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Aion Elite Rank 7 set +10
Thxs for the help Xemphia
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ESFMAN Map Pack Request where to download the maps
the two links for anyone who wants more maps in ESF: http://www.gamers-desire.de/50-top-downloads and http://www.17buddies.net/17b2/View/Maps/Gam/1/Mod/7/Cat/62/All/0/Pag/2/index.html. Pls comment, subscribe and press the like button above (:
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Aion me & my Mentor/Friend
I hope you like Aion and enjoy it this is just a Aion video of me and my mentor and if you want more aion videos pls hit the like button above. if I get at least 10likes then ill make even more Pls comment subscribe and click the like button.
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Yubel-Synchro Deck Profile
Bringing another deck this time Yubel and with synchro's for an extra kick.
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Aion Dante Templar vs Ranger
Templar status not super geared for pvp but still fun to play with one I have other vids to upload. That will show my templer's growth and ofc other pvp videos and other classes I pvped :).
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Final ESF Character Update
Please Read Description underneath! Also I did a Gotenk's showcase at the end. The Gotenks that I have is not this Gotenks here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LI6L2jDWk4A update doesn't exist anymore meaning you can't get it anymore so I had to do some coding myself took me 2 to 3 days to code it. If you really want to know where I get it I used RC3 Gotenk's and from there It saved a lot of time to code and of course I had to fix bugs that the mode had. This is my final ESF Project I'm working on and I will upload soon enough after I fix a few last bugs. This is my own custom made pack and some mods like SSJ4G Vegito was made by Raitik MKD. Although its still my custom pack since I made the mods to fit perfectly together and almost fixed out all the bugs as well as did some coding on 1/2 the mods shown. The only bug I have right now in the pack that I haven't figure out is the combos you do during melle combat keeps glitches out every time you use it. Once I figure that out I will upload no need to install anything it will be done for everyone who want to have my own custom pack.
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Shadow of War RX 580 8GB CF 1440p Ultra Settings
My System Windows 10Pro Case Corsair 760T White I7-7700k @4.8GHZ with Deep Cool Male Storm 120T 4 Core & 8 threads Sapphire Special Edition RX 580 8GB Nitro+X2 Crossfire(Polaris) @1430MHz 1 AOC AGON AG322QC4 144hz-32-inch, 2560X1440p Curved Screen with Freesync MSI Z270 M7 Gaming Mobo Kingston 400U 120GB SSD Sony 500GB HDD Corsair 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200Mhz Corsair- 650w AMD Redion Driver 18.7.1
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New AOC Agon 32inch Monitor
Amazing monitor and with this I believe my build is complete.
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ESF having fun with Broly
Yes ty ESFMAN Kocev for the recorder it was really helpful and now thxs to you i made this video i hope you enjoy it and anyone that is watching this. This has been a long video was very hard to upload took some time but now i finally noticed it was up and I wrote my description:D. Pls rate down below comment me if you like it and tell me how to make my video better,also lets hit minimum 10likes on this video. One more thing guys if you like those kind of videos or the videos that i make pls tell me and ill make more
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Aion instance Aetherogenetics Lab
Hey guys another video of me doing a instance Gamer2 me playing as XXGladiatorC in Aion. If anyone want to meet me and have fun come to IS server other then that Enjoy the video guys XD. Any music in the background of the video is not owned by me it is owned by Linken Park so give credit to Linken Park for the awesome MUSIC :D. I hope I see more of you guys in IS pls comment, subscribe and press the like button (:. If I get 10likes on one video I will upload a video on how to install ESF for all you guys who have trouble installing it.
