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Integrated mine closure good practice
Mineral resources are finite, making the eventual closure of a mining operation inevitable. Leaving a community with a sustainably rehabilitated landscape benefits everyone; the local community, the ecosystem and the reputation of the company. Planning for closure needs to be a collaboration between governments, industry and communities to both understand and address the environmental, social and economic impacts. Responsible closure involves the removal of all infrastructure and facilities, the rehabilitation of surface land, and taking all necessary measures to ensure community livelihoods are sustainable beyond the life of the mine. To mine with principles is to plan, design for, and implement responsible closure strategies. To sustainably manage the natural resources and biodiversity of our planet, enhancing the social wellbeing of local communities, and making financial provision to fulfill those plans. It is what we expect of our members. Our ICMM Integrated Mine Closure – Good Practice Guide provides mining companies with the information needed to effectively integrate closure across the mining life cycle. Visit our dedicated Integrated Mine Closure: Good Practice Guide website to find out more. Or download the guide in full as a PDF.
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Corporate Accountability
Download this free Corporate Accountability Powerpoint here: http://theartofservice.com/Corporate-Accountability.html Complete Toolkit at https://store.theartofservice.com/the-corporate-accountability-toolkit.html sub=11 CSR in the Mining Sector - An environmental law perspective on Bill C-300]BDO Dunwoody Weekly CEO/Business Leader Poll - [http://www.compas.ca/data/100322-MiningEthicsBill-PB.pdf Compas Survey on C-300]Fraser Institute - [http://www.fraserinstitute.org/newsandevents/commentaries/7332.asp “Private member’s bill unfairly targets Canadian mining industry”] However, Bill C-300 is also supported by a wide array of public academics, and NGOs both internationally and within Canada.http://www.johnmckaymp.on.ca/newsshow.asp?
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Inpactor - Blockchain Platform for Corporate Social Responsibility
Inpactor Website https://www.theincitement.com/inpactor/ Inpactor Whitepaper https://www.theincitement.com/docs/inpactor_paper_latest.pdf Inpactor ANN https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3283594.0 Inpactor Facebook https://www.facebook.com/theincitement Inpactor Twitter https://twitter.com/theincitement Inpactor Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/TheIncitement Inpactor Medium https://medium.com/theincitement Inpactor Telegram https://t.me/theincitement Bitcointalk username: terzy Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1347533
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ሓጻር መብርሂ ብዛዕባ ካሉሊ ፖታሽ ብሮጀችት
Eritrea's Multi-Billion Gold/ Potash Reserve Eritrea's Multi-Billion Gold/ Potash Reserve Eritrea South Boulder Mines to produce 1 million tonnes of potash worth US $1.33 billion per annum South Boulder Mines (ASX:STB) has received strong metallurgical in-fill drilling results at its Colluli Potash Project in Eritrea, that potentially could boost the economics of the Project. The results demonstrated that project economics could be enhanced particularly in the early phases of its operation. An earlier engineering Scoping Study for the production of 1 million tonnes per annum of potash generated a Pre-tax NPV of US$1.33 billion. It also proved that an economic 1 million tonnes per annum potash mine can be built at half the cost of a typical potash development. The Colluli Project will be one of a few "Greenfields" potash mines to come into production in the next 10 years. The location of the project provides much sought after infrastructure as it is approximately 70 kilometres from the Red Sea Coast and major shipping routes to Asia. South Boulder is working towards developing the world's first, modern, open pit potash mine, with initial production scheduled for 2016 or sooner.
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Resources to Pass the Practical GCC Exam for Factories
In this video, I share the resources you can use to Pass the Practical GCC Exam for Factories. The video contains some strategies for study packs, papers, colleges, and more to pass the GCC factories exam and how you can approach it. The Certificate of Competency as a Mechanical or Electrical Engineer or Technician is obtained through the Department of Labour for Minerals and Energy Affairs for Factories and Mines respectively, with the relevant qualification and experience, and having passed the 2 exams set by the Departments. These tips combined with the tips from the other videos, will help guarantee that you pass so you can become a Government Certified Engineer. #MechanicalEngineering #ElectricalEngineering #GCCExam Email me with the subject GCC for the recent past papers and subscribe for more: [email protected] Veaseys Engineering College: https://www.veaseys.co.za/ Emap GCC: [email protected] Reliable contact detail at DOL for GCC : [email protected] Visit the Department of Labour Page below is a link to the information brochure: http://www.labour.gov.za/DOL/downloads/documents/forms/occupational-health-and-safety/ohsexambrochure.pdf A company that offers material and courses is Palucraft GCC Study - Check them Out; https://www.palucraft-gccstudy.com/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Say hi on Social Media; -Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZaneleZar -Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zaznkomo/ -Lets connect on LinkedIn Zanele Nkomo [email protected]
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Resource governance in Latin America - Anthony Bebbington [Shifting Sands Conference 2013]
[PUBLIC LECTURE 2013] ANCLAS Conference 2013 - Latin America and the Resources Boom For more than a decade, many Latin American countries have benefited from the booming prices of oil, gas and minerals. Extractive industries - for good or ill - have had a profound impact on politics, society and environment in the region. This conference evaluates the resources boom in Latin America, its potential and its problems. Anthony Bebbington - Clark University, USA Anthony Bebbington is Director of the Graduate School of Geography and Higgins Professor of Environment and Society at Clark University, Professorial Research Fellow in the School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester, UK and Research Associate of the Centro Peruano de Estudios Sociales, Peru. He is a member of the US National Academy of Sciences, and has held fellowships at the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, the Iberoamerican Institute/Free University in Berlin and the UN Food and Agricultural Organization in Chile and a Distinguished Visiting Professorship at the University of Queensland Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining. His recent work addresses extractive industries, social movements, state formation, territorial dynamics and livelihoods; earlier research focused on NGOs, peasant organizations and rural development. He recently chaired an expert panel to the Ministers of Environment and Economy in El Salvador, for a Strategic Environmental Assessment of El Salvador’s Mining Sector. He has served as a LASA track chair on three occasions, is on the Editorial Board of the Proceedings of the National Economy of Sciences, and is Associate Editor of World Development. His most recent books include: Subterranean Struggles: New Dynamics of Mining, Oil and Gas in Latin America (University of Texas Press, 2013, ed. with J. Bury); Social Conflict, Economic Development and Extractive Industries: Evidence from Latin America (Routledge, 2012, ed.); Industrias Extractivas, Conflicto Social y Dinámicas Institucionales en la Región Andina (IEP/CEPES/GC, 2013); Movimientos Sociales y la Política de la Pobreza en el Perú (IEP/CEPES, with M. Scurrah and C. Bielich) and Minería, Movimientos Sociales y Respuestas Campesinas: Una Ecología Política de Transformaciones Territoriales ((IEP/CEPES, ed.). http://politicsir.cass.anu.edu.au/centres/australian-national-centre-for-latin-american-studies/events/shifting-sands-2013
AIAG Corporate Responsibility Overview
For over 30 years, AIAG has been bringing our members together to work collaboratively to develop solutions to the challenges of improving global working conditions and environmental sustainability, to increasing transparency and respect for human rights in the supply chain. Improving our corporate responsibility practices is not only the right thing to do, it's good business--and an investment in the future of our industry.
