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Drop a Pebble
A ripple becomes a wave!
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Drop A Pebble In The Water: Poems With Autumn and Alaina # 1
Autumn is reciting "Drop A Pebble In The Water" by James W. Foley as part of our homeschool curriculum. She plans on sharing a new poem each week on our family blog at: http://throughmydaughtersbooks.blogspot.com
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Drop a Pebble in the Water
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor)
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A pebble in the water
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Ripple Effect
A pebble drops into a pond, creating ripples. For context, visit: http://gnostradamus.blogspot.com/
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Drop A Pebble
Nature has a way of expressing love that soothes my feelings of isolation; this video metaphorically reflects my innermost desires of love and companionship. Playing my classical piano piece as I sing my song "Classical Version" , "Drop A Pebble". Lyrics and Music Composed/Performed & with Video Produced by Leah Devorah "DEVORA" DEVORA® JEVORA®
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Inspiration for Women: Ripples
http://www.FaceForwardBook.com/tickettothrive/ Drop a pebble in the water Drop a word of cheer and kindness; just a flash and it is gone But there's half-a-hundred ripples circling on and on and on Bearing hope and joy and comfort on each splashing, dashing wave Till you wouldn't believe the volume of the one kind word you gave.
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Throw a Pebble in the Water
DyAna sings at church.
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Ripples on the Pond
When you throw a pebble into a pond, youll see a splash and hear the resounding plunk of the pebble. You might notice concentric circles rippling out from the locus point of where the pebble hit the water. The thrown pebble might also have other effects. And so goes our life. This poem was written by Sandra Crowther and the music was written by Ryan Olson. Photos later were added to complete this project.
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Stone dropped into water (slow motion)
Filmed using Samsung i8910.
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Sometimes life-changing inspiration comes from unexpected places.
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Ripples - Poetry by AlexFate
http://www.AlexFate.com A brief poem, of Love and Despair. [All content: Video/images/Audio/Words are my own creation] https://www.facebook.com/AlexFate.bookmark http://www.youtube.com/AlexFate101
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Gentle Ripples -New Version
This song came about when I bought one of those instrumental CDs with music to help you relax. There was one song on the CD called Dream Away that I thought I could write lyrics to. I listened to the song over and over again on my way to and from work, trying to think of lyrics for it. Nothing was coming to me, so I thought I would look through some of my poetry to see if something might work. Well, a poem entitled Gentle Ripples looked promising, so I gave it a try. At first, it wasn't working out. But I kept at it and finally was able to finish the lyrics. Actually, not much from the poem made it into the song, but the lyrics are based on the same theme. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. -Ian
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http://www.iris.edu/hq/waves A stone causes ripples to radiate out across the surface of a pond in all directions. Such imagery is the analog or familiar situation for a classic seismology instructional analogy "Seismic waves radiate outward from an earthquake's epicenter like ripples on water." Video Credit: Larry Braile, Purdue University For a full discussion of this analogy see http://www.iris.edu/hq/waves
Pebble Bounce
New way of fun! Coming soon! Stay tuned!!! https://www.pebble-bounce.com/
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A pebble in the Water makes a {R I P P L E} Effect
My older sister told me to make a video and when I asked her what song to use she told me to put my ipod on shuffle and do the first song that came up. Well, Girl Next Door came up first but I didn't want to make a video with that so I tried again and got this song. Then I made this. Some of the clips are really old like last year. All the clips of Sagr are old(and has frightening bad EQ lol). Only like a few are new and they are of my and Kamil. SPEAKING OF KAMIL! He is so awesome. He was doing western pleasure today. xD He even was sorta neck reining at one point. That liar. All these years he made me think he couldn't. I might try showing western pleasure next month. The show I am thinking of showing him western in is on my birthday! September 18 I turn 15. :) Some of these clips show that Kamil is a troll.... he does things to annoy me for the lulz. D: And he used to be a serious head slinger. I hated it so much. He's better now though. :D He doesn't sling his head anymore.
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You can think of a standing wave as dropping a pebble in a pond
AHR a8 1 min 35 sec You can think of a standing wave as dropping a pebble in a pond… and the waves go… out…out… out. They are also simultaneously coming in… in… in. For every action in this dimension there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is the basis of the law of attraction… the principle of resonance… What you are transmitting… is what you receive. You transmit compassionate attention… you receive compassionate attention. Every time you look upon something that says, “pay attention to this”… you are giving it to your SELF as well. Because you live within the divine hologram. As the earth accesses more and more of the transformational frequencies… and the energy gets anchored in the physical plane in greater and greater amounts… You will see… how the awareness that you hold within this illusion… * mentally * emotionally * physically * spiritually … is requested by so many human beings that are yearning to understand the “new consciousness.” We know that sometimes it’s difficult to overcome thoughts… habits… and traits that you have accumulated over thousands of years. This is a time of “new beginnings.” It’s a time to release your old limited viewpoint… doubts… and any feeling of lack or self worth… Because YOU ARE a master… https://www.facebook.com/szink http://aneaglessight.blogspot.com/
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The ripple effect
Dr. Ferrell investigates ripples formed by tossing a small rock into a glassy-surfaced pond.
