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Using Putty to Connect to an Amazon EC2
Using Putty to Connect to an Amazon EC2 - includes how to convert your key pairs over - remember to log into EC2 instance as ec2-user
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Creating a Picture Book using Amazon Kindle Comic Creator
The Amazon Kindle Comic Creator isn't just for comic books. You can crank out a pretty sweet looking picture book in about 30 minutes or less using the Comic Creator Program, and upload it into the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing System. If you are a photographer, or just want to know how to set up lightroom, export, import and what part of the out put to upload, then you want to watch this video.
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A quick overview of PIG for Hadoop
Pig is a SQL like command language for use with Hadoop, we review a simple PIG script line by line to help you understand how pig works, and regular expressions to help parse data. If you want a copy of the slide presentation - they are over on slide share http://www.slideshare.net/rmorrill
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How to read Wireshark Output
Part of CIS 166 - this is how to read the output from wireshark to learn what issues there are with a network from an information security viewpoint.
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10 Basic Powershell Commands and how to output data to CSV formatting
This video covers 10 basic powershell commands like get-help and get-services including how to output these to a csv file for later incorporation into a database.
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Windows PowerShell and Manipulating Active Directory
This is a 20 minute video that covers some of the common issues with PowerShell and Active Directory. This walks you through the most commonly used Active Directory Commands that are used by Windows PowerShell
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Setting Keywords and Captions in Smugmug Galleries
So many people have been asking me how I get so many picture views, and it all boils down to keywords and captions on each of the pictures in the gallery. Fortunately Smugmug has a quick and somewhat painless way of getting you where you need to go. This video shows you how to do it.
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Creating a VPN in a Cisco 2911 Router - Mesh Network Design
This is a quick 15 minute video on the steps to take using a Cisco 2911 router to create a mesh network using VPN's. This is step by step and based a lot on the data from Routergeek.net and transformed for the class I am teaching.
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Reading system log files looking for hacking activity
Part of CIS 166 at highline community college, showing how to read Apache and windows log files looking for hacking activity or things you should be worried about. Footprints are everywhere, this shows what to look for if someone is scanning your web server, or corrupting your windows processes.
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Working with AWS RDS and Dynamo DB
30 Minute lecture from Highline Community College CIS 210 class on setting up and running RDS and Dynamo DB in Amazon Web Services.
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Comics Forge Interviews Adrian James and Laura Knetzger
and this is the final posted interview from small press expo 2011. Both of these folks are art students who are getting ready to graduate.
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How to use Amberlight in Fantasy Photography
We have all seen those really cool lighting effects like magic flying from hands or strange lighting effects in fantasy photography. Amberlight is a fractal generator that can add character and depth to your fantasy photography. This is the basic layout of the program. This is a non-compensated view, I bought this program to use for my own artwork and ended up getting some cool overlays for my own fantasy photography. Costume by Cosmic Ash Studios, all art work by Studio5Graphics
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Pierce County Asylum Walk Through
I am putting on a haunted ghostly spooky group shoot in August, this is a walk through of a certified haunted location in Tacoma Washington. Really if you see a ghost it's accidental, but would be cool too.
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Updating and installing software on an Amazon EC2 AMI
Updating and installing software on an Amazon EC2 AMI - sudo yum update, sudo yum httpd, and other commands
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Comics Forge Interviews Joel Christian Gill Strange Fruit Comics
One of the very few authors that covers black history in comic book form, Joel Christian Gill is an amazing interview on the arcane wonderfulness that is comics from an alternative and historically accurate viewpoint.
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Slide Presentation on Installing and using Sun Oracle Grid Engine
This is a quick 20 minute presentation on how to get, install and use Sun/Oracle grid engine in Ubuntu 12.10. So many thanks to the originator of this data - full credit given at the end of the slide show.
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Amazon Web Services Console Overview
This is a quick overview of the Amazon Web Services Console - what services you can use - and how they relate to each other - very general and very generic.
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Installing WireShark on Windows 10 Part 1 of 3
This is part 1 of a three part video series. There has been a lot of discussion about what happens with a stock install of Windows 10 and how much it communicates back to microsoft. Not being a believer, this is how we test it. Just a quick test of what happens with a stock install of Windows 10. This is the first step - installing Wireshark on windows 10.
