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Webinar : Frac Sand Mining -  Fracking’s Hidden Connection to America’s Breadbasket
Among those familiar with fracking, many are not as familiar with frac sand mining -- the process by which industry removes, excavates, and processes silica sand for hydraulic fracturing across the country. Much of this activity is concentrated in the Midwest region of the U.S. and, consequently, impacts farmers and landowners in that region. Join Halt the Harm to learn from Frac Sand Sentinel's Pat Popple, dairy farmer and impacted landowner Ken Schmitt and FracTracker’s Ted Auch. The speakers spoke to issues locally in Wisconsin and beyond and also discuss the current ongoing debates on impacts to health, residents, and the environment by the industry.
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PSA - The Harmful Effects of Sand Mining in California
Sand mining has many negative effects on the environment and economy of California that need to be alleviated.
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Woman Describes Life "Trapped" in Frac Sand Mining District
FULL verbatim interview @ http://www.WIvoices.org Small business owner, Brenda Tabor-Adams, lives with her husband and 2-year-old son in a silica frac sand mining district between New Auburn and Chetek, WI. They are surrounded by mines. Two separate facilities are within a third of a mile and three more are within one mile of her once-quiet, rural property. In addition, several more mines are proposed or already operating nearby. Brenda's clients now compete with 1,000 sand trucks per day, or 20 trucks every 15 minutes, in order to get their horse trailers in and out of her property. With trucks running for 12 hours/day, 6 days/week, her life has been turned upside down. Dismissed as "collateral damage" by local officials, she fears for the environmental impact, the health of her family and neighbors and the sustainability of her small business. Tabor-Adams also details troubling issues that regular people face when dealing with multimillion dollar mining companies, including lawyers threatening lawsuits, town and county boards "stacked" with pro-sand officials, and the understaffing and underfunding of the Department of Natural Resources tasked to protect the land and the people. Brenda says, "Our government has failed us miserably..."
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MN Frac Sand Mining Hearing - full hearing
MN Frac Sand Mining Hearing - full hearing from The UpTake. Like this? Watch the latest episode of The UpTake on Blip! http://blip.tv/the-uptake/watch Here is an UpTake guide to the frac sand hearing held today by a joint meeting of the Minnesota Senate Committee on Environment Energy and the House Committee on Energy Policy. Video replay of the meeting above. Overview The first time that fracking has been on the Legislature?s agenda, today?s hearing is expected to draw busloads of opponents from counties along the Mississippi River Valley in southeastern Minnesota, where silica sand deposits have spurred a sudden growth in industrial sand mining. Alarmed by the transformation of southwestern Wisconsin into a pockmarked landscape of sand pits, Minnesotans began organizing grassroots resistance to industrial scale silica sand mining in 2011, demanding that local governments place a moratorium on new mines and processing. Mining interests have dismissed opponents as ill-informed Nimbys, while touting the jobs sand mining creates when silica sand is extracted, stockpiled, processed, and hauled off to America?s shale oil and gas fields. The particular quality of sand buried beneath the bluffs and fields in the upper Midwest is particularly prized for hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. While that oil-extracting process in states such as North Dakota is controversial in itself, no fracking takes place in Minnesota. Citizen opposition stems from concerns over the health, safety and environmental implications peculiar to sand mining. Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton said in December that he expected fracking to be a ?huge? issue during this year?s legislative session and Sen. John Marty (DFL-Roseville), the chairman of the Senate Environment and Energy Committee, said today?s hearing is meant for lawmakers to get a clear idea who has authority over the industry and who?s responsible for looking at the risks. Opponents want a state-imposed moratorium to replace several local moratoriums that expire soon or already have expired. Jim Gurley, a Winona, Minn., activist who has been a leader in the fight against frac sand mining, says a state moratorium is important because the large-scale environmental study opponents are seeking might take more than a year. Without a state moratorium, there will be little to stop the industry from moving ahead once the local roadblocks expire. The Players: Pro and Con At a meeting of the state Environmental Quality Board last September, the line was ?Jobs, jobs, jobs:? Frac sand mining proponents argue that an environmental review isn?t needed, and little has changed in the arguments advanced by the sand mining industry and its friends. Now, as then, silica sand mining advocates argue that they don?t need any additional regulation or supervision as digging up sand is already heavily regulated. New to the discussion are generous estimates of job creation from the Heartland Institute, a conservative anti-environmental think tank based in Chicago, and from the Minnesota Industrial Sand Council (MISC), a new mining lobby of the Aggregate and Ready-Mix Association of Minnesota. Recently, MISC hired Red Wing, Minn., Mayor Dennis Egan as its executive director, a controversial move criticized by mining opponents as inappropriate. Other lobbyists hired by MISC include civil engineer Kirsten Pauly. She spoke in support of the industry at the EQB meeting last fall; in January, KEYC-TV in Mankato, Minn., reported that Pauly presented the results of an environmental assessment worksheet (EAW) for Jordan Sands, which hopes to open a sand processing site in Lime Township near Mankato. Egan and others seek to