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Claymore 9.4 rx580 8gb 37 hash NO OC
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MidisHellas (2 months ago)
For how long last those 37Mhash ??? I am curius....
AntiViru5 gaming (3 months ago)
Hit like if u think this is fake
David Eddy Wattier (3 months ago)
possible en mode benchmark
Liaskovski Yury (4 months ago)
MSI RX570 GAMING X 4GB my maximum 32.3Mhash end two million's errors for memory in second
rachid boulfrah (4 months ago)
Hi, please, I need help I downloaded the BIOS on my PC. Giming X 580 but in the last step I closed the computer because the computer screen stopped with the mouse and when I turn on the computer it works without the computer screen please help me
Raj Tech (3 months ago)
If you are facing any problems in miner contact me my WhatsApp number +91 7003869729. No required any changes for discussion
Alkhaz Semen-ulu (5 months ago)
32.4 mhs (samsung)
RuBIT (6 months ago)
what motherboard is on this farm?
пиздишь ебучий шакал :D
ajlani mohamed (8 months ago)
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how did u that.. ??
David Magnum (8 months ago)
Can you help me? My XFX RX 580 8GB DDR5 BLACK EDITION, keeps running at 11 mhs...
Edward Lawrence (8 months ago)
how is this possible ?
Calitos Nalvarte (8 months ago)
Hola tengo 6 RX580 en un rig pero solo me funcionan 3 y las otras tres funacionan fisicamente las tarjetas pero no hace minado,podrias ayudar... saludos
the7guest (8 months ago)
Calitos Nalvarte reinstala drivers y mira que tengas potencia suficiente, por lo menos 1200w y 2 tomas en la placa, con una sola toma no es suficiente, es el enchufe de cuatro cables que se conecta a la fuente y a la placa
p00ters1 (8 months ago)
my rx580s die at 29-30mh/s . my stable rate is 28-29mh/s . how the fuck did u get it up that high?
MrZones21 (8 months ago)
37mgh per card?
ruslan sopotov (8 months ago)
Alejandro (8 months ago)
yyyyyyy? confi????
profix3r (8 months ago)
Yes, this is still possible, with custom memory strap and other tweek mobo. Setting the memory latency in the strap editor. Therefore, the adjustment requires good knowledge. What mobo do you have?
Gatot Prenggo Wadhy (9 months ago)
How did u do that
Mario Duarte (9 months ago)
37mhs????????? how????
Ali Pura (9 months ago)
obviously fake.
dfavideo4u (9 months ago)
Hello I just see that you get 37 Mh/s on the MSI rx 580 8gb, can you please teach me how to do it?
Sandeep Thorvat (9 months ago)
Hi sir can share bios setting please sir ...
Prepar3d Simulator (9 months ago)
msi rx 580 8gb bios 32 mh/s https://mega.nz/#!K4RhQbBI!4b9Q3ZffuLkIZFnJYQj0tw8PuWCY2G1p_EqFIl2HKXU
Tuxnor (9 months ago)
There is now a easy one click bios mod out , running 31 m/hs on my Asus rx580 OC and my Asus rx580 t8g edition cards .. use atiflash_277 and the newest PolarisBiosEditor-master with the built in oneclick mod button ,,, NV fanboys in comment crying :)
Tihon Guselshikov (9 months ago)
37 mhs несмог рассеять 35 mhs много
Dean Harper (9 months ago)
i have same card and only get 12-13 mhs what can i do to get it to 29 /30
Tuxnor (9 months ago)
there is now a easy one click bios mod , running 31 m/hs on my rx580 oc and t8g edition .. use atiflash_277 and the newest PolarisBiosEditor-master
Hassif 118 (9 months ago)
please send me your mode bios [email protected]
Dmytro Pochtarenko (9 months ago)
Have you bios? with 29-30 Mh/s ?? [email protected] can you send ???
