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Why Intraday Trading is so Difficult
What is Intraday Trading? Paul Wallace, a forex trader and mentor comments. With intraday trading you are opening a position that will be both opened and closed within that day or that trading session. Those trades might opening for a few minutes or hours but the trades wouldn't be carried overnight.
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Recovering from Disaster: How to Turn Around Your Trading Losses
Losing money http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/Lose-money.html Paul Wallace a forex trader and mentor talks about bad trading experiences. Let's take the case of a trader who is going through a rough patch or who has already lost substantial monies. The first thing you should do is to stop trading. Step back, take timeout, organise your thoughts and then proceed. Look back at the 4M's - are you managing markets, method, managing money properly, managing yourself? Never trade without stops and never risk more than a portion of your account on a single trade. Keep good records of your trading activity including a trading journal of how you're actually trading. As Alexander Elder said 'If you show me good records, I'll show you a good trader'. For instance in my case I identified that 50% of all my bad trades were Friday trades. Trading itself as an activity can be immensely lonely so make sure you have the right support structure, make sure that your friends and family are there to support you. Is it possible to recover your account after catastrophic financial loss? Yes, and I've seen traders recover - I've seen traders losing five-figure sums in a single day and its really about how you respond. It might take substantial time to recover losses that you've suffered in a single foolish session though but that is part of your journey as a trader.
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Pivot Points and Trend Trading
Mark Sturdy talks about pivot points. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE so we can bring you more! Pivots is an area of instability in the market. In a bear market if it bounces its support, if it breaks down its resistance, but sometimes the market is at an area of indecision which we refer to as a pivot point; an area of uncertainty in the market. Pivots turn into support if the trend is well established
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Practical Example of Multi-Timeframe Analysis
If you can throw the odds in favour by judging the position of the daily barchart, judging the structure and forces of a daily barchart, whether this is an established trend supported by continuation patterns driving the market up or down; if you can throw the odds in your favour by just looking at just one chart, why not look even further back by looking at weekly chart. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE so we can bring you more!
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The Importance of Trading Multiple Timeframes
People imagine trading like mission control with dozens of screens all round and some traders indeed like that. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE so we can bring you more! However in some kind restricting the amount of data helps to clarify the wider picture. I think you can trade perfectly find on delayed charts although clearly if you are trading 5 minute timeframes this wouldn't work. Having discussed patterns and trends, a central pillar of my trading activity surrounds the notion of trading multiple time horizons analysis which is that we look at any one market from the perspective of a daily, weekly and monthly chart and we want them all to be aligned in one direction. That's a perfect trading situation for me. I don't want to see one market with a bull signal and one market with a bear signal. Many traders will try to look at multiple time frames and wait until all the lights are green. I don't know what they are looking at and they certainly do not have a plan if one light turns red. In many instances traders are faced with different and contrary signals. A daily or weekly trader would probably be long on a particular stock. While most intraday traders would be short right now... Intraday and short time frames will have a trader making more trades than a daily or weekly. The shorter intraday trader can trade with less risk per trade than the longer term time frame trader. An intraday trader can use smaller percentage stops than the daily or weekly trader. Pick one time frame, and make your trading signals in that one time frame. It drives me crazy when these market timing newsletters issue analysis on daily, weekly and 60 minute charts. Who cares? I only care about the time frame in which I need to make a decision.
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Characteristics of Successful Traders
What kind of skills and character traits make up a good technical trader? Kamal Warren responds. What makes a good trader is a lot of practice, a lot of patience and you should treat trading and losses as a business. You have to treat wins respectfully and remain modest even after a string of good wins because it is when you start winning that you start doing things differently. What goes on in your mind plays a big part in whether you are a profitable trader or not. My biggest mistake tends to be opening trades early thinking that the technicals are going to confirm, another mistake for me is closing out positions too early.
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What's the Best Way to Learn Technical Analysis?
