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Vigenere Cipher - Decryption (Unknown Key)
This video shows the process (thoroughly) of how to find the key when you don't have it. English alphabet frequencies: http://www.math.cornell.edu/~mec/2003-2004/cryptography/subs/frequencies.html Decryption (known key): http://youtu.be/oHcJ4QLiiP8 Encryption: http://youtu.be/izFivfLjD5E
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使用cryptool 2解譯單套字母替代密文decrypt  substutition cipher
http://anwendeng.blogspot.tw/2015/10/monoalphabetic-substitution-cipher.html 使用cryptool 2解譯單套字母替代密文decrypt substutition cipher
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Cryptography - Caesar Cipher - Theory and Implementation
Subscribe if you liked this, more crypto vids to come. This video talks about the Caesar Cipher (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caesar_cipher) and how to implement encryption in Python.
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用cryptool 2破解單套字母替代密文crack substitution cipher
http://anwendeng.blogspot.tw/2015/10/... 用cryptool 2破解單套字母替代密文crack substitution cipher
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Affine Cipher - Decryption (Known Plaintext Attack)
In this video I talk about ways to decrypt the Affine Cipher when the key is NOT known. Specifically, I go over an example of the known plaintext attack. 3^(-1) = 9 (mod 26) math worked out (Euclidean Algorithm): 1. Forwards: 26 = 3(8) + 2 3 = 2(1) + 1 2. Backwords: 1 = 3 - 2(1) 1 = 3(1) - (26 - 3(8))(1) 1 = 3(1) - 26 + 3(8) 1 + 26 = 3(9) 1 (mod 26) = 3(9) Hence 9 is the inverse. Links: -Affine Encryption: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E8rSP0uAIY -Affine Decryption (Known Key): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFxFPBKFVe8 -Euclidean Algorithm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5nbGbN5Trs
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How to decrypt IPA's with Clutch via SSH
cryptid = 1 = encrypted cryptid = 0 = decrypted Requirements: - Terminal Access - OpenSSH - Jailbroken iOS Device - Clutch - otools Music: Mt Eden and Ruby Frost - All That I had - Music rights respectfully go to them. This video is also for educational purposes only.
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Security Analysis on One-to-Many Order Preserving Encryption Based Cloud data Search
Security Analysis on One-to-Many Order Preserving Encryption Based Cloud data Search
ImmediateCrypt v 1.0 : Encryption and Decryption with AES 256
Download ImmediateCrypt v 1.0 : https://code.google.com/p/immediatecrypt/downloads/list MY Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/blacktrack4 Add me in Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tejash1991 and Dont Forget about Subscribe.
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利用JCE實作AES解密程式,在輸入金鑰值的情況下,解開用128-bit AES加密的密文。 http://anwendeng.blogspot.tw/2015/10/jceaes.html
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Kryptografia: szyfr z kluczem vb.net
Tutorial pokazujący jak w prosty sposób stworzyć przedstawiony na filmie program szyfrujący używający do szyfrowania klucza można znaleść tutaj: http://visualmonsters.cba.pl/index.php/szyfr-z-kluczem/
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How to encrypt basic data using hashcalc
HashCalc is a fast and easy to use calculator that allow computing message Checksums and HMACs for files,as well as for text and hex strings.It is most popular hash and checksum algorithms for calculations. FOr more tutorial visit here: http://www.madhnw0rm.com/2015/08/basic-data-encryption-using-hashcalc.html
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Thuật toán mã hóa AES
Video minh họa thuật toán mã hóa AES Nguồn: www.formaestudio.com (Tác giả: Enrique Zabala) ------------------------------------------- Table of Contents: 00:00 - Introduction 00:20 - Quas trình mã hóa 00:39 - SubBytes 00:54 - ShiftRows 01:05 - MixColumns 01:16 - AddRoundKey 01:43 - Quá trình tạo khóa
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How to encrypt files using advanced encryption package
Advanced Encryption Package is most flexibility not only van encrypt files for your own protection, but you can easily create self decrypting versions of your files that others can run without any Software. For More tutorials
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Visual Basic Tutorial: How to Encrypt and Decrypt Data
download code: http://www.krob636.com/codesamples/xor.zip This video shows how you can make a simple 'encryption' and 'decryption' program by shifting the ASCII codes. This scrambles the text, making it unreadable for people who were not meant to see it. Note: This encryption may be all you need to conceal your information within your text; however, it can be decoded by performing frequency analysis on your cipher-text (encrypted text). Frequency analysis relies on a cipher failing to hide the fact that certain characters of the alphabet appear more often than others. Following this tutorial, I will be making a tutorial on stronger encryption schemes.
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