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Aion RX 580 8gb Xfire Test
My Siege breaking Super PC is simply amazing 100-120fps no problem under siege should run with 40-30fps. This was recorded on the Highest Graphic settings that you can possibly get in Aion on 2560X1440 resolution. System CPU-I7-7700k OC 4.4-4.8GHZ Stock speed is 4.2-4.5GHZ GPU-Two Sapphire RX 580 8gb Special Edition Ram- Corsair 16GB 3200MHZ DDR4 Mother Board- MSI Z270 M7 Gaming Liquid Cooled by a T60 Master Cooler PSU- Corsair 650w SSD-Kingston 400U 120GB HDD-Outside Drive 500GB Sonny and 500GB Samsung. Case-Corsair 760T
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(: PLS comment subscribe and let hope we get 10 likes people Woot Woot for ESFMAN and me. Ty again ESFMAN FOR That mode I requested it is something I really wanted (:!!! Also any music ,again its devil may cry soundtrack I do not own any of it and pls always tell me how to improve my videos better.
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ECX RC3 Big Explosion Competition
This is gamer 2 guys with another video of ECX RC3 ,but this time its a competiotion (:. Notefy underneeth the comment on who do you think won between those characters SSJ2Gohan, LSSJBroly, Xicore, SSJ5Goku, and GogetaSSJ4
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Nier Automata Chips Build
Hello guys Crimsons Dante Gamer bringing another video talking about stats about Nier Automata! If You Guys want to see how far I can push on bloody palace with Dante comment down the section believe. I already beat the game in Dante Mist Die mode
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Aion Aoe last Boss
all of the ost or meme's on the video I do not own ,but give credit to the fallowing. Overwatch Meme's- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIGm0yKgoaM&t=29s OPM English version- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMCYNH1EJTg Ghost Remix-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpxPA6RlI8I Victories battle with my group Yuki our sorce, sw Zhyrna and Twinkle our clerics are Grimfrog and Cliana and me as the tank ^^.
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hey guys link is down on subscription please share my video and spread it that way it will make me happy that people watch my videos (:!!! Also subscribe that will even deeply make me make even more videos guys (:
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Something New I started Zeq Lite
I hope you like what you see and pls tell me if you guys would like to see me fight. There isent anything much else to explain the rest is in the video and if you want to contact me just comment in my comment to let me know. I will put my comment incase if anyone wants to conact me and have some fun in Zeq2 XD!
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My Desktop Build
https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Ycst6s if interested what's inside my build and whole setup
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HAVE FUN WATCHING !!!!! THXS To FlameMario1 for makeing the video and ty for Sleder and Mehdi to make the video awesome as possible^^!!! PLS Subscribe and Like US https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChEf3YkW-zGszFos6QlQNDQ
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Aion Daily Day with Black Fire ^^
Love theme all!
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Evil Fight Part 1 EvilVegetaSSJ vs EvilGoku
Enjoy guys gamer 2 presenting this video
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ESF Testing out new Recorder thxs to Esfman
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IM BACK :# :3
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Yugioh Chaos Warrior Deck
If you have any question Please comment thank you skip at 4:50 if yah don't want to hear me talk. Here's the Game Yugioh Tag Force Special Arc V- https://nicoblog.org/psp/29525/ Tell me what Deck you would want me to build and see!! Here's the emulator- https://ppsspp-psp-emulator.en.softonic.com/
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ECX RC3 My favorite  characters Finally done
I finally succeeded all of my favorite chars that I want I made theme work thxs to ECX RC3. Soon Ill make a Video on ECX RC3 it will be called explosion competition. This has been gamer 2 pls comment, subscribe and press the like button above (:
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Aion What I think Needs to change Big time
Honsetly Thats will make the game a whole lot better. And People never learn the system that NC build for aion wont magically fix itself because players are too aroggant. Therefore only NC can. YEARS PAST AND THE ISSUES STILL REMAINS TO BE FIXED. My Laptops- Acer VX 15 CPU-Intel i7-7700HQ Graphic Card- Nvidia GTX 1050TI and Intel Graphic 630 Ram-8G memory HP Star Wars Edition 097 CPU-Intel I7-7500HQ Graphic Card-Nvidia GTX 940m and Intel Graphic 530 Ram-8G memmory
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CS Trololol theme
Sorry for my lack of skill in CS not really good at it ,but I decided just to post a video since I really had nothing else to do. Pls Enjoy the video and press the like button if you like this video and have a wonderful life.