What's the best way to learn trading? http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/technical-analysis.html Kamal Warren, a professional FTSE 100 day trader comments on how to learn trading and the techniques behind technical analysis. I read a book by Thomas Bulkowski
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Losses, Patience and Discipline
Losses, Patience and Discipline. http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/academy/trading-mindset.html This emphasis on judgement rather than simply looking for pattern discovery trading raises other points. One of the interesting insights is loss aversion which is when investors fear losing money more than the joy that they enjoy on winning trades. That's why it is important to limit the loss level as soon as you enter the trade. Traders want to trade every day, how does that fit in with patience and discipline. One way around it to have other things to do.
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How to Know End of a Trend
Samuel explains the characteristics of an end of a trend, what happens when a downtrend or uptrend come to an end and when a range trading market comes to an end. The characteristics of a downtrend are lower lows and lower highs and that of an uptrend are higher highs and higher lowers. When those characteristics are no longer evident that could be a hint that the trend may be coming to an end.
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Candlesticks: Engulfing Candles
Candlesticks: Engulfing Candles http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/technical-analysis.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! Explaining Candlesticks: Engulfing Candles. In the previous video I have explained what candlesticks are; in this video we will get into more detail and the kind of candlesticks that can form in markets; namely engulfing candles and pinbars. As demonstrated earlier a Japanese Candlestick always has an opening and closing price and the difference between the opening and closing prices creates a bar. What is an engulfing candle? If we were to have a bearish candle i.e. a candle which closes lower than the opening price. An engulfing candle would be a candle that is bigger in size and engulfs or shadows the candle previous. If we had a bearish engulfing we could have a bullish candle and a bigger candle that engulfs the previous one on the downside. So what can engulfing candles tell us and why are they important?
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How Much of Trading is Luck?
Kamal Warren, a FTSE 100 day trader speaks to us about the role of luck in trading and spread betting. Is there any big secret to trading the markets? The biggest secret in trading is mastering your own mindset in dealing with losses. Mastering oneself is paramount because we tend to panic and do things outside the rules.
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How I Shorted the AUD/CHF for a 762 Pip Profit
Paul Wallace, a forex trader and mentor speaks. The Story of a Successful Trade: How I Shorted the AUD/CHF for a 762 Pip Profit. Paul Wallace, a forex trader and mentor comments. I had a forex trade selling the australian dollar against the swiss franc; my whole trading philosophy is about buying strength and selling weakness, looking for a pullback and then using price action to re-enter. About 6 weeks ago I started to notice that the Aussie dollar was starting to weaken against most other currencies including Euro, Sterling, Dollar, Japanese Yen..etc
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Are you Trading for Growth or for Income?
Paul Wallace, a forex trader and mentor comments. What type of trader are you - are you trading for growth or for income? There might be people who invest in property and looking for capital gains while others may be looking for rental yields. In many respects, trading is similar and traders have to decide whether they are going to trade for income or growth but many traders don't have accounts big enough to trade for income so the majority are trading for growth.
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Kamal's Two Trade FTSE 100 System
★ Kamal's Two Trade FTSE 100 System ★ You can trade the FTSE 100 at InterTrader http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/intertrader/intertrader.html ★ If you found value in watching this video, PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE so we can do more! Kamal Warren, a FTSE 100 day trader explains how he opens two positions at the same time.. In all honesty nobody can predict the exact entries, so on most occasions when you open a trade and you put a target level, and your trade hits the profit level - sometimes the market moves even more. What is the best way to capture the additional move? The only way I can think of that is by opening two trades, so I have the first trade which has a profit level and when the market reaches the take profit level I close the first trade while moving my second trade to breakeven. As such my first trade yields a profit while I have a free ride on the second trade and I tend to close the second trade when the market closes. A clarification on Kamal's two trade system: Opening 2 simultaneous trades. The first will have a profit target and the second moved to breakeven when the first hits target. So if you risk 3% per trade each will be 1.5% risk. It takes a bit of getting used to because when you get it wrong, you get 3% wiped out, but not all the time your second trade will be winning but over time the bigger moves will pay dividends.
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What are Your Thoughts on the Forex Market?
Kamal Warran, a FTSE 100 day trader comments on the forex markets. Have you ever been involved in the forex markets? I've tried trading the forex markets because I thought I could apply the same principles in forex as in indices but for me the concept of applying chart concepts to the foreign exchange markets doesn't work. But one can only answer the question if sufficient research has been done and I prefer focusing on the FTSE. The foreign exchange markets can be a bit spiky and these spikes can stop you out. Undoubtedly, the trading range for most currencies is much larger than the FTSE and some traders like that.