Dmytro Pochtarenko (9 months ago)
Have you bios? with 29-30 Mh/s ?? [email protected] can you send ???
Just4Fun vid3os (9 months ago)
Does anyone here gets the bios from this video?
heddon (10 months ago)
haaa bet you spent them before the price went up
JoyMan (10 months ago)
Я вчера на унитазе майнил . По 1000 mh/s выдает . А если рассеять молоком с огурцом , то все 2000 даст .
TheGameCity (10 months ago)
total speed 149 and 1 gpu 37 mmmmmm... 37x5 is 185mhash how??????
the7guest (10 months ago)
extreme oc, dangerous and I did oc but I did not keep parameters, I did not have time, but it is possible to get to this, ... surely the programmers know how to do it, what the cards should protect, otherwise they would burn very fast
dung huynh (10 months ago)
please send me your bios rom for rx580 37 hash, thanks in advance , my email: [email protected]
Hà Hữu (10 months ago)
skafotrabo (10 months ago)
hello I have the same plate but I can not get more than 22 Mhash, eh modified the Bios. I could pass the bios patch of the MSI RX 580 8Gb hynix. I can not get 30 Mhash Mail: [email protected] hola tengo la misma placa pero no consigo que obtener mas de 22 Mhash, eh modificado el Bios. me podria pasar el patch del bios de la MSI RX 580 8Gb hynix. no consigo tener 30 Mhash
See Jeys (10 months ago)
fake video
the7guest (10 months ago)
See Jeys not a fake, it is a extremely oc, not good
Anton R (10 months ago)
fake news
Imran shah (10 months ago)
How is that ? Is that hashrate are default settings of rx 580? Or did you overclock or did bios flash?
the7guest (10 months ago)
the cards have to last us until technology makes them obsolete. I have always thought that it is better to work at a constant and lasting pace, so we make the most of our investments, above all to keep dust and dirt clean once a month !!!
the7guest (10 months ago)
Factory bios, nothing to touch, the more you touch the cards the more they freeze, I've had mine cards without updating windows up to 4 months if I stop
Imran shah (10 months ago)
the7guest. Thanks. Did u flashed ur rx 480 which u r using from last 2yr? Or its factory default bios?
the7guest (10 months ago)
Of course, I never recommend flashing, better soft OC and long life, I have rx480 that mine 2 years ago, they have never failed and I hope they last another year!
Aminlv (10 months ago)
whats the setting & oc for this card?
Gerald Jirau (10 months ago)
Got 2 580x and can't mine anymore than 39MH. Brand us XFX
Tsotne Putkaradze (10 months ago)
WHAT is the speed now? or is it still alive?
Atalay Toker (10 months ago)
yalan oc var
Phat Stax (10 months ago)
美光伍 (10 months ago)
37MH/s without OC? Impossible....
Tristan Hopkins (11 months ago)
Every time there is a dag epoch we loose a bit of hashing power so 37 mega hash then is probably 31 mega hash now
Tristan Hopkins (10 months ago)
A dag file is the file you load onto your gpu to mine, and every time there is a dag epooch the file gets bigger
WhiskeyNose (10 months ago)
Piotrek Mokrzycki (10 months ago)
Hey, could you please explain what is dag epoch?
Gerald Jirau (11 months ago)
Got 2 580X and can't pass 20mh/'s. Their XFX brand GTR's
TECNOLOGIA MODA Y MAS (10 months ago)
write me to the email, [email protected] and I'll help you upload the hasrate
Shutter Eff3ct (11 months ago)
nice cooling
Melih Dinc (11 months ago)
could you send me your bios rom please [email protected]
for ethereum (11 months ago)
Hi bro i hv xfx rx580 8gb gts black hynix memory how can i get 30 to 35 or 37 mh/s with those cards i need memory straps
Ромеро Йоэль (11 months ago)
Иди нах..й балабол )
smokeyjo123e (11 months ago)
I only get 7m/hash with my RX 580 8GB, how is everyone else getting 20+?
