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Dell Inspiron g7 i7 8750h gaming laptop Cinebench run
Just a simple cinebench run
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New Intel 8th gen Rog Strix Asus laptop dirty look
Just a quick peak, I couldn't contain my enthisiasm . A more in depth look will come soon I hope. What games should I test on this gtx 1060 6 gig laptop and Intel's need 8th gen CPU :)
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Samsung  Chromebook PluS  running GTA SA
Surprised how flooid it was wasn't expecting to be able to play full fledged play store games .
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How to get canary build on chrome os
Basically easy just type what I typed then go to updates and click update when it downloads it finally you will get the update notification at the bottom to update
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Entretain your dog :)
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Intel Xeon , and Radeon 6670 ,4gramNeeds some help overhere with my PC no video output
If any of u guys can help me back up and running my PC or tips I'm open to whatever u got. Or should I just sell it for parts . U can reply through a video or hit me up . Yeah for some reason while I was shopping in the bios I accidently selected the wrong video graphics output port and now I can't get back into the bios for the life of me it would be gracious to receive some help on this I'm learning the ways of the PC Master race and I though that I would start out with a simple build from a guy to study it see how it works . Anyways please let me know any tips or tricks .
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Please help with bootloping x86 Android 64bit android6.0
Just​ trying to get some help if anyone knows this problem hit me up ok
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Final fantasy on chromeos Chromebook plus
Just a demonstration of another title working on Chromebook plus working very well will upload more games to try out if asked
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Do I got a 775motherboard and it doesn't even have a power pins on it what up with that
Anybody got a fix or know how to power this on I got it of eBay and I'm guessing I'm gonna send it back I found that my 771 xeon chip was in the same number for number motherboard so I looked it up looked about the same but the guy had a very bad pic of it should of bought . Dam got all excited to start building.
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Just me playing with my camera on Axon 7 seeing what it's capable of .
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Playing with my dog
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Corsair rgb fans suck
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New mobo
Z170 to z270 transition
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Chromebook plus Talking about canary latest canary build
Just me talking about chrome book plus and how to get the most latest updates for like it's like nightly builds for Android I find as of now they're pretty consistently unbroken I just like the latest features and I'll show u some in next video
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Let me know which is best
What do u prefer and why
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