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World Bank's Open Data Initiative

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World Bank President Robert B. Zoellick speaks about the Bank's new open data initiative. For more: data.worldbank.org
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Henry Andrews (5 years ago)
The more open the data with World Banc, the better.
BigWhistleBlower (7 years ago)
I suggest reading "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"
Jeng-Chyang Syu (7 years ago)
A good start
Kyra Gaunt, Ph.D. (8 years ago)
Thank you @hrosling for leading the way at TED!! From a TED Fellow who loves your talks and shared with my students.
glenncat9 (8 years ago)
what's the incentive for WB to do this? and i mean beyond altruism and trying to look a 'good guy'
Pierre Januário (8 years ago)
Excelente iniciativa do BIRD. Há tempos busco formatar um conjunto de indicadores para DEL , mas que possam ser comparados com outras localidades. Creio que a partir dos indicadores apresentados poderemos buscar contextualizar as características locais. Creio que o grande desafio será trazer dados municipais ao BD. Abraços. Pierre Januáro (Brasil)
kanjizaibosatsugyo (8 years ago)
I love this, I think this is the start of something big! :O
Zoltan Kis (8 years ago)
Nice. But by far the best thing banks could do is to allow (= stop preventing) introduction of local money (not based on external debt).
Nicolas Aguilar (8 years ago)
@hrosling Great initiative! The next challenge is to use the information in a positive way to fulfill with the society expectations as well. It will be interesting analyse the data! Thanks Hans for your website and great ideas that you've presented!

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