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What's it like to be a Full Time Trader?
Trading Full-Time. http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/strategies/Trading-living.html Kamal Warren talks to us about his life as a full-time trader. I'm an accountant so I tell people I'm that. Trading as a full-time occupation can be lonely, it is not as exciting as some people think it is but it can be extremely profitable if you know what you are doing. It does not suit all sorts of people; you need to understand yourself - if you don't like working with people or managing people than this kind of life can be for you but then if you are the kind of persons who likes people interaction then you'll likely go crazy. So it really comes to the kind of person you are. If my children wanted to becomes trader I would probably let me try it out. Will you ever reach a point where you're sitting on the beach, sipping a cocktail and trading off your phone? No, I think that's a myth - which is projected by some tutors or trainers out there who try to project this image where you can be successful by just dedicating 15 or 30 minutes a day.
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Continuation Patterns: Head and Shoulders, Triangles, Pennants and Flags
Continuation Patterns http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/continuation-patterns.html Mark Sturdy comments on continuation patterns and triangles. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE so we can bring you more! He first analyses different triangle continuation patterns then moves to pennants, flags, head and shoulders continuation pattern and gaps. Patterns are best categorised by those that help trends continue and those that fight trends and try to reverse them. A triangle continuation pattern is identified by converging lines of resistance and there's alternation between the two lines of resistance. The market must breakout. Patterns only exist when they are completed.
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Do Successful Traders focus on Technical Analysis or Fundamentals?
Paul Wallace, a forex trader http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/forex/forex-trading.html and mentor comments. I prefer using technicals to trade for a couple of reasons; I'm a visual person and technicals help me also I sometimes question how accurate fundamentals are. Also, I'm not a trader at a banker; I don't have a team of analysts working for me, I'm a private trader and have to make decisions for myself. It doesn't mean that technical analysis is automatically better than fundamental analysis but the technicals help me in my decisions. As far as fundamentals go I'm just aware when the big economic announcements are coming out and I stay away. Certainly everyone has to know the markets they trade and that's why I prefer trading currencies than UK or USA equity markets. I focus on 15 currency pairs which are made of 5 or 6 of the major currencies in the world so to keep abreast of them and what's happening and the inter-relationships between them; that's doable for me. As far as fundamentals go, I just make sure that I know when the big economic news are coming out or when the interest rate decisions come out as they play a big part in foreign exchange markets. People love to trade trends and tend trading can be very profitable but there has to be a framework...
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Live View of the Markets
Kamal Warren, a FTSE 100 day trader provides us with a 'live view' of the markets
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How to Know when its Time to Exit a Trade: Trading Exit Strategy
Trading Exit Strategy - brought to you by http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/building-a-trading-system.html Paul Wallace, a forex trader and mentor speaks. Abandoning a trade: how do you know when its time to exit a trade? There are trading quotes like how you should cut your losses and run your winners but really its all about knowing when you are in a losing trade. For someone who uses technical analysis to trade is that actually the point at which you are wrong on the trade should be defined even before entering the trade. People get very excited about entries but exits are far more important because trade exits is what determine your losses/profits on trades.
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The 4Ms of Trading Continued: Markets, Method, Money and Myself
Paul Wallace, a forex trader and mentor speaks. The 4Ms of Trading: Markets, Method, Money and Myself. These are the 4 areas you need to cover to really succeed in this trading business because its when these 4 areas come together that we start moving into the level of consistent profitability. Markets: There are thousands of markets you can trade; shares, indices, commodities, foreign exchange markets and you've got the bond markets. It is important to know that you are trading the right markets based on your risk profile, lifestyle, character, size of your trading account, your goals and outcome. The other important thing to know is to understand whether your market is trending or range bound in a consolidating range. Method: Everyone likes a nice strategy but its probably the least important. Your exits are even more important than your entry levels. Is your method one that follows trends or does it work better in range-bound environment. If you use a trend following method but you are trading in range trading markets, you are unlikely to make money. Money: I'm talking about money management and risk management. You always need to focus on money management; you always need to manage risk. Are you sufficiently capitalised to trade the markets you intend to trade?
