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The aim of the program is to improve the education, discipline, life skills and employment prospects of young indigenous males from Karratha Senior High School and exposes them to life working on a mine site.
FNN: Monsoon brings flooding into Phoenix; Update from Hawaii on Hurricane Lane
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Clive Palmer Charged With Fraud & Dishonesty, In Qld Civil Court...
Citic Pacific, the Chinese Government-owned Steel Manufacturer, is sueing Mr Clive Palmer for his allegedly misappropriating some $12,000,000 from a (National Australia) Bank Account which was specifically established for him to access ONLY to administer their Sino-Pacific Magnatite Project, in the Western Australian Pilbarra region....; the Magnatite Project cost Citic $50 Billion to construct, & it is not financially viable, & Clive Palmer charged Citic $1/2 a Billion to let them work on his Mining Tenement.... Apparently, a lot of otherwise rising Chinese Beaurocrats & Businessmen have thus had their Careers ruined, by their having been gulled by Clive Palmer, when he "sold them a Pup..."(!), & now the Chinese Government is able to spend vastly more money on prosecuting their case in Civil Court than Clive Palmer can ever put towards trying to defend himself, against their Charges... So, Mr Palmer now faces Conviction, being sentenced to pay (possibly exemplary Punitive) Damages & Citic's Court Costs, as well as Criminal Prosecution, & then expulsion from Federal Parliament.... With, or without, subsequent or concurrent Bankruptcy proceedings to garnish the proceedings...? The bottom line is that there's apparently a paper-trail to establish precisely where the money went, & if Mr Palmer was anywhere near as wealthy as he likes to suggest & imply that he is, then he wouldn't have needed to steal Citic's "Port Administration Funds" in order to finance his Electoral Frolic, with his team of PUP(pet)s.... It isn't only by way of Morbid Obesity that Clive Palmer reminds one of Russel Hinze....; they were also both deeply enmeshed with Joh Bjelke Petersen's Government, in the State Of Corruption, both have been iconic stalwarts of the Qld National Party..., & until recently Russel Hinze was publicly seen as the most corrupt Fatcat Businessman ever to have wormed into Politics (he was Qld's Minister for Roads & also Minister for Racing, at a time when he owned the largest Thoroughbred Racehorse Stud in Qld, & he also owned the largest Earthmoving & Gravel Contracting Company in the State....). The way that Kosmic Scoreboard Effect appears to work on bloated businessmen who go playing at politics, for the purposes of remaking the rules so as to benefit their own Bank Balances, seems to be simply to feed them enough rope until they tie an inescapable Noose & then hang themselves with it... Their early "Business Coups" & scams may be meticulously planned & carefully executed, but success breeds an exagerated sense of entitlement, & familiarity breeds contempt...; and, so, finally the Fraudsters grow too greedy, or too lazy, to be bothered to adequately cover their tracks..., & their corruption comes to light. Whereupon they are brought to Book, in Court, & they try to bluster & bluff their way into obscurity..; but in the long run, they generally die in disgrace, caught by their own Karma, pinned by their own Personality Disorders & defects of character.... So, Clive Palmer's imminent sled-ride to the bottom of the Slag-Heap should be quite interesting to observe..; as an example of the ethically & morally educational side-effects of Schadenfreude.... I can't reply to anything, but I enjoy reading the Comments which do manage to appear.
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Asian Markets Overview of March 11, 2010
(ABN Newswire) - Dow Jones Industrial Average was marginally higher overnight, supported by financial stocks. But material stocks were under pressure as commodities prices declined. Asian markets Wednesday closed mixed. Singapore market finished 0.8 per cent higher to their a seven-week high after a report showed that Singapore's economy was expected to grow 6.5 per cent in 2010. Japan's Nikkei 225 and Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index finished flat after moving between gains and losses during the session. South Korea's Kospi ended 0.1% higher. But China's Shanghai Composite snapped a three-day rise and fell 0.7 per cent ahead of the inflation data. Company News Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co. (SHA:600000) confirmed that it has agreed to sell a 20 per cent stake to China Mobile Ltd. (NYSE:CHL) (HKG:0941) for 39.80 billion yuan, becoming its second largest shareholder. China Mobile, the country's largest mobile phone service provider, said earlier Wednesday it will buy 2.21 billion shares in the Chinese lender for 18.03 yuan per share. Material trading conglomerate Citic Pacific Ltd. (HKG:0267) swung to a net profit in 2009 after hefty losses on leveraged foreign-exchange contracts led to a huge net loss in 2008. It is also studying the issuance of a US$500 million 10-year U.S. dollar bond and has been restructuring its operations since the forex scandal in late 2008 hurt investor confidence. Citic pacific Chairman said he is optimistic about 2010 earnings, expecting solid demand for special steel fueled by rising construction of high-speed railway, subways and homes in China. Hong Kong based air carrier, Cathay Pacific Airways (HKG:0293), reported that it returned to profit in the year ended December 2009, helped by better air cargo and passenger traffic, oil hedging gains, and the sale of part of its stake in Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co Ltd. The airline's net profit for the period was HK$4.69 billion, reversing a net loss of HK$8.70 billion in 2008. Japan's Konica Minolta (TYO:4902) said it plans to spend 11 billion yen on boosting its capacity to produce glass substrates used in hard disk drives (HDDs), as it looks to close the gap on industry leader Hoya Corp (TYO:7741). The company will set up a new production facility next to its existing plant in Malaysia to start output in October 2010.
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[Webinar] Is Content still King? How to Succeed in Content Marketing | #SuccessSeries
Morgan McKinley invites Alan Gleeson, Kate Scott, Mark Sallows, and Jason Wincuinas to comment on how to succeed in content marketing.
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