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What is the Difference Between Cellular and Wi-Fi Data?

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What’s the Difference between Cellular and Wi-Fi Data? So you want to know the difference between cellular and Wi-Fi data? Let’s start with what data is. Data is electronic information that’s sent from and to your phone. You use data when you: • Share photos or videos via email or on social media sites like Facebook • Send and receive email messages • Browse the Internet • Watch streaming videos on a website or using an app like YouTube™ • Listen to streaming music on a website or using an app like Pandora® • Follow turn-by-turn directions using the Maps App, or • Download apps from the Google Play™ Store Your Jitterbug Touch is automatically connected to a cellular network that is nationwide so you can rely on a connection just about anywhere you go. Just remember that when you’re connected on a cellular network, data is deducted from your monthly plan. Your Jitterbug Touch is also compatible with most Wi-Fi networks to access high-speed Internet without having to worry about using up your GreatCall data plan. So why not use Wi-Fi all the time? Well, while a cellular network is virtually everywhere, Wi-Fi has a more limited range. Fortunately, these days, most homes, businesses, and even airports provide free Wi-Fi. Consider connecting to these Wi-Fi networks, whenever possible.
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Audain Basha (10 days ago)
Can Any one told me WHY? when I use wifi router for 3 devices the data consumption is about 5 giga perday but cell with hotspot for the same 3 devices the data consumprtion is only one giga perday this is drive me cazy
vipul Tyagi (14 days ago)
go do homework den redo
R T M (1 month ago)
How to buypass on paying my wifi? Hahah
Rich Albert (1 month ago)
This is definitely made for old people
Woody elan (1 month ago)
Thank's for the great information
GreatCall (1 month ago)
You're very welcome!
Ryder Wilson (1 month ago)
Is it good to use cellular data all the time? It doesn't affect my phone right?
Ryder Wilson (1 month ago)
GreatCall ok thanks
GreatCall (1 month ago)
It shouldn't affect your phone itself, but many cellular data plans do have a certain limit. Using Wi-Fi when you can will prevent using up all of the cellular data and prevent any overage charges.
#The Empress (1 month ago)
I use both
OnlyMoschops392 (2 months ago)
I've always been wondering what the heck Wi-Fi and cellular data mean, even though I use them in my life. This video clarified a lot to me. Though when am I supposed to Wi-Fi? When am I supposed to use cellular data?
GreatCall (2 months ago)
Great question! Commonly, cellular data plans have a certain limit. Using Wi-Fi when you can will prevent using up all of the cellular data and prevent any overage charges.
Jamal robertson (2 months ago)
Thank you, I now know what and how cellular data works
Cedric Robertshaw (2 months ago)
How do I use WiFi to talk to a cordless phone with two satellites?
GreatCall (2 months ago)
Interesting question, Cedric. We do not yet have a video covering this, but we would like to help. Please give us a call at 1-800-733-6632, 5am to 8pm PT, 7 days a week.
Channel R2ST (2 months ago)
DATA is not electronic information! DATA is unprocessed information
Mushi John shrooms (3 months ago)
Packet data is transferred from your wireless or cellular modulated device via my father Andrew Johnson 202 gsm base station transceivers (cell towers) 1986 the primary route these packets take from your device too router to base station to satellite to international base station to your server. The primary algorithms were configured by my late father the bsic algorithm for allocating a cell in a designated cell area and the gpsr algorithm that choses wether to uplink too satellite or to go directly through a row of base stations this along with base station handover protocols is how you packet switch. The reason they don’t teach you this in school is because the original inventor died in 2001 and all the governments of the world have stolen his legacy and assets being 10 global inventor patents The csiro illegally brought my fathers Australian patent 2008 ceased it then reworded it and claims $228 million annually for WiFi royalty’s a base station is a big WiFi router
LemonSheep _ (28 days ago)
Mushi John shrooms yea i meant no one cares that someone stole from your ugly father
Mushi John shrooms (29 days ago)
LemonSheep _ think the sheep needs a Sheppard who ever you are
LemonSheep _ (1 month ago)
Mushi John shrooms no one cares
John Sharpe (4 months ago)
Which to purchase with wifi or wifi and cellular
Vignesh Kumar (4 months ago)
can you say that buying of WiFi routers than they are free for lifetime nor we have buy other please reply
UsT JSTREEM (5 months ago)
So wifi is better!?!?
Billy Ballard (1 month ago)
UsT JSTREEM yeah .no signal then go bak to da da.
Wan HL (3 months ago)
it still depend on the speed and Ping value of the wifi network. Ping value is the latency and is most important for online gaming. If a wifi source is based on unstable or slow network, it may be unusable for most applications.
UsT JSTREEM (4 months ago)
GreatCall oh thanks I'm surprised that you replied lol
GreatCall (5 months ago)
It can be, especially if the Wi-Fi service is free or unlimited, compared to a limited data plan for a phone.
sudious mine (5 months ago)
I'm using two cans and a string.
sudious mine (2 months ago)
Stephen Snell I don't even have access to a computer and if I did, come find me on MySpace.
