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Assassin's Creed Odyssey GTX 1060 Vs AMD RX 580 Frame Rate Comparison

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Out of the box performance using a custom fan curve! Gigabyte Windforce AMD RX 580 Reference Nvidia Asus GTX 1060 Strix Reference Clocks CPU - Coffee Lake 8700K CPU Cooler - Corsair H115i Motherboard - ASUS ROG Intel Z370 MAXIMUS X HERO RAM - 16GB 3200MHz Assassin's Creed Odyssey GTX 1060 Vs AMD RX 580 1080p Frame Rate Comparison Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed and want to see more videos like this. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCVhtNzcTr0jWhOCZ_71Y4Q
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Text Comments (295)
textus scelera vestra (14 days ago)
fx8320e 8gb ddr3 rx580 8gb = 25fps wtf??? ultra alto medium low 25 fps =?
Dark_Knight 007 (1 month ago)
how is it that I run this game at 70 fps same settings on rx 480 nitro+
Mythlej (19 days ago)
you may not have your settings on high like he does
Extreme クラウド9 (1 month ago)
I think nvidia wins bcs AC its a game powered by nvidia
Saif Ullah (2 months ago)
at 1:13 the game looks so much better on amd.. you sure they're running at same settings on both cards?
Aaron 572 (3 months ago)
Is this max settings?
Ivan Valentina (3 months ago)
in 2019 for playing EVERY GAME in high @60FPS (no drop below 60) GTX 1050ti = 720p Card GTX 1060 = 900p Card GTX 1070 = 1080p Card GTX 1080 = 1440p Card RTX 2080ti = 1800p Card otherwise you won't run absolutely every single game higher than 60fps in high and you have to set them to medium settings, yes medium in rtx 2080ti if you want to have an overrated 4k resolution
Glorious 60fps (4 months ago)
AMD losing in their own game, AMD fanboys be like - 'oh it's a shit game,oh core clock is messed up,oh other excuses' Nvidia losing in their own game,AMD fanboys be like - 'hell yeah true gpu power unleashed' AMD fanboys=braindead knowledgeless hypocrites.
Napo WebMaster (4 months ago)
CPU stress no work - OC upgrade CPU 4.9 . ..alternative delete OC GPU
callum mcm (4 months ago)
I have an rx 580 and the game can barely run above 30 fps when on high settings, is this to do with my processor or ram or something else within the pc?
Jack Marston (1 month ago)
callum mcm what is your pc specs ?
Zachary Blatt (4 months ago)
I'm getting a ryzen 2600 rx 580 build. The one thing that sucks about pc the framerates dont seem to be stable at all. They are all over the place
Glanced (4 months ago)
Lmao 1:16 look at the colour difference lmao
Glorious 60fps (4 months ago)
Beaten in AMD's own sponsored title. Wish all sponsored titles didn't exist to gimp the competition's performance like this one
Dream of Anything (4 months ago)
Kasandra looks like jeniffer wingett.
Stefan Batrinache (5 months ago)
So this card is the same from the laptop ROG Strix GL702ZC? (Rx580)
Alipt Shrivastava (1 month ago)
It's 8gb , it is 10% more powerful
Jacobs Siegfried (5 months ago)
is it wrong for me to think that these games actually look better in 30FPS then in 60? Before u start hating i am a master racer and i do love my 60 fps. But i tried changing this game to 30FPS because i play with a controller and i must say... AC is definitly a series that benefits from high graphics and 30 FPS it feels like an ancient movie that you're playing. Just my 2 cents here :)
Андрюша (5 months ago)
I have i7 6700k + rx 580 +8 gb RAM and i got 20-30 fps on medium graphics. THE HECK???
Deniz Roet (3 months ago)
Андрюша fat ass bottlenecl
Darshan Rane (6 months ago)
I have a Rx580 8gb,on a Ryzen 5 2600g CPU,still get 30fps on high,or 60fps adaptive setting
Lucian Ilea (6 months ago)
3 fps diff in favour of Nvidia ,55 fps is perfect for me and the image is much more better:)
This is fake i had 10 years Amd and now i use Nvidia the image and colors on Nvidia is way better than Amd.
Glorious 60fps (6 months ago)
The irony, it's actually AMD Radeon sponsored and AMD optimized game. Yet nvidia whooped amd's ass with it. AMD fine wine my ass. Still gtx 1060 is the 1080p king and rx 580 is the peasant,as it was 2 years ago when AMD peasants were saying rx 580 will outperform 1060 is future. Lmfao.
Mager (6 months ago)
Many comments ask why AMD looks better? AMD GPU tend to have better image quality than Nvidia GPU, that's known fact
ursa warrior (6 months ago)
how does he get 50 fps smooth?? My RX 580 8GB can't handle 50 fps stable.
Felix2good (2 months ago)
Must be your cpu or you have too much stuff running in the background
Diego TM (7 months ago)
Fuckin Nvidia
omer sohail (7 months ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 em so xonfused 😑😂😂😂 i think gt 310 512mb is the beast 😂😂😂😆
Lucian Pop (7 months ago)
overclocked 1060 ... and RX the crappiest version running @ 1340 MHz ... even my XFX runs at 1450 MHz (RX580) so this review is between an OCed 1060 and the BASE STOCK model that nobody sells of the RX580 ... how can this be fair ? xD
Jay Ed.90 (7 months ago)
Unless you have the best PC , it's not even worth anymore..next time I have to upgrade I'll switch back to consoles
Roman YouTube Game (7 months ago)
А в температуре видеоплаты gtx 1060 конкретное пиздабольство. Эта видеоплата в игре не может быть меньше 60 градусов, не говоря о других свойствах.
