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Stardrive 2 - Ep. 9 - Pollop Attack on Vulfar! - Let's Play - Release
Welcome to StarDrive 2. Stardrive 2 is a step forward for the StarDrive franchise. This game is a 4x strategy game featuring a turn-based strategic layer, and realtime battles. Watch more of this LP series in this Playlist: http://bit.ly/StarDrive2 - - - - - If you enjoyed this Let's Play Series, you may enjoy these: ►Let's Play Homeworld Remastered: http://bit.ly/homeworldremastered ►Let's Play Offworld Trading Company: http://bit.ly/OffworldTrading ►Lets Play RimWorld Alpha 9: http://bit.ly/RimWorldAlpha9 - - - - - STARDRIVE 2 GAMEPLAY DETAILS: StarDrive 2 is an exciting and evolutionary step forward for the StarDrive franchise. In this eagerly anticipated sequel, the core mechanics have evolved to incorporate a turn-based strategic layer, featuring spectacular realtime battles. As the galactic ruler of your race you will lead your people into a procedurally-generated galaxy, exploring and expanding your space empire to greatness. Exploit planets, navigate asteroid belts and overcome deep space dangers while handling interspecies relations to gain the upper hand. Conduct diplomacy and espionage, make alien friends that will deliver thriving trade treaties – or enemies that will seek to exterminate you at all costs. Research new technologies and design powerful warships to defend your claims. Discover the extensive lore of the StarDrive universe by encountering many dozens of anomalies, heroes, and galactic mysteries that will ensure no two games will ever play the same. STARDRIVE 2 GAMEPLAY FEATURES ►Turn-based 4x strategy, featuring real-time tactical space combat and turn-based ground combat. ►Build a space empire turn by turn in an immersive, living galaxy filled with 9 alien races, pirate factions, galactic lore and mystery. ►Hire unique heroes to govern your worlds or to command your mighty fleets in battle. ►Populate the universe and colonize planets, moons, asteroid belts, gas giants, and more! ►Research hundreds of technologies, including technologies that are unique to your race. Find even more technologies through in-game events and galactic exploration. ►Build your own ships in the custom ship design mode and take them into real-time battles featuring stunning visuals and sound effects. ►Enter a Battle Arena mode for quick-fix battles against cunning AI opponents. In this mode, you will earn rewards as you fight through the challenges, allowing you to unlock new weapons, ship hulls, and ship modules to upgrade your ships and to purchase new ships to add to your fleet. ►Created with the Unity engine for simultaneous release on PC, Mac and Linux. - - - - - Check out these links for more StarDrive 2 information: ► Steam Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/252450/ ► Official Website: http://www.stardrivegame.com/ ► Official Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLt_20ygZsQ ► Official Wiki: http://stardrive2.gamepedia.com/StarDrive_2_Wiki - - - - - Special Thanks to Zer0 Sum Games for the press download. Outro created using a template from Raven Pro Design.
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Let's Look At: The Forest of Doom (Gameplay Review)
The Forest of Doom! Will we survive The Forest of Doom? Let's Play The Forest of Doom Get The Forest of Doom: http://store.steampowered.com/app/270490/ Learn more about The Forest of Doom: http://steamcommunity.com/app/270490/discussions/ Want to see more Forest of Doom Gameplay? Then Subscribe and join The Falcon Fledgling Flock: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=YKYMrFalcon --- Current Let's Play: Let's Play Rimworld: http://bit.ly/Rimworld-Zombie Let's Play Dead State: http://bit.ly/DeadState Let's Play XCOM Long War: http://bit.ly/XCOM-Long-War Let's Play Rebuild 3 : http://bit.ly/Rebuild-3 Let's Play NEO Scavenger: http://bit.ly/NEO-Scavenger-Mod Let's Play This War Of Mine: http://bit.ly/This-War-Of-Mine Let's Play Crowntakers: http://bit.ly/Crowntakers --- What is The Forest of Doom? Computer gaming was in its infancy and it was the early days of tabletop RPGs when Ian Livingstone's The Forest of Doom Game exploded into bookshops in the early 80s, proudly displaying Iain McCaig’s iconic cover. Relive the adventures in Darkwood Forest, lovingly updated for PC, Mac and Linux. Presented in full colour with realistic physics-based dice rolling for battles, auto-mapping, an auto-updated adventure sheet and stat keeping. Learn more about the creation of The Forest of Doom: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Forest_of_Doom --- The Forest of Doom Gameplay The Forest of Doom has been created using Tin Man Games’ critically acclaimed Gamebook Adventures Engine featuring: An automated Adventure Sheet to keep track of stats and inventory Realistic physics based dice rolling Achievements to find throughout the gamebook Artwork gallery. Find an illustration in the gamebook and be able to access it full-screen forever Bookmarking system which saves your position in the gamebook much like putting your fingers between the pages to remember your previous page when reading the paperback Specially composed soundtrack and sound effects --- About Let's Play The Forest of Doom This Forest of Doom Let's Play series will be handled in your Let's Play style of commentary. We will focus on many of the Forest of Doom gameplay elements with dialogue here and there to both inform and entertain but not ruin the atmosphere that this Forest of Doom Let's Play provides. Let's Play The Forest of Doom will also feature a Forest of Doom Review in Part 1 --- Get in Touch! Twitter: https://twitter.com/YKYMisterFalcon Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/ykymrfalcon Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/YKYMrFalcon Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yippee-Ki-Yay-Mr-Falcon-Plays/146800688862762 Google+: https://plus.google.com/117458102920533544437