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The Wolf Among Us - Prince Lawrence Apartment Soundtrack Extended [15min Loop]
Very beautiful piece of music from the Telltale's game "The Wolf Among Us". Extended version.
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Mac Miller - Nikies on my Feet Typography
Made with After Effects CS4 Alex Simci Enjoy
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Black Ops Typography 2
Made with After Effects CS4 One of my Favorite games
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LaRonde fireworks 2008/2009
On July 23,2008 (recoded date) while i was recording it was raining and my hand stared to hurt and it pissed me off but it was all whort it
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GTA IV Typography
My second Typography since i love this game i decided to make this...
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Drifting with a crapy car
I would never ever EVER!! would drift with THIS car cause it's not safe and you could crash and die but this guy... proved me wrong
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how to get 999mil easyest way in the world
~~READ DISCRIPTION~~ this is a demonstration of what all the other ''hackers'' do. you can't spend the money but it's a good way of tricking people and no i do not play runescape anymore and i will not give you my account Here is a link to the cheat engine: http://www.cheatengine.org/downloads.php
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Black Ops Typography
This was made using After Effects CS3 This is my first typography with After Effects CS3 Tell me what you think....
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Another Day with Frank and Oliver
This is what me and my friends do when we go and play GTAIV online privite match free roam (Koolkilla53 is Frank) and the other players are his friends except for one or two people cause they kept changing their GT.
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Gladiadors part 1
My cousin vs. paramedics
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gladiadors part 2
My cousin vs. paramedics round 2
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