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The Inspiration Of The Poem~Ripple In The Pond
I explain the symbolism of the pond and the pebble being people coming into your life and interrupting your flow of daily living and the lessons you learn.
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13) A concise 10 minutes on the ripple effect of Nonviolence
Day in and day out, we live by the invisible ripples that come to us over time and space that would never thought when they were started that they were going to be working and controlling the moment. This is the way normal life works. The invisible side of existence is real. It is real. In fact most, spiritually speaking, most of what is most important in life happens on the invisible side, where no one can see it. Fidelity to Christ means fidelity to the means of Christ here and now, and the reason we're faithful is because each of our individual actions sends out ripples over time and space that we can't imagine. We have a responsibility to those around us in the history, which means Jesus, which means God. So the monk Thomas Merton sums this up in one beautiful sentence, a really beautiful sentence -- Merton says: the first and most important thing to be a good Christian, the first and most important thing to be a good Christian is to be willing to be your own good person here and now, love as Christ loved here and now, and then be willing to let everything else fall in its own good time, good place, and good way. The first and most important thing to be a good Christian is to be willing to be your own good person here and now. Love as Christ loved in the only place where you have any control over existence -- right now, here and now, and then be willing to let everything else fall in its own good time, good place, good way. Mother Theresa says, my business is fidelity, God's business is success. The church and so many Christians have literally reversed that, figuring their business is success and God's business is fidelity. It's not so, and its causing chaos in the individual life and in the Christian communities. The issue is to love as Christ loved here and now because those are the only Christ like means that can build a Christ like life, a Christ like home, a Christ like convent, a Christ like parish, a Christ like diocese, a Christ like church, a Christ like world. The only means. We are to be faithful and loving as Christ loved. And then let the ripples go out and leave the rest in the hands of God. For fidelity is our business and success is God's.
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Pebble Dropping
Jane :D
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Ripples in a pond
Everyone knows that when you drop a small object in calm water you can see circles of ripples moving outward from the point where the object hit the water. But did you know that these ripples represent two different types of waves with significant differences in properties? These are the tiny capillary waves, which exhibit "anomalous dispersion", and the larger gravity waves, which exhibit "normal dispersion".
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Creating Ripples
Inspired by Humanity Healing. Music: Yanni - Whispers in the Dark
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pebble pond ripple ver yt
latest conjurement
Close up of pebbles splashing in a pond!
Interesting to see this view of pebbles hitting the water and the ripples that flow from it.
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"Ripple In The Pond" (Poetry)
This poem puts me in the mind that an unknowing person entered your life and discombobulated you. Their entrance was so strong that it changed your life and when they leave the same effect happens, your life is changed. (All Poetry is written by me) Enjoy! Excerpt: You moved me. I was still and serene like Walden Pond but you threw a pebble and caused a ripple. You disturbed my solitude and disrupted my meditation. Why did you throw the pebble them hide your hand sis you not know that every cause has an effect...
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What if?, Drop the pebble
Retune to source center Heart, grace, divine, energy light
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water in slow motion
water dripping down in slow motion
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The Ripple Effect - Positive Vibes Can Change Everything!
http://www.liz-green.com - Have you ever heard of the Ripple Effect? Your Vibes and your positive energy given to others by way of a smile or maybe just some positive inspiration can change the world with ripples of positive energy just like the ripples in water when you throw a pebble. Keep your positive vibes flowing! Enjoy :) Help Liz Spread the Positive Vibes Around the World & Back - Share & re-tweet - Liz appreciates you ♥ Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen playing with the universe and finding Law of Attraction evidence & proof all around, it's true! Where Does Liz Get All these Positive Vibes From? You can join our 56 Days of Discovery Group here on facebook ~ to learn more contact Liz http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=103822546330723&ref=ts Learn how to create the life of your dreams.... Then live it! http://www.liveyourdreammentoring.com
Amazing Sounds at The Ripple Effect in the empty Govanhill Baths 23 June 2012
The Ripple Effect A pebble dropped into water causes ripples. If the community is the water, and our ac-tions/ideas are pebbles, what would your ripple effect be...?