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The Ethics of Buying and Mining Crystals
Just some thoughts. I don't use crystals myself, largely for these reasons. I'm reading from "Wicca 334: Further Advanced Topics in Wiccan Belief" by Kaatryn MacMorgan-Douglas with Llysse Smith Wylle Here are some links that may be of interest: http://gregvalerio1.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/5-gemstones_module.pdf http://www.mooncavecrystals.com/confusion/confusion.htm http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2003/02/0212_030212_diamonds_2.html http://www.worldpress.org/Africa/3543.cfm http://www.un.org/peace/africa/Diamond.html
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Cryptosolartech - Blockchain with Solar Energy
Cryptosolartech Website https://cryptosolartech.org/en/ Cryptosolartech Whitepaper https://cryptosolartech.org/doc/cryptosolartech-whitepaper-en.pdf Cryptosolartech Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cryptosolartech/ Cryptosolartech Twitter https://twitter.com/cryptosolartech Cryptosolartech Reddit https://www.reddit.com/user/cryptosolartech Cryptosolartech Medium https://medium.com/@cryptosolartech Cryptosolartech Telegram https://t.me/cryptosolartechEN Bitcointalk username: terzy Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1347533
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GOT A HOT ONE TODAY GUYS. In this video, we are proud to introduce GLOBAL TECH. Education, Social network, Trading funds and Artificial Intelligence. Global Tech is a crypto trading community, for the people by the people. We are a group of savvy professionals who have a passion for blockchain technology and how cryptocurrency can benefit the entire world. Their platform will connect cryptocurrency traders across the globe, from novice investors to elite strategists, to allow everyone to benefit from the next generation of financial investment technology. They do this by providing industry-leading training to GTH holders through online trading courses, their social community platform and live worldwide training seminars. In addition, they manage investment funds for our coin holders to contribute to. Global Tech Features: Worldwide seminars and training Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Education Virtual Trading Platform Real-world Trading Platform Social network built into the platform Trading Investment Funds ENJOY THE VIDEO! Email Inquiries Contact: [email protected] Telegram Inquiries Contact: https://telegram.me/professorcryptoico ________________________________________________________________ ▶️ WEBSITE: https://www.gttrade.io/ ▶️ WHITEPAPER: https://www.gttrade.io/assets/home/images/global-tech_whitepaper-2.pdf ▶️ TELEGRAM: https://t.me/globaltechexch ________________________________________________________________ Disclaimer: There is risk involved in trading, mining, staking, lending and investing in Cryptocurrency. Professor Crypto does not take any responsibility for any losses that may occur. Professor Crypto does not give financial advice. No copyright infringement intended. This video is strictly intended for entertainment purposes only. Professor Crypto does not own any copyrights to the music, videos, or images being used in this video.
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The Connected Vehicle: How Analytics Drives Telematics Value
http://www.sas.com/automotive Learn how SAS' Internet of Things technology is turning mundane telematics trouble codes into real value in the automotive and trucking industries. When everything is connected, we need answers, we need the Analytics of Things. SAS AUTOMOTIVE SOLUTIONS Drive better decisions with the world’s best analytics. SAS has automotive solutions for: * Sales & Marketing * Product & Process Quality * Aftermarket Service * Credit & Finance * Supply & Demand Planning * And more... LEARN MORE ABOUT SAS SOLUTIONS FOR AUTOMOTIVE http://www.sas.com/en_us/industry/automotive.html SUBSCRIBE TO THE SAS SOFTWARE YOUTUBE CHANNEL http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=sassoftware ABOUT SAS SAS is the leader in analytics. Through innovative analytics, business intelligence and data management software and services, SAS helps customers at more than 75,000 sites make better decisions faster. Since 1976, SAS has been giving customers around the world THE POWER TO KNOW®. VISIT SAS http://www.sas.com CONNECT WITH SAS SAS ► http://www.sas.com SAS Customer Support ► http://support.sas.com SAS Communities ► http://communities.sas.com Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/SASsoftware Twitter ► https://www.twitter.com/SASsoftware LinkedIn ► http://www.linkedin.com/company/sas Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/+sassoftware Blogs ► http://blogs.sas.com RSS ►http://www.sas.com/rss
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Он вам не Димон
Секретные дворцы, виноградники и яхты Дмитрия Медведева — https://dimon.navalny.com С гордостью представляем вам самое большое на сегодняшний день расследование Фонда борьбы с коррупцией. Мы нашли и документально описали коррупционную империю премьер-министра, состоящую из сети благотворительных организаций, оформленных на его доверенных лиц. Олигархи и государственные банки своими взятками накачивали эти благотворительные фонды, а потом деньги тратились на строительство и покупку роскошной недвижимости в России и за рубежом. Документы, подтверждающие каждый факт, изложенный в фильме, содержатся в текстовом расследовании — https://dimon.navalny.com Мы призываем всех помочь нам с распространением этого расследования. Отправьте ссылку друзьям и знакомым, повесьте ее в социальные сети. Если вы поддерживаете кандидатуру Алексея Навального на выборах в президенты России, то поставьте подпись за его выдвижение — https://2018.navalny.com Поддержать Фонд борьбы с коррупцией — https://donate.fbk.info/
Features, Merits and Demerits of Multinational Corporations Cl XI Bussiness Studies by Ruby Singh
For the first time in INDIA, textbook in Economics, Accountancy & Business Studies with FREE Video Lectures by Eminent Authors/Subject Expert. To buy books visit www.goyal-books.com To view FREE Video Lectures visit www.goyalsOnline.com/commerce About the Book » Written strictly according to the latest syllabus prescribed by the CB.S.E., New Delhi. » Up-to-date study material provided by using the latest available data. » Elaborate explanation of the concepts. » Summary (Points to Remember) given at the end of each Chapter. » Numerical Problems from previous years' question papers incorporated and solved in the respective Chapters. » Methodology of solving typical numerical problems given wherever necessary. » Methodology of drawing typical diagrams given wherever necessary. » Comprehensive Exercises given at the end of each Chapter. » Sample Question Paper given at the end of the book. » Multi-disciplinay Problems given at the end of the books. » Video lectures on each topic with replies to queries for better and clear understanding of the concepts by the Author/Subject Matter Expert. Benefits of Video Lectures » Easy to access anytime: With video lectures, students can learn anywhere from their mobile devices: desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones. » Students learn when they are primed to learn. » Students can pause, rewind and replay the lecture. » Eases the distraction of having to transcribe the lectures. » Self-paced learning: Students can follow along with the lecture at their own pace, going more slowly or quickly » Bookmarking: Students can bookmark the point where they're up to in the video so they can easily return and continue watching the lecture at a later point. » Searchability: Students can easily search through the lecture to find the required sub-topic they need, without having to rewind and fast forward throughout the video. » Greater accuracy: Students will understand the lecture better and can make sure that they have not misheard anything. » Facilitates thinking and problem solving: It improves research skills, collaborative working, problem solving, technology and organisational skills.
