how Agile helped them to bring better products to market faster to deal with competition.
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Agile Corps - Barry Fazackerley
Chair of the DSDM Consortium, which has trained 40,000 people in its practices, tells the story of DSDM Atern, what it's all about. A holistic product and project development framework for use both within and without IT. http://www.dsdm.org/
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Agile Corps - Elson Barbosa
With Loca Web, the biggest web hosting company in Latin America, Elson tells the story of adopting Agile into the organization and some of the cultural changes that entailed.
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