Stephen Snell (2 months ago)
You are a goon It's 21st Century and you've got no mobile phone? Invest in one now.
Bacon RBLX (6 months ago)
Im using wifi
Yume Rini (8 months ago)
Also, cellular can really cause cancer.
Mushi John shrooms (3 months ago)
They both very much induce mitosis in mmr tumour cells
Misha Smith (8 months ago)
thanks! i was wondering
Ashok Reddy (10 months ago)
How to get wifi
GreatCall (10 months ago)
Hello, Ashok. To connect to Wi-Fi with your Jitterbug Smart, this video should help you get started: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7okjeke_gk8.
Jake S Mario5537 (10 months ago)
How comes wifi is not everywhere like why is wifi limited rage
Jake S Mario5537 (10 months ago)
GreatCall Hell yea lmao
GreatCall (10 months ago)
The range of Wi-Fi depends on the router, and most Wi-Fi routers have a range of 150-300 feet. Wouldn't it be nice if Wi-Fi could reach everywhere?
John Smith (1 year ago)
Why out bush do i get good cell coverage but poor 3g or 4g internet coverage? is internet signal blocked out easier?
GreatCall (1 year ago)
Hi, John, coverage can vary in different places. If possible, connect to wifi for better connection to the internet.
Simerjeet singh (1 year ago)
in India 4g is almost free of cost with 20 Mbps downloing speed or it may cost for 2 dollar for 30 GB data for a month and 6 dollars for 320GB
Siberian Mouse (2 months ago)
and that's why is a first world country
Astro Star (3 months ago)
Simerjeet singh 😱
Suryansh Pratap Singh (4 months ago)
Its true. I get 120 GB per month for about 3 USD per month. @40mbps at my location. Thanks to revolutionary brand jio.com
ROCK SOLID (7 months ago)
Good for you,here in the Phillipines 1GB cost half a dollar for 3 days😣😢😣😢😣😢😟😟😟😟
veros beb (11 months ago)
Simerjeet singh thats so cheap
mary hamilton (1 year ago)
Add phone numbers
GreatCall (1 year ago)
Hi, Mary, to learn how to add a contact on your Jitterbug Smart, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iueu4K5tSoY&t=14s
Amandeep Amandeep (1 year ago)
why wifi have low range
GreatCall (1 year ago)
Hi, Amandeep, sometimes, wifi can have low range because you're far from the router.
Evis Pevis (1 year ago)
I dont get.I will get ipad pro 9.7 wifi + celluar.If i will use celluar it will take money?
GreatCall (1 year ago)
Hi, Evis, that depends on your plan. We would recommend you contact your provider.
Gamer Droid (1 year ago)
so of i use Mobile data whatvi search up will not be marked on router?
Discovaria (1 year ago)
can you make this video? Ger internet vs TP-LINK
Tony Valencia (1 year ago)
Grandma and
GreatCall (1 year ago)
Tawheed Playz (1 year ago)
I wish I could have got wifi +cellular but I got wifi
I E (1 year ago)
How do I do the Jitterbug?
GreatCall (1 year ago)
Hi, you can compare our Jitterbug Smart and Flip phones here: https://www.greatcall.com/phones, wondering how to do the Jitterbug dance? We'll leave that up to you!
WILD TEKO (1 year ago)
so i got a question,if i use my wifi on a phone and download lets say 20000,222220000000000002313814798 apps does it become slower? please answer or i will go to ur house and eat all the food. lol jk. thnx if u respond
Brandon (1 year ago)
WILD TEKO most wifi connections are unlimited but there's urban legends if you say download everything on the internet your connection will be instantly stopped. just rumors though and it varies from ISP to ISP (company that provides your home wifi)
Nate Lesan (1 year ago)
Bryan In Portland (1 year ago)
GreatCall (1 year ago)
Hi Bryan, if you still have questions please call tech support at 1-866-490-0798. We're open from 5am - 9pm PST every day.
how much wifi data should I be using
GreatCall (2 years ago)
That depends on what you'd like to do with your phone!
Lukas Graham (2 years ago)
mobile data is very expensive, wifi 4free
Mr. T (3 months ago)
Lukas Graham WiFi is not free the only time that wifi is free is when you're in a public area. But while your in your house you are paying for Wi-Fi therefore it is not free.
Stephen Snell (1 year ago)
Lukas Graham It's not that bad if you're on Pay as You Go
stephen karetzky (2 years ago)
Why doesn't Great Call start making a computer tablet? Why not a cell phone where one can connect to the Internet? These are things that the kind of people who buy Great Call products--like me--want.
The Son (2 years ago)
+GreatCall I have a quick questions guys, so i have the iphone 6 and was wondering since im not using any data and im just using wifi, do i have to pay for any fees. Like for example, i have two computers and we usually pay from AT&T and now i have a iphone 6 now and was wondering if i would have to pay since im just using the WIFI at home and not a data plan. THank YOu!
GreatCall (2 years ago)
+stephen karetzky Thank you for your feedback. If there is an increase in demand for these types of products and services we will consider implementing them into our offerings. -GreatCall Operations
Noe Barrera (3 years ago)
How do I Access the Interner App?

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