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Yugioh Red Eyes Synchro/Fushion Deck
hope yah learned something from the deck
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Just Testing just joined Youtube partner ship I"ll make a ESF video very soon
Evil Fight Part 2 VegetaSSJ-SSJ4 and VegitoSSJ vs EVILGOKUSSJ4
Enjo guys sorry for the laggines this has been gamer2 presenting this video.
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COME JOIN ME!!!!!! JUST NEED HAMACHI TO JOIN MY SERVER XD Contact me for the username and password ,so you can sunk into epic sights on my server :D
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Overwatch Highlights part 2
Bringing another episode of me doing some good tactical shit enjoy. I get better by the day you can notice my skill getting better as I play.
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Overwatch Genji Play Of the Game
not much to say ,but was having fun that match ended fairly quick.
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GogetaSSJ4 and SSJ4Goku
Enjoy all ESF and DBZ fans Gamer2 posting another video of a dbz game
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Hope yah enjoy, still don't get why is future fushion banned considering how fast decks can summon without it now a days, it wouldn't make sense to be banned.
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Working on ESF Project not completed
My Build if anyone is intrested on my desktophttps://pcpartpicker.com/user/Tzvetan/saved/#view=sgqsJx.
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AION DD Hard Mode Completed
DD is finished with legion mates. This video was made a few weeks after DD was completed, before 5.3 update.
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AION absolute Gear Showcase
On Both my toon's my Gladiator and Templer March 31 update. Marchuntant Protector's set HP/DPS/PVE both toons can use it. Archdaeva Remodeled Danuar set +5 DPS/PVE for my gladiator Shadow shift set +16 PVP Set for my gladiator brings out my utmost dps as a glad. 2 Peaces of Dark Lord +15 2 Peaces of IS gear +15 and 1 peace purified +15, which is my pants on Templer, that's my PVE/DPS set. Ambassador's Divine set except for shoe's +14 as for shoes +15 Blood Medal mythic gear. Now for Accessories PVE Templer and Glad both have IS ACC. Gladiator has Lunar Light Helmet. Necklece, Earing, and Ring are all LMK except for belt. Belt is Clarion belt from AOE quest. Templer for the rest of his PVE ACC and Also I use theme for pvp. He has Divine Opal Ring, Earing, and Belt of the Reian Fighter. Helmet is Adma helm. As For PVP ACC My Gladiator has +5 Special Elite Ambassadors ACC= 4 Star ACC Except for Necklace and Helmet. Helmet is Blood Medal Mythic +5 and Necklece is Kunax +5. Templer has Arena Helmet +4, Divine Reian ACC +3 Double ring, Belt and Earing. Rest is Blood Mark +3 Necklece and other Earing. Weapons on Gladiator Only +16 EB GS Fused with Blood Medal Mythic and has Paralyze Godstone. +13 LNK GS Fused with Marchutant Protectors GS and has Tiamat's Fury Godstone. +16 UDLK PA (Extendable) fused with 2 star weapon and has Silence Godstone. +11 Providence PA (Extendable) fused with 2 star rank 1 weapon and has Paralyze Godstone. +15 Vasharti Bragade General PA Fused with 2 star weapon and has Blind Godstone. +10 Archdeva Remodeled Danuar PA Fused with Blood Medal Mythic and has SIlence Godstone also has a skill because of Water Dragon weapon skin. +10 Archdeva Remodeled Mace and Dagger With Earth Damage Godstones. +15 Stormwing GS fused with Level 55 conditional able 2 weapon and has Root Godstone for shit and giggles. +10 DR Mythic Bow fused with DR enternal Bow and has Water Damage Godstone. Templer Weapons Only +10 Agless Greatsword of Umbra fused with Coliseum Arena wep and has Blind GS +16 Pure IS GS Fused with Blood Medal Mythic and has Paralyze Godstone. +16 Ferocious Longtooth fused with 2 star weapon except for rank 1 and has SIlence Godstone. +15 Vasharti Bragade General fused with DR Mythic and has Tiama'ts Fury Godstone. Highest Crit weapon