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Quake 3 Arena End
The ending video of Q3. Appears when you beat Xaero (Tier Z (Final Tier)).
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Disconnected (Sanxion7 Remix)
From In The Groove Rebirth song pack. I do not own this track. This track is made by Sanxion7. CC-BY-NC 3.0
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TeamSpirit BUSTED
Team.Spirit (rckw & zetr A.K.A Juha & Joni) BUSTED! They are cheating in ClanBase official online league match.
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St Fungus - End of Sanity
From In The Groove ProPack song pack. I do not own this track. This track is made by St Fungus (Teemu Järvinen).
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Sanxion7 - EternuS (Short version)
From In The Groove Rebirth song pack. I do not own this track. This track is made by Sanxion7. CC-BY-NC 3.0 Lyrics: Can I ask you something? If you could have one dream; what would it be? To fly away on the wings of time... And then I can be in everywhen... EternuS
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Jiler and his friend busted cheats on Counter-Strike 1.6
Clanbase official 2on2 match. CS Defuse.fi 2on2 http://clanbase.ggl.com/warinfo.php?wid=9878650 Songs: Siivouspojat - Kalle eläinten ystävä Tool - Lateralus Thanks: Valve (Software) and CS Team Fraps ClanBase and #matsi (quakenet) Lasimestari (Winject, tupla.dll) The Cyberathlete Professional League Sierra Entertainment
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Arma 3 - Flying an Airplane and Jumping Out of It at 28000 Meters
Arma 3 in Zeus Airplane used: A-164 Wipeout (CAS) 0:00 - Takeoff (music: Nicolai Heidlas - Curious) 1:00 - Flying at 26,600 meters (music: Doctor Turtle - Search For The Zero Inside Yourself) 2:44 - Starting final turn towards the airport 4:10 - Final climb to 28,000 meters 4:37 - Jump (music: Jake Chudnow - Going Down) 6:10 - Clouds vanish below (7600 meters) 6:18 - Fast forwarding (music: Jake Chudnow - Shona) 6:30 - Clouds reappear above (3300 meters) 6:43 - Face of the earth comes visible (1500 meters) 6:58 - Open parachute (300 meters) 7:44 - Touchdown Recorded with Radeon ReLive software
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The Job Opening
Modern day America. Opening of "The Job" TV Series 2001-2002 Creators: Denis Leary, Peter Tolan http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0272980/ This clip is from Season 2 Episode 9 "Betrayal" Yeah right.
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Quake 3 Arena - Tier 5
The introduction video of Tier 5.
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Song: Martina & Marika - Erittäin hyvä Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive MLG level playing by: dUNNOCk☺
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MCF Hörrör Shöy
Mongolian Cavalry Forces Proudly Presents In a Collaboration With SORMIJOOGA A Valve & WarOwl Rip-off
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Hiding In Enemy Smoke Pays Off!
Mistakes were made :D
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Ace in Cache CS GO MM
Aced in de_cache.
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5/5 satama
Uus satama toimii ku rasvattu!
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Glock Hero - Pistol Round Ace (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)
Match making. Thanks Gaben.
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Full Eco Ace on Mirage (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)
Here's how to get reported in match making.
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Dual Berettas CS GO ownage
Match making game
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New Inferno B Site Boost For CTs and How to Counter It (+How to smoke CT)
Short guide for the new inferno. Counter-Strike Global Offensive.
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