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Zillow Lead Generation Tool
This tool will generate leads at the click of a button. Contact me if you want to learn more. Michael Batista 417-989-9055 Facebook.com/batistainvestments [email protected]
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The Automated REI Final Demo
https://www.theautomatedrei.com/ Monthly Subscription - $119 Per Month Cost per text - 3 cents to send, 3 cents to receive Cost per data scrape over 250 listings per day - 1.5 cents each
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The Automated REI   How To Do A Text Campaign After Scraping
https://www.theautomatedrei.com/ 6084325606 [email protected]
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The Automated REI - How To Do For Sale By Owner Search By City
The Automated REI https://www.theautomatedrei.com/ 6084325606 [email protected]
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The Automated REI - How To Set Up Voicemail Box
https://www.theautomatedrei.com 6084325606 [email protected]
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The Automated REI   How To Buy A Phone Number
https://www.theautomatedrei.com 6084325606 [email protected]
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The Automated REI   How To Do A For Rent Campaign By City
https://www.theautomatedrei.com 6084325606 [email protected]
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Home Page Video
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Lease With The Option To Buy Program
https://www.leasewithoptionconsulting.com/ If you want to buy a home but can't qualify for a traditional mortgage then you've come to the right place. The reality is, 82% of buyers today cannot qualify for a traditional mortgage and have no where to turn to. We have located a large Real Estate Investment Trust who backs this Lease With Option To Buy program. Their requirements to get in to a home and get pre approved are FAR below bank requirements, thus giving you the flexibility you may need to get approved. Requirements are: 1.)550 Credit (575 in IL and FL) Check on www.creditkarma.com for free. 2.)$50,000 combined household income(gross before taxes) 3.)2 pay stubs "OR" employment letter(new jobs are OK). Business owners allowed with 6 mo profit and loss and 1 year tax return 4.)Equal to 3 Months Rent to move in(amount varies based on what you personally qualify for) 5.)No evictions in the past 5 years(resolved are OK) 6.)No Felonies in the past 5 years(severity is viewed on case by case basis) 7.)Ability to move within 5-6 weeks Utilities are not included. We charge $199 to get you approved, show you the houses, and do all the paperwork to get you moved in. You are also invited to take advantage of our fast-action discount pricing for pre-paying prior to our initial phone call, and you will also receive a free gift for doing so. https://www.leasewithoptionconsulting.com/
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Lease With The Option To Buy Consulting Presentation
https://www.leasewithoptionconsulting.com/ If you're interested in buying a home, but can't qualify for a traditional mortgage then this is the perfect opportunity for you and your family to experience home ownership! If you're really serious about buying a home, but every bank has told you no - don't feel bad! The reality is that 82% of people are in your shoes right now. If you're serious - schedule your call. It's 100% refundable if you're not approved, Guaranteed. All transactions go through the Merchant Paypal. Each transaction is covered by Paypal's Buyer Protection Guarantee. We aren't in the business of taking people's money. We are in the business to helping as many people as possible experience home ownership. If you're approved - congratulations! We will guide you with how to navigate the Lease With Option To Buy program and help to ensure your success so that you can purchase the home with no issues - should you ultimately choose to do that. I'll also show you how to pay off your mortgage within 5-7 years without changing your lifestyle. We look forward to helping you become a home owner. Congratulations on your first step. https://www.leasewithoptionconsulting.com/
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