I posses on Templer can hit 1.4+ crit without Chanter only for PVE. +15 Lanok's fused with Elite Archon Trubiunes Weapon/ Level 50ty AP wep and has Silence Godstone. Fun weapon to use for shit's and giggles and it dose pretty good against casters in 1v1 when I didn't had a decent extendable for pvp at the time it held its own pretty well was surprised at times except one problem from whoever is working on one you will have to Stack ACCURACY +27 Stones on it + combine wep to be able to hit somewhat good accuracy in pvp against Casters with my Lannok I hit 2.9k accuracy 1k attack and 1k crit which is all you really need to do ok damage :P with an (EXTENDABLE) no Less in pvp, It will do till you actually get a good extendie for pvp and its only used for casters like SW,Gunner,SM, and sometimes Cleric if there not wearing a block set that extra +21 range helps on pull it really dose and gives you 7-8 meter to hit your target none extendie gives you 2 to 3 at best and Pull is 15 meter :/ not enough sometimes when fighting a caster. And if damage is not enough just switch to whatever is your main weapon and keep swapping at least its what I do. That little extendie is basically your bow for templer to hit long range. +10 Arch Daeva Mace with Blind Godstone. Shield +13 Vasharti Bragade General and +15 Mythic Blood Medal. Both Toons use +5 Purified Attack/Crit Plume and +7 Bracelet with Attack +6/HP 50 stones. Glad Has +15 Altreia's Wings and Templer +15 Kali's Wings
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Update on Red-eyes and New Deck Three Way Win
Sorry for not uploading for a while been very busy ,but now I've uploaded something big :)
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NieR Automata In between Midium-High Settings constent 30fps
Using a Acer VX 15 Laptop for this video to show its possible to run Nier with 30fps average on medium-high settings. CPU-I7-7700HQ GPU-GTX 1050 4gb vram about 10fps lower then a GTX 1050ti in every game. Upgrading to duo slots Ram of DDR4 2400mhz made those 10fps difference disappear now its 16gb of ram sometimes game does use 10gb of ram usage. Hope you enjoy the video!
DOOM 3 Ultra Settings 60fps 1080pHD part 3
Another adventure with Doomguy!
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Yugioh Evil Heros Deck Profile
Made another Yugi deck for yah guys
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Me and my old legion
Me having fun :(
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BLEACH-soul Resurreccion gameplay
hey guys here's another video from gamer 1 :D enjoy bros I had fun making it hope you have fun watching it :D thanks for watching :D. Lets get 10likes guys for this awesome video XDDD that we made just for you to watch pls subscribe and comment.
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Dante Mist Die Mode Mission 1
This is me playing some 2013 DMC :D great game none the less!
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Ghost-extiction gameplay
hey guys! Gamer 1 here with my first gaming video this is me doing the Ghost-extiction on my ps3 in my house thanks for watching. Please subscribe,comment and like our videos ,lets hope we get 10likes one video guys :D. By the way guys might want to lower the volume a bit XD.
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DOOM 3 Ultra Settings 60fps 1080p HD Part 2
Bringing another part of me playing doom
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Overwatch Tracer
Me as Tracer and sorry for the bad quality update on frames when I tried to record it my frames drop severely I believe its because of my CPU running a I5-6200U on my old gaming laptop. This game I can run on 720p with low graphics 60fps+ on my HP Star Wars 097 PC its not the best computer but still dose the truck for smaller and easier games to play. Although Over Watch is a competitive game so I prefer my 60+fps so that's why I lowered down graphics severely to run it nicely on a 940m GPU, but can be also my CPU giving me that problem.
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