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What are Pin Bars?
What are Pin Bars? http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/technical-analysis.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! Let's now look at a pin bar; again we have an opening and closing price which forms a body. In his book Pring on chart price patterns, Martin Pring refers to a candlestick formation which he referred to as the Pinnochio Bar or pin bar for short. The characteristic of a pinbar is one large wick in one particular direction. Pin bars tells us that price has moved in a certain direction because of changes in buying or selling power.
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Beginner's Guide to Spread Betting: What You Need To Succeed 👍
Chris tells what you need to succeed in financial spread betting. He tells things as they are without mucking around and pretending that things are different than they really are. When you're first getting into spread betting knowing what equipment and information you need to trade successfully can be a bit of a head scratcher. With a gazillion vendors out there trying to relieve you of your shilling it's easy to blow your hard earnt on things you think you need or short cuts to riches. In reality getting into spread betting is simple and you only need a hand full of things, many of which you will probably already have or can get for free. Things you NEED. Spread betting account (Duh) Compare them here: http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/spreadbetting/compare-spreads.html Bank account in your name with a debit card in your name. (To credit and withdraw funds) Computer & Internet connection. A4 pad of lined paper for your trading diary (all good traders have one) Research material Point one is obvious and there are a glut of firms out there offering accounts. I've tried them all but always keep coming back to IG Index. The platform is slick, the spreads are good, huge range of equities, execution is good and they have never made an error on my account. My second favourite spread firm is Intertrader not quite the range of shares on offer but a nice easy to use platform none the less. To add funds to a spread betting account you will need a UK bank account in your name with a debit or credit card to add or withdraw funds. Be mindful that account providers often have minimum withdrawal amount that can be as much as £100. You can not use someone elses card to fund your account -- something to do with money laundering regs. With the dealing platforms being on-line you will obviously need a computer and a reliable broadband connection. Nothing fancy required just solid equipment that doesn't crash, lag or drop out whilst your dealing or researching. It will just make your trading harder than it has to be and when you are just getting into spread betting it could put you off. All good traders keep a trade diary. It's just a bog standard A4 paper pad where you do all of your research and plan your trades and deals. I will go into keeping a trading diary in more detail at in another post. Research material is where you can waste a significant amount of money. Data feeds, level 2 feeds, tip sheets and magazine subscriptions all suck up cash. If you're trading with a couple of thousand pounds, subscriptions, will just eat your returns for dinner. There are some free options out there. I used ADVFN and London South East every day for news and information. ADVFN can be a little bit spammy so I tend to lean towards London South East when looking for company data. Both offer free accounts. Most spread betting platforms will have a research section too -- IGs is particularly good and also free to use. Things to AVOID if when you're first getting into spread betting. Multi monitor set ups (expensive and unnessasary unless you are a hot shoe day trader) Level 2 data subscriptions (profit killer on small accounts) Dedicated trading computers (no need) Share scanning software (profit killer on small accounts) Trading forums & bulletin boards (posters will mess with your mind) I'll give a special mention to internet trading forums and and bulletin boards. These places are ok for picking up trade ideas or gauging general market sentiment and you occasionally come across some knowledgeable posters but take anything you read on these forums with a massive pinch of salt as most posts tend to turn into willy waving contests. TOP TIP: When signing up for any financial trading related website get yourself a dedicated e-mail address just for signing up to stuff as you will often get spammed half to death by some service providers. But most importantly -- keep it simple. It's all to easy to get suckered in this industry. Trade easy Chris
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Does Back Testing a Trading Strategy Work?
Paul Warren, a forex trader and mentor comments about backtesting a trading strategy. Do successful traders always backtest their trading strategies. I think that backtesting plays an important part but sometimes traders take it too small. I have developed some of my best ideas simply by looking at charts and I've always basically backtested that sometimes manually and sometimes with software programmes. What I have is that sometimes people come an area of curve fitting in that they basically test an idea and maybe backtest it out and then continue trying to perfect it when market conditions are changing.
