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THE KRAKEN first encounter
it snuck up on us and killed us within a minute or two the first time, we sailed back to get our revenge and like 16+ treasure chests... killed the bastard but he sunk us again. damn you seas!!
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Valley Paintball sep 9 2017 final battle
Re-upload of my prior video with cleaner visuals, I'm still learning video editing. Again music credits to Strung Outs most recent album Transmission Alpha Delta. Valley Paintball outside of Fargo ND. Great game, we had a very... ahem.. green team, but Corey and I held it out, I finished in style and Corey finished their team off. Was a great time!
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crit balance check
DnD weekend once a year me and the guys get together. We also party for it. This was the end of the second day. I'm the one filming.
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Star citizen alpha. Curiousity killed the spaceman.
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first creation *well first working creation there were some prototypes*
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Random BG's world of warcraft -  Aetherfrost stonemaul server
my frost mage being a wrecking ball in pvp. Aetherfrost, stonemaul server, dark vengeance guild. Rolling with mon on this on he is a monster healer!! we had a blast!
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Mowclan Cops Gone Wild 1
Scenario. Darkwater mercs going in to fuel chopper. We tell everyone in area leave or die. Cops use the HQ as a "safety bubble" to shoot out of even though its a safe zone, and were not supposed to shoot back in. so they take out our rotor finally, we sorta crash land, leo the pilot dies, i survive on foot, kill them OVER AND OVER, till i run out of ammo cause they won't stop spawning which is against all ALTIS LIFE server rules. they finally corner me after im worn down out of kits and ammo. they arrest me, this is what happens from handcuffs on. sry i missed the battle recording but was still working out some kinks with software.
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arma 3 town clearing Darkwater mercs
2 on foot, one in the air and a whole lot of dead CSAT. Just a mission slapped together for testing, we are learning to mod arma and create our own missions.
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pew pew pew
aunderis goes pew pew pew
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The Truck Race 1
admins let us have a fun day... too bad we're all idiots.
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Star Citizen - basic combat flight
pushing ship to hard limits to showcase turning radius, blackout mechanics etc, purposefully hit the asteroid with my wing at the end during a turn to see how far out they actually stuck.
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Star Citizen Vandul swarm
just a fun game of vandul swarm I was streaming that was a hell of a good fun time. finally getting my settings for recording/broadcasting just about right, and my hornet ghost is pimped out and ready for action. twitch.tv/aunderis is my stream and it will be up a lot more after may 11th. Have fun out there and don't forget to bring a towel.
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Levelling my priest from vanilla
Still got it baby.
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Star Citizen - First person goofing around
Was just messing around testing the engine etc, caught a little footage of the first person module, and how seamless it goes from space to ground and back. Oh, and guy that left his ship, thanks for the ride bruh!
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Valley Paintball doubleflag 10-7-2017
A fun double flag push match at Valley Paintball in eastern North Dakota. Had a good team and we played well together, was a great match. Songs from The Color Morale - Desolate Divine. Great band!! Shooting my customized tippman project salvo, need a bigger air tank though, the rental tank runs out wayyy too soon for my shoot everything that moves style.
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arma 3 fun with cars
its time for the fast and the furious!! *the first few minutes were all that was really good, the rest is me complaining about OBS being a slurt.
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Greased Up Deaf Guy 1 1
it was admin goof around day on the mowclan server, our goofy new zealander admin decided to let us have some fun... this is the result
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Valley Paintball Elimination 1 oct 7 2017
Me and my modified project salvo doing some work. First round of the day, still learning this video editing software, but tried to condense where i could to make the fifteen minute mark. All music in this video is The Color Morale.
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