Becoming a Squeaky Wheel: Louise Lamphere, Ph.D. at TEDxMosesBrownSchool
Louise Lamphere, Ph.D., is an anthropologist, gender scholar, advocate, professor at University of New Mexico, and author. More information about Moses Brown School can be found at www.mosesbrown.org. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Philip Morris Corporate Affairs
Philip Morris Corporate Affairs by Rad Communications
4: Marketing Job Interview #2
2.3 of 10 Created for : Marketing in the 21st Century - ESP Marketing for Professionals by David Stig Hansen see it here free : bit.ly/1nn9uVr www.facebook.com/davidstighansen Patreon : www.patreon.com/davidstighansen #secretsofspokenenglish #thesecretsofspokenenglish www.facebook.com/thesecretsofspokenenglish/ 你從來沒有教過連音 Play all marketing videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxCa95pKNYUNOcUG_PeXbTYEFSCZ6qV_r 101 A/B AIDA API Acquisition Ad Advertising Agreement Analysis Analytics Application Automation B2B B2C Business Business-to-Business Business-to-Consumer C2C CAC CAN-SPAM CASL CEO CMS COS CPL CRM CRO CSR CSS CTR Calendar Code Content Context Conversion Corporate Cost Cost-per-Lead Crowdsourced Customer Design Digital Ebook Editorial Email Engagement Engine Evergreen Experience Facebook Feed Five Forces Form Friction Funnel Google+ HTML Hashtag Identity Inbound Indicator Industry Infographic Infomercial Instagram Interface Investment JavaScript KPI Key Keyword LTV LTV:CAC Landing Lead Level Lifecycle Lifetime Link LinkedIn Long-Tail MICE MRR Management Marcom Marketing Media Metrics Microsite Middle Mobile Monthly NPS Native Net News No-Follow Nurturing Off-Page Offer On-Page Optimization PEST PPC PR Page Path Pay-per-Click Performance Pinterest Porter’s Programming Promoter Proof Ps QR Qualified ROI Rate Recurring Relationship Responsive Results Return Retweet Revenue SEO SLA SMB SWOT SaaS Score Search Sender Service Sitemap Small-to-Medium Smarketing Snapchat Social Software-as-a-Service Stages Strategy System TV Testing Top Twitter UI URL UX Unique User VP Value View Viral Visitor WOM Website Word-of-Mouth Workflow XML YouTube a accommodations acquisition acronym activities ad adopters ads advertising agencies agency agent agreement analysis analyze and answers appeal appearance approve associate attend audience awareness banner beating benchmarking billboards blogging booth bottom bounce brainstorming brand branded branding budget bulk bundles business buyer buyers buzz call-to-action calls campaign cash catalogue cause-related celebrity chain change channel channels charge charities charity children choose churn click clicked click-through climate closed-loop cold collection color commercial commercialization commission company competition competitor competitors concept conference consumer consumers contacts content contract convenience convention corporate coverage cow creation cross cruise current customer customers cycle data define deliverables demand demographics design desired determine development differentiate differentiation direct discount discounts distribution dogs domestic donation donations dynamic early economic economies economy editorial email emails emotional employee endorsement entry environment establish ethics event events exclusivity exhibition existing expectations export exposition facilities fair feasible findings flier focus for forecasting four franchises free from full funnel generate generation generic giveaways global goals grass green group growth guide high high-street home hospitality hypermarkets idea image impact implementation in individual industry innovators insights international interview introduce introduction investment is join joint key keywords laggards last late launch letters levels licensing life likelihood line local lodging logos loyalty magazine magazines mags mail mailing maintaining maintenance majority manufacturer manufacturing market marketing maturity media merchandise message mining mission mix mtg model moderator modes mouth movable new news newsletters newspapers niche objectives operations optimization order outdoor outlet oversees packaging page parks penetration perceptions performance persona place planning position positioning posters prelaunch press price pricing primary print printing problem product products professional profile profit profitable promotion promotional proposition protection psychographics public publications publicity purchasing qualitative quality quantitative questionnaire quotes radio rate rational rebrand rebranding reception reinforce relations release remarketing reports representatives research respondent response responsibility responsible restaurants results retail retailers retention revenue reward risk rivalry roots sales scale screening seasonal secondary segment segmentation sellers served service share sheet sheets ships shops show signage signs situation social spamming special sponsoring spot stages stakeholders stands stars stereotypes stores strategies strategy street stunt success supervises suppliers supply survey surveys tactics target targeting technically telegraph telemarketing telephone television test testing the theme through tolerance tour tourism trade traditional transportation travel type types universal value values venture viable vision warehouse webpage website websites wholesalers word year
Arcelor Mittal WebTV: Episode III // Research & Development
In the highly competitive arena of research and development, Arcelor Mittal today faces the challenge of integrating R&D departments worldwide. From cooperative projects to knowledge sharing and deciding the future of R&D departments, many issues must be addressed. In this episode, hear how Arcelor Mittal's people are facing these issues and what they are doing to make the integration a reality. For more information see www.arcelormittal.tv
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NEPTUNUS Power Plant Services Private Limited
Neptunus' focus is Service Excellence for the Marine, Offshore, Industrial and Mining Sectors. We specialize in large gas and diesel engine repairs, spare parts, maintenance and troubleshooting solutions, and also trade in non-ferrous alloys. Our skilled and versatile teams, focus on continual improvement and emphasis on our people and culture have helped us build an organization whose cornerstone is Customer Delight. Today, we are aware that technology and skills are replicable globally. Our people and culture, however, can differentiate us. Our team of nearly 100 is united and driven by our core values of being the DBEST. • Delighting Customers • Business Ethics • Empowered Employees • Safety and Social Responsibility • Technical Excellence
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Global Jobcoin (GJC) | Blockchain Meets Employment Services
🙏 THANKS FOR WATCHING! 🙏 🤓 In this video, I covered Global Jobcoin (GJC). Global Jobcoin is a new decentralised coin which has been created to pay for goods and services on the previously successful platform, JobsToday. JobsToday are an employment services platform based in Switzerland. They were founded in 2014 and have over 1 million users. GJC has already raised 9 million in the pre-sale and they're looking very positive for the future. Check them out! 🤓 🗒️ Information Sources 🗒️ - Gobal Jobcoin (GJC) Website https://www.globaljobcoin.com/ - Gobal Jobcoin (GJC) White paper https://www.globaljobcoin.com/media/files/documents/GJC_Whitepaper.pdf - Gobal Jobcoin (GJC) Benefits https://medium.com/@Globaljobcoin/why-global-jobcoin-is-top-rated-ico-149ad9940610 - JobsToday Platform http://ch.jobstoday.it/en/ 🤑 Bitcoin Mining 🤑 Sign up with USI Tech and start mining Bitcoin today! https://f693f570.usi-tech.info/register 💰 Purchase Cryptocurrency 💰 Coinbase - Free $10USD worth of Bitcoin when you spend $100USD! https://www.coinbase.com/join/59256e7ddfebd845d6d99e90 Coinspot - Australian exchange with 50+ Alt-coins available! https://www.coinspot.com.au?affiliate=GLPB2 Coinjar - Receive 500 Coinjar points FREE when you sign up! https://www.coinjar.com/_ref/@investacoin 👤 Social Media 👤 Facebook - Client Contact & Business Enquiries https://www.facebook.com/ben.riley.18041092 Instagram - Crypto Humour, Innovation, and Info Updates https://www.instagram.com/the_crypto_god/?hl=en Steemit - Crypto News, Technical Analysis, and Updates https://steemit.com/@thecryptogod Twitter - Video Uploads and Quick Updates https://twitter.com/The_Crypto_God Email - Business Relations and Enquiries [email protected] 🔔 Content Alerts 🔔 Make sure to Subscribe to the channel and click on the bell for upload notifications! 💎 Donations: 💎 Bitcoin (BTC): 1JyzwRYEG6svDqJDDnJtAbkqqgDkBCxJa6 Ethereum (ETH): 0x06879726B6978A638C3c27091AA24265AfD6fe39 Litecoin (LTC): LXMgELLGnvxMR1kQYZTC7PQ2EAHkiRiAn4 ☠️⚠️☢️ **** DISCLAIMER **** ☠️⚠️☢️ This is NOT financial advice. I am NOT a licensed financial advisor. I accept no responsibility for your financial decisions. Any decision you make involving your own money is completely at YOUR own discretion. Any content shown is for Informational and Entertainment purposes ONLY. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "The Best Automated Crypto Trading Bot | CryptoHopper" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TWC-JDA854 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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The Story of Stuff
