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Orica Experience
Video Summary of my internship at Orica!
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Huge Rock Blasting - Compilation
Ultimate, and huge rock blasting compilation
Orica rides out headwinds to profit rise
Mining explosives supplier Orica has overcome a high Australian dollar and Queensland's floods to post a profit rise.
Orica transformation underway
17 Dec 2015 - Orica Limited (ASX:ORI) MD & CEO Dr. Alberto Calderon outlines the company's FY2015 results, its global footprint and the benefits of the company's transformation program.
Currency War or Actual War!
Currency War upadate and explanation for August 23, 2015 http://seekingalpha.com/article/3178896-the-real-reason-china-is-buying-up-the-worlds-gold http://www.orica.com/Products---Services/Mining-Chemicals/Products/Sodium-Cyanide
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Chemicals leak from Orica plant
Emergency authorities have contained a 20,000 litre leak of ammonium nitrate at the troubled Orica chemical plant at Newcastle north of Sydney.
Funerals for some of the 28 killed after truck explosion
NO SLATE AT START OF STORY 1. Crater left by the explosion, people around it 2. Various of nearby house destroyed 3. Destroyed road signs lying on ground 4. Close up of a childs toy amongst the rubble 5. Close up shoe on ground 6. Wide of the crater 8. Women at funeral service 9. Close of coffin, hat and picture of the deceased on top 10. Relatives sitting outside 11. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Fernando Reyes, relative of person killed during explosion: "Supposedly the truck's driver stepped out shouting that the truck was loaded with explosives, but the people didn't listen or didn't pay attention to it, the result is that lots of people get closer to the site and unfortunately this tragedy took place." 12. Wide funeral of another victim 13. Exterior of church 14. Coffin of victim being carried by relatives 15. Mother of victim crying STORYLINE: Residents from Monclova and nearby towns began to bury their love ones on Tuesday, after a truck carrying 25 tons of an ammonium nitrate-based explosive collided with another vehicle in northern Mexico and later exploded, killing at least 28 people and injuring 154 others, two days ago. A childs toy and a shoe still lying on the floor near the site of the explosion showed the extent of the human tragedy that hit this town of Nadadores, 30 kilometres (18.6 miles) away from Monclova in the state of Coahuila. The accident was apparently made more deadly due to a lag of at least a half hour between the crash and the explosion, and the fact that many of those who responded to the scene may not have known that the truck was carrying explosive materials used in mining. However, a relative of one of the victims told Ap television that the driver of the truck had apparently tried to warn others that the vehicle was packed with explosives. "Supposedly the truck's driver stepped out shouting that the truck was loaded with explosives, but the people didn't listen or didn't pay attention to it, the result is that lots of people get closer to the site and unfortunately this tragedy took place," Fernando Reyes said. Authorities had earlier placed the death toll at 34, but the governor of Coahuila state, said only 28 bodies had been officially recovered. Authorities earlier acknowledged that some bodies, difficult to identify, had been counted twice. Local authorities said 67 homes and about 50 vehicles were damaged by the blast. Health authorities in the nearby city of Monclova reported that 154 people had been injured in the crash and ensuing blast, and 52 people remained hospitalised Monday night. Authorities said the vehicle and a pickup truck smashed into each other on Sunday evening on the busy highway, drawing onlookers and a small army of police, soldiers, emergency officials and journalists. The wreckage then caught fire and the truck's cargo, an ammonium nitrate-fuel oil mixture of the same type used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, blew up, sending a ball of fire into the sky that consumed nearby cars and left a 3-by-15-meter (10-by-40 foot) hole. Federal officials said they did not know what caused the initial crash. The local police director, said the majority of those killed and injured were families returning home after spending Sunday at nearby swimming pools. The truck had picked up 25 tons of ammonium nitrate from an Orica Ltd. explosives plant in Monclova and was heading to a mine in the southwestern state of Colima, said a federal police official. He did not say which one. Officials at Orica's offices in Monclova did not return a message from The Associated Press seeking comment. The Australia-based company is the world's largest explosives maker, with operations in 50 countries. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/e8f644a070d6f8ab8f6ceab18c775211 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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MEMU - Explosive truck US
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Demolition blast with Orica I-Kon electronic detonators.
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Residents angered by Orica spills (Proper news report)
Comprehensive report of how residents of Stockton and Newcastle alike are pissed off about a series of toxic chemical spills over the past few months from the Orica Corporation on Kooragang Island. Carcinogenic chemical spills have been made into the Hunter River, preceded by plumes of toxic gases over Stockton, Mayfield, etc..
