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2007-2013 Toyota Tundra Front Shock Replacement
Here's a non-pro how-to on my 2008 Toyota Tundra Front Shock Replacement: - Removal of spindle from upper control arm - Removal of stabilizer bar link from stabilizer bar - Removal of strut/shock from vehicle - Replacement of shock using same spring - Replacement of strut/shock back into vehicle - Reattaching stabilizer bar link to lower control arm - Reattaching upper control arm to spindle Tools Used: Socket set, rubber mallet, spring compressors, large flathead screwdriver, needlenose pliers, standard pliers, small hydraulic jack, magnetic parts holder, impact wrench, air compressor, crescent wrench, 3 inch 3-jaw puller, full set of long-handled metric wrenches, short length of nylon rope, impact socket set (metric), standard socket set (metric), 1/2 inch breaker bar, floor jack, 2 jackstands, 1 14mm short wrench, loosening agent, 1 small tie wrap, wheel chocks, gloves. Time: 1.75 hours per side including wheel removal. Tools required shown at the end
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2015 Scott and White BCS Marathon Finish
Finish line video of the 2015 Scott and White BCS Marathon.
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Ethan and Rob
Ethan and Rob playing at open mic night (House of Wine) - 12/21/2015.
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New Years Double 5K - 01/01/2016
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2015 NYD Eve HM+FM
#NDYDouble 2015 Eve
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Crash - Aline GLC - Whistler
Go left, not right!
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How to transpose table in Excel
Tutorial on copy and paste-transpose.
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