From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. It'll teach you something, it'll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the stuff in your life forever. http://storyofstuff.org And for all you fact checkers out there: http://storyofstuff.org/movies/story-of-stuff/ GET INVOLVED: http://action.storyofstuff.org/sign/social-action/ FOLLOW US: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/storyofstuff/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/storyofstuff Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/storyofstuff/ SUPPORT THE PROJECT: https://action.storyofstuff.org/donate/social_donations/ Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/BKO/
Futurist: Sustainability Issues - Betsy Cohen Career Girls Role Model
Futurist Betsy Cohen shares valuable career guidance and life advice with girls. Watch her full interview at http://www.careergirls.org Welcome to our community! ♥ Website: http://www.careergirls.org ♥ Twitter: https://twitter.com/careergirlsorg ♥ Facebook: https://facebook.com/CareerGirls ♥ Instagram: http://instagram.com/career_girls ♥ Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/careergirlsorg/ ♥ CareerGirls Blog: http://www.careergirls.org/community
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Powering the Future: the Value of Sustainability to Caterpillar
In 2013, Caterpillar began a transformational journey with respect to sustainability. From February through November, a "Powering the Future" team, one of our Leadership Excellence in Accountability and Development (L.E.A.D.) leadership development programs, performed an in-depth analysis of our existing sustainability capabilities and strategy. The team was comprised of Caterpillar leaders from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives. They compared Caterpillar sustainability commitments and achievements to those of our peers and competitors. They also examined a variety of global trends and how they relate to the Caterpillar enterprise and our employees. As the team dug deeper into the various challenges and opportunities, they all reached the same conclusion: It is time to officially recognize sustainability as a core value at Caterpillar. They developed a bold recommendation for this important shift during the 2013 Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) review. Following careful consideration and approval by the Executive Office, sustainability will now be recognized as a core value at Caterpillar. We captured some of the team's perspectives and observations from this project and they can be viewed here: http://youtu.be/zfaHhrYCxnk Click here to read more in the 2013 Sustainability Report about sustainability as a core value at Caterpillar: reports.caterpillar.com/sr/approach_sustainabilityStrategies.html Click here to see other videos that higlight Caterpillar values, initiatives, stories and products.: www.youtube.com/user/CaterpillarInc © 2014 | 3BL Media/Caterpillar Inc. | All Rights Reserved
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Anthony Deden | Grant Williams  | Real Vision™
In his first-ever interview, Tony Deden, chairman of Edelweiss Holdings talks with Grant Williams of Real Vision. Subscribe to Real Vision for just $180/year and get a full year of free access to Business Insider Prime (worth $99): https://rvtv.io/2NemPS7 Anthony’s focus on scarcity and endurance in his investment portfolio and the stewardship of what he thinks of as irreplaceable capital has led him to reinvent the discipline of value investing. Tony’s thoughtful, patient approach to the allocation of his investors’ capital has yielded exceptional returns – and his disciplined investment philosophy offers an eye-opening insight into many of the problems inherent in the modern-day asset management business. Watch more Real Vision™ videos: http://po.st/RealVisionVideos Subscribe to Real Vision™ on YouTube: http://po.st/RealVisionSubscribe Start a 14-day free trial: https://rvtv.io/2NfusU4 About Real Vision™: Real Vision™ is the destination for the world’s most successful investors to share their thoughts about what’s happening in today's markets. Think: TED Talks for Finance. On Real Vision™ you get exclusive access to watch the most successful investors, hedge fund managers and traders who share their frank and in-depth investment insights with no agenda, hype or bias. Make smart investment decisions and grow your portfolio with original content brought to you by the biggest names in finance, who get to say what they really think on Real Vision™. Connect with Real Vision™ Online: Linkedin: https://rvtv.io/2xbskqx Twitter: https://rvtv.io/2p5PrhJ Anthony Deden | Grant Williams | Real Vision™ https://www.youtube.com/c/RealVisionTelevision Transcript: For me, the best part of my Real Vision journey has been the chance to refine my own investment framework through a series of conversations with brilliant investors in every corner of the globe. In this series, I want to continue my education by digging deeper into the lives and careers of my guests to try and learn how they think. I want to understand the experiences that have shaped them, the failures they bounced back from, and the lessons that those failures have taught them. And I want to break down their success to find out what sets them apart. I'm not looking for trade ideas or guesses about an unknowable future, but rather knowledge, accumulated over the course of careers to try and make me a better investor. And I want to share those conversations with you. Several years ago, I was introduced to my guest today by mutual friends who'd entrusted a significant portion of their savings to. This man, they told me, invest in a way which is not only unlike the methods employed by 99% of money managers today, but also with an integrity and a methodology which is a throwback to a time which is sadly almost vanished. In the intervening period, as I've gotten to know my guest better, I spent a considerable amount of time trying to persuade him to sit down with me and share both his experience and his investment philosophy with the Real Vision audience. Sadly, each of my invitations has been met with a very polite, but very firm, no thank you. This was no surprise to me. My guest has never before been interviewed, either in writing or on camera, and for good reason. He's a private man who prefers to spend his time reading and thinking, who invests far from the spotlight, and with no care for either mainstream opinion or consensus strategies. A year ago, I finally got to meet my guest, and I spent an evening I will never forget listening to him talk about how he sees the world and how he thinks about the discipline of investing. That meeting made me more determined than ever to try and persuade him to break his silence and give others the chance to learn from him as I had done. Now, three years after I first approached him, he's very graciously agreed to talk to me in front of the Real Vision cameras. And so I'm excited to be traveling to the Swiss Alps to discover how his framework has evolved over the years and see how he looks at the process of investing that which he considers permanent, irreplaceable capital. So please join me for a conversation with Tony Deden. There are going to people that watch this who know you, and they're probably sitting there thinking, why the hell is Tony Deden doing it? And then they're going to people that don't know who, after this conversation, are going to go, why the hell do I not know Tony Deden? So I know this is the first time you've done one of these and I really appreciate the fact that you've agreed to do it, because there's so many things I want to talk to you about.
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PAYERA — специализированная платёжная платформа
PAYERA— это специализированная платёжная платформа, которая будет иметь собственный мультивалютный кошелёк и обменник. Пользователи платформы PAYERA имеют возможность совершать полностью безопасные покупки с использованием крипто валюты. ====================================================== МОНЕТА Тикер монеты – PERА Платформа монеты - ERC20 Период проведения PreICO – 30 мая 2018 - 15 июня 2018 Краудсейл - 20 Июня 2018 - 18 Июля 2018 Soft cap - 8 000 000 долларов США Hard cap – 60 000 000 долларов США Всего будет выпущено – 2 100 000 000 PERA Стоимость 1 PERA = 0,05 USD Купить монеты можно за - ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH Прохождение KYC – ДА ======================================================Link to the website - https://payera.io Group in Telegram - https://t.me/payera Official Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/payera.io/ Official Twitter - https://twitter.com/PAYERAio Whitepaper - https://payera.io/WHITEPAPER.pdf The theme of the project on the forum is - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3512743.0 My profile - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1364417 P.S.: Данный материал выложен для ознакомления и понимания сути проекта. Перед принятием решения об инвестировании советую вам более детально изучать техническую документацию проекта. Инвестиции в ICO сопряжены с высокими рисками.