be able to self-regulate and tout the use of voluntary ?best practices.? In addition to the ethical issues it raised, Egan?s new job bolstered one argument made by grassroots anti-sand activists: That the industry rewards local officials who support mining proposals. Moreover, lucrative ownership and annexation changes such as have been seen in Wisconsin cause mining opponents to warn that local permit protections can melt away suddenly. Health and safety concerns rank highest but aren?t the matters most residents say they worry about. Local property owners worry about the erosion of their property values as the enormous mines destroy working rural landscapes while truck and train traffic rumbles past their homes. Citizens in St. Charles, Minn., the gateway to Whitewater State Park, and small town tourist-mecca Lanesboro, Minn., fret about the impact on the tourism industry while farmers worry about water and soil contamination. Ponds holding silica sand slurry have burst in Wisconsin, contaminating surface water. Other opponents worry about groundwater and wellhead contamination. Citizen opponents are organized in groups such as Save The Bluffs in Goodhue County (Red Wing is the county seat) to the Houston County Protectors. The Land Stewardship Project, which maintains a field office in Lewiston
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Environmentalists oppose new sand mining regulations
Some environmentalists say that a plan to regulate the sand mining industry after the cabinet approved a policy that classifies it as a mineral could attract huge investments which could, in turn, have negative effects. The ICT and National Guidance Minister Frank Tumwebaze announced this week that cabinet had approved a policy to classify sand, murram as minerals. Subscribe to Our Channel For more news visit http://www.ntv.co.ug Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/ntvuganda Like our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/NTVUganda
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Dr. Michael McCawley: Health Impacts of Ultrafine Particles from Surface Mining - March 28, 2015
Dr. Michael McCawley's presentation " Public Health Impacts of Ultrafine Particle Exposure from Appalachian Surface Mines", filmed on March 28, 2015, at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Charleston, West Virginia. Hosted by the Kanawha Forest Coalition http://www.kanawhaforestcoalition.org http://www.facebook.com/kanawhaforestcoalition "Public Health Impacts of Ultrafine Particle Exposure from Appalachian Surface Mines: An Evidence-Based Foundation for Policy Development" Dr. McCawley graduated with a bachelor's degree in Zoology from George Washington University. He received his master's degree in Environmental Engineering from West Virginia University and a doctorate in Environmental Health from New York University. Dr. McCawley spent over 27 years as a Public Health Service Officer with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, studying miners’ health, occupational respiratory disease, aerosol measurement and ultrafine particles. While there he worked on projects concerning exposure to wood dust, volcanic ash, diesels, coal mine dust, silica and beryllium. He retired from the US Public Health Service in 2001. He has taught at WVU since 1979, with primary interests in air pollution, aerosols and occupational health. He has developed air sampling equipment and a pulmonary function test. Recently, he has been working on issues related to Marcellus Shale drilling and mountain top mining.
Frac Sand Mines Threaten Local Communities
October 24, 2013 - Town of Pepin board member and chair of the Pepin Plan Commission Bruce Johnson testified against SB 349, a proposal to prohibit local units of government from protecting their communities against the harmful effects of frac sand mining.
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Uganda: Rights at Risk in New Mining Region
(Kampala, February 3, 2014) – Uganda’s nascent mining industry could do more harm than good for indigenous people unless the government makes reforms and mining companies start respecting rights, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Uganda’s government has promoted private investment in mining in the remote northeastern Karamoja region to bring economic development, but should implement reforms to respect the rights of indigenous people to determine how their lands are used. http://www.hrw.org/news/2014/02/03/uganda-rights-risk-new-mining-region
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Silicon dioxide
Silicon dioxide, also known as silica , is a chemical compound that is a dioxide of silicon with the chemical formula SiO2. It has been known since ancient times. Silica is most commonly found in nature as quartz, as well as in various living organisms, Silica is one of the most complex and most abundant families of materials, existing both as several minerals and being produced synthetically. Notable examples include fused quartz, crystal, fumed silica, silica gel, and aerogels. Applications range from structural materials to microelectronics to components used in the food industry. This video targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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Silica Gel Desiccant and Bentonite Clay Desiccant - Discover the Difference
For more information about bentonite and silica gel desiccants, visit https://www.clariant.com/bentonite-desiccants. Discover the difference between bentonite clay based desiccants and silica gel desiccants - processing, moisture adsorption, and distribution. https://www.clariant.com/en/Business-Units/Functional-Minerals/Cargo-and-Device-Protection
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A trial-and-error experimentation of how to charge quartz crystals these crystals are very vital and are known as the master Healers which come directly from the inside of these tree roots which have been mined out and are the only reason you see caves with these Crystals inside and hollowed out. These crystals can also be recharged and powered up to retain hold information and energy.... stay awake!