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Throwing Pebbles To Create Ripples Of Compassion
http://stonyhill-nuggets.com/throwing-pebbles-create-ripples-compassion/ Dick Rauscher talks about his trip with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala to build houses, smokeless stoves and latrines. I returned recently from throwing pebbles into the pond called Guatemala; pebbles that I hoped would send ripples of compassion into the world. I went on the Habitat trip with a team of volunteers to build smokeless stoves, homes, and latrines for a few Guatemalan families currently living in poverty. I went to help them, but what I discovered was my own poverty. Check out our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/DickCRauscher Follow me on Twitter... https://twitter.com/#!/DickRauscher My Dick Rauscher website : http://www.Dick Rauscher.com/
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GoPro: Pebble Water Drop
GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition Input: 720p Narrow 240fps Protune Auto WB Colour: Flat Max ISO: 6400 Output: 1280x720 50fps 11mbps Music by: Debussy: Clair de Lune
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How difficult is abstract art? Film water at night reflecting light and drop in some little stones. From The 15 Second Film Festival (15secondfilmfestival.com).
LIFE IS ART | Ep 7: Ripple Effect
Produced by First Fruits Entertainment Our sins have "Ripple Effects", to paraphrase Isaac Newton, "For every action...there is a reaction." We fall victim to the notion that when we sin we're only hurting ourselves, but the reality is your sin can cause collateral damage. Sometimes the people hurt the most are the people closest to you. "Life Is Art" (starring Sean C. Johnson) follows the life of a rising Gospel Artist recovering from a moral failure. Take a candid look into his life as he draws inspiration from his own personal struggles to create music that connects with his fans. Be sure to subscribe for more updates and to watch the series. This Episode contains music from "GRATEFUL". Download this free project at www.SeanCJohnson.Bandcamp.com Cast: Sean C. Johnson as Himself (@SeanCJohnson) Dacember Traylor as Tiffany Jalisa Debro as Herself Sh'Pone Harris as TANK Theme Music By: DJ Diapolis "Come Back" Additional Music By: SoulMate (www.s0ulmate.bandcamp.com) Special Thank You to Crossover Bible Fellowship (http://crossoverbiblefellowship.org/)
A Pebble in a Pond  by Layne T. Oliver
Book Trailer for Layne T. Oliver, A Tate Publishing Author.
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Dropping Pebbles into the Water Slow Mo - iPhone 6s
I drop rocks and pebbles into the lake and record in slow motion! I will be uploading a slow mo video daily!
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Diane Walker reads her poem, about ripples in the water, geese, and the Divine Feminine.
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a drop in the pond
This poem is an Ode to Oneness, to loving acceptance, to your singularity, to Change, and to your inner truth and my promise is that you will be amazed, about how powerful you become, when you start to love and to forgive yourself.'' “Just like the ephemeral, nothing lasts longer than the present,” Coco Chanel Isak Dinesen, author of “Out of Africa” used to say that “the cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.” Well, she is right. Water stands as a symbol of emotions and thus can trigger positive opening at a subconscious level, a sort of container for a potential healing and release. Wisdom is the ability to understand the lessons behind every single '‘so-called” mistake we made. We are conditioned since childhood to think low of ourselves because of our mistakes or our failures but remember that they are the holy container for our growth. So, what about some BIG change and what about, embarking deliberately within the truth of who you are and loving yourself? Are you in? Fana Gueye ''I AM Not a stone dropping in the pond... I AM the Water, I AM a vessel and I am the flow I AM one with the pond I AM the Water, I AM a ripple, I AM a drop in the pond I AM the crystal and the murky waters I AM the stillness and the surf I MAY be tiny but I AM the abyss I MAY be cold but I AM hot I AM solid and I AM the cloud I AM a mirror and a reflection I just AM, just AM, I AM One drop with my own exquisite flavor, One drop from with my own shimmering color, One drop with my own unstable density One drop with my own shapeshifting membrane ... always transforming... And if this membrane called ego breaks down ... Because of the illuminating truth growing relentlessly inside of me Well ....I AM Not a drop of water lost into a pond anymore... I AM the water and I will soon return to the aether. Thank you, Universe "
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Project Ripple Effect. Angus Valley 2015
By Gina Myers' 5th grade class. Filmed by Gina Myers. Edited and produced by Stephanie Edwards. Angus Valley Elementary.
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Newt Pond Ripple
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Experiment 2 - 2 Rocks Dropped in Water
enjoy (this is for school)
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Skip like a stone through hard times
Study of ripples and stone skipping on water with no waves.
Words are like pebbles
Our words are like pebbles we throw into the water. We deem them insignificant, but they can have far reaching consequences.
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Dropping a stone into water - Super slow motion
Dropping a stone into water - Super slow motion Recorded with a Canon Sx50 in Slow motion mode. 240fps
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Animation Study #1: Pebble
A pebble falling into water.
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