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LESCOLTON IPL Permanent Hair Removal, Cheap but Powerful, and it works
This is Original LESCOLTON Permanent Hair Removal using IPL Technology, similar work with laser to burn black hair including the root of hair. But as we knew IPL has multiple wave lenght not like as laser (single wave lenght). That's why this device has different function also to Rejuvenation the skin. Other device has probably has another function to remove acne also, is depend on head which are we using. Does it work? Yes it works, and it feel little pain but every person probably different and also depends on intensity level, about the result I do not know yet, but since it really works to burn the hair and is writen in manual, 8 weeks well get better result. I personally, really recommend this product, ut has good quality material, and also is writen support 300.000 flashed not like others. Thanks and have a nice day
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My old Honda City GD8 idsi CVT, CBU Thailand, 2007, December
This Video is made special for my friend Mr Abraham on youtube discussion. I pay more attention for maintenance my car Honda City. I change engine oil (castrol), cvt oil (eneos) and oil filter, air filter, and ac filter all every less than 5000km routinely. So my Honda's cvt is still like new, so smooth, fast response and comfortable even has mileage 135.910 km. CVT is the best for me, I learned from my bad experinced with my jazz, experinced is so expensive indeed. And I wanna prove to everyone who hate cvt transmission, because they do not know how to maintain it. In the toll, my honda city run more than 145km/h average, and several times drag battle with toyoya vios manual, mini cooper and toyota avanza manual, and my Honda was leading, unfortunately I didn't make video record, but that's not important, the point is CVT is good, more torque than manual, fuel efficiency. My car is old cvt technology, and recent CVT on Honda is better alot is called eCVT (enhanced CVT) technology, faster, more torque, fast response and very good. So who said cvt is not reliable, not durable? I will prove to everyone that my cvt will have long lifespans for more than 500.000km mileage one day....hihi Have a nice day.
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August 31, 2017
Automotive Electrical Tester Just clip the cable and you will know the voltage, no need open the cable, simple to use. https://www.tokopedia.com/berbagai-produk/ms8211-automotive-circuit-tester-digital-multimeter?utm_source=Copy&utm_campaign=Product&utm_medium=Android%20Share%20Button
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TV Box DVB-T2 Android Digital TV claimed Riri Afrianto
Di claim oleh Riri Afrianto, katanya digital tv ga ada signal sama sekali, waktu Mei tanya sudah colok Antenna dijawab sudah dan tetap ga dapat signal sama sekali. Nyatanya setelah kita test langsung bisa ga ada masalah.
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Test Customer's CarBrain C168
Testing carbrain C168
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Android K1 DVB-T2 TV Set Top Box
K1 Android DVB-T2 Set Top Box , Acemax. This Product has more features, what's that? 1. Support DVB-T2 (Digital TV) 2. Support TV Recording, using flash disk or external harddrive 3. 4x USB port support many devices 4. Ready to be used, claude TV, KODI, FilmOnTV, Mobdro, Viki, youtube and so on 5. Support Miracast, DLNA, AirPlay If you wanna buy, just visit our website Have anice day
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Cara pasang tablet di headrest
cara pasang tablet headrest, dan katanya sampai patah gimana cara ? Barang selalu diperiksa dengan teliti terutama untuk check karet sebelum pengiriman
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Who can be blamed? The Kid or that Man?
For the parents who has child, please take care good of them. Tell them is not good to joking against strangers. Who can be blamed, that kid or that man? For me that Man absolutely, why? Because the kid doesn't has any intent to hurt that man, he was just joking, kidding, but that man has heavy intent to hurt that kid, and probably that kid will going to die, you can see maybe that kid was hard to take breath. What about you guys?
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USB meter 8in1
Test saja
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Elm327Wifi dianggap problem padahal tidak oleh Fitri
Semua berfungsi baik tapi dianggap problem, problemnya apa yah? Kan ditest sebelum kirim, hasil sama bagus, ini gimana toh???
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