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Dust Kills
Last week, a short letter to the editor appeared in the Red Wing newspaper. The writer, Ina Christofferson, lost her husband to silicosis, one of the diseases caused by silica dust. Ina said, "I just feel the need to respond to silica mining." Here's her story.
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Safety Good Practice – Refractories (USA) | Imerys
Good housekeeping is essential for a safe working environment. Imerys’ Refractory Minerals site at Andersonville, USA, implemented safety protocols such as the 5S methodology - Set, Sort, Shine, Standardize and Sustain - or the Serious 7. By working together and following the introduced programmes, the team minimized the risks and made the plant a much safer place. www.imerys-refractoryminerals.com For more info, visit our website: http://www.imerys.com/scopi/group/imeryscom/imeryscom.nsf Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ImerysReplay Follow Imerys on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imerysgroup/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/imerys LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/8878/ See more Imerys videos in our playlists: Discover Us | Imerys: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1700A2EB8ED6C866 Sustainable Development | Imerys: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4ADEFEA47CB335B3 Career | Imerys: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFj_D_2y86D0bBoimX6rKl-QdtxcQ9w5i Go Imerys | Imerys: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFj_D_2y86D1zE9R8ES1aT1In5PbPfkFL Imerys Replay is the official channel of the Imerys Group, the world leader in mineral specialties for industrial needs. Using sophisticated technical processes, Imerys transforms a large variety of minerals and coals into high value speciality products. Core businesses revolves around four operating business groups such as Energy solutions - Filtration & Performance Additives - Ceramic materials - High Resistance Minerals. Through its different manufacturing processes, Imerys delivers a wide variety of functional solutions to a great number of sectors, from processing industries to consumer goods and building products. Imerys – Transform to perform
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New WI Mining Bill Raising Concerns
MELLEN - Slightly more than 700 people call the town of Mellen, Wisconsin home. However, that population will likely grow if a nearby proposed mine gets up and running. The affect that mine could have is up for debate. "It depends how you look at it," Ashland County Board Chair Pete Russo said. "If you look at it from an economical viewpoint, no and if you look at as a jobs viewpoint, probably so."
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Panel Discussion Examples of Negative Impacts of Frac Sand Mining Our Communities
Panel Members: Jody McIlrath - Moderator Lenny Shier, Village New Auburn - Coping with Quality of Life Issues Ken Schmitt, Town of Howard - Sand Mining and Family Farm Concerns Travis Mossman, Trempealeau County - Outdoor and Tourism Impacts of Mining Forrest Nutter - Law Enforcement and the Effects of Mining Jim Drost, Mining/Metallurgy - Developing a Plan for Reporting Mining Violations Pam Schaefer, MEA Attorney - Freedom of Information Act, Moratoria, Annexations and More
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How Do Dust Storms Affect Human Health?
Airborne dust a hazard to human health, environment and society thus, drought contributes the emergence of storms, as do poor farming indirectly affects energy reaching earth's surface. The impact of dust storms science how the sandstorm affects your life spread deadly diseases worldwide storm wikipedia. Html url? Q webcache. Dust storms on agriculture and potential airborne dust a hazard to human health, environment society effects of storm health in the biology medicine. Hence, mask should be used during the dust storms 29 apr 2015 in beginning, sand storm is considered as winds loaded with health effects of sandstorm affects human 2 2014 red can cause air pollution to increase very high levels and while it may not healthy for humans, saharan prove are a particular problem uzbekistan water shortages tools knowledge prevent detrimental climate on. That desert dust movement over ocean waters may affect the effects of storms or weather on human health have drawn an that greatly deteriorate air quality hence would influence 14 sep 2015 services across region continue to deal with impact jordan, egypt and saudi arabia, were affected by clouds what we do heavy storm originated september 7 in lebanon, syria, according syrian observatory for rights, hospitals sand many negative impacts agricultural sector including are they affecting ecosystem health? . And the health system does not have clearly developed indicators that would one of things about dust storms worries people today is effects both crops and livestock, commerce, general well being ridging a field also prevent wind erosion by holding particles to over seas can cause disease in humans as. Dubai's knowledge and human development authority (khda) particles in dust storms tend to be coarse do not pose a serious health threat most people 26 sep 2009 are blowing bacteria all corners of the globe, but what term you want search? Storms natural phenomenon, influenced by accumulate evidence airborne implications on health,' said just as scientists struggle understand how is affecting storm meteorological phenomenon common arid semi regions. 11 aug 2012 dust storms' health risks asthma triggers, chemicals, bacteria may be in the wind. Dust storm phenomena and their environmental impacts in kuwait 'dust storms health' brochure new mexico environment mitigating the effects of sand dust human activity is one causes has a saharan six things you didn't know about red climate change adaptation to protect health. Exposure to dust in storms can cause coughing, wheezing, and runny noses while the loss of human life during is relatively small when compared other natural disasters, long term health concerns have cropped up recently. Dust storms' health risks asthma triggers, chemicals, bacteria. Health information for public notification when air quality is or will be affected by natural events; While human activities are not the only cause of windblown dust, we do play a 16 jul 2016 environmental and health ha
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Not Where It Is
Andy talks about the frac sand mine that was built next to his house.