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Canadá: Impacto de empresas mineras canadienses en A. Latina
Impacto de las actividades de empresas mineras canadienses sobre los derechos humanos en América Latina Audiencia Pública del 153 Período de Sesiones de la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH) Martes, 28 de octubre de 2014 → Extracto del informe sobre el 153 Período de Sesiones de la CIDH http://www.oas.org/es/cidh/prensa/comunicados/2014/131A.asp Los peticionarios alegaron que el Estado canadiense juega un papel central en permitir los impactos adversos en los derechos humanos de las empresas mineras canadienses en el extranjero a través de actos de comisión y omisión, como el ejercicio de la diplomacia minera, por una parte, y la ausencia de políticas y leyes que trate de los efectos extraterritoriales de la minería canadiense, por el otro. Los peticionarios presentaron una serie de casos para ilustrar la situación, citando el informe "Impacto de la Minería canadiense en América Latina y la responsabilidad de Canadá". Por su parte, el gobierno de Canadá declaró que espera que todas las empresas que operan internacionalmente respeten las leyes nacionales, y señaló algunas de sus iniciativas, como el Marco de Responsabilidad Social Corporativa (Corporate Social Responsibility, en inglés) que abarcaría todos los sectores industriales. Los Comisionados señalaron que a pesar de las seguridades dadas por Canadá, la CIDH continúa recibiendo información sobre una serie de graves abusos contra los derechos humanos relacionados con la minería canadiense en la región, incluso en relación con el derecho a la vida, y destacaron el hecho de que los derechos humanos trascienden las fronteras nacionales. → Mira las fotos en nuestro album de Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/cidh/sets/72157649004909361/ → Accede a las fotografías y sección multimedia sobre el 153 Período de Sesiones de la CIDH: http://www.oas.org/es/cidh/multimedia/sesiones/153/default.asp → Descarga el informe completo en PDF del 153 Período de Sesiones de la CIDH http://www.oas.org/es/cidh/prensa/docs/Informe-153.pdf → CIDH culmina 153 Período de Sesiones / IACHR Wraps Up its 153rd Session: http://www.oas.org/es/cidh/prensa/Comunicados/2014/131.asp → Accede a los Comunicados de Prensa de la CIDH / Get the press releases of the IACHR http://www.oas.org/en/iachr/media_center/press_releases.asp → Unidad sobre los Derechos Económicos, Sociales y Culturales / Unit on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights http://www.oas.org/es/cidh/desc/ → Participantes / Participants: × Justice and Corporate Accountability Project (JCAP) / Halifax Initiative / Mining Watch Canada × Canada / State of Canada Impact of Canadian Mining Activities on Human Rights In Latin America Public Hearing on the 153rd Session of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) Tuesday, October 28, 2014 → Extract from the report on the 153rd Session of the IACHR: http://www.oas.org/en/iachr/media_center/PReleases/2014/131A.asp The petitioners alleged that the Canadian State plays a central role in enabling the adverse human rights impacts of Canadian mining companies abroad through acts of commission and omission, such as the exercise of mining diplomacy, on the one hand, and the absence of policies and laws that address the extraterritorial impacts of Canadian mining, on the other. The petitioners presented a series of cases to illustrate the situation, citing the report “The Impact of Canadian Mining in Latin America and Canada’s Responsibility.” For its part, the Canadian government stated that it expects all companies operating internationally to respect national laws, and noted a number of its initiatives such as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Framework covering all industrial sectors. Commissioners noted that despite Canada’s assurance, the IACHR continues to receive information on a number of very serious human rights abuses related to Canadian mining in the region, including in relation to the right to life, and highlighted the fact that human rights transcend national borders.
ITU WEBINAR: Launch of ITU Trends in Telecommunication Reform 2013 Regulatory Report
The first in a series of ITU Webinars: The Launch of ITU Trends in Telecommunication Reform 2013 Regulatory Report. Recorded on 18 April 2013, at the ITU TV Studio in Geneva. The 2013 edition of ITU's flagship regulatory report 'Trends in Telecommunication Reform', highlights the increasingly global nature of information and communication technology (ICT) regulation and the crucial link between effective regulation of the ICT sector and the range, quality and affordability of ICT services available to consumers and business users alike. An Executive Summary of the report in English is available online: http://www.itu.int/dms_pub/itu-d/opb/reg/D-REG-TTR.14-2013-SUM-PDF-E.pdf Media may obtain a full copy of the report from the ITU Press Office by contacting [email protected] The report is initially available in English, with other language versions to follow in the coming weeks. www.itu.int
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Veritas Mining  ICO
Conheça a ICO da Veritas Mining, uma empresa Eco-Friendly Website https://www.veritasmining.co/ Telegram - https://t.me/joinchat/CvhCSRGJrlvYHnVN6LJDhQ Whitepaper - https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/69d1f1_e49b8e61526e413d97116ab1620e9e86.pdf
मार्केटिंग क्या है? (Marketing Kya Hai-Marketing in Hindi) by Dr Vijay Prakash Anand
#Marketing #WhatisMarketing #MarketingManagement #MarketingByVIjay "MARKETING MANAGEMENT MASTERCLASS" Course Link and Discount Code: https://www.udemy.com/marketing-management-masterclass/?couponCode=MARKETINGYT मार्केटिंग क्या है? (What is Marketing in Hindi) : 'मार्केटिंग बाय विजय' यूट्यूब चैनल में आपका स्वागत है. मार्केटिंग में सबसे पहला प्रश्न जो दिमाग में आता है - मार्केटिंग क्या है?; उसका उत्तर इस पहले हिंदी वीडियो में आपको मिलेगा. कृपया इसे लाइक करे और चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करे. चैनल को बेहतर बनाने के लिए आपके कमैंट्स और फीडबैक का हमें इंतज़ार है. ................................................................................................ Web: www.marketingbyvijay.com Check out my blog: https://marketingbyvijay.wordpress.com/ Like my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/marketingbyvijay Please send your queries, feedback and suggestions on [email protected]
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The Kenya Films Classification Board welcomes move by the Communication Authority to regulate media
The Kenya Films Classification Board says the government is keen to regulate the media industry through stringent laws because the Kenyan media has to regulate themselves. The board’s chief executive officer Ezekiel Mutua has welcomed the Communication Authority’s action to gazette controversial regulations designed to ensure that all players in the broadcast and film industries operate with a high sense of responsibility and general considerations of decency. Watch KTN Live http://www.ktnkenya.tv/live Watch KTN News http://www.ktnnews.com Follow us on http://www.twitter.com/ktnkenya Like us on http://www.facebook.com/ktnkenya
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Military Spending | January 30, 2019 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS
The U.S. Military's budget is more than almost every other department combined which is why it is in ship shape – the ship being one of the disintegrating ships currently in our fleet. Watch Full Frontal with Samantha Bee all new Wednesdays at 10:30/ 9:30c on TBS! Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/fullfrontalsamb?sub_confirmation=1 Follow Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: Twitter: https://twitter.com/FullFrontalSamB Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fullfrontalsamb/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fullfrontalsamb/ Medium: https://medium.com/@fullfrontalsamb/ SamBee.com #SamanthaBee #FullFrontalSamB
Microsoft Build 2018 // Vision Keynote
CEO Satya Nadella takes the stage at Microsoft Build, our annual developer conference, at 8:30AM PT Monday, May 7. Join us to learn what's next for developers: https://news.microsoft.com/build2018/ Subscribe to Microsoft on YouTube here: https://aka.ms/SubscribeToYouTube Follow us on social: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/microsoft/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Microsoft Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Microsoft/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/microsoft/ For more about Microsoft, our technology, and our mission, visit https://aka.ms/microsoftstories
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Meaning of Ethics Lecture in Hindi - Ethics And Communication | IPCC
intro music credit - http://www.bensound.com/
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Tim O'Reilly: "WTF?: What's the Future and Why It's Up to Us" | Talks at Google