smokeyjo123e (9 months ago)
Tekin Sayıcı I'd rather not bios mod and over clocking comes with Radeon wattman, msi afterburner is no longer necessary
Tekin Sayıcı (9 months ago)
smokeyjo123e First step : search rx 580 mining oc driver from google and use this driver .Next step : search how to bios mod for rx 580 on youtube and Last step : search ,how to use msi afterburning on youtube .
smokeyjo123e (9 months ago)
Mike Prince New obviously
Mike Prince (9 months ago)
Did u buy it used or brand new?
Jafan Fauzi (10 months ago)
Xfx rx580 8gb gts oc+ out of the box 14mhs installed latest driver change to compute mode in amd setting. Custom bios and a lil oc dual mine 31mhs eth 940mhs dcr. Temp below 70deg C
Victor Callado (11 months ago)
My rx 580 8gb hynix is doing 22mh/s Please, send me the biosmod to work at least 30mh/s my e-mail: [email protected]
Dmytro Pochtarenko (9 months ago)
Have you bios? with 29-30 Mh/s ?? [email protected] can you send ???
Shashi Shekhar Sharma (11 months ago)
Sir please help me I am very new to mining and worried because :( Having --- Asus B250 Mining Expert, 4 MSI RX 580 Gaming X + 2 Sapphire RX 580(Ordered), 4 GB DDR4 2133 Mhz Ram FURY HYPER(Is it good ?), 2 * 750 CoolerMaster Gold PSU, 120 SSD Sandisk, Intel PENTIUM G4400 CPU! I tested my 4 MSI RX 580 Gaming X but only getting 18-19 Mh/s and if I overclock little then got 20-21 not more but I heard RX 580 gives 30+ or at least 28+ :( :( :( I used ATI Flash and Polaris BiosEditor from 1:1750 value to the 1:2000 position one by one; for 1st card Hash Rate was same but for 2,3 and 4 it increased + 2-3 Mh/s and after some time it crushed my all GPU.... now no mining :( :( :( even I couldn't reach min payout ETH :( :( :( please please please help me as per my hardware what config, overclock I should use to get higher Hash Rate.... electric cost my side is very very very low like free so I invested big amount(at least for me) but now very worried...
TECNOLOGIA MODA Y MAS (10 months ago)
write me to the email, [email protected] and I'll help you upload the hasrate
Hasan Yılmaz (11 months ago)
please share your bios mod.msı rx580 gaming x 8bg hynix [email protected]
Hasan Yılmaz (11 months ago)
22mhz msı rx580 gaming x 8gb (hynix) bios mode . e mail: [email protected] Thanks in advance
Salih ÇİMENLİDAL (11 months ago)
Hi Friend MSI RX580 GAMING X 8GB Samsung Ram Please You Bios Rom [email protected]
Void (11 months ago)
I get 27MH/s on my Hynix GDDR5 4GB RX480
Troa (11 months ago)
Hi regarding the noise level of the GPU which is my concern as of now how would you rate the noise from 1-10 (10 is bad XD) and was it pretty silent?
Jo Evan (11 months ago)
stupid video. Learn to talk.
Trevor Hare (1 year ago)
am i able to get ASUS Republic of Gamers Strix Radeon RX 580 card up that far without burning it out?
Honey A (1 year ago)
how does this help?
Lisa Lowery (1 year ago)
100000% fake
scr azy (1 year ago)
фейк видео, диз за видео
Сколько энергии жрут.
rz698 (1 year ago)
hey man what drivers are you using?
Natan FOURIÉ (1 year ago)
Nice fake or claymore glitch 😂
EF FENDI (1 year ago)
Please email ROM to [email protected] as well. I have a MSI RX 580 Gaming X 8GB. Will it work for it? Thank you in advance.