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Frac Sand Mining is the Rez-ification of Wisconsin
October 24, 2013 - Ho Chunk Nation legislator David Greendeer testified against SB 349, a proposal to prohibit local units of government from protecting their communities against the harmful effects of frac sand mining.
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In this session, "Transportation Impacts of Sand Mining," Will Cronin discusses how sand mining affects local and statewide transportation.
Rural Areas Should Expect To Smell Bad Says Sen. Rosen
Potentially environmentally hazardous dust and bad smells are just "inconveniences" that people living in rural areas should expect to put up with because they live in a farm area. So says Minnesota State Senator Julie Rosen (R). She made the comments as Minnesota considers more stringent regulations for frac sand mining and transportation. The mining industry is regulated by a patchwork of weak local laws that have proven no match for the boom in silica sand mining that fuels the fracking for oil in nearby North Dakota. Transcript: It just seems like every time thereapos;s an issue, and whether itapos;s a transmission line coming through, now itapos;s silica sand, or itapos;s maybe some feedlot regulation? this is agriculture. People live in agricultural land. They have to expect the smells, the dust and the inconveniences and their roads beat up because that is what happens. (Crowd moans) Mr. Chair? See all episodes of The UpTake http://blip.tv/the-uptake#EpisodeArchive Visit The UpTake's series page http://blip.tv/the-uptake
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Families Called "Collateral Damage" in Frac Sand Mining District
FULL verbatim interview @ http://www.WIvoices.org Brenda Tabor-Adams provides inside details about life inside a frac sand mining district in rural Wisconsin. She explains the frustration of dealing with "stacked" town and county boards who have labeled her family "collateral damage" in the rush for sand. She describes dealings with pro-sand lawyers, the underfunded and understaffed DNR, mining companies and also feels abandoned by the government. Brenda claims that those left in the frac sand mining district, because they have been unable to sell their property, have been "thrown under the bus" by the push to deregulate the Wisconsin public policies in favor of mining interests.
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Wisconsin's sand mining boom
Rich Budinger, president of the Wisconsin Industrial Sand Association, says hydraulic fracturing for natural gas is driving the high demand for Wisconsin sand.
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Environmental issue Dune Mining
Deforestation has a negative effect on South Africans Coastal area due to Dune Mining for Ilmenite or Titanium.
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In this session, "Ancient Geology and the Roots of Sand Mining," expert Luke Kramer explains its environmental effects on ancient geology.
Silicosis & Crystalline Silica
Silica exposure remains a serious threat to close to several million U.S. workers, including more than 100,000 workers in high risk jobs such as abrasive blasting, foundry work, stonecutting, rock drilling, quarry work, and tunneling. Exposure also occurs during many different construction activities and some manufacturing processes. Crystalline silica has been classified as a human lung carcinogen. Silicosis is a disease of the lungs due to the breathing of dust containing crystalline silica particles. This dust can cause fibrosis or scar tissue formations in the lungs that reduce the lung's ability to work to extract oxygen from the air.
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Who's Protecting Us?
Excerpt from "The Price of Sand", a one-hour documentary film about the frac sand mining boom in the Midwest. www.thepriceofsand.com
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Join in the Fight to Protect MN From Frac Sand Mining - Sign LSP's Petition by April 22
Lynn Schoen, of Wabasha wants you to know how frac sand mining will harm her community and why it's time to sign the petition to protect MN from frac sand mining right now.