WTF? can be an expression of amazement or an expression of dismay. In today’s economy, we have far too much dismay along with our amazement, and technology bears some of the blame. In this combination of memoir, business strategy guide, and call to action, Tim O'Reilly, Silicon Valley’s leading intellectual and the founder of O’Reilly Media, explores the upside and the potential downsides of today's WTF? technologies. What is the future when an increasing number of jobs can be performed by intelligent machines instead of people, or done only by people in partnership with those machines? What happens to our consumer based societies—to workers and to the companies that depend on their purchasing power? Is income inequality and unemployment an inevitable consequence of technological advancement, or are there paths to a better future? What will happen to business when technology-enabled networks and marketplaces are better at deploying talent than traditional companies? How should companies organize themselves to take advantage of these new tools? What’s the future of education when on-demand learning outperforms traditional institutions? How can individuals continue to adapt and retrain? Will the fundamental social safety nets of the developed world survive the transition, and if not, what will replace them? O'Reilly is "the man who can really can make a whole industry happen," according to Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Alphabet (Google.) His genius over the past four decades has been to identify and to help shape our response to emerging technologies with world shaking potential—the World Wide Web, Open Source Software, Web 2.0, Open Government data, the Maker Movement, Big Data, and now AI. O’Reilly shares the techniques he's used at O’Reilly Media to make sense of and predict past innovation waves and applies those same techniques to provide a framework for thinking about how today’s world-spanning platforms and networks, on-demand services, and artificial intelligence are changing the nature of business, education, government, financial markets, and the economy as a whole. He provides tools for understanding how all the parts of modern digital businesses work together to create marketplace advantage and customer value, and why ultimately, they cannot succeed unless their ecosystem succeeds along with them. The core of the book's call to action is an exhortation to businesses to DO MORE with technology rather than just using it to cut costs and enrich their shareholders. Robots are going to take our jobs, they say. O'Reilly replies, “Only if that’s what we ask them to do! Technology is the solution to human problems, and we won’t run out of work till we run out of problems." Entrepreneurs need to set their sights on how they can use big data, sensors, and AI to create amazing human experiences and the economy of the future, making us all richer in the same way the tools of the first industrial revolution did. Yes, technology can eliminate labor and make things cheaper, but at its best, we use it to do things that were previously unimaginable! What is our poverty of imagination? What are the entrepreneurial leaps that will allow us to use the technology of today to build a better future, not just a more efficient one? Whether technology brings the WTF? of wonder or the WTF? of dismay isn't inevitable. It's up to us! Get the book here: https://goo.gl/bQNCQN
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Was Hitler a Socialist? - A Response to Steven Crowder and Others
Congrats if you made it through this. =Support me via= ► Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/join/ThreeArrows? ► TipJar: https://ko-fi.com/threearrows =Other Stuff= ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/_DanArrows ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dan.arrows/ ► Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/3Arrows/ Video by Kaiser Williams: https://youtu.be/Yjz_sfRr8aU =Quotes= 7:33 Gedanken über die Aufgaben der Zukunft - Gregor Strasser (Also used in the Snopes article below) 9:32 The Nazi Movement - Theodore Abel (Section III - 2 Hitler becomes the Leader) 15:36 Das industrialisierte Deutschland 1914 bis 1992 - Friedrich-Wilhelm Henning (p.146) (Animation done by twitter.com/@RobotBrush 16:42 Das industrialisierte Deutschland 1914 bis 1992 - Friedrich-Wilhelm Henning (p.147) 22:13 Against the mainstream: Nazi privatization in 1930s Germany - Germà Bel (Conclusion) 27:12 Doctors, Pregnancy, Childbirth and Abortion during the Third Reich - Tessa Chelouche MD 33: 14 Mein Kampf - Adolf Hitler Chapter 2: Years Of Study And Suffering In Vienna 34:09 Hitler's Crusade: Bolshevism and the Myth of the International Jewish Conspiracy - Lorna Waddington (p. 8) 35:18 The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany - William L. Shirer (p.77) (Cited in the Snopes article below) 35:44 Hitler - Joachim C. Fest (Cited in the Snopes article below) 36:40 Hitler: A Biography - Ian Kershaw (Cited in the Snopes article below) =Economy of Nazi Germany= Das industrialisierte Deutschland 1914 bis 1992 - Friedrich-Wilhelm Henning 'Kanonen statt Butter': Wirtschaft und Konsum im Dritten Reich - Tim Schanetzky Against the mainstream: Nazi privatization in 1930s Germany - Germà Bel (http://www.ub.edu/graap/nazi.pdf) =The Autobahn Myth= https://www.historytoday.com/uwe-oster/autobahn-myth (paywall) https://www.dw.com/en/the-myth-of-hitlers-role-in-building-the-autobahn/a-16144981 =Used Material by other Creators= Video by Steven Crowder: https://youtu.be/VybWkpt_3Jo Article: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/myth-busted-actually-yes-hitler-was-a-socialist-liberal/ Video featuring Ben Shapiro: https://youtu.be/1JkyT69Do0w Ben Shapiros answer on Quora: https://www.quora.com/Why-do-you-believe-that-the-Nazis-were-left-wing Promotional material for "Death of a Nation" is taken from Dinesh D'Souzas twitter account: https://twitter.com/DineshDSouza =Additional material= "The Socialists leave the NSDAP" - Otto Strasser (https://www.ns-archiv.de/nsdap/sozialisten/sozialisten-verlassen-nsdap.php) Kraft durch Freude: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kraft_durch_Freude =For a rough overview on the topic= Askhistorians thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskHistorians/comments/6uwg20/were_nazis_socialists/ https://www.snopes.com/news/2017/09/05/were-nazis-socialists/ https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/hitler-nazis-capitalist-system/ https://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2018/aug/03/donald-trump-jr/did-nazi-platform-echo-democratic-platform-donald-/
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HyperNormalisation (2016 + subs) by Adam Curtis - A different experience of reality FULL DOCUMENTARY
Added subtitles (french, braziianl, hebrew, english, croatian, spanish, turkish and russian) The cult documentary maker explores the falsity of modern life in his own inimitable style. Though he’s spent the best part of four decades making television, Curtis’s signature blend of hypnotic archive footage, authoritative voiceover and a seemingly inexhaustible appetite for bizarre historical tangents is better suited to the web, a place just as resistant to the narrative handholding of broadcast TV as he is. He argues that an army of technocrats, complacent radicals and Faustian internet entrepreneurs have conspired to create an unreal world; one whose familiar and often comforting details blind us to its total inauthenticity.
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«Democracy Now!» A Talk by Journalist Amy Goodman
Covering the Movements Changing the World In these times of war and elections, movements and uprisings, we need independent media more than ever. The commercial media frequently serves as a mouthpiece for corporate and government interests—giving mostly a platform to the pundits and the pollsters who know so little about so much, explaining the world to us and getting it so wrong. Further information: https://www.rosalux.de/dokumentation/id/38096
Work of a Supervisor   पर्यवेक्षक के कार्य
Work of a Supervisor पर्यवेक्षक के कार्य
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http://ThoriumRemix.com/ Thorium is an abundant material which can be transformed into massive quantities of energy. To do so efficiently requires a very different nuclear reactor than the kind we use today- Not one that uses solid fuel rods, but a reactor in which the fuel is kept in a liquid state. Not one that uses pressurized water as a coolant, but a reactor that uses chemically stable molten salts. Such a reactor is called a "Molten Salt Reactor". Many different configurations are possible. Some of these configurations can harness Thorium very efficiently. This video explores the attributes of Molten Salt Reactors. Why are they compelling? And why do many people (including myself) see them as the only economical way of fully harnessing ALL our nuclear fuels... including Thorium. This video has been under development since 2012. I hope it conveys to you why I personally find Molten Salt Reactors so compelling, as do the many volunteers and supporters who helped create it. Much of the footage was shot by volunteers. All music was created by: http://kilowattsmusic.com To support this project, please visit: https://patreon.com/thorium Entities pursuing Molten Salt Reactors are... Flibe Energy - http://flibe-energy.com/ Terrestrial Energy - http://terrestrialenergy.com/ Moltex Energy - http://www.moltexenergy.com/ ThorCon Power - http://thorconpower.com/ Transatomic - http://www.transatomicpower.com/ Seaborg - http://seaborg.co/ Copenhagen Atomics - http://www.copenhagenatomics.com/ TerraPower - http://terrapower.com/ Bhabha Atomic Research Centre - http://www.barc.gov.in/ Chinese Academy of Sciences - http://english.cas.cn/ Regular Thorium conferences are organized by: http://thoriumenergyalliance.com/ http://thoriumenergyworld.com/ Table of Contents 0:00:00 Space 0:17:29 Constraints 0:28:22 Coolants 0:40:15 MSRE 0:48:54 Earth 0:59:46 Thorium 1:22:03 LFTR 1:36:13 Revolution 1:44:58 Forward 1:58:11 ROEI 2:05:41 Beginning 2:08:36 History 2:38:59 Dowtherm 2:47:57 Salt 2:51:44 Pebbles 3:06:07 India 3:18:44 Caldicott 3:35:55 Fission 3:56:22 Spectrum 4:04:25 Chemistry 4:12:51 Turbine 4:22:27 Waste 4:40:15 Decommission 4:54:39 Candlelight 5:13:06 Facts 5:26:08 Future 5:55:39 Pitches 5:56:17 Terrestrial 6:08:33 ThorCon 6:11:45 Flibe 6:20:51 End 6:25:53 Credits Some of this footage is remixed from non-MSR related sources, to help explain the importance of energy for both space exploration and everyday life here on Earth. Most prominently... Pandora's Promise - https://youtu.be/bDw3ET3zqxk Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson - https://youtu.be/Pun76NZMjCk Dr. Robert Zubrin - https://youtu.be/EKQSijn9FBs Mars Underground - https://youtu.be/tcTZvNLL0-w Andy Weir & Adam Savage - https://youtu.be/5SemyzKgaUU Periodic Table Videos - https://youtube.com/channel/UCtESv1e7ntJaLJYKIO1FoYw
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The Choice is Ours (2016) Official Full Version
