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Warframe - The Archwing Quest (How To Get Your Odonata)
In todays video we take a look at The Archwing quest in Warframe and how to complete it so you can take to the cold vacuum of space and smash your enemies. If you would like to support me and The Anxious Gamers Project you can do so here. http://www.patreon.com/user?u=132789 Twitter http://www.twitter.com/scannerbarkly I stream at http://www.hitbox.tv/scannerbarkly Twitch http://www.twitch.tv/scannerbarkly Main Channel http://www.youtube.com/scannerbarkly Let's Play Channel http://youtube.com/scannerplays Channel of the Month - HitPan Presents https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnXVYeKjsKQAr-OP1VFWTRw
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Warframe Sidequest 6 - Earth - Hack the Data Terminals
Here's another sidequest from the game Warframe. Warframe is property of Digital Extremes. No copyright infringement intended.
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Warframe : Why we should expect more from game developers.
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Warframe - Lua Spy Mission Guide / Walkthrough
Another Warframe spy mission tutorial - I know that a lot of people have trouble with this mission and end up thinking, "Screw this moon!". I thougth this would be helpful! Timestamps: 1:29 - Area A - Lots of Lasers 4:34 - Area B - Button entrance / Mirrors 7:48 - Area C - Longest vault w/ Jumping Puzzle I hope this helped, please do leave quetions and feedback in the comments section! Have fun guys, catch you all soon!
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Artificial neural network
In machine learning and related fields, artificial neural networks (ANNs) are computational models inspired by an animal's central nervous systems (in particular the brain) which is capable of machine learning as well as pattern recognition. Artificial neural networks are generally presented as systems of interconnected "neurons" which can compute values from inputs. For example, a neural network for handwriting recognition is defined by a set of input neurons which may be activated by the pixels of an input image. After being weighted and transformed by a function (determined by the network's designer), the activations of these neurons are then passed on to other neurons. This process is repeated until finally, an output neuron is activated. This determines which character was read. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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Warframe | The Zooming Experience
Zooming... Get it? Cuz Lenz, Lenses... OH YOU HAVE NO SENSE OF HUMOR!
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Warframe PS4 - Gameplay #2 - Live HD
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WARFRAME | Der Infested-Pickel greift an! | OPERATION: PLAGESTERN | [Let's Show] | [HD]
Hallo Tenno-Freunde. Im folgenden Video zeigen wir euch das (noch) laufende Event in den Ebenen von Eidolon: Operation Seuchenstern (aka Operation Plaque Star). In diesen Event, müssen wir die Verseuchung durch die Befallenen verhindern, die von Vay Hek verursacht wurde. Wir zeigen euch wie man das Toxin gegen den Seuchenstern herstellen und das Geschwür besiegen kann. "Ein mysteriöser Meteorit ist vor Cetus eingeschlagen und hat ein furchtbares Geschwür hervorgebracht. Das Geschwür wächst und die Ostron haben gesehen, wie befallene Lebensformen aus diesem hervortraten. Wir müssen jetzt handeln, bevor sie es nach Cetus schaffen. Konzu hat Berichte erhalten, dass Vay Hek ein Toxin besitzt, welches das Geschwür vernichten kann. Aber Vay Hek wird nicht helfen; er sieht das Geschwür als eine Möglichkeit, die Ebenen von Cetus und den Ostron zu reinigen. Wir müssen dieses Toxin in unsere Hände kriegen und das Geschwür zerstören, bevor es unaufhaltsam wird. Sprich mit Konzu in Cetus und lerne von ihm, wie ihr das Toxin von Vay Hek erhaltet." Mehr Information ► https://www.warframe.com/de/news/operation-plague-star Warframe Community Discord Server ► http://discord.me/warframe_ger Mein Mitkommentator ► https://www.youtube.com/user/KennyakaEike Gezwitscher ► https://twitter.com/DchanZockt Spiel: Warframe Entwickler und Publisher: Digital Extremes Veröffentlichung: 2013 Plattform: PC Genre: MMORPG-Shooter Altersfreigabe: USK 16 Spielmodus: Mulitplayer Geschätzte Spieldauer: Unendlich
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