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Old School RuneScape Blast Mining Guide | 75k XP & 650k GP Per Hour
Took a while to make this, it's the first one with commentary so don't be too harsh :-) Notable timestamps: How to get there: 0:29 Gear: 0:59 XP/h: 2:22 GP/h: 2:49 Inventory: 3:57 Cycle Example: 4:05 Tips to maxmimize xp/h: 9:05 Things not said in the video that might be helpful: - If you wait to collect all of your ore until the sack is full, you can expect anywhere from a 175k-190k Mining xp drop (at 90+ mining) - You get ~200 Mining xp per dynamite - 312 Dynamite used per hour - Instead of wearing the hitpoints cape, you could wear a mining cape to keep your level boosted while the dragon pickaxe special is recharging. If you did this, you would need to place a hitpoints/max cape in your inventory in place of the noted dynamite, then bank for dynamite rather than using the notes on the bank. I have not tested this myself but you should expect to get ~1k-2k more xp/h in the long run doing this. * Thanks Schnozz! Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/hess_ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Im_Hess
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1 Hour of Ensouled Bloodveld Heads (no cannon)
Open for in-depth info! This is the first hour of Ensouled Bloodveld heads that I've done. Firstly, I noticed about 45 minutes through that the dragon battleaxe was draining my magic level more than I thought it would, so if I did more than an hour, eventually I wouldn't have the magic level to reanimate the heads. This can easily be solved by turning on the Rapid Restore prayer, and this easily restores your magic level before the trip is done. I think the spot that I was standing is pretty good (I haven't looked much into other spots) and allows you to do minimal moving while not interfering with the xp/h. The idea is like lighting fires, you reanimate two heads, each moving you west 1 square, and when you reanimate the third head, you are forced to walk east 1 square since there is an object blocking you from moving west. This means that you don't have to move for 2/3 heads, and on the 3rd head you click to move east 1 square to give the bloodveld room to spawn (this is not needed if the monster you are reanimating is only a 1x1 square). This obviously wouldn't work for dragons and larger than 2x2 monsters, though. I wasn't using mousekeys or ahk because with the amount of trips you can do per hour and with such little time banking, you really would only give yourself maybe 5 more heads by using them. Plus, I'm just lazy. You can cast the reanimate spell as soon as you see the prayer xp pop up from the previous reanimated monster. There is a catch, though, in that if you 1-hit the monster, you cannot immediately cast the reanimate spell when you see the prayer xp drop. You have to wait for the model to disappear for some strange reason that I'm unaware of. So, not 1-hitting the monsters allows you to cast the spell right when you see the prayer xp drop. Also I'm not maxed melee so that is probably a major factor in how many monsters you can kill per hour. I'd estimate you might get another entire inventory in at the least with maxed melee. In 1 hour I managed to get: 11,273 Attack xp 11,273 Strength xp 11,273 Defence xp 251,680 Prayer xp 31,850 Magic xp Without a cannon it looks as if you can do ~11 trips per hour, and with the setup I used that's 242 heads used per hour. For the heads that I think are actually viable to use, this would come out to: Ensouled Dragon heads: 377,520 xp/h Ensouled Abyssal heads: 314,600 xp/h Ensouled Demon heads: 283,140 xp/h Ensouled Bloodveld heads: 251,680 xp/h Cost per head: - 7,000gp for the head - 620gp for 2 nature runes - 350gp for 2 soul runes - 265gp for 1 blood rune = 8,235 gp / 1040 xp per head = 7.91 gp/xp at the time of this video. Dragon bones on an altar are 13.34 gp/xp at the time of this video. (There is also the cost of the Salve graveyard teleport for the fairy ring but this cost is minimal and only once per trip so I left it out) Using a cannon I could see you being able to do 13-14 trips per hour, equating to 286-308 heads per hour. This gives a range of 297,440-320,320 xp per hour, which is significantly better, and is faster than afking dragon bones at a guilded altar. Overall I think methods of doing ensouled heads are going to become extremely popular very soon seeing as major video makers are catching on and making videos about them. They were almost a hidden update but once people realize that it truly combats dragon bones in terms of xp/h but is only a fraction of the gp cost, I think they will become more widely used. I still have 8500 heads left and so I'm going to be testing them again with a cannon, with bandos over proselyte, with super combats over dragon battleaxe, etc, to find the best xp/h possible. Song is Third Party - Release (Original Mix) That's all for now :)
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1 Hour of 3t Red Chinchompas
Open for in-depth information: Turn up the music! Recently there has been a new method of training using swamp tar and clean herbs to do 3t actions, so I decided I'd give it a try myself. I had only practiced with this method for one hour prior to recording the video, so it really isn't hard at all to learn or to get ehp rates with little or no experience. Also it's not complicated to do whatsoever. The herb sack is to hold grimy herbs in the case that you accidentally make the tar with your clean herb. You also want to only have one clean herb in your inventory at a time to prevent the make x interface popping up. You can cast magic imbue every 12s, but I was probably only doing it every 20s as I was watching a show at the same time so was really only focusing on the chinchompas. In 1 hour I managed to get: 156,880 Hunter xp 11,610 Magic xp There's really not much to say for this. It's definitely worth doing it this way as it's not super click intensive and it's easy, and there's no ahk or mousekeys required.w Songs: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste... http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste...
