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DIY solar panel tracker, part one
Low-cost DIY solar panel sun tracker using Arduino.
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Vilas Co., Wis., canoe camping
Lost canoe Lake
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Bass fishing Chequamegon primordial swamp from a canoe
On a recent canoe outing in the Chequamegon I found myself going from a well-traveled lake through a little passageway into some truly wild country. I felt like I'd been transported back in time 10,000 years. Only a canoe provides access to special places like this. And the fishing was really something. Here I'm using a topwater bait similar to a Jitterbug.
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Aug. 1 '14 Muskego, shot from our garage.
Start of hail storm. Prob'ly shoulda been in the basement. See part two for the aftermath.
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MVI 0429
Basic hardware of my solar water heater.
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Testimonial - Amanda
Cor Unum participant Amanda describes why she entered the program and what she hopes to get out of it.
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Hail storm part two
Aug. 1 '14 muskego, part two
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Testimonial - Bill
Cor Unum participant Bill discusses his motivations and goals for entering the program
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Testimonial - Pam
Cor Unum student Pam talks about why she entered the program and what she hopes to get out of it.
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Clear, simple step by step basics of flint and steel fire.
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Sacred Heart Cor Unum master's degree
Cor Unum students describe the experiences in the master's degree program at Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology.
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