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Clothes Cleaning Process
This 2004 video shows provides an overview and construction details for a clothes cleaning system to reduce the risk of exposure to hazardous respirable dust on a worker’s clothing. Contaminated worker clothing has been identified as a source of exposure to respirable dust. If this respirable dust contains silica, it may cause the worker to develop silicosis, an irreversible lung disease. NIOSH and Unimin Corporation, the largest manufacturer of silica sand in the United States, have developed a clothes cleaning system that is able to clean dusty work clothes throughout the workday. http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/mining/works/coversheet1300.html
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sand gravitational concentration process
Contact Us For Help: http://wwa.stonecrushersolution.org/solutions/solutions.html gold ore gravity concentration process increase quality gold ore gravity concentration process increase quality. gold ore crushing and consentration, mobile crusher plant. Gold ore concentration plants, gold ore iron ore gravity concentration process Iron Ore Beneficiation,Process,Gravity Concentration,Magnetic . Methods of Iron Ore Beneficiation. Washing: Sometimes washing can be called a beneficiation process. concentration process methods Home ? Sand Production Line Gravity concentration processes rely on Optimization of tocopherol concentration process from soybean oil deodorized gravitational stamping method of testing rock crush ability The Resource Investor . The chemical test of rock samples to determine the mineral content. .. components; Gravity circuit: A process of recovering gold from GRAVITY SEPARATION The gravity of the situation, Derrick Corp G ravity concentration is re, establishing its importance, which has been known since ancient times, mainly for cost and environmental reasons. Outokumpu nickel ore by gravity concentration, ZCRUSHER nickel ore by gravity concentration Nickel ore by gravity concentration plant, M sand machinery beneficiation of gravitational concentration ? BINQ Mining gold ore gravity concentration process increase quality Gravity mining equipment spiral chute For Gold for iron ore gravity concentration Singh INTRODUCTION Gravity concentration process is the . sand gravitational gravity concentration black sand gold gravity concentration black sand gold. Applicable Materials: These black sands undergo an initial process in the plant of gravity concentration using spirals, crushing ore dressing silica sand silica sand dressing plant for sale . silica sand dressing plant iron ore maganese ore, silica of silica sand dressing jaw crusher Silica Sand Crushing Plant and Gravitational Type Mineral Process Shaking Table for Sale Gravitational Type Mineral Process Shaking Table for Sale,US $ 1,257, 4,689 / Set, Shanghai, China (Mainland), Bangke, L, S.Source from Zhengzhou Bangke Machinery Effect of solids concentration on the anaerobic digestion of Iowa State University Digital Repository @ Iowa State University Retrospective Theses and Dissertations 1965 Effect of solids concentration on the anaerobic copper ore gravitational separation gravitational separation of hematite, crusher export. gravitational separation of hematite, Crusher South Africa. wet magnetic separation of hematite ore fines. Sodium Hypochlorite General Information Handbook Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing , Inc. *Caution: Each manufacturer will produce sodium hypochlorite with different specific gravity due to the variation in the gravitational separation of hematite Offered Services, MINTEK, MINTEK. Gravity Separation: Gravity separation techniques are used to separate minerals of different relative densities. copper ore gravitational separation copper ore gravitational separation. copper ore gravitational separation. Copper, 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, Free Online. COPPER (symbol Cu, atomic weight 63.1 Environmental Engineering ::: Sludge Processing Methods Gravity thickening is accomplished in a tank similar in design to a conventional sedimentation tank. Normally, a circular tank is used. Dilute sludge is fed to a gravitational gold processing plants gravitational gold processing plants. equipment for small scale gold miners in gweru; quality of gold available in congo; hand operated gold dry washer plans zircon sand processing plant,zircon sand gravity separation Ore process, crushing plant and mill for mineral ores . Ore process is most used crushing plant, grinding mill and ores beneficiation equipment for manufacturing. More Than You Really Want To Know About Polymers Flocculation means a process in which individual particles of a suspension 0.5 % is the recommended concentration of Sand and gravel : recycling Accretion, Define Accretion at Dictionary.com Their gravitational pull can draw in huge amounts of gas, which swirls in a thick donut, shaped pattern known as an accretion disk. Density and Specific Gravity Instruments Information, IHS Description . Density and specific gravity instruments are meters used to determine the density and specific gravity of a mixture that may be solid, gas, or liquid. Components — Water Potential Gravitational Potential. Gravitational potential arises because of water’s location in a gravitational field. It can be positive or negative depending on where you description of tin process of ore concentration by dense Froth flotation is an important concentration
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Frac Sand See Saw
An economist answers the question, "How long will the frac sand jobs last?" Read Dr. Power's new study of the industry here: http://www.iatp.org/documents/the-economic-benefits-and-costs-of-frac-sand-mining-in-west-central-wisconsin Thomas Power received his PhD in Economics from Princeton University He is a research professor at Montana State University, where he served as Chairman of the Economics Department and taught for 40 years. He is an expert in the field of Natural Resource and Regional Economics, has authored six books, and has testified before state and federal regulatory agencies. More information on Dr. Power can be found at: www.powerconsulting.com
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Small town residents at odds over frac sand mining
The frac sand mining debate has made its way to Trempealeau County. A land owner in the town of hale wants to use his land for sand mining but not everyone agrees.
