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Manic Psychiatric Patients Have Higher Incidence of Infection, Antibiotic Use
Changes to the collection of bacteria in the gut have been linked to a range of health effects. Now, researchers think bacterial infections or antibiotic treatment for infections could play a role in some psychiatric episodes. According to UPI, researchers at Johns Hopkins University report a link to changes in the microbiome, due to an infection or antibiotic treatment, could play a role in psychiatric symptoms and disorders. While researchers say are unsure of the link, either the potential for inflammation from an infection or gut biome changes from antibiotics--or both--may be playing a role in heightened symptoms of mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder. Researchers say if an actual link is established, more attention to healthcare -- or even just care without use of antibiotics -- may be necessary to better manage psychiatric conditions. http://www.upi.com/Health_News/2016/07/20/Infection-antibiotic-use-linked-to-manic-episodes-in-psychiatric-patients/9971469042328/ http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit News using http://wochit.com
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NINR Advisory Council - 9/13/2016 - The Role of Tau in Recovery from Concussions
Dr. Jessica Gill, Lasker Clinical Research Scholar in the NINR DIR's Tissue Injury Branch, discussed her latest research at the Sept. 2016 meeting of the NACNR.
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La Follette Spring Symposium 2018
Emerging Policy and Ethical Implications from Neuroscience, Genetics, and the Microbiome List of presentations: The Potential of Brain Science to Inform Public and Private Policy, presented by Katherine Magnuson and Barbara Wolfe Integrating Genetics with Health Education Research and Its Policy Implications, presented by Jason Fletcher and Daniel Belsky Genetic and Microbial Data Informing Policy Research and Ethical Issues, presented by Pamela Herd and R. Alta Charo
Outback Gorehouse Season 2 Episode 1 : Making Intestines
Lilly and Sabrina learn how to make intestines in this special effects, halloween makeup tutorial.
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perfect hygiene *・༄ powerful ver.
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Vitamin K | Wikipedia audio article
This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article: Vitamin K 00:02:23 1 Health effects 00:02:32 1.1 Osteoporosis 00:02:48 1.2 Cardiovascular health 00:03:32 1.3 Cancer 00:03:49 1.4 Warfarin overdose and coumarin poisoning 00:04:14 2 Side effects 00:05:29 3 Interactions 00:06:52 4 Chemistry 00:07:30 4.1 Conversion of vitamin Ksub1/sub to vitamin Ksub2/sub 00:08:28 4.2 Vitamin Ksub2/sub 00:08:52 5 Physiology 00:11:13 6 Absorption and dietary need 00:12:11 7 Dietary recommendations 00:15:13 8 Food sources 00:15:22 8.1 Vitamin Ksub1/sub 00:16:20 8.2 Vitamin Ksub2/sub 00:16:39 9 Deficiency 00:18:06 10 Biochemistry 00:18:15 10.1 Function in animals 00:20:45 10.2 Gamma-carboxyglutamate proteins 00:22:38 10.3 Methods of assessment 00:24:36 10.4 Function in bacteria 00:26:12 11 Injection in newborns 00:27:31 11.1 United States 00:27:55 11.2 United Kingdom 00:28:21 11.3 Controversy 00:29:09 12 History Listening is a more natural way of learning, when compared to reading. Written language only began at around 3200 BC, but spoken language has existed long ago. Learning by listening is a great way to: - increases imagination and understanding - improves your listening skills - improves your own spoken accent - learn while on the move - reduce eye strain Now learn the vast amount of general knowledge available on Wikipedia through audio (audio article). You could even learn subconsciously by playing the audio while you are sleeping! If you are planning to listen a lot, you could try using a bone conduction headphone, or a standard speaker instead of an earphone. You can find other Wikipedia audio articles too at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuKfABj2eGyjH3ntPxp4YeQ You can upload your own Wikipedia articles through: https://github.com/nodef/wikipedia-tts "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." - Socrates SUMMARY ======= Vitamin K is a group of structurally similar, fat-soluble vitamins that the human body requires for complete synthesis of certain proteins that are prerequisites for blood coagulation (K from Koagulation, Danish for "coagulation") and which the body also needs for controlling binding of calcium in bones and other tissues. The vitamin K-related modification of the proteins allows them to bind calcium ions, which they cannot do otherwise. Without vitamin K, blood coagulation is seriously impaired, and uncontrolled bleeding occurs. Preliminary clinical research indicates that deficiency of vitamin K may weaken bones, potentially leading to osteoporosis, and may promote calcification of arteries and other soft tissues.Chemically, the vitamin K family comprises 2-methyl-1,4-naphthoquinone (3-) derivatives. Vitamin K includes two natural vitamers: vitamin K1 and vitamin K2. Vitamin K2, in turn, consists of a number of related chemical subtypes, with differing lengths of carbon side chains made of isoprenoid groups of atoms. Vitamin K1, also known as phylloquinone, is made by plants, and is found in highest amounts in green leafy vegetables because it is directly involved in photosynthesis. It may be thought of as the plant form of vitamin K. It is active as a vitamin in animals and performs the classic functions of vitamin K, including its activity in the production of blood-clotting proteins. Animals may also convert it to vitamin K2. Bacteria in the gut flora can also convert K1 into vitamin K2 (menaquinone). In addition, bacteria typically lengthen the isoprenoid side chain of vitamin K2 to produce a range of vitamin K2 forms, most notably the MK-7 to MK-11 homologues of vitamin K2. All forms of K2 other than MK-4 can only be produced by bacteria, which use these forms in anaerobic respiration. The MK-7 and other bacterially derived forms of vitamin K2 exhibit vitamin K activity in animals, but MK-7's extra utility over MK-4, if any, is unclear and is a matter of investigation. Because a synthetic form of vitamin K, vitamin K3 (menadione), may be toxic by interfering with the function of glutathione, it is no longer used to treat vitamin K deficiency.
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