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gorelord - four ways to heaven one way to hell
support the band http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Gorelord/4741
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Some Death Metal Blast Beats
These are some (idiosyncratically selected) blast beat segments that exhibit death metal elements. Some are more technical, some are more brutal, and some are more melodic. There are mostly traditional blasts, with some hammer blasts and bomb blasts and a few gravity blasts. All images were taken from Google Images, and most information was taken from either Wikipedia or Encyclopaedia Metallum. The 21 featured bands (in order as they appear) are the following: Fleshgod Apocalypse, Abominable Putridity, Soma Ras, The Black Dahlia Murder, Beneath The Massacre, Between The Buried And Me, Aeon, Origin, Cryptopsy, All Shall Perish, Job for a Cowboy, Rose Funeral, Trigger The Bloodshed, Antropofagus, Behemoth, Burning the Masses, Vital Remains, Obscura, Brain Drill, Fallujah, Hour Of Penance
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Babylon Sad - Pictures of Paradise
An Avant-garde Death/Doom Metal band from Switzerland Band: Babylon Sad Song: Pictures of Paradise Album: Kyrie Year: 1992 Lyrics: Personal power shall ever be mine My soul is eye and eye is my mind Evenity has never existed You simply want to have it The only solution's the struggle against my aims And struggling without aim is weak Or so it is written Profusion I love Thy will - shall be your end Replace - replace the truth Become yourself - in a land Where no one dares to take command Pictures of paradise were made to demise Ideas faded away as roses lost their pedals A human to be... There's for sure no sense to see Is this the reason for me That I always want to flee Walking in vain... Beeing insane, trapped in mental chain Starting to feed your own pain Confusion I love My god has sent some light To destroy all their sight That's the war I do fight So my might is burning bright Pictures of paradise are made to demise Ideas fade away as roses lost their pedals People that weep, want them to bleed Just to feed my inner need Rape, maim, kill, flowers of no will Thy will - shall be your end Replace - replace the truth Become yourself - in a land Where no one dares to take your hand
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Murder Rape - Echoes from the New Millenium
DISCLAIMER: The following song, and all its contents does not belong to me. It is property of Murder Rape & Evil Horde Records and all its subsidiaries. The purpose of the post is to share the music without any economic or social intentions. All copyrights are holded by label and the band. Band: Murder Rape Album: ...and Evil Returns Year: 1996 Format: Full-lenght Origin: Brazil Label: Evil Horde Records ( http://www.evilhorderec.com/ ) Lyrics: United by the force Of the co salled dark fraternity Under the sign of glory We'll triumph again Guided by hate Fed with the truth Calling again the ancient man Where the choice is made and the Strong one, acclaimed Under the vast shadow Walks the chosen one Where the night is just The beginning of this glory At the limits of dawn Where no human being has dreamed to reach Proud there he is Strong, just mediating To triumph in his plan The law is present The equilibrium is kept The elements make their presence All purity is maintained Nothing changes the law of the strong one
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Zarathustra - Torment Written in Flesh
Black Metal from Germany. Song from the "Dogma Antichrist" album.
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