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The fecal smear, a test for worms, giardia, and coccidia
What vets look for in a fecal smear
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How to run a Snap Giardia test.
For all of the breeders out there who learn best with "hands on" , instead of reading. I put this video together for you. If you have a cat with very smelly poo, a cat that seems to have irritable bowel, or a cat that seems to have blood in its stool every now and then, this test is highly recommended. I also suggest you run this test on all of your breeding cats. Many cats and dogs will have Giardia and never have loose stool. Symptoms will usually show up in the kittens or puppies that are born. Usually around 6wks. This can be one of the causes for "weaning diarrhea". Since this test is both easy to perform and very reasonably priced, I suggest this test also be done prior to any breedings to outside cats or dogs. (outside not meaning outdoors, but outside of your breeding program) A vet can perform this test or you can do it at home. The incubation period for Giardia is about 13 days so if your kitten or puppy tests positive for this parasite, please notify the breeder you got your kitten or puppy from. It is very important that they know.
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Best Parasite Stool Test (At-Home Mail-In Stool Test)
http://stephencabral.com/store/product/stool-test/ WHAT DOES IT TEST FOR? Ova & parasites x 3 (Trichrome stain) plus antigens to Giardia lamblia, Cryptosporidium parvum, and Helicobacter pylori. Occult blood. Visual and automated identification of bacteria, including, but not limited to: Citrobacter, Enterobacter, Enterococcus, Escherichia, Klebsiella, Proteus, and Pseudomonas. Visual and automated identification of yeast, including, but not limited to Candida. GI SCREEN W/ H. PYLORI ANTIGEN Causes for concern are both an overgrowth of microorganisms that are normally present in the intestines and the presence of microorganisms that are not normally present in the intestines. Either condition signals that major physiological pathways in the intestinal environment are outside homeostatic limits. Parasite infections in particular can be silent but destructive, perpetuating chronic stress on the infected individual 24/7 by raising cortisol levels and causing inflammation. Treatment protocols using natural methods and/or prescription drugs are often necessary to resolve infections. Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is a bacterium which can be found in the stomach mucosa of infected individuals. The infection may produce little or no noticeable symptoms, but can cause gastritis, gastric ulcers, stomach cancer, and other serious pathologies. By neutralizing stomach acid through the destruction of parietal cells in the stomach, H. pylori causes digestive problems, constant acute stress on the hormonal stress response, and can lead to progressively threatening disease conditions unless treated. Helicobacter pylori Gastrointestinal (GI) tract infections are common and can be either clinical (symptomatic) or sub-clinical (without symptoms). Some patients have active GI symptoms while others present with general complaints: fatigue, body pain, headaches, cognitive problems, light headedness, brain fog and/or general malaise. Currently the two most prevalent infections are Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium that primarily inhabits the stomach, esophagus and upper duodenum, and Cryptosporidium parvum, a parasite that primarily inhabits the small intestine and regularly cycles from intracellular to extracellular. OTHER COMMON FINDINGS INCLUDE: Blastocystis hominis Dientamoeba fragilis Candida spp. Citrobacter spp. Endolimax spp. Enterobacter spp. Escherichia coli Klebsiella spp. Proteus spp. Pseudomonas spp. http://stephencabral.com/store/product/stool-test/
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H Pylori (HPSA) Test, Candida & Parasite Stool Testing
http://www.h-pylori-symptoms.com is Dave's website dedicated to H pylori. Learn how to use stool testing for H Pylori, Candida, Blastocystis, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Dientameba, entameba histolytica, Endolimax nana, chilomastix, Necator americanus, Trichuris trichiura, Enterobius vermicularis, Strongyloides and other human digestive parasites.