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Setting up alerts and alarms in CloudWatch from Amazon AWS
This short video shows how to set up simple monitoring alarms in Amazon Web Services when starting a service, or modifying a service using volumes.
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Command line LDAP scripting - user_add.ldif
What do you need to know about adding a LDAP user at the command line using user_add.ldif and putting together a sample user
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Build your own Deep Dream server on MAC OSX using Cloud Dream
This is a how to video on how to build out a Deep Dream server using Apple MAC OSX, VISIONAI's Cloud Dream image, and Boot2Docker. It is a very quick and interesting way of building out a single server on your own Apple MAC OSX computer. Please note that my computer has 32 GIG's of RAM, so my times are going to be super fast.
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Windows 10 Recommended Security Settings and Wireshark part 3 of 3
And this is the final installment of this training video, with the recommended security settings from many sites, and literally turning off almost everything you can turn off with Windows 10, the data going back to microsoft is significantly reduced, but not eliminated. Good use of wireshark and processing security settings in Windows 10
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Setting up AWS Route 53 DNS System
This is a quick 18 minute video on how to set up Amazon Web Services Route 53 with your AWS account and your hosting provider. This also goes through how to associate an IP address with an EC2 instance, leasing, and creating sub domains.
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Walk through of the Windows Azure main user interface
This is an 8 minute walk through of the main user interface to Windows Azure at https://manage.windowsazure.com. This looks at all the options, but generically describes them. In depth videos of each service will come later on in this series.
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Face Melody - face recognition to make your own personal sound track
So this seems to be all the rage these days, Face Melody is making the rounds as something that is fun to do, develop your own melody or soundtrack based on the aspects of your face. Interesting use of biometrics - thank you Japan and the face melody developers - nice way to start my day
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CIS 216 - Basic Scripting Control Structures
If, if then, if then else, case statements, and a run through of basic unix commands, and shell scripting operators for Highline Community College CIS 216, basic shell scripting.
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How to use AWS IAM to grant access to Amazon Web Services
This short video goes through Amazon Web Services Identity and Access Management console to set up user accounts, groups, keys, and other data so that users can access Amazon Web Services based on their role - and the level of user access that you need them to have.
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Using Windows PowerShell Facebook Module
This 30 minute video goes over how to install, configure and use the Windows PowerShell Facebook Module.
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How to screen record using quick time on an IMAC
So I have this new IMAC computer and I am learning all the cool things it can do. Quicktime allows someone to screen record on an IMAC, and this is the very short but sweet video on how to do this. Followed instructions from the loop.com
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The D20 Brass Band at Emerald City Comic Con 2015
The D20 Brass Band at Emerald City Comic Con 2015 - includes some rock audience dancing and some amazingly good brass band sounds. Raw track not edited.
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Windows 10 Packet Capture with Wireshark - Part 2 of 3 transmissions to microsoft
With just the stock installation of windows 10, how much traffic does the system do when the installation is just fresh out of the box. There was a lot of communication going back to microsoft, and most of it thankfully was encrypted. But a stock install of windows transmits a ton of data back to the mother ship
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Reading NMAP output
On our closed to the world network, we look at how to read NMAP output from our test boxes.
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Using the Elastic Transcoder Service in AWS
This short video shows how to use and setup the Elastic Transcoder Service in Amazon Web Services
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Install and Configure Postfix and DSPAM
Installation and configuration of postfix, dspam, and tying it into an outlook account for testing. Using Ubuntu Server 12.10 for this one. Really simplistic configuration here, nothing major or very customized. Just a few odds and sods. There is another video on customization of DSPAM coming up.
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Underground Seattle Tour with a Full Spectrum Camera
We did the Underground Seattle tour yesterday with a full spectrum go-pro yesterday. We found 1 anomaly with a rock face, but otherwise didn't really see much of anything. Maybe you can see something we missed. There were some lens flares there and one place where a pipe shows up and then disappears due to camera angle. Overall though just a lot of fun, and not too bad for a rank amateur when it comes to ghost hunting. Kinda long about 15 minutes of video.