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1 Hour of Ensouled Bloodveld Heads (with cannon)
Open for in-depth info! Real-time footage can be seen at 5:55 if you would like to see the exact method of how I'm doing it. This is the second hour of Ensouled Bloodveld heads that I've done, this time with a cannon. I tried testing out this method of casting one reanimate spell on a head in your inventory, then being force-walked east 1 square, and then dropping another head while the previous monster is spawning. By doing this I can then use the reanimate spell on the head on the ground. The major reason I tried doing it this way is so the cannon is always double hitting the bloodveld. Each other method I tried would only allow 1 of every 2 bloodvelds to be double-hit, and the other was only a single-hit. This is the only way I have found so far that gets both double-hits without losing time repositioning your character and not losing any time repositioning the bloodveld. It's definitely way more click intensive to be dropping them and then using the spell on the head on the ground, and it's really easy to mess up by using a spell on a head in your inventory or forgetting to drop a head at the right time. Again, no mousekeys or ahk but it definitely could have sped up these trips. I noticed I was lagging a bit about half way through and it was making it hard to click sometimes. Still, there's not a whole lot of bank time so it shouldn't make a huge difference. It turns out that you can actually cast the reanimate spell on the same tick as you get the prayer xp, but only if you don't 1-hit the monster. If you do 1-hit it, you need to wait for the model to disappear to cast the spell. I'm still not sure why it works this way, but if you notice in the video, when you cast the reanimate spell, it delays even the cannon from spinning and firing, which is extremely strange. In 1 hour (a little more than 1 hour) I managed to get: 8,650 Attack xp 8,650 Strength xp 8,650 Defence xp 8,650 Hitpoints xp 16,452 Ranged xp 294,346 Prayer xp (buried like 2 or 3 bat bones which is why it's not divisible by 1040) 37,210 Magic xp With a cannon I did about 12.8 trips/hour, so you could easily do a full 13 if you weren't lagging and messing up like I was. This was 283 heads used per hour. For the heads that I think are actually viable to use, this would come out to: Ensouled Dragon heads (1560 xp each): 441,480 xp/h Ensouled Abyssal heads (1300 xp each): 367,900 xp/h Ensouled Demon heads (1170 xp each): 331,110 xp/h Ensouled Bloodveld heads (1040 xp each): 294,320 xp/h Cost for 1 hour of doing this: - 283 ensouled bloodveld heads @ 7,000gp each = 1,981,000gp - 566 nature runes @ 310gp each = 175,460gp - 566 soul runes @ 175gp each = 99,050gp - 283 blood runes @ 265gp each = 74,995gp - 901 cannonballs @ 290gp each = 261,290gp - 13 super combat doses @ 5k each = 65,000gp = Cost of 2,656,795gp per hour = 9.02 gp/xp (There is also the cost of the Salve graveyard teleport for the fairy ring but this cost is minimal and only once per trip so I left it out) Dragon bones on an altar are 13.34 gp/xp at the time of this video, so in total you save ~52m to 99 while also gaining melee, ranged (if cannoning), and magic xp. I can't really tell yet if it's worth it to cannon or not. The extra xp increase is nice but you also are getting unnecessary amounts of ranged xp (since you will get all of it from slaying). Cannoning definitely makes it less afk than it already is as well. Not sure if I'll do another one, I might do no cannon but use bandos and an sgs instead. We'll see. That's all folks! Songs are: DJ Harmonics - Everdream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6u8RC... - Bliss - http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste...