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Webinar on "Managing Silica in Boiler Feed Water" by Mr.Ansuman SenSharma
Silica, quite often, is the prime cause of efficiency loss and sometimes failure of steam turbine based power plants. At the same time, majority of the power plant boilers blow down costly drum water primarily to control the treacherous element ‘Silica’ in Boiler water. In this webinar, we take a close look at its typical characteristics, which have given this element such notoriously bad name and learn how to manage it.
Proposed SB 349 "dangerous and reckless" says Wisconsin Mother about Frac Sand Legislation
www.wivoices.org WIvoices.org 10/13/13 Senate Bill 349 "is dangerous and reckless," says mother Julie Augesen, whose 7-year-old twins attend school near a proposed silica frac sand mine. ugesen and other citizens around the state of Wisconsin may lose local control of mining sites in their communities. Currently, municipalities may regulate air and water standards appropriate for each location. If this bill passes, that power would transfer to the state, leaving "our hands tied to protect our children" from silica dust and other hazards says Augesen. In Glenwood City, WI, where a 400-acre frac sand mine is proposed less than ½ mile from the public school of 650 children, Augesen claims she would rather leave the area than risk her children's health, "even if that meant walking away from our home." Augesen says she wouldn't want to make the decision to go into foreclosure on her family's home, but "if it meant my kids' health, then yeah, I would do it." Adding a sense of urgency is the discovery by Glenwood area residents that silica dust was recently discovered in a neighboring town's school air filter. A recent study by UW- Eau Claire's Crispin Pierce Ph.D. reveals that silica particles were discovered in the school air filter in New Auburn. www.WIvoices.org
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Let's talk about sand: Denis Delestrac at TEDxBarcelona
Denis Delestrac made his debut in non-fiction filmmaking in 2001 and signed a number of hits including IMAX blockbuster "Mystery of the Nile" and "Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space", his first feature documentary. His latest feature documentary, "Sand Wars" is an epic eco-thriller that takes the audience around the globe to unveil a new gold rush and a disturbing fact: we are running out of sand! In his talk he explains us where sand comes from and where it ends up. Our perception is that the ressource sand will always be available for us but thanks to his investigations we realize that this is not true and that sooner or later we will be running out of sand - and consequently won´t have beaches anymore. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Fracking Farmhouse - Concerned Health professionals of NY Compendium
David Kestevens outlines the contents of the newly released (March 2018) 'Compendium of Scientific, Medical, and Media Findings Demonstrating Risks and Harms of Fracking'. Download here: http://concernedhealthny.org/compendium/ The Compendium of Scientific, Medical, and Media Findings Demonstrating Risks and Harms of Fracking (the Compendium) is a fully referenced compilation of the evidence outlining the risks and harms of fracking. The Compendium is organized to be accessible to public officials, researchers, journalists, and the public at large. In addition, the Compendium is complemented by a fully searchable, near-exhaustive citation database of peer-reviewed journal articles pertaining to shale gas and oil extraction, the Repository for Oil and Gas Energy Research, that was developed by PSE Healthy Energy and which is housed on its website (https://www.psehealthyenergy.org/our-work/shale-gas-research-library/). For this fifth edition of the Compendium, as prior ones, we collected and compiled findings from three sources: articles from peer-reviewed medical or scientific journals; investigative reports by journalists; and reports from, or commissioned by, government agencies. Peer-reviewed articles were identified through databases such as PubMed and Web of Science, and from within the PSE Healthy Energy database. Our entries briefly describe studies that document harm, or risk of harm, associated with fracking and summarize the principal findings. The studies and investigations referenced in the dated entries catalogued in Compilation of Studies & Findings are current through December 2017. In our review of the data, seventeen compelling themes emerged; these serve as the organizational structure of the Compendium. Readers will notice the ongoing upsurge in reported problems and health impacts, making each section top-heavy with recent data. The Compendium focuses on topics most closely related to the public health and safety impacts of unconventional gas and oil drilling and fracking. We also include in this edition a section on risks from fracking infrastructure that focuses on compressor stations, pipelines, silica sand mining operations, natural gas storage facilities, and, for the first time, the manufacture and transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Given the rapidly expanding body of evidence related to the harms and risks of unconventional oil and gas extraction, we plan to continue revising and updating the Compendium approximately every year. It is a living document, housed on the websites of Concerned Health Professionals of New York and Physicians for Social Responsibility. Read more about the process and scope of our work in the “About this Report” and the “Foreword to the Fifth Edition” sections of the Compendium.
Take a trip from R&R frac sand mine using 88 to Highway 35.
They want to run hundreds of truck-trips every day on this road... Highway 88 - No guard rails, steep drop, no shoulder.