https://www.thevenusproject.com Intro: 0:00 Part 1 6:16 Part 2 23:28 Part 3 47:03 Part 4 1:19:09 Produced/Directed by Roxanne Meadows and Joel Holt Script by Roxanne Meadows Editor Joel Holt, assisted by Roxanne Meadows & Nathanael Dinwiddie Original Score by Kat Epple This film series explores many aspects of our society. To rethink what is possible in our world, we need to consider what kind of world we want to live in. Although we refer to it as a civilization, it is anything but civilized. Visions of global unity & fellowship have long inspired humanity, yet the social arrangements up to the present have largely failed to produce a peaceful and productive world. While we appear to be technically advanced, our values and behaviors are not. The possibility of an optimistic future is in stark contrast to our current social, economic, and environmental dilemmas. The Choice Is Ours includes interviews with notable scientists, media professionals, authors, and other thinkers exploring the difficulties we face. Part I provides an introduction and overview of cultural & environmental conditions that are untenable for a sustainable world civilization. It explores the determinants of behavior to dispel the myth of “human nature” while demonstrating how environment shapes behavior. The science of behavior is an important - yet largely missing - ingredient in our culture. Part II questions the values, behaviors, and consequences of our social structures, and illustrates how our global monetary system is obsolete and increasingly insufficient to meet the needs of most people. Critical consideration of the banking, media, and criminal justice systems reveals these institutions for what they really are: tools of social control managed by the established political and economic elite. If we stay the present course, the familiar cycles of crime, economic booms & busts, war, and further environmental destruction are inevitable. Part III explains the methods and potential of science. It proposes solutions that we can apply at present to eliminate the use of non-renewable sources of energy. It depicts the vision of The Venus Project to build an entirely new world from the ground up, a “redesign of the culture”, where all enjoy a high standard of living, free of servitude and debt, while also protecting the environment. Part IV explains how it is not just architecture and a social structure that is in desperate need of change, but our values which have been handed down from centuries ago. They too need to be updated to our technological age, which has the potential to eliminate our scarcity-driven societies of today. Our problems are mostly of our own making, but we can still turn things around before the point of no return. It’s not too late for an optimistic outlook on the fantastic possibilities that lie before us. Jacque Fresco-Futurist, Industrial Designer, Social Engineer, Founder of The Venus Project Jeffrey A. Hoffman Ph.D. - Prof. Aeronautics & Astronautics MIT, Former NASA Astronaut Henry Schlinger, Ph.D., BCBA-D - Prof. Psychology CAL State University Abby Martin - Journalist & Host "The Empire Files" Karen Hudes - Economist, Lawyer, World Bank Whistleblower Erin Ade - Reporter & Host "Boom Bust" – RT Paul Wright - Founder & Director of Human Rights Defense Center, Editor of Prison Legal News, Author Dylan Ratigan - Author & TV Host "The Dylan Ratigan Show" Mark Jacobson, Ph.D. - Prof. Civil & Env. Engineering, Stanford University. www.thesolutionsproject.org Erik Brynjolfsson, Ph.D. - Prof. of Management-MIT Sloan School of Management, Dir. MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, Author Lawrence M. Krauss, Ph.D. - Foundation Prof. School of Earth and Space Exploration, and director of Origins Project, Arizona State University. Author "A Universe from Nothing". Paul G. Hewitt - Author "Conceptual Physics" Roxanne Meadows - Co-Founder The Venus Project *special thanks also to Alexander "Obraz" ...Obraz.io who created the many 2d motion depictions (plus the sound fx!) of concepts such as the "hamburgers and fried chicken" segment and many others which are Alexander's inimitable work style and attention to details where we needed very specific illustrations of key points. The Venus Project proposes an alternative vision of what the future can be if we apply what we already know in order to achieve a sustainable new world civilization. It calls for a straightforward redesign of our culture in which the age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable but as totally unacceptable. Anything less will result in a continuation of the same catalog of problems inherent in today's world. Learn more at http://www.thevenusproject.com Support/donate to the project: https://www.thevenusproject.com/donations/ Become a volunteer:https://www.thevenusproject.com/become-a-volunteer/
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Nuclear Australia - Energy Freedom by Dr. Ben Heard
South Australia has been called the Saudi Arabia of uranium, with 27% of the world's economically demonstrated reserves. Every pound of Australian yellowcake is exported to civilian Nuclear reactors in the United States, Russia, China, Europe, South Korea, and Japan. Not one bit remains in South Australia for further value adding, or to provide zero-carbon electricity. Nuclear power production has been banned in Australia since 1998. https://decarbonisesa.com/2012/09/12/that-day-in-december-the-story-of-nuclear-prohibition-in-australia/ Dr. Ben Heard spoke to Friedman Conference (May) 2018 in Sydney, to argue for Energy Freedom. https://youtu.be/BhQCi0hnamc ...that original video lacked integration of slides. (I have added slides and some clarifying multimedia content concerning prominent anti-nuclear campaigning.) Ben Heard has received completed a Masters of Corporate Environmental and Sustainability Management from Monash University, and PhD at the University of Adelaide. In 2016, he founded Australia's first pro-nuclear environmental not-for-profit organisation: Bright New World. https://www.brightnewworld.org/ Tables shown in video: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/315309340_Risk_Assessment_of_Accidents_Wind_Power_vs_Traditional_Energy_Sources http://www.iaea.org/inis/collection/NCLCollectionStore/_Public/36/108/36108753.pdf Ben writing about actuarial studies on safety: https://decarbonisesa.com/2011/12/22/nuclear-power-a-safe-option/
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Harald Kautz Vella: The alien terraforming agenda on DTV
Harald Kautz Vella ; The alien terraforming agenda DTV Harald Kautz-Vella is my guest, from Germany In this 9th show on DTV Dimensions TV The alien Terraforming agenda: Engineered mass poisoning & remedies for conscious Humans! Harald talked to us about his experiences & research : From the lies of peak oil & “no-fossil” fuel to the AI alien black goo, Harald Kautz-Vella will discuss this black alien nanotech outbreak & substance absorbing all of human consciousness via the Transhumanist agenda & its DNA degenerative program. Can Environmental medicine heal mankind amidst this dark era crippled with viruses issued from military labs, possibly an end-cycle? Will the AI infection swallow & digest all of human soul intelligence, or will we be sent back to oblivion and a new Atlantean flooding cycle, and a possible reset for our civilization? We covered many topics, among which : the energies behind the Kundalini snake, the dangers of 5G, Earth & alien black goos, Tesla, morgellons, ruling bloodlines, the blue avians, psychotronics, the demonic agenda, the demiurge, the cleansing solutions, questions from listeners. Wednesday November 7 2018 At 3:30AM Pacific / 6:30AM Eastern US / 11:30AM GMT UK / 12:30PM Paris on DTV Harald Kautz-Vella Harald Kautz-Vella (1966) is an independent scientific researcher based in Germany. His revealing work is founded on a combination of biophoton research and scalar physics. His story that starts with hard-core chemistry and physics leads us, via exposing the hidden agenda of the anti-natural assimilation of all natural life forms on this planet, at the end towards spiritual transcendence. Harald is one of those rare researchers who can put together both the spiritual-metaphysical and the scientific. He started to look at the topics of AI, chemtrails, Morgellons, Smart Dust, and nano-technologies while looking at environmental protection analysis and, “came across a number of substances that shouldn’t have been in nature because they are 100% artificial, and they are high-tech, and if you root these substances back to what they are designed for, you come to Transhumanistic technologies, which is the attempt to get an interface between artificial intelligence and biological. If you ask the Transhumanists themselves, they would always say they would like to give humans better access to AI — and if you look into the technologies, it’s always to the opposite way round, it’s always giving the AI access to the human, in the sense of getting the human system controlled from the outside.” Is this control exogenous, anomalous for sure, but alien in a way? http://www.timeloopsolution.com/english/index_e.html The time loop-Consortium : time loop is a consortium of scientists founded in 2013 with the objective to understand the morgellons disease and announce possible prophylactic solutions to be found in the field of Environmental Medicine. Ekkehard Sirian Scheller Biopure Aquarius-Technologies Dietrich Klinghardt https://freedomufos.com/the-english-page/dtv-dimensions-tv/ Disclosure, Alternative News feed, Documentaries, Board game, Book, Docudrama series, and many more projects will come out. Your involvement is most appreciated, in order to give us the means to develop them according to the rules still applied inside the matrix. Don't hesitate to donate. PayPal https://www.paypal.me/Freedomufos
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies on data scandal for a 2nd day before Congress
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faces a second a day of testimony in front of the House energy and commerce committee amid concerns over privacy on the social media site. It was revealed Facebook shared the information of 87 million users with data giant Cambridge Analytica. To read more: http://cbc.ca/ »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: http://bit.ly/1RreYWS Connect with CBC News Online: For breaking news, video, audio and in-depth coverage: http://bit.ly/1Z0m6iX Find CBC News on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1WjG36m Follow CBC News on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1sA5P9H For breaking news on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1WjDyks Follow CBC News on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Z0iE7O Download the CBC News app for iOS: http://apple.co/25mpsUz Download the CBC News app for Android: http://bit.ly/1XxuozZ »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio, CBCNews.ca, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.