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Sky Mining Services
72ft x 14ft Davenport Rotary Dryer Dis-assembly timelapse video
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Sky Mining Services
Our North Dakota coal dryer dis assembly project at GTL Energy
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Residents angered by handling of Orica spill
Residents of Stockton north of Sydney are furious after authorities waited three days to inform them of a toxic spill at a nearby chemical plant.
Chinese Explosion,. An Attack? Gold Mines Haulted!
Personal theory of what may be going on with Chinese explosion. This story is with regards to the first Chinese explosion. Not the recent on unfolding now. http://www.orica.com/Products---Services/Mining-Chemicals/Products/Sodium-Cyanide http://www.oann.com/safety-hazards-found-at-70-percent-of-beijing-chemical-firms-inspected-xinhua/
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Orica Ship of Shame Newcastle (Channel 9 News)
Newcastle and the waters beyond face a looming toxic threat, with a dangerously sub-standard vessel entering Australian waters for the first time last week to take on some of Orica'sexcess ammonium nitrate, the Maritime Union of Australia warned today.
Orica charged for alleged environmental breaches
Chemical manufacturer Orica has been charged with more than 200 environmental offences after allegedly dumping excessive levels of cyanide in central Queensland.
Orica chemical spill infuriates residents
Residents in Newcastle north of Sydney have voiced their anger after effluent containing arsenic leaked into the Hunter River from the Orica ammonia plant.
Geometry Global Singapore Wins Orica, World’s Largest Provider of Co
Geometry Global Singapore Wins Orica, World’s Largest Provider of Co. Geometry Global, 4 hours ago Agency to develop B2B and digital communications for the global leader in mining and civil services Orica, the world’s largest provider of mining, civil blasting and groun... --------------------- Don't Forget Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJSnnxC4ZgOInm5KZDkaU5g?sub_confirmation=1
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Orica reports another breach
The chemical company Orica says mercury levels were twice the legal limit at the remediation site in Port Botany in south-east Sydney.
Blasting service 06, Mera LLC
Mera LLC is a Mongolian nationally owned company provides drilling, blasting operation, and manufacturing explosives.
Orica to reopen Newcastle plant
Orica's chemical plant north of Sydney will reopen after three spills forced it to temporarily shut down.
ORICA LEAK: What Does It Take To Shut This Plant Down. October 8 2011
Orica in Australia was shut down after 4 major chemical leaks in a short period in . Now in its third day of operation it has had another chemical leak, what does it take to shut this plant down permanently this is typical of Governments and Mining company's working hand in hand. Please watch the first video on ORICA here. http://youtu.be/dKQZTWp_H74 Orica reopened http://finance.ninemsn.com.au/newsbusiness/8385466/part-of-orica-plant-to-be-reopened Orica Leak http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/8386157/another-leak-has-occurred-at-orica
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Orica chief Liebelt tackles bad publicity
Orica chief Graeme Liebelt has had a busy year with a demerger from Dulux and a net profit after tax and material items of $642 million but recent chemical leaks delivering bad publicity.
Sun Mining - The Downfall?
News about the latest troubles with Sun Mining
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Orica's Liebelt joins Lateline Business
Orica CEO Graeme Liebelt joins Lateline Business live to discuss his company's positive performance.
Orica pledges to learn from its mistakes
Orica says it is already acting on the findings of an independent investigation into a toxic chemical leak at its plant near Newcastle north of Sydney.
Parker on defensive at Orica inquiry
NSW Environment Minister Robyn Parker has fronted a state parliamentary inquiry into a chemical leak at Orica's Kooragang Island plant north of Sydney.
Orica chemical plant shut down indefinitely
A major chemical plant near Newcastle has been shut down indefinitely following another ammonia leak which forced two people to be taken to hospital.
Orica Ship of Shame Newcastle - Channel 9 Newcastle Local
Orica Ship of Shame Newcastle - Channel 9 Newcastle Local
Orica breaches emissions levels again
NSW health officials are unconcerned after Orica emitted mercury from its plant at Botany in Sydney's south in levels exceeding its licence agreement.
Inquiry to review Orica spill response
An independent review will examine the response by authorities to a leak at an Orica chemical plant at Stockton near Newcastle north of Sydney.