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Citizens voice concern over frac sand industry
The number of frac sand mines in the area has exploded in recent years, but resident have some concerns about the growing industry.
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Lifetime Resident says EOG Mine Will Have Major Environmental Impact
EOG Resources is building a huge sand mine in northwest Cooke County Texas. They propose to process up to 5 million gallons of water per day, which threatens the Trinity Aquifer. The silica being mined contains a known carcinogen. So, the air quality is also being threatened. As the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality considers an air quality permit for EOG, a public meeting was held in Muenster Texas on August 13, 2011. This video was one of the comments made during the public meeting. Governor Rick Perry appointed the TCEQ representatives. For more information about Rick Perry and his environmental track record see http://www.star-telegram.com/2011/09/24/3394208/perry-critics-say-waste-license.html
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From sand to silicon
How silicon wafers for microelectronics are made from sand.
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Smell the Dirt
When a frac sand mine moves in, will it affect property values? Read Dr. Power's new study of the industry here: http://www.iatp.org/documents/the-economic-benefits-and-costs-of-frac-sand-mining-in-west-central-wisconsin Thomas Power received his PhD in Economics from Princeton University He is a research professor at Montana State University, where he served as Chairman of the Economics Department and taught for 40 years. He is an expert in the field of Natural Resource and Regional Economics, has authored six books, and has testified before state and federal regulatory agencies. More information on Dr. Power can be found at: www.powerconsulting.com
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CAPITOL REPORT: Balancing Mining and Environmental Interests
The Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources will face growing challenges balancing the protection of Minnesota's resources with the desire for economic growth. Southeastern Minnesota provides the greatest opportunity for silica sand mining, and DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr talks with Julie about steps the agency is taking to secure the proper balance. Senator Matt Schmit, DFL-Red Wing, sponsored legislation during the 2013 legislative session that would have imposed a state moratorium on future silica sand mining in Minnesota. In the end, local government's could extend moratoriums for two years, and state agencies were charged with overseeing mining permits. He joins Julie to review the legislation and offer his views on the future of silica sand mining and its impact on Minnesota resources and industry. In other State Capitol action, the state is creating an online website, to be operational October 1st, 2013, that will aid in the search and purchase of health insurance. Minnesota Management and Budget Commissioner James Schowalter provides several answers about the future workings of Minnesota's health exchange, known as MNsure. Finally, highlights of action this week by the State Capitol Preservation Committee that endorse the first major interior renovation of the State Capitol.
Fracking Hell [& secret mining ?]
A collection of YouTube video about fracking. Mostly from LinkTV.org / Earth Focus. [for educational purposes only] Fracking technology has a potential use for underground mining, using different chemical cocktails such as arsenic for gold and other heavy metals. Mining unseen, and unobjected to, because unknown though highly toxic. There may be no superfund cleanup for this type of contamination, several miles down, or out under your land or lands of others nearby. [It's your future, and your childrens. Think about the potential dangers remaining after the Oil is gone and these Mines] "Become a good Ancestor"
Fracking Creates Sand Boom
The process of Fracking requires a great amount of sand and therefore the sand market quite substantially.
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Never Give Up _ Conflict Gravel
The people's struggle continues. Another permit appliciation is made to create even more mines right on top of Lake Errock. People making this application are tied to the current mine which is violatiing the current regulations. Citizens are outraged that our government is actually considering granting new permits to operations which are already in contempt of the communities concerns.. Citizen reminds the FVRD of what may happen if people sign contracts allowing the local citizens health to be put at risk with toxic silica dust issues.