JOSE LEOn (1 year ago)
Diegcrane Streams (10 days ago)
nah man tengo la mismo y como mucho me da 32mh con OC pero eso es imposible. no es por tacharte de mentiroso pero o es un fallo o la grafica no es la que dice
the7guest (1 year ago)
JOSE LEOn dime, si quieres
David Gogoladze (1 year ago)
Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Can you share the file of your BIOS gpu card? msi rx 580 gaming x+ 8GB. please share your bios mod??:) :)Thank u ,Thank u msi rx 580 gaming x+ 8GB samsung : Can you share the file of your BIOS gpu card? [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
David Gogoladze (1 year ago)
Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Can you share the file of your BIOS gpu card? msi rx 580 gaming x+ 8GB. please share your bios mod??:) :)Thank u ,Thank u
David Gogoladze (1 year ago)
msi rx 580 gaming x+ 8GB samsung : Can you share the file of your BIOS gpu card?
Muhammad Fikri (1 year ago)
Thanks for shared your result. Excellent. I just shock MSI RX580 Gaming X 8G edition can get So much highest hashrate ever.
Muhammad Fikri (1 year ago)
Hai..today i try my first modded bios. My GPU (hynix). On timing (mhz), i copy value at 1750 and paste to 2000. I do on both set timing (1: & 2:). And i has been disappointed on result. Can u at least lecture me about timing tweak or u can provide me the correct way to modded bios. Seriously hope get ur feed back a.s.a.p. Appreciate your help. Tq.
Jose Luis Y.R. (1 year ago)
awesome! dude can you tell me how to even 29Mh! / [email protected]
amil sadekin (1 year ago)
Show us your gpu from device manager lol...
how you do it?
Sandeep Thorvat (1 year ago)
hi sir please sir i request to you please share me bois my email- [email protected]
Droid Marijuana (1 year ago)
Please​ guides​ me​ [email protected]
Abdullah (1 year ago)
Hi bro. Have your cards still same power?
Amir (1 year ago)
this is fake this graphic is 1080ti
Patrick Wright (1 year ago)
share you bios. such a tease!
Patrick Wright (1 year ago)
what memory does the card have?
Droid Marijuana (1 year ago)
Why​ total​ speed​ is​ 149 mh/s
Yisus Alternativo (1 year ago)
consulta, entiendo que sea inestable en el software, pero si lo intento y me equivoco dañaria las graficas fisicamente? es decir las dejaria inutilizable??
the7guest (1 year ago)
Droid Marijuana 149 / 4gpu
Ispas Aurel (1 year ago)
How I can get this bios setup ? [email protected] m a i l
Денис Булат (1 year ago)
Please email ROM to [email protected] as well. I have a MSI RX 580 Gaming X 8GB. Will it work for it? Thank you in advance.
Frank Baguinon (1 year ago)
I am planning to build a rig with 6 MSI rx580's. How to start @the7guest ?
Dzintars Klavins (10 months ago)
Skorei kakoi nebud Remote Desktop vrubil. Takih skazok ne bivaet.
MrKlarius (11 months ago)
Sandeep Thorvat (1 year ago)
Hello sir
TY生活 (1 year ago)
Can you share this bios.rom? Thx
Bodrumlu Çağlar (1 year ago)
1 piece 37mh/s ? No oc ? Msi rx 580 armor or Msi rx 580 gamingx ?
Muhammad Fikri (1 year ago)
MSI Gaming X or MSI Gaming X Plus? Please confirm this. Im now choosing armor oc but dont have stock. Only have gaming x only not gaming x plus. Appreciate ur reply.