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Acute Diarrhea for USMLE
Diarrhea is defined as abnormally liquid or unformed stool that is produced at high frequency (greater than 200g/day) lasting less than 14 days. This handwritten video lecture will review causes, clinical findings, investigations work and management of diarrhea for medical students taking the USMLE ETIOLOGY or CAUSES Infectious is number one cause of diarrhea (90%). Non infectious include medications, toxin ingestion, ischemia. CLINICAL FINDINGS Vomiting and diarrhea is associated with Staph aureus, Bacillus Cereus, Norwalk Virus. Watery Diarrhea is assoicated with Clostridium perfringens, ETEC, and viral diarrhea. Inflammatory diarrhea is caused by campylobacter, salmonella, EHEC, shigella. Inflammatory diarrhea is also associated with pain and fever. Systemic symptoms are reactive arthritis which is associated with slamonella, campylobacter, shigella, yersinia. Reactive arthritis is associated with arthritis, urethritis, conjunctivits. Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS) is caused by E Coli (0157:H7) and Shigella. Syptoms are related to hemolysis and uremia. EVALUATION of Diarrhea. If mild than no work up is necessary. However, alarm signs require work up. These alarm signs are severe dehydration, bloody stool, Fever greater than 38.5. History of antibiotic use, abdominal pain and immunocompromised patients should get a workup done. First step in evaluation is to take a thorough history to limit and narrow down the pathogen causing diarrhea. If travel history focus on Giardia (Russia, Swimming, Mountanous), ETEC, Norovirus (cruise ship). What type of food have they ate. Meat food poisoning is caused by staph aureus (egg), clostridium perfringens (canned meat), EHEC (hamburgers), Bacillus (Chicken fried rice), Salmonella (eggs and veg), Yersinia (Milk and cheese), Listeria (more comon in pregnant women). Poultry is primarily associated campylobacter. Diarrhea form seafood is associated with vibrio cholera and vibro parahemolyticus. Patients associated with daycare and get diarrhea there are certain pathogens. Shigella, Rotavirus, Norovirus, Giardia, Cryptosporidium. Hospital Acquired Diarrhea is primarily associated with clostridium dificile (anti-biotics). Immunocompromised patients have increased risk of cryptosporidium and isospora. Pathogens associated with fever and diarrhea suggests invasive pathogens such as salmonella, shigella, campylobacter as well as virus and entamoeba histolytica and clostridium dificile. Time can also help determine the cause of diarrhea. If vomiting occurs 1-8 hours after heating then a preformed toxin was ingested. This is most commonly associated with bacillus cereus, S. aureus and Clostridium perfringens. If vomtiing occures 8-72 hours then diarrhea is caused by enterotoxin, primarily Vibro cholera, ETEC. 1-8 days are caused by enteroadherent which prevents absorption of food into gut. This is caused by EPEC and EHEC, Giardia and cryptosporidium. Lab investigation for diarrhea should be focused on details from history. CBC, Hematocrit, and WBC is important. Stool Studies - fecal leukoctyesfor WBC in stool are positive in salmonella shigella but this is also found in Ulcerative colitis and crohn's disease as they all cause some sort of inflammation. If blood is present then dysentary pathogens such as campylobacter, salmonella, enterhemorrhagic E. Coli, and entamoeba histolytica. Stool culture is not done routinely, unless it is very severe infection. Ova and parasites if there is persistent diarrhea that is not going away, recent travel, daycare, homosexual or AIDS patients. If there is bloody diarrhea but leukocyte negative. Fecal antigen test for Giardia, and Rotovirus. Testing for toxin such as clostridium dificile if there is a history of anti-biotics. Fecal osmolar gap and fecal fat is used in chornic diarrhea, not acute. TREATMENT Initial treatment for diarrhea focuses on relieving dehydration with oral rehydration therapy. Use IV if very severe. Gatorade is not optimal, but it is okay. Empirical anti-Biotics can be given for diarrhea, but it is not always required because most are self-limiting. Sometimes anti-biotics can actually worsen symtoms of diarrhea. Most commonly prescribed is flouroquinolones such as ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin. Clostridium dificile of metronidazole, vancomycin. EHEC should not be given anti-biotic due to release of shiga toxin. Culture and sensitivity can guide the rest of treatment.
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Stool test for parasites, Helicobacter pylori and candida (metametrix) in Australia
http://www.curamedicine.com.au Metametrix use a cutting-edge stool microbiology test for intestinal bacteria, parasites and yeast. This test uses DNA technology in which laboratory equipment detects the genetic material of individual organisms. There are a number of key advantages of this method over the old testing method of microbiological culture, most importantly the fact that it is more sensitive and avoids missing parasites in transitional life cycles. Some intestinal organisms are aerobes, which have an oxygen based metabolism, while others are anaerobes, which die when exposed to oxygen. This created problems during transport to the lab as conditions can not be ideal for all organisms, causing levels to change. This creates issues with accurate reporting in stool tests. This stool test by metametrix kills organisms in formalin upon collection and then analyses genetic material in the labatory. This means it is independent of transport and lab conditions. The DNA analysis of the stool is highly sensitive and is able to detect single genomes of organisms, whereas culture has limited sensitivity. Due to the above issues DNA analysis is able to accurately quantitate levels of organisms, whereas culture methods can not. The DNA method also has greatly increased sensitivity for detecting parasites. Using older techniques parasites are only detectable during certain stages of their life cycle and often missed. http://www.curamedicine.com.au