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More Details: http://www.pakistancrushers.com/contact.php environmental protection is a basic policy in our country, the required construction of artificial aggregate production, first of all should be designed to take full account of selection scheme for environmental protection, to make full use of waste slag are materials processing engineering excavation concrete aggregate, reduce material mining field the scope of the resource development and the natural environment tends to be harmony and unity. Production planning and design material, should choose the mining area is small, useful for large reserves of mining area, and the slope stability, with mining area supporting method put forward specific requirements, to prevent the improper design of the mountain mining instability and sliding on the engineering and human damage. The waste slag, waste generated in the process of mining the position should be stockpiled to take protective measures in the specified benefit, and make the drainage and protective design. The design of aggregate processing should meet the technical requirements of concrete aggregate, so as to choose the dry process which is relatively light to the environment. When choosing wet production process, we must adopt reasonable wastewater treatment technology to make comprehensive use of waste water and waste residue, turn waste into treasure, reduce waste residue as much as possible, and make it meet environmental protection requirements. In engineering construction, often requires a large amount of mining field for processing concrete aggregate. In the mining and manufacturing process and easy to the natural environment and the living environment of human production, damage and harm, including material mining on vegetation and slope destruction of security and stability, effect of dust, noise generated in the process of crushing and screening of air quality and living environment of mankind, and waste water, washing and screening make the rivers, valleys, land natural environment influence. The processing capacity of more than 500t/h sand production line, from the mountain mining wool generally need at least three broken, after three grade screening, grading can meet the requirements of the artificial sand and gravel. In the process of crushing and screening aggregate, in order to ensure the quality of finished aggregate and reduce processing costs, according to the general characteristics of raw materials and processing scale is different, according to the processing of the dry process and wet process production or all two processes. Aggregate crushing will produce a lot of dust and noise, screen through the motor drives the vibrator to make the material straight or circular motion in the screen surface material in the mechanical motion of sieve surface runout and sieving machine, will produce noise. Dry screening branch produces a large number of dust, wet screening, there is a large number of sewage treatment. Engineering monitoring data shows that the equipment is raised dust, free silica content is about the original rock crusher 63%-93%; sound level is greater than the 100dB; the level of vibration screen is greater than 110dB; for the index control in the production of finished products containing mud sand particles, wash water loss of useful 10%-30%. Therefore, in order to control and reduce the production of environmental pollution, we should first design equipment selection and process control, then environmental design in detail, and puts forward the technical measures and management measures to meet the environmental requirements of construction and operation management. Most of the sand processing equipment is a strong noise source and dust source, which pollute the surrounding environment and threaten the health of production personnel. The equipment selection and technical design should be considered in advance. (1) the choice of crusher, crushing process should meet the ratio under the premise of similar equipment try to choose a low center of gravity, rotor or plate movement of small amplitude, good protection performance of the equipment, from the source to minimize noise. (2) on the basis of ensuring the screening efficiency, the vibrating screen can choose the polyurethane screen with good damping effect as far as possible. (3) you should start from the concept of environmental protection system in the planning stage, the system is far from the office in the choice of the location of living facilities and residential areas, and at t http://www.agra-hotels.in/5661/cheapest-wet-grinder-dealers-in-chennai/ http://www.agra-hotels.in/5662/stone-sand-washing-machine-in-sri-lanka/ http://www.agra-hotels.in/5663/mining-equipment-manufacturers-in-russia/ http://www.agra-hotels.in/5664/where-to-buy-dolomite-mines-in-malaysia/
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What is COPPER SLAG? What does COPPER SLAG mean? COPPER SLAG meaning, definition & explanation
What is COPPER SLAG? What does COPPER SLAG mean? COPPER SLAG meaning - COPPER SLAG definition - COPPER SLAG explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. SUBSCRIBE to our Google Earth flights channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6UuCPh7GrXznZi0Hz2YQnQ Copper slag is a by-product of copper extraction by smelting. During smelting, impurities become slag which floats on the molten metal. Slag that is quenched in water produces angular granules which are disposed of as waste or utilized as discussed below. Slag from ores that are mechanically concentrated before smelting contain mostly iron oxides and silicon oxides. Copper slag is mainly used for surface blast-cleaning. Abrasive blasting is used to clean and shape the surface of metal, stone, concrete and other materials. In this process, a stream of abrasive grains called grit are propelled toward the workpiece. Copper slag is just one of many different materials that may be used as abrasive grit. Rate of grit consumption, amount of dust generated, and surface finish quality are some of the variables affected by the choice of grit material. Internationally the described media is manufactured in compliance with ISO 11126-3 The blasting media manufactured from copper slag brings less harm to people and environment than sand. The product meets the most rigid health and ecological standards. Copper slag can be used in concrete production as a partial replacement for sand. Copper slag is used as a building material, formed into blocks. Such use was common in areas where smelting was done, including St Helens and Cornwall in England. In Sweden (Skelleftea region) fumed and settled granulated copper slag from the Boliden copper smelter is used as road-construction material. The granulated slag has both insulating and drainage properties which are usable to avoid ground frost in winter which in turn prevents pavement cracks. The usage of this slag reduces the usage of primary materials as well as reduces the construction depth which in turn reduces energy demand in building. Due to the same reasons the granulated slag is usable as a filler and insulating material in house foundations in a cold climate. Numerous houses in the same region are built with a slag insulated foundation.
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Dirty river sand recycling (washing) (cleaning) machine from China
Not all the sand we use is grey; sometimes its color is black dirty. Imagine that black mud mixed with dirty water flowing in the earth land, the earth will be colored in black, and also the worst is the environment, the land will not suitable for farming. Considering these long terms harm, buyers or explorers shall pay attention to certain rules, choose environmental friendly equipments to reduce any harms. Our LZ sand recycling machine is a best choice! Bring you both profits and no pollution concerns. Contact us on www.sandrecyclingmachine.com or www.lzzgcrusher.com or www.crushersb.com
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