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Bar Charts versus Candlesticks
I consider a bar chart to be superior to a candlestick chart. There is no information in a candlestick that you can't find in a bar chart. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE so we can bring you more! The first point of difference between bar charts and candlestick is that a candlestick places as much emphasis on the direction of travel between open and close of a day's trade as it does between the high and the low of the day's trade. The bar chart has the open and close but emphasises the high and low of a day's trade. I believe the high and low of the day to be more important than the direction of travel.
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Day Trading the FTSE to Make Money
Kamal Warren spread bets the FTSE 100. http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/indices/spread-betting-ftse.html He tells us why he chose the FTSE 100 to day trade. It wasn't always like this; before he had a full-time job so he couldn't day trade but held to positions instead. However, he believes that day trading suits his personality and it yields immediate results.
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Trading Psychology: Emotions, Intuition and Gut Feeling
Trading with Emotions Paul Wallace, a forex trader and mentor speaks. Brought to you by http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/Emotions-Trading.html How do I reduce the impact of emotions on one's trading. From my experience ignoring emotions in trading doesn't work; its about raising the awareness of emotions and educating oneself that just because you experience fear, greed..etc you won't need to be completely attached to such emotions. Raising consciousness and recognising the emotions is key. Should a trader use their intuition? I would view that there are 3 different levels associated with that; mechanical trading, subjective trading and intuitive trading. Many traders come in thinking that you are trading on intuitively (guts) but good judgement comes from experience and unfortunately experience tends to come from bad judgement.
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IG Spread Betting Platform Review
A review of IG's trading platform. http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/ccount/click.php?id=14 Please note that spread betting is not for everyone and that trading is high risk.
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How and Why I Became a Chartist?
Mark Sturdy. A bit about his technical background and childhood. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE so we can bring you more! I started working in a small merchant bank and ended up in the foreign exchange department and there I saw people making prices using a telex machine and having to develop a feel for prices. And I suddenly discovered the delight of quantifying fair value and what is good value at any one moment - I also liked the fact of going to work without having a briefcase. I just wanted to go and get a feel for the markets. I became a chartist because it was the only way to understand the market methodology - it provided a way to study and analyse the markets.
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How Long Did it Take to Make a Stable Income from Trading?
How Long Did it Take to Make a Stable Income from Trading? http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/Making-a-living-spreads.html Kamal Warren, a professional FTSE 100 trader comments. Kamal invested considerable time and finally took the plunge in trading; something which he treats like a business. He started trading more than 10 years ago but he only started trading full-time around 2 years ago. The learning process can be quite long and he spent countless hours experimenting his strategies before he finally decided to get into it on a full-time basis. The principle drivers behind market movements are human behaviour and emotions and people don't change which is why chart patterns work so well. Do you regard your trading capital as real money? I just find that you start treating your trading capital like just a number even if you are conscious that it is real money.
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How Do You Deal With a Series of Losing Trades?
Dealing with losses. Trading losses are inherently difficult because they can make you feel bad and doubt your trading methods but the way to deal with it is to stick your guns. If you have developed your own trading system, you stick with it and hope that following your rules will ultimately lead to you coming ahead in the long run. It is never easy to deal with losses but if you treat trading as a business, then losses are just a cost of doing business.
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Why use Technical Analysis to Trade?
What is technical analysis? http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/principles-of-technical-analysis.html Kamal Warren, a FTSE day trader tells us what technical analysis is. Kamal is day trader who uses technical analysis to trade. Technical analysis is simply looking at charts and graphs and trying to project market action by applying principles. The most commonly used are support and resistance levels. My favourite technical indicators are Fibonacci retracements probably because I trade every day and I use them for working out entry/exit levels. All traders are looking at the same chart but what one trader may see, another may miss.
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Acceleration and Deceleration of a Trend
Trends and Patterns. You don't have to be an chartist to recognise the existence of trends in markets. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE so we can bring you more! In principle, traders' interest in such a trend is to enter one early and get out before it breaks while enjoying the profits either long in a bull market or enjoy a big short of a bear market. Chartists look at trends and want to define them tightly so they can be more precise about entry and exit points. There are two lines to define trends for chartists; one is a diagonal on top of a bear trend which is referred to as bear trend resistance. The other lines chartists are interested are the horizontals. The general notion of a trend in a bear trend is obviously lower highs and lower lows.