Orica CEO IMARC keynote speech: Innovation as a driver of change
Orica Managing Director and CEO Alberto Calderon today addressed industry leaders at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) in Melbourne, Australia. Mr Calderon discussed how challenging market conditions for the sector meant there was an increased need for capturing sustainable productivity benefits, the important role innovation and technology would play in this as a driver of change and productivity, and Orica’s commitment to innovation.
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Dyno Nobel is the 1st non-mining principle organization to receive CORESafety Certification
CORESafety is a partnership led by the members of the National Mining Association (NMA). It’s an approach to mining safety and health to prevent accidents before they happen using a management system that involves leadership, management, and assurance.
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2017 Hanwha Corporation/Explosives - Indonesian
2017 Hanwha Corporation/Explosives_Indonesian Ver
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African Explosives Limited - Safety Process and Induction video - Zulu Translation
*** DVD clip produced by Dominic Orpen of Autumn DVD: www.Autumndvd.webs.com *** AEL Mining Services, a member of the JSE-listed AECI Group in South Africa, is a leading developer, producer and supplier of commercial explosives, initiating systems and blasting services for mining, quarrying and construction markets in Africa and Indonesia. AEL is also the largest supplier of explosives technology and initiating systems in Africa.
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Hexagon Mining Services – Consulting
Implementation, training, and consulting are the backbone of Hexagon Mining Services. Inseparable from our solutions, Services connect people and processes for greater efficiency. In this episode, hear from our Consulting specialists.
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The Thiess Australian Mining Team
The Thiess team talk about what it's like to work for Thiess Australian Mining, and what Blue Blood means to them.
В Кемеровской области Азот Майнинг Сервис запустил производство нетоксичной взрывчатки
В Кемеровской области Азот Майнинг Сервис запустил производство нетоксичной взрывчатки Добыча и разведка полезных ископаемых В Кемеровской области Азот Майнинг Сервис запустил производство нетоксичной взрывчатки Завод Азот Майнинг Сервис в Прокопьевске это крупнейшее в России производство эмульсии и сборочного производства средств инициирования промышленных взрывчатых веществ . На площадке завода запущен в работу пункт подготовки и производства компонентов эмульсионных взрывчатых вещ
Orica leak creates lasting fallout Posted August 26, 2011 21:02:00 The release of toxic chemicals from an Orica plant at Stockton in Newcastle north of Sydney has exposed holes in the State Government's regulation of industrial accidents.
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Компания Mining  Technologies International
Рекламно-образовательный фильм
Graeme Liebelt joins Inside Business
Graeme Liebelt, the chief executive of blasting supplier Orica, joins Inside Business.
Downer Blasting Services
Downer Blasting Services (DBS) is one of the largest blasting services providers in the Australian mining industry. It provides innovative blasting solutions to over 20 projects across Australia, with a fleet of over 50 Mobile Processing Units, four state-of-the-art emulsion-manufacturing facilities and a 300-strong workforce. For over a decade DBS has gone the Extra Mile to provide a flexible, collaborative and pioneering blasting service to its impressive list of major resources sector customers. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Downer Mining, it has the backing and scale of a leading mining services company, but the personal touch of a smaller one. From working closely with its customers to understand their business drivers and developing detailed blast designs for every new project, to individually configuring each service truck to meet specific user needs, DBS aims to provide flexible and tailored solutions in each and every situation.
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Electric Rock Blasting Video 1 You Tube
Description A technology that could fracture hard rock formations without the production of fumes appears very promising and would place the mining industry at the forefront of new excavation approaches. One such technology is referred to in this report as the Plasma Blasting Technology or PBT. The process used and developed by Noranda has been described in a paper by Nantel and Kitzinger (1990) presented in Brisbane, Australia, and may be summarized as follows. Electrical energy is stored in a capacitor bank. When the capacitors reach the operating voltage a high current switch is turned on, causing the electrons to rush toward the tip of a coaxial blasting electrode....and KABOOOM!!
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Story of Christmas - Orica Station ID
Christmas presentation by Hohohorica.
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video orica presenta EIA
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QBE Australian Housing Outlook 2017 - 2020 - Mining regions
The QBE Australian Housing Outlook 2017-2020 explores the property market in the mining regions of Western Australia and Queensland to reveal challenging conditions with minimal growth forecast in some local council areas. Watch more videos or download the full report here: https://www.qbe.com.au/outlook
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Orica MSAI SecurityTeam Basketball tournament 2013
MSAI Team Security at orica limay plant
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