Bodrumlu Çağlar (1 year ago)
Which brand is better ? I am undecided.
the7guest (1 year ago)
Bodrumlu Çağlar gaming x, extremely dangerous
Delyan Marinov (1 year ago)
[email protected] Please share u bios and Afterburner settings Thank u in advance !
for games (1 year ago)
i have Motherboard Stirix B250F and XFX RX580 8GB GTS can someone tell me please how much i can get mh/s with rx580
JCF16 (1 year ago)
Dear Friend, How can I get more MH/s in a 5 Power Color RX 580 8GB (one is a Red Devil-Samsung_ and the other four are Red Dragon-Hynix), I tried the method of ATIwinFlash then PolarisBioEditor. I could only overclock one Red Dragon from 20.423 MH/s (stock) to 24.219 MH/s and the Red Devil from 25.671(stock) MH/s to 27.767 MH/s. The other 3 Red Dragons are doing 21.386 MH/s. I have 4 GB RAM Kingston HyperX Fury,AMD A4-7300,SSD 120 GB,ASRock FM2A88X Pro3+,. Windows 10 (64) What can be wrong?. I really appreciate any help from you
AliBot (1 year ago)
У кого кушать MSI Armor RX580 4gb с памятью hynix? Отпишитесь изволь, мне нужен биос уникальный, буду весьма признателен!
Whatsitallabaaat (1 year ago)
Don't try this with your RX580's. I did and luckily I was there to cut the power. If you're messing around with mem straps be very, very careful. Start out by running your GPU fans low because you want to listen to the memory (this may sound stupid, but hear me out), when the memory lets out a high pitched tone it means the power usage is now hitting the roof, it doesn't matter what you do to the vcore, the power that the memory requires to run at full pelt is enough to melt the cables going to the power block, if you have a cheap PSU the heat generated can easily cause the whole power block to melt and all the wires to short out within the sheathing causing a fire. Oh and it can just happen out of the blue. You can be merrily mining away at 33+mhs for days on end, but then something can make a call on the mem and push it over the edge and your house will burn down. Look, AMD fucked up with these cards, they had to set the mem speed low because the risk of damage to other computer components was too great. Do you not think they'd have adjusted the straps themselves to get the best speed possible? Yes, they did! The stock straps are exactly what they should be, if you fuck about with them and burn your house down don't say I didn't warn you. As I said, I was running fine, I'd even gone out and came back and everything was fine, then completely out of the blue I heard a crackling sound, looked at the PC and smoke was coming from the power block attached to the card. I turned off the power and put the fans on the card to cool it. All the wires coming from the PSU to the power block had melted, luckily it was an expensive PSU so no fire. AMD designed this card rather stupidly allowing the card itself to call on 500w of additional power. However, with only one power block connection 500w is far too much for a single power line to tolerate. This is more than an aorus 1080ti Extreme Edition Waterforce power tolerance and that fucker has two power block connectors.
Whatsitallabaaat g
toKad (1 year ago)
What are you talking? As far I know the straps are mem timing straps and do not alter the memory voltage. Check out the PolarisBiosEditor. It is a other setting. After modding the whole system with only one GPU draws 220W out of the wall.
Sandeep Thorvat (1 year ago)
Can me Share me Bois setting i can pay please sir helf me
Sandeep Thorvat (1 year ago)
Hi sir please reply me i am waiting your reply
Anh Quoc (1 year ago)
Bạn có thể gửi cho mình xin mod MSI Rx 580 8Gb Hynix với được không [email protected] Xin Cảm Ơn
Viet Tan Le (1 year ago)
Sandeep Thorvat (1 year ago)
Hi ..sir how are you
Sandeep Thorvat (1 year ago)
hi sir congratulation good job can guide how can do this 37 hashrate please share trick because i am also using MSI 580 8GB graphic card. so please guide this my mail id [email protected]
это вообщем легитимно?
Jake Rog (1 year ago)
Please email ROM to [email protected] as well. I have a MSI RX 580 Gaming X 8GB. Will it work for it? Thank you in advance.
tomas franko (1 year ago)
please send bios .... [email protected] ... Send a reward
Vedat Ertürk (1 year ago)
hi friend please msı radeon rx580 rom send 37mhs craziness :)

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