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The S&P 500 versus the Nasdaq 100
Trading the S&P 500 and Nasdaq indices http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/indices/spread-betting-nasdaq-100.html Alastair McCaig from IG comments. If we look outside the Dow Jones we obviously look at indices like the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq 100. The S&P 500 being made of 500 different companies does give a broader picture of the economy. The Nasdaq on the other hand is mainly a technology driven index and Apple plays a big part of the index
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Trading Routine of a Day Trader
Kamal Warren, a FTSE 100 day trader talks to us about one of his typical trading days. I wake up at 5 but I don't really have to be there for the opening market as such but the first thing I check is to look out for any critical news that might affect the markets; anything that might move the markets erratically.
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Is Short Term Trading as Profitable as Long Term Trading?
What Time Frames Do You Trade? Kamal Warren, a FTSE 100 day trader comments. I look at the 5-minute, 15-minutes and the 1-hour charts, typically I have two screens and I always have a 5-minute charge open and I also monitor the 15-minutes chart. I know that swings traders also look at the hourly and daily charts because they cut the noise down. Is short term trading as profitable as longer term? For me short term trading is profitable, of course with short-term trading you keep paying the spread while with longer term trading the spread is only incurred occasionally.
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Do Spread Betting Providers Manipulate Stop Loss Levels?
Do Spread Betting Providers Manipulate Stop Loss Levels? Kamal Warren, a professional FTSE 100 day trader comments. Stops are a vital part of spread betting, I personally use a fixed stop of just 20 points but then I day trade the markets. But each individual trader has to decide the level of risk he's willing to take and this also depends on the volatility of the market you are trading. Do you think the operators manipulate stop loss levels? I don't personally believe that they manipulate stops as they make money through the spreads so I can't see any reason for them to manipulate stops. With the provider I use there is very little slippage.
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Interview with Forex Trader Paul Wallace
Interview with Forex Trader Paul Wallace brought to you by http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/ Paul Wallace is a financial trader and performance coach with about 20 years working in competitive, results-driven, performance environments. He has been trading since the late 90's, having started during the dot-com boom. Paul is mainly involved in foreign exchange trading although he is also a mentor specialising in trading psychology. In this introductory video Paul describes his background as an officer in the Royal Air Force and how he became actively involved in the financial markets.
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Strategies for Range Trading Markets
Strategies for Range Trading Markets. http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/technical-analysis.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! What are range bound markets? In this video we look at how pinbars and engulfing patterns can help us trading ranging markets when price is moving in a sideways direction within an area of resistance and support in a market. With all ranging markets we have areas of support and resistance. A market is ranging when a market keeps making the same highs and lows for a number of times. Related Videos Quick Beginners Guide to Range Trading! ✔️👍 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc-WtuAhHzM Range Bound or Trending: Top 8 Signs Of A Range Bound Market ☝ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTeNM-6iIV8
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Should You Trade When Big Economic News is Due to Break?
Trading on News http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/strategies/trading-the-news.html Kamal Warren, a FTSE 100 day trader talks to use about trading during big economic news announcements. I try not to open positions too close to big news data announcement because the news can wipe you out.
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Technical Analysis Explained
Study the effects of market movements and how to build a trading strategy of your own. Technical analysis is the study of market price and the volume of trades. This form of analysis does not take into account the company, the commodity or the market. Instead this focuses on historical market data. From this, charts are provided with historic data enabling us to try and predict a future market direction. Technical analysis is not an exact science, but nevertheless many people use it to trade the financial markets. A technical trader or chartist always works with three key assumptions: - Firstly, market price action leads everything else. The markets are very efficient and effective machines and within just a few minutes of news breaking, investment banks and professional traders are buying and selling accordingly and the instruments true new value is very quickly reflected in the price. This makes it very difficult for normal traders to be able to effectively make money just from news flows - Secondly, prices move in trends and tend to follow simple patterns over periods of time - Finally, history often repeats itself. Perhaps the assumption that technical traders should remember above all others is that prices that have been important in the past can potentially become important again. By important we mean they have reached levels that have brought about a big turn around in the price. Risk Warning: This video is for general information only and is not intended to provide trading or investment advice or any personal recommendations.
