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Dark Souls 3 - Vordt of the Boreal Valley
Second boss I came across in Dark Souls 3, Vordt of the Boreal Valley, and my second attempt at defeating him. I went into the fight first time with just the one estus and annoyingly got him down to the tiniest sliver of health before succumbing to my own foolishness. Going for that finishing blow when you should exercise patience is really the classic Dark Souls death I think. Boreal means relating to the North/Arctic, deriving from Borealis, a word a lot of people will have come across as part of 'Aurora Borealis', also known as the northern lights. Borealis in turn derives from Boreas, the Greek god of North wind. Given this association it probably comes as no surprise to learn Vordt is an icy beast that can inflict the new frostbite status. I can only guess where the Vordt part of the name comes from, but it's rather Germanic/Dutch sounding anyway. As with many four legged bosses in Dark Souls, a good strategy is to get intimate with Vordt's crotch and swing away.
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Dark Souls 3 First Boss
First shot at Dark Souls III's first boss, Iudex Gundyr. Iudex is Latin for judge, the origins of the name Gundyr I'm less sure of, but it looks/sounds Norse. I'm going into the game blind having successfully managed a media blackout. For my first playthrough I'm playing a knight, and in offline mode, in keeping with something of a personal Dark Souls tradition. Recorded with Xbox One's DVR function.
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