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Algorithmic Accountability: Designing for Safety | Ben Shneiderman || Radcliffe Institute
Vital services such as communications, financial trading, health care, and transportation depend on sophisticated algorithms. Some rely on unpredictable artificial intelligence techniques, such as deep learning, that are increasingly embedded in complex software systems. As high-speed trading, medical devices, and autonomous aircraft become more widely used, stronger checks are necessary to prevent failures. Design strategies that promote comprehensible, predictable, and controllable human-centered systems can increase safety and make failure investigations more effective. Social strategies that support human-centered independent oversight during planning, continuous monitoring during operation, and retrospective analyses following failures can play a powerful role in making more reliable and trustworthy systems. Clarifying responsibility for failures stimulates improved design thinking. Ben Shneiderman is a Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Computer Science and the founding director (1983–2000) of the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Maryland, where he is also a member of the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies. This event is cosponsored by the Harvard Data Science Initiative. For information about the Radcliffe Institute and its many public programs, visit https://www.radcliffe.harvard.edu/.
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Equal Rights Between Girls and Boys
Palestine refugee students of all ages learn about human rights in their everyday lives through the Human Rights, Conflict Resolution and Tolerance Education Programme, funded by the United States. In this short animation, young boys and girls learn to respect each other’s rights regardless of gender.
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What is BACK OFFICE? What does BACK OFFICE mean? BACK OFFICE meaning, definition & explanation
✪✪✪✪✪ Check our NEW launched Top 10 lists website - https://topratedten.com/ ✪✪✪✪✪ ✪✪✪✪✪ LIKE us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/theaudiopediacom ✪✪✪✪✪ ✪✪✪✪✪ The Audiopedia Android application, INSTALL NOW - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wTheAudiopedia_8069473 ✪✪✪✪✪ What is BACK OFFICE? What does BACK OFFICE mean? BACK OFFICE meaning - BACK OFFICE definition - BACK OFFICE explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. A back office in most corporations is where tasks dedicated to running the company itself take place. The term back office comes from the building layout of early companies where the front office would contain the sales and other customer-facing staff and the back office would be those manufacturing or developing the products or those involved in administration without being seen by customers. Although the operations of a back office are seldom prominent, they are a major contributor to a business. Broadly speaking, back office includes roles that affect the left side (costs) of business' trading statement. Back offices may be located somewhere other than company headquarters. Many are in areas and countries with cheaper rent and lower labor costs. Some office parks provide back offices for tenants whose front offices are in more expensive neighborhoods. Back office functions can be outsourced to consultants and contractors, including ones in other countries. Examples of back-office tasks include IT departments that keep the phones and computers running (operations architecture), accounting, and human resources. These tasks are often supported by back-office systems: secure e-commerce software that processes company information (e.g., databases). A back-office system will keep a record of the company’s sales and purchase transactions, and update the inventory as needed. Invoices, receipts, and reports can also be produced by the back-office system. In banking, the back office includes a heavyweight IT processing system that handles position keeping, clearance, and settlement, but does not include the Compliance Department, which would be an external office. In investment firms, the back office includes the administrative functions that support the trading of securities, including record keeping, trade confirmation, trade settlement, and regulatory compliance. In sales, the back office typically plays a key role internally, providing support to the sales force for administrative duties such as legal, finance, marketing, order management, operations support, as well as customer facing roles typically positioned to include functions that support customer order fulfillment and duties involved with readying customer-support call centers.
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Class11 Business studies Ch-1 ' Nature And Forms Of Business' Part 1
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Fire Extinguisher Training - PASS - Fire Safety Training Video
Fire Extinguisher Training - PASS - Fire Safety Training Video The use of a fire extinguisher in the hands of a trained adult can be a life and property saving tool. However, a majority of adults have not had fire extinguisher training and may not know how and when to use them. This short video explains how to properly inspect fire extinguishers. It then covers the P.A.S.S. system for proper, effective fire extinguisher usage. Share this video with your family, friends, relatives, co-workers, employees and people in your community. It provides valuable training in how to use fire extinguishers in an emergency. Remember: The life you save may be your own. For more videos like this one, see our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SafetyMemos Never miss a new safety video! Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=safetymemos Extinguisher Basics: https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/etools/evacuation/portable_about.html Fire Extinguishers - A FEMA site: http://www.usfa.fema.gov/citizens/home_fire_prev/extinguishers.shtm Extinguisher Placement and Spacing: https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/etools/evacuation/portable_placement.html
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Steve Lohr: "Data-ism" | Authors at Google
Steve Lohr, a technology reporter for the New York Times, chronicles the rise of Big Data, addressing cutting-edge business strategies and examining the dark side of a data-driven world. Coal, iron ore, and oil were the key productive assets that fueled the Industrial Revolution. Today, Data is the vital raw material of the information economy. The explosive abundance of this digital asset, more than doubling every two years, is creating a new world of opportunity and challenge. Data-ism is about this next phase, in which vast, Internet-scale data sets are used for discovery and prediction in virtually every field. It is a journey across this emerging world with people, illuminating narrative examples, and insights. It shows that, if exploited, this new revolution will change the way decisions are made—relying more on data and analysis, and less on intuition and experience—and transform the nature of leadership and management. Lohr explains how individuals and institutions will need to exploit, protect, and manage their data to stay competitive in the coming years. Filled with rich examples and anecdotes of the various ways in which the rise of Big Data is affecting everyday life it raises provocative questions about policy and practice that have wide implications for all of our lives.
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Masculinities: Raewyn Connell, All About Women 2016
How can we better understand the dilemmas of men and boys today? http://sydneyoperahouse.com/ideas Subscribe and find more videos from Ideas at the House: http://www.youtube.com/ideasatthehouse Get a new talk every week on our podcast: Audio - https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/sydney-opera-house-ideas-at/id640445035 Video - https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/sydney-opera-house-ideas-at/id640444896 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/IdeasAtTheHouse Twitter - https://twitter.com/ideasatthehouse
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