Giardia lamblia - Medical Meaning and Pronunciation
https://word2speech.com/medical/ Giardia lamblia Giardia lamblia: A parasite responsible for a contagious form of diarrhea. The parasite is most commonly transmitted through direct contact with infected feces or by eating food or drinking water contaminated by feces. Giardia is one of the most common intestinal parasites in the world. The disease is most prevalent in developing countries, where infections are associated with poor sanitary conditions, poor water quality control, and overcrowding. Giardia is also a major cause of waterborne outbreaks of diarrhea in the US, primarily in mountainous areas where water supplies may be contaminated with feces from humans or animals such as beavers. Campers and backpackers should therefore avoid drinking untreated water from mountain streams. Giardiasis affects three times as many children as adults. It particularly affects diapered children and toddlers being toilet-trained. Families with young children who attend day-care centers are at greater risk of developing giardiasis than is the general population. The parasite lives in two stages: trophozoites and cysts. Trophozoites are the active form of the parasite inside the body. Cysts represent the resting stage that enables the parasite to survive outside the body. Infection begins from swallowing the Giardia cysts. The acid in the stomach activates the cysts, which in turn release the trophozoites. The parasites attach to the lining of the small intestine, reproduce, and are swept down the intestine in the fecal stream. Cysts form in the lower intestines and are then passed in the feces. The symptoms of giardiasis include: a sudden explosive, watery, foul-smelling diarrhea; excessive gas; abdominal pain; bloating; nausea; tiredness; and loss of appetite. In some patients, vomiting is the major symptom. Fever is unusual. If not treated, giardiasis can last for months, or even years. The illness can cause recurrent mild or moderate symptoms such as: impaired digestion, especially lactose intolerance; intermittent diarrhea; tiredness and weakness; and significant weight loss. For diagnosis, stool specimens are collected and examined over a period of at least 3 days. The diagnosis is made by microscopic identification of the parasite in stool. Tests that detect antigens (proteins) to Giardia in the feces are especially useful for screening children in day-care settings, and for testing adults after treatment. Treatment may be with metronidazole (Flagyl). Pregnant women are advised not to take metronidazole during the first trimester of pregnancy. Paromomycin is an alternative and safer drug. If relapses occur, re-treatment with the same drug is usually effective. Furazolidone (Furoxone) may be given to infants and to children under 5 years old, since it comes in a liquid form. How to pronounce Giardia lamblia definition of Giardia lamblia audio dictionary How to say Giardia lamblia What is the meaning of Giardia lamblia Pronounce Giardia lamblia Medical dictionary Medical definition of Giardia lamblia
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Cryptosporidium (Fecal) ELISA kit
http://www.rapidtest.com/index.php?i=Cryptosporidium-%28Fecal%29-ELISA-kit&id=185&cat=17 Parasitology ELISA kits: Cryptosporidium (Fecal) ELISA kit ELISA kit manufacturer and ELISA kit supplier: Diagnostic Automation, Inc., Tel:818 591 3030, USA.
Rotavirus (Fecal) ELISA kit
http://www.rapidtest.com/index.php?i=Rotavirus-%28Fecal%29-ELISA-kit&id=191&cat=17 Parasitology ELISA kits: Rotavirus ELISA kit ELISA kit manufacturer and ELISA kit supplier: Diagnostic Automation, Inc., Tel:818 591 3030, USA.
H-pylori Tests - how to find H-pylori and parasites in your stomach
LEARN MORE HERE http://www.h-pylori-symptoms.com. Dave Hompes talks about the problems associated with H-pylori tests and explains that you might need to look at other factors such as your diet, Candida, parasites and SIBO before you're able to feel better. Dave Hompes has helped thousands of people free themselves of H pylori and unpleasant digestive symptoms. If you would like further details on how to deal with H-pylori visit http://h-pylori-symptoms.com.
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Parasitology Antigen ELISA
http://www.rapidtest.com/index.php?product=Parasitology-ELISA-kits&cat=17 Parasitology ELISA kits ELISA kit manufacturer and ELISA kit supplier: Diagnostic Automation, Inc., Tel:818 591 3030, USA.
Parasitology Antigen ELISA kits
http://www.rapidtest.com/products-elisakits.html#Parasitology Parasitology antigen ELISA kits are manufactured by Diagnostic Automation, Inc. ELISA kits manufacturer - ElLISA assays supplier: Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc., Tel: 818-591 3030, USA.
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Strongyloides ELISA kit
http://www.rapidtest.com/index.php?i=Strongyloides-ELISA-kit&id=168&cat=17 Parasitology ELISA kits: Strongyloides ELISA kit ELISA kit manufacturer and ELISA kit supplier: Diagnostic Automation, Inc., Tel:818 591 3030, USA.
9 Comprehensive Stool Testing Dave Hompes 06 08 10 H 264
SEE MORE HERE http://h-pylori-symptoms.com/h-pylori-symptoms/
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LEUKO EZ VUE® Product Demo
Get accurate results for fecal white blood cell testing in 10 minutes. Learn how to use the LEUKO EZ VUE® immunochromatographic test.
