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ICT4D Job Advice

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Nick Martin (Founder & CEO of TechChange) and Wayan Vota (founder of ICT4DJobs) reflect on their experiences in the ICT4D field and give advice for those looking to break into the field! *** Sign up for ICT4DJobs email list here: http://ict4djobs.com/ Follow TechChange on Twitter at @TechChange and see our latest course listings here: https://www.techchange.org/online-courses/
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creative market (1 year ago)
Haha why does someone with a bachelors degree or masters and internships need to then volunteer to get their foot in the door? This is the kind of thinking that discourages sane employees from wanting to work and stay in the industry.
Dave Chakrabarti (1 year ago)
If you have the typical undergrad Comp. Sci. degree (for example) and did a couple of internships, you likely did *not* intern in ICT4D positions. Volunteering gets your foot in the door for the ICT4D sector specifically, and lets you start building a professional network within that sector. Those networks = job offers.

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