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How Important is Psychology in Trading Success?
How Important is Psychology in Trading Success? Kamal Warren, a FTSE 100 trader comments on trading psychology and why it is so important in trading. If you can master your mindset and discipline yourself which isn't easy as it is often difficult to stick to your rules, then you are well on your way to becoming a good trader. There are no great secrets to trading and most tactics are well documented in websites and books. Most traders try to find the ultimate holy grail of trading but it doesn't exist; you just have to stick to what your research has told you. You have to stick to the rules, otherwise things are bound to go wrong.
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IG Index Platform Tour
IG Index Platform Tour http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/igindex/Igindex-review.html Kamal Warren, a FTSE 100 day gives us an overview of the IG Index Platform. Kamal reviews the IG Index trading platform and how uses it to trade the FTSE.
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Risk Management and Technical Analysis in Markets
Mark Sturdy comments on managing risk when trading trends and patterns. We've talked about how to recognise trading opportunities in the market whether this is the beginning or end or a trend or the completion of a pattern but discovering an opportunity and exploiting it is only one half of a good trade; the other half being to control risk. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE so we can bring you more! It is often said that there are no great traders; only great risk controllers. How do we control risks in terms of trends and patterns. We don't trade the failure of a pattern, we only trade the completion of a pattern. We should cut trades if the completion of a pattern is negated by a negative move and take profits when the target is reached. It should be simple but we know that chart theory is a question of probabilities so we need to manage trades. We also never look in just one pattern in isolation. The risk reward ratio is set by a chart not by the trader.
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CMC Markets Platform Review
An Overview of the CMC Markets http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/cmcmarkets/cmcmarkets.html 'Next Generation' spread betting trading platform. Getting started: Basic features explained. The first time you log onto the trading platform you will notice a number of preset default layouts to choose from; it is possible to save up to 5 different layouts which you can switch between at any time. You can also browse through markets, create watchlists, view markets news and analysis, use tools and view your account details . Please keep in mind that spread betting or any kind of leveraged trading activity carries risks and may not be suitable for all investors. Losses can exceed your initial deposit.
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The Momentum Indicator
Kamal Warren, a FTSE 100 day trader. Momentum indicators are best used on longer timeframes. On a 5 minute chart, momentum indicators aren't really reliable.
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How Useful are Bar Charts to Traders and Investors?
People often stumble on the notion that trading and investing can be looked at with equal ease with classical bar charting. The investment world tends to think of trading as different type of analysis; for me investing is low frequency trading. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE so we can bring you more! But what matters is the nature of the market, not whether it is is an investment or a trade. Taking the leap from analysis to decision making can be a very wide leap. A lot of investment literature is devoted to detailed analysis of market conditions and opportunities, they don't devote attention to the weaknesses of such analysis.
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Trading Places, We are Commodity Brokers
Beware Advisory Brokers. http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/advisorybrokers.html A scene from the famous movie Trading Places (1983). Billy Ray Valentine (Eddie Murphy) learns how commodities trading works and how the Duke Brothers use the system to make money for them. Duke Brothers (Ralph Bellamy & Don Ameche). This hilarious yet poignant clip is from the 1983 film entitled, Trading Places. By the way we highly recommend that you watch the full movie ;)
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Markets Fall Quicker Than They Rise
Paul Warren, a forex trader and mentor comments. When markets fall, they fall fast and I prefer shorting and when it works, it works really well - its much more volatile and you have to be prepared for that. In general a market takes three times the time to climb than it does to actually fall; its all about being prepared. I prefer shorting because I'm mainly a contrarian.
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Using Trends and Patterns to Control Risk
Using trends and chart patterns to control risk. If we have a market that is trending. We have already emphasised the importance of both the diagonal and horizontal things, when the markets breaks down through it, it may be a good moment to exit longs and possibly open a short. When you have entered the market at say here, when the market has bounced off this prior high (I think Mark meant prior low here but you get the idea)
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