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Reduction of copper oxide
You can find instructions for this experiment at http://www.rsc.org/learn-chemistry/resource/res00000837/reduction-of-copper-ii-oxide-by-hydrogen Copper(II) oxide can be reduced by hydrogen and its formula determined. Natural gas (mainly methane) can also be used as a reducing agent, but the reaction is much slower.
Empirical formula of Copper(II) oxide
Conducted by Chemistry Teachers of MRSM Taiping
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experiment- empirical formula of copper(II) oxide
Experiment to determine the empirical formula of copper(II) oxide
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Lab: The Empirical Formula of Magnesium Oxide
Here we use gravimetric analysis to determine the empirical formula of magnesium oxide.
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Empirical Formula Experiment - copper chloride hydrate
The empirical formula of a copper chloride hydrate is determined. First the water molecules are removed through heating and the crystals change color from blue to brown. Next the copper is removed by a displacement reaction with aluminum and the copper metal is separated by filtration, washing and drying.
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Empirical Formula Lab - Chemical Formula of Copper Chloride Hydrate
The complete procedure for the empirical formula lab is shown.
Empirical Formula Lab
Using the reaction between zinc and hydrochloric acid to determine the empirical formula of zinc chloride
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Determining the chemical formula for hydrate CuSO4
By: Tsubasa & Tabitha, 8B. A video explaining how to determine the chemical formula of hydrate copper sulfate. 3rd term project for chemistry. //note: the narration's a bit glitchy, goes a tad too fast. Please, bear with me.
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Empirical Formula (Calculation)
How to determine the empirical formula of aluminium oxide
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Finding the Empirical Formula for MgO.wmv
In this part one of two videos, learn how to determine the empirical formula of magnesium oxide.
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Lab calculations - empirical formula lab
Lab calculations for determining the empirical formula of magnesium oxide
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Magnesium Oxide
This video demonstrates the steps that are to be taken for the experimental determination of the empirical formula for magnesium oxide.
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Empirical formula of Magnesium oxide
Conducted by Chemistry Teachers of MRSM Taiping
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Empirical Formula Lab Conclusion -- Magnesium Oxide
calculations and conclusions on finishing the empirical formula lab.
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Determining the Empirical Formula of Silver Oxide
In this video, we recount how to determine the empirical formula of silver oxide by utilizing the Law of Conservation of Mass.
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Reduction of Copper Oxide with Hydrogen
I made copper metal from copper oxide by reducing the latter with hydrogen. Oxides of less reactive metals can all be reduced using hydrogen and I will show this process with a more interesting metal oxide in future.
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Calculating an empirical formula
Example of how to work out the empirical formula of
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Percent Composition By Mass
We'll learn how to calculate percent composition by mass, and we'll work through a number of practice problems. To calculate percent by mass, you need to determine two things: the mass of just the element, and the molar mass of the whole compound. Then, you take the molar mass of just the element and divide it by the molar mass of the whole compound, and multiply by 100%.
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Empirical formula of Copper Chloride lab
Recorded with http://screencast-o-matic.com
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Empirical Formula of Magnesium Oxide Post-Lab
In this video, I work out most of the post lab questions from the empirical formula lab.
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Empirical formula (Exp MgO)
Experiment-to determine the empirical formula of magnesium oxide
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Empirical Formula.mp4
Table of Contents: 00:18 - Determine an empirical formula for Copper (II) Oxide 00:57 - Determine an empirical formulae 02:44 - Determine an empirical formulae
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Writing Ionic Formulas - Basic Introduction
This chemistry video tutorial provides an introduction to writing the formula of an ionic compound that contains transition metals with roman numerals and polyatomic ions. This video contains plenty of examples and practice problems that you can help you with your next worksheet assignment. Here is a list of topics: 1. Writing Formulas For Ionic Compounds - Same Charged Ions 2. Monoatomic vs Polyatomic Ions List 3. Charges of Common Monoatomic Ions Based On Group Number In the Periodic Table of Elements 4. Transition Metals and Roman Numeral System List of Examples and Chemical Formulas: Sodium Chloride, Calcium Sulfide, Aluminum Nitride, Lithium Oxide, Gallium Bromide, Magnesium Phosphite, Potassium Sulfate, Strontium Phosphate, Barium Nitrate, Iron (II) Sulfide, Copper (II) Nitrite, Copper (I) Phosphite, Vanadium (V) Dichromate, and Leav (IV) Oxide.
3.4 EN: To determine the empirical formulae of magnesium oxide by experiment
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Determining The Molecular Formula of a Hydrated Copper Sulfate
Hi, we're Dhania and Diandra from Sekolah Bogor Raya. Here's an experiment that we did during our Chemistry lesson, in which we're trying to determine the molecular formula of a hydrated copper sulfate. Your likes and comments would mean so much to us :)
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Empirical Formula Pre-Lab Magnesium and Oxygen
How to make an empirical formula determination for magnesium oxide.
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Finding the Empirical Formula for Magnesium Oxide part 2.wmv
In this second of two videos, learn how to find the empirical formula of magnesium oxide.
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Alex Bahia:  Empirical Formula of Copper Chloride
This is the pre lab talk for the Empirical Formula of Copper Chloride experiment by Alex Bahia.
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Empirical Formula Lab
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Empirical formula of magnesium oxide
In this experiment my parter and I determined the empirical formula for magnesium oxide.
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#3 Equations and Chemical Formulas
3) A 10.000 g sample of an oxide of copper was found to contain 8.882 g of copper. Determine the empirical formula of the copper oxide.
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Copper oxide balancing.mp4
How to balance copper reacting with oxygen chemical equation
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Reduction of Copper Oxide
Copper oxide is reduced in the presence of carbon.
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A visible reduction - microscale reduction of copper oxide
The reduction of copper oxide is one of the most common practicals used when introducing redox reactions and their application in metal extraction. This is a safer version of the demonstration that allows the students to observe the formation of copper. Find out how to perform this demonstration at http://rsc.li/EiC613ec This is part of the Education in Chemistry Exhibition Chemistry series: chemistry demonstrations to capture your students' imaginations: http://rsc.li/EiCExChem
Decomposition of Copper (II) Oxide Setup
This lab is set out to determine the mass percent of copper in copper(II) oxide. This will be accomplished by reacting a known mass of solid copper(II) oxide with methane (natural gas) at an elevated temperature. Under these conditions, the copper(II) oxide is converted to elemental copper and other gaseous products.
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AChem - Lab - Empirical Formula of a Hydrate
Prelab video to help Academic Chemistry students at Wyomissing Area Jr./Sr. High School, Wyomissing, PA.
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Reduction CuO
An experiment to demonstrate Reduction CuO
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