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1 Hour of Runespan (Single Platform)
1 Hour of Runespan without switching platforms. In this video I am on a platform which is only beneficial to people with 90+ Runecrafting as that is the requirement to siphon from the Soul Esswraiths. In my opinion this is the best platform in the high level Runespan. I gained 98k Runecrafting xp in one hour along with 2k points, which is an average rate for not switching platforms. It is obviously better to switch between 2-3 platforms when nodes are present on them for more xp. When staying on one platform, anywhere from 85k-115k xp per hour can be obtained, where switching between platforms can be anywhere from 100k-140k xp per hour. Points are basically useless unless you are going for the Trimmed Completionist Cape or want the robes or giant pouch. I already have all these, too bad there isn't an xp exchange for points. Esswraiths, when siphoned, will break down after 10 successful siphons, granting 50 Rune Essence once broken down. This is a good way to keep your essence up for Nodes while there aren't any Nodes currently spawned. At times you will recieve the message "You can hear a wizard calling for your help. Find him and he may give you a reward." This is a yellow wizard that spawns randomly around the Runespan. It is NOT worth looking for the wizard unless you can see him from your current platform, in which you should go give him the best rune you can for about 6.5k xp (at level 95). Runespheres are not worth looking for either. They normally take way too long to find and don't even give decent xp. You get 10 rune dust for successfully siphoning it, and you can gain a maximum of 1000 rune dust per day, which is only 10k xp, and can take up to 30 minutes to get. So you are much better off staying on your platform. Runespan: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Runespan Runespheres: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Runesphere Music: The Wombats - Jump Into The Fog
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Guide to Shattered Heart Rocks
Please Like this as it took a long time to make. This is showing how I get all my Shattered Heart Rocks :) Times for each skill (click): Runecrafting: 0:11 Construction: 1:18 Agility: 2:33 Herblore: 3:17 Thieving: 4:16 Crafting: 5:01 Fletching: 6:01 Hunter: 6:44 Mining: 7:32 Smithing: 8:03 Fishing: 8:22 Cooking: 9:05 Firemaking: 9:24 Woodcutting: 9:45 Farming: 10:53 Songs (Newgrounds): Spiriax - Dance of the Dragonfly SoulofT - Forgotten Fantasy Thanks for watching :)
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A few Runecrafting laps
Nowhere near perfect, just wanted something to upload to look at later. Plus that bug or w/e it is @ 0:59 is fun Song is M83 - intro
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Few Minutes of Manual Mahogany Tables
Ended up getting 51,240 xp in 4 minutes and 10 seconds. This comes out to 737,856 xp/h, but it's hard to maintain that so it's probably ~700k/h. Obviously as you see it's really easy to mess up, but I was able to get it down to be somewhat accurate in only a few hours. Still, it will never be perfect but pretty good for doing it manually in my opinion. Song: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/231070
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1 Hour of Prayer Training
A video of me training prayer for one continuous hour. In this video I managed to gain 350k Prayer experience in 1 hour and 25 seconds. 340k-360k Prayer experience per hour should be expected when using Dragon Bones, seeing as there isn't really any factors that can slow you down except lag from banking. Dragon bones give 252 Prayer xp when used on a gilded altar with both burners lit (must be one of the 3 highest burners to recieve the xp). At the time of this video Dragon bones were 3050gp, meaning 12.1gp/xp, or a loss of 4.2m per hour. It should be expected to be able to use a max of about 1,400 bones of any type per hour. I am using a Tortoise too, which holds an extra 16 bones, and requires 67 Summoning. I think that if you decide to use a familiar, you should be using this or a Yak (96 Summoning). I am using mousekeys to bank. I surprisingly didn't get any randoms in this video, but you should expect to get one or two per hour, possibly slowing down your xp per hour slightly. Music: Metric - Gold Guns Girls
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