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http://yaletownseo.ca/ Best Graphite Stocks 2016 lithium-ion battery Rising Graphite Prices. Press Releases, Investor Relations, Video Marketing, Content Syndication, Media outreach. 0:19was converted into a battery material in China and its pretty much in everything 0:28which is a must as a little mind for free from the medium business so we hope 0:35you lose a long time ago as a Panasonic Eluga made seventy-five percent per 0:58annum compound made the biggest producer in the market so that we try to hide it 1:03you think it's will I wrote this is essentially to my lithium compounds one 1:09is lithium carbonate which is a first-generation material he goes into 1:14the batteries predominantly my body Chinese and its alliance and I continues 1:21lithium hydroxide if I get a material that is very few plants in the world the 1:28Canadian us' government has been trying to fund development of there so it is 1:34lovely lady you factor in this factory it is one of the world's largest shades 1:40and then see because united led my truck so frustrated trying to become hard 1:48drugs Japan to sumitomo 1:52Panasonic to my cat fight goes to Panasonic to make it into the battery in 2:01this test management system and its really made the right plays and then it 2:06goes into the car so they gonna do it all and one shoe and it cuts the cost of 2:12the end product but bad about 30 percent that's always good to say I can't 2:17countenance of fish generation lithium hydroxide the second generation his 2:23cause use drugs on its good to discover foundation reality and not just economic 2:29theories you my drugs I tried to get $2,000 a ton premium to meet in cabinet 2:34and only driving meeting hydroxide green bus and its increasing rapidly 2:40yeah we have a look at the medium fundamentals in the Cassegrain and you 2:47know you can see them and it's is this is the state is really in renewable 2:53energy storage so and we need so this was a forecast from and professor at the 2:59University of Western Australia you know as as the prices of the battery storage 3:04comes down the reduction of guys up there we were gonna be a bad $250 3:10picture what area 3:112020 until mister mosque in my which is a hundred kilowatts 25,000 USD dollars 3:20so he's brought forward that can move backfired peace and bringing medium to 3:26be loud banging steel in 2002 3:29to death and straight the Chinese beauty all these battery planes that guy 3:34celebrating still plans and you would come china manufacturer in the world 3:41with plugins some moving to electrics but it's really the energy storage that 3:50that trial so we're very excited about the museum fundamentals and not only 3:57true but I mean cuts for the rich people what we say altruistic please the 4:03benefits of renewable energy stories kinds of something to make it seem to 4:13two billion people in the world that I had reliable power solar panels and a 4:19battery using powerful pumps 4:25and sanitation going the other way and it got communications so all of a sudden 4:32you can take two billion people and rice them from the third world to the second 4:37world so check resign you know what other critical minerals minerals and 4:45natural resource shortage will be one of them I semantics cool pricing going 4:51forward for just about all commodities and is living donor may replace 4:56batteries that are invented in the seventies so we started making the 5:02flammable talk in the noughties 5:06that technology to the stage now where he can comfortably by a battery might 5:13from leading by drug side so it has a 10 year warranty and they'll get better but 5:18they will be replaced that will be replaced by more lithium batteries 5:22Elysium so far better you're a solid Stadium battery 5:28is undergoing tests which has twice as likely as a lithium battery and the 5:35lithium metal batteries the only possible to the potential in theoretical 5:43on the theoretical an actual energy density of jostling so much strategies 5:53that's great so these to the world of lithium supply is evenly divided down 6:02the international banking you have half the world using lithium atom duty bronze 6:07up in the endings the other half the combination of a strong and Chinese 6:12sources so in terms of making the team commented we can't completely to 6:19complain to him we grind posits but I have some supply issues I can crank up 6:28production to develop into operation 6:34case in point so you got this message demanding the world but the trust fund 6:43for 45 years and it is you know various political aspects of geopolitical risks #GraphiteStocks2016 Graphite Stock 2016 buy or invest Searches related to Graphite Stocks 2016 graphite stocks tesla graphite stocks etf graphite stocks 2015 graphite stocks asx canadian graphite stocks best graphite stocks best graphite stocks to buy best graphite stocks to own
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