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Lang Hancock's solution to the 'Aboriginal problem' (1984)
"Curator's clip description by Romaine Moreton Talking head newscast discussing the 'Aboriginal problem'. In this instance, Lang Hancock offers sterilisation as a solution to 'the problem'. Curator's notes The news and interview footage in this clip is from a relatively recent time in Australian history. The openness with which sterilisation is proposed as a solution to the Aboriginal problem -- especially the half-castes who are not considered legitimate Aborigines -- frames the way in which the Australian public felt justified in having such discussions publicly. Such opinions are very recent, and still surface in race discussions on the ongoing distinction between 'true Aborigines' and 'hybrid' Aborigines." All right belong to O'Rourke and Associates, shared under fair use. http://aso.gov.au/titles/documentaries/couldnt-be-fairer/clip2/
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Selling Nudes and Adult Premium Snapchat Subscriptions
This video explains how to best market and sell a private Snapchat account, it also goes over the steps in creating the account and deciding the kind of account you are going to run. For more in-depth information, plus sites for selling premium Snapchat, find our full guide here here: webcamstartup.com/premium-snapchat/ The first step is creating a Snapchat account, if you don't already have one. Some performers keep their premium / private accounts separate from their public / promotional accounts. There's also a way to run both on the same account using stories. There's advantages / disadvantages of doing it either way. Now, it's important to realize that Snapchat doesn't support nudity or people monetizing their platform by selling subscriptions. Even though this is the reality, it doesn't stop anyone from doing it, nor the networks dedicated for selling adult Snapchat subscriptions. Just be aware, that there's a chance that you might get your premium / private Snapchat account banned. This is one of the benefits of having separate premium and public accounts, as your promotional account will never get banned as a result of the private account getting banned. Where to sell Snapchat subscriptions: There are tons of sites dedicated to adult premium Snapchat. You'll find both mainstream / professional pornstars as well as indie models using these platforms to monetize Snapchat. It's also possible to sell subscriptions / access via camming sites (tip x-amount of tokens for access) and any adult-friendly network that offers custom store items. You can find a list of sites here: webcamstartup.com/premium-snapchat/ Here are some of the top sites for selling Snapchat subscriptions: webcamstartup.com/fancentro-information/ webcamstartup.com/indie-bill-sell-adult-services/ webcamstartup.com/getting-started-manyvids/ webcamstartup.com/membershyp-sell-snapchat-subscriptions/ Snapchat Safety Tips: *It's very easy to get banned / deleted from Snapchat, as it's not sex-worker friendly. Therefore, you need to be careful about how you promote your premium Snapchat account and how you use the platform. For example: Using the link-sharing feature (Paperclip) to share links to adult sites will likely get your account flagged and banned. *Have a backup account. This is in case your primary account gets banned. This is very important if you're offering "Lifetime Access" (any lawyer will suggest you word it as "Unlimited Access", by the way). It's also nice to have a list of lifetime subscribers to make things easy in the event of having to switch over to a new Snapchat account. *Snapchat takeovers are a great way to gain exposure. The great thing about doing a takeover is that anyone watching already has the Snapchat app and they like watching adult performers on Snapchat. This makes it one of the best ways to promote your premium Snap. *Shoutout for shoutout with other models is a great way to gain additional exposure as well. If you add a bunch of models onto a public story, you'll see they all like doing shoutout for shoutout. *Make different tiers. A lot of the platforms dedicated for selling Snapchat access have this feature built-in, and they also handle the automatic rebills. You can have a monthly tier, 3-month tier, 6-month tier, annual, or lifetime / unlimited access, for example. How you setup the tiers and price them out is completely up to you. *You can use a website in order to get around some of the sharing limitations. Many of the huge porn sites have been flagged (Pornhub, ManyVids, ect) which means that the links to them will be flagged. Your own personal website is less likely to be flagged, especially if it's not hardcore. Building a website is also easy and free for models (there's platforms that work on revshare). You can learn more about building model websites here: webcamstartup.com/webcam-model-website/
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