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Ubuntu DNS Primary Master Setup
Setting up your DNS as a Primary Master for the zone you are responsible for, includes SOA, domain naming convention, DB.local, named.conf and other overview including install of Bind9 and DNS-Utils.
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Setting up Cloud Front in Amazon Web Services
This quick 13 minute video goes over how to set up a distribution in Cloud Front using Amazon Web Services
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Process Monitoring in Unix Shell Scripting Ubuntu
Simple process monitoring script in Unix Shell Scripting with Ubuntu. Slides are over on slide share if you need to see the script upfront.
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Manually configuring an ethernet interface in Ubuntu Desktop
Long way of going about setting up an interface in Ubuntu Desktop - bonus includes some of the errors you see when you do this.
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DMCA notice from the MPAA about using Google Redirector
I'm currently in the research phase of my PhD and I'm looking at millions of DMCA notices at the lumen database. I'm pulling the really interesting ones aside as a video. This one is a notice from the MPAA about people using google redirector as a way to deliver content from picasa to people using the google network. Really quite clever, and in the some 3 million url's reviewed, this is the first time I've seen this
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Download and Install Mongo DB
Just a little talk about the difference between MySQL and MongoDB, relational vice non-relational databases. Download sudo apt-get install mongodb and what to look for, some failures just for good times. Also some command line tools in mongo shell.
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What is Cloud Computing Presentation
The slide presentation is out at slideshare.net - http://www.slideshare.net/rmorrill/what-is-cloud-computing-15935871 this is a presentation about cloud computing what it is, what it is not, architectures that have arisen through what has been designed, legal, compliance, and security issues with cloud computing.
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Using nmap in a closed private network
Part of CIS 166 - this was done on a closed private network and not on the internet. This is how to set up a scan using NMAP, what to look for and what the risks are of using this tool
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Configuring an EC2 Firewall via Security Groups AWS
This is a quick 10 minute video on how to configure an EC2 firewall in AWS. Shows how to use security groups as a firewall.
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Lecture - You should ask before copying that Media
This is a repost of an earlier version of the video where the sound track was blown. This is a special lecture given to the Highline Web Development classes on encumberance in using media on the internet, and how to avoid being part of a lawsuit when good photography goes bad. This is not meant to be legal advice, rather a look at how right of performance, right of publicity, model releases, and other legal forms can encumber a picture or video, and how web developers who are using imagery off the internet can avoid pictures that are encumbered.
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CIS 216 - Using regular expressions in GREP to find data in a file
You will need the superheroes.txt file (300 superheroes in an unordered list) to do this, or just create your own file. This video goes over how to use regular expressions and simple switches in grep to find data in a file. This video also looks at how to do the same thing programatically for later use (an example would be http logs looking for error code 500) in a directory by using recursion. This is for CIS 216 Basic Scripting at Highline Community College
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Installing and Configuring Sendmail in Ubuntu Server 12.10
Just a quick video on how to download, install and configure Sendmail in Ubuntu Server 12.10 for CIS 217 at Highline Community College
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Seattle Undeground Paranormal Experience 14 May 2016 did we catch a ghost?
We went to Bill Speidel's underground tour paranormal experience on 14 May 2016. While most of the tour was pretty interesting, and it was dark, this is the only thing we captured that we can't explain. We saw this in FLIR, it is not a heat reflection, but we can't figure it out. let us know if you can in the comments below.
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Cloud Computing Security Survey Data from CloudPassage
CloudPassage was kind enough to share both 2012 and 2013's cloud computing security survey data. This lecture covers both data sets to check for major thoughts in how companies are approaching cloud computing security. This is part of a lecture series at Highline Community College in Cloud Computing and Security.
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KBTC PBS Tacoma Doctor Who Volunteers on TV 3 June 2013
This is video from KBTC PBS Tacoma Phone Volunteers on TV during the June 2013. These interviews are hugely supportive of the organizations that man the phones, provide gifts and raffle prizes, and otherwise support KBTC Tacoma. Alternating Reality Books, Androgums, and Society for the Rusting Tardis are the three primary groups that help keep this show going in the Seattle/Tacoma area.
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