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HOW TO KEEP Crypts in a planted tank: Cryptocoryne spiralis,  Species Sunday's Crypts!
Cryptocoryne spiralis is a really hardy aquarium plant that I just started keeping. I really like how hardy it is. It has tougher leaves than most crypts. Cryptocoryne spiralis didn't even melt when i put it in the tank. I love the big tall leafs it has on it. The roots on Cryptocoryne spiralis are awesome and bigger than more crypts I have seen. I am really liking this crypt and am eager to see how tall it gets and how far it can shoot off a runner from one end of the tank to another. Great Crypt hardy. recommended for beginners even! Check out www.dustinsfishtanks.com for more about all kinds of aquarium plants, planted tanks and other fishtank madness! Subscribe: https://goo.gl/8Sa20Z Most Recent Video: https://goo.gl/p4EUdq My Most Popular Video https://goo.gl/ZU6YdC GET AN AWESOME TANK! Buy Crypts https://goo.gl/bRejwRaquarium-plants/crypts/ Free Tips Beginner Aquarium Plants 4 Species of Crypts, Bonus NOT Beginner Plant https://youtu.be/maoiZp0yRUs Beginner Aquarium Plants, 4 Species of Crypts on a Sunday Get on these Tips for an Awesome Special tomorrow! https://goo.gl/bRejwRaquarium-plants/crypts/ Aquarium Plant Species. SPECIES SUNDAY! All Aquarium Plants https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3B002480CE91AC49 Easy Beginner Aquarium Plant, Bryan's Planted Aquariums, Species Sunday Foxtail https://youtu.be/8c6BMDeZf9I Hardy Aquarium Plants & Old School Filters https://youtu.be/oB1fxKgphM4 Beginner Aquarium Plants 4 Species of Crypts, Bonus NOT Beginner Plant https://youtu.be/maoiZp0yRUs Support your boy! Check out my Aquarium Plants and Aquarium Stuff for sale! https://goo.gl/Bmmm4G Free Top 10 Planted Tank Secrets on website: http://www.dustinsfishtanks.com Facebook: https://goo.gl/gkDOxP Fish Tank People Social Community http://fishtanktv.com/
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How to Care for Vallisneria. Low light easy plants. Val is a favorite!
Vallisneria is an easy low tech plant. Aka Val. Here we tell you how to care for Vallisneria. Propegation through runners is easy and accomplished every few days. Will fill your tank in no time. Be sure to buy some. Most stores should have it for sale. You can buy Vallisneria from us here: http://bit.ly/2DFUnmx
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