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Syndromic Testing for Infectious Diseases Part 2: Gastrointestinal Infections [Hot Topic]
n this month’s “Hot Topic,” Bobbi Pritt, M.D., will discuss a powerful new technology called “multiplex molecular testing” that can assist in the diagnosis of gastrointestinal infections.
ML Class-ified - Giardia Lamblia
Class project for Parasitology.
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H-Pylori and the Causes of Ulcers - Dave Hompes
I will help you understand the causes of ulcers and how this can link to H Pylori. Another video from Dave Hompes www.h-pylori-symptoms.co.uk
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Spotlight on Testing: Molecular Diagnostics of Gastrointestinal Parasites
Our ARUP Institute for Learning Spotlight Series is designed to provide brief educational overviews highlighting test utilization issues, new tests, and testing technology. In this video, Marc Roger Couturier, PhD discusses Molecular Diagnostics of Gastrointestinal Parasites.
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Meridian Bioscience | Learn How I Turned $15,253 Into $1,613,442 Trading Biotech Stocks
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Bryan Timmins - Adrenal Testing and Biohealth Labs - Podcast #140
Bryan Timmins - Adrenal Testing and Biohealth Labs - Podcast #140 Get Show Updates Here: http://www.beyondwellnessradio.com/newsletter You-tube Podcast Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=justinhealth Show Transcription: See https://justinhealth.com/bryan-timmins-adrenal-testing-and-biohealth-labs-podcast-140 In today’s podcast, Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Bryan Timmins, one of the founders of BioHealth Laboratory, discussed the different tests that the BioHealth Laboratory have and their most sought-after services. They also talk about Cortisol Awakening Response and how stress and other similar factors affect the HPA Axis. Watch and listen as they provide an in-depth look at the Biohealth Labs adrenal testing services and the benefits of adrenal testing in general. If you have any burning questions about testing your adrenal glands, watch this video podcast to know the answers. Moreover, to get the full information on Bryan Timmin's insight about Chronic Stress and Laboratory Testing, explore and watch it in this podcast. In this episode, we will cover: 1:31 Glucose versus Lactulose Test 10:00 How BioHealth Came To Be 15:27 Cortisol Awakening Response 20:49 How Waking Affects One’s HPA Axis 33:30 Sleep as the Next Microbomb ===================================== Subscribe on I-Tunes: http://www.beyondwellnessradio.com/itunes Review us at: http://www.beyondwellnessradio.com/itunes Visit us at: http://www.beyondwellnessradio.com Have a question: http://www.beyondwellnessradio.com/question References: http://biohealthlab.com https://www.facebook.com/biohealthlab twitter.com/biohealth https://www.youtube.com/user/biohealth Free eBook: The Chronic Stress Crisis -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "GI Issues — Malabsorption, Infection & Inflammation in the Eye and Joint | Dr. J Live Q & A" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGf7F1Xi6po -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Dave Hompes - Little Voice Mentoring Testimonial
Testimonial from Dave Hompes who took our 6-Week Little Voice Mentoring Programme. If you're interested in finding more about it, please visit: http://www.salespartnerswestlondon.com/little-voice-mentoring-program.html Or Call SalesPartners West London on 0844 549 9085
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Addressing Reoccurring Gut Infections - Podcast #115
Addressing Reoccurring Gut Infections - Podcast #115 Get Show Updates Here: http://www.beyondwellnessradio.com/newsletter You-tube Podcast Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=justinhealth Show Transcription: See https://justinhealth.com/addressing-reoccurring-gut-infections-podcast-115 Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Evan Brand talk all about gut testing today. Find out about the protocols they've done and what additional tests and new recommendations they have in battling gut issues when you listen to this podcast. Learn how it is quite normal for a new infection to pop up after having been treated with an initial infection. Discover what steps you can take to effectively treat these parasites and other digestive issues. Find out what different parasites can cause infections and how you can get tested for them. In this episode, topics include: 02:47 Evan's testing and symptoms 09:19 Next steps and recommendations 14:39 Additional testing and treating new infections 19:30 Dr. Justin's lab tests 25:40 Conventional vs functional medicine treatment Subscribe on I-Tunes: http://www.beyondwellnessradio.com/itunes Review us at: http://www.beyondwellnessradio.com/itunes Visit us at: http://www.beyondwellnessradio.com Have a question: http://www.beyondwellnessradio.com/question -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "GI Issues — Malabsorption, Infection & Inflammation in the Eye and Joint | Dr. J Live Q & A" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGf7F1Xi6po -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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