Sakura Spirit (5 months ago)
если у тебя отпрыска шлюхи тупоголовой дудки обычного остывания это твои трудности. отчего у меня блять выше 50 не поднимаеться ?
TheXino™ (7 months ago)
Who else is getting this game and 2 more for buying a RX 580 8gb? 😊
Antonio Sierra Puertas (7 months ago)
WTF.......1060's image cuality is lowest than Rx
Martin Ivanov (7 months ago)
why does the lightning always looks different on each? for example at 1:15 on amd it looks saturated and on nvidia it looks washed out?
Kim Lo (7 months ago)
all in high setting? why RX580 can shows more details? such as the ground, the tree and and the shadow, 580 is better. please see at 1:10
Lapine2 (7 months ago)
Different time of day. All the detail is still there just looks different
FistOfDoom (7 months ago)
Got today an update for my vega 56 and I got 7fps more from 46. Now 53fps in benchmark at 1440p and highest settings.
Djalma Sampaio (7 months ago)
The gtx in overclock and The Rx indo stock is this.
Prasad Bankar (7 months ago)
My rx 580+ sapphire nitro is clocked at 1430 mhz @ stock and i get more fps than this 1060. average ~55. But it never drops to 41 like shown in this video. And i play at max if i reduce effects a little bit it will easily cross 60+
Alipt Shrivastava (2 months ago)
What is your cpu
Joseph (7 months ago)
The RX 580 has better colors and more details in the textures.
xZotic Blight (7 months ago)
Considering your using a low end 580 and its doing that good plus the price gap of about $200 AMD is the way to go lol My card: AMD RX580 8Gb OC
Aaron _108 (7 months ago)
Whats the name of music?
Timothy Isenhart (7 months ago)
The RX 580 looks way more detailed and clear. Did you use the same settings? Are you sure you didn't miss a setting on the GTX 1060? Because the GTX 1060 looks like crap.
Mager (6 months ago)
Timothy Isenhart he use the same settings, AMD GPU always have better image quality but people only think about fps
NCG (7 months ago)
Rx 580 - lower CPU usage.
Luciferismygod Lucifer (7 months ago)
AMD sponsored game
Luciferismygod Lucifer (7 months ago)
@Imran S Omer Yes because GTX 1060 is not RX 580 competitor! RX 480 is
Imran S Omer (7 months ago)
BF5 is Nvidia Sponsored Game. RX580 is better than 1060 6GB.
nicola debeque (8 months ago)
thank you for this video but The game is not it well optimized?
jembhus wedhud (8 months ago)
is it just me or the AMD counterpart look sharper?
OkendoGames (8 months ago)
Haha AMD fan boys on the comments
Natan Santos (8 months ago)
Puta que pariu pegou uma rx 580 com 2000 mhz? Puta que pariu. Vai se fuder.
fluff fluff (8 months ago)
changing volumetric cloud setting to low will give both card 15-20% performance boost. 8-15 fps boost on average
James Barker (8 months ago)
what would you recommend? rx 580 with freesync monitor or gtx 1060?
Gerif Klazen (8 months ago)
Just me or does the RX580 look better despite the minute frame rate difference...
George Indestructible (2 months ago)
It's the hardware codec used inside each GPU that spits out this result. But when you play the game, you will see the same for both cards no matter what.
Strohhut TV (2 months ago)
Because amd use a technology for make footage looks smoother...
Jugger naut (8 months ago)
the frames from a rx580 are having better quality pixels than the1060
v.i.c 244 (8 months ago)
i have Nvidia geforce 1080 and running on high my frame rate is below 40 and i have ryzen 1600 i don't know why is that so...
Bruno Louro (8 months ago)
Reds Greens don't fight each other, march agaisnt the threat of the Blues
Thewickedjon (8 months ago)
if it doesn't run @ 60fps, it doesn't run...... ubisoft keeps shitting out these horribly optimized ports that run like shit every year,,,,, its sad really, they treat the AC brand like EA treats sports titles, there is one every year. THey shouls tart naming them AC 2019, then AC 2020, AC 2021, and so on. I personally would rather they make LESS of these games, but maybe spend more time optimizng them so people on PC's (the largest gaming platform in the world right now) could actually enjoy them THis would help ubisoft get out of their bad reputation. Just imo
Jelle Posthuma (8 months ago)
I totally agree, i switched to pc from ps4 a few weeks ago and the higher fps rates are great, i noticed an insane difference between 40 and 50, but between 50 and 60 not so much :/ I have freesync so no screen tearing. I bought the rx580 with the bundle myself though!
mif (8 months ago)
rx 580 win, buy the card and they give to you Ac Odyssey for free + 2 more games :)
Mr.Sanketh PN (8 months ago)
I just bought a 580 8gb from gigabyte it’s a gaming one not aorus. So it has stock clock of 1340mhz boost upto 1355. I have a intel corre i3 2120 and 4gb ddr3 ram. With 450watt bronze corssair psu. Will i be able to play all the latest games with it? I’m broke so no upgrading possible😢 will my gpu bottleneck? and max how much fps i may get in latest games?
Dawood khan (8 months ago)
This game is on dx11?? thats why amd cards sucks a bit :(
Quaquas (8 months ago)
What can I expect with rx480 8gb?
Antonie Sone (8 months ago)
Just look at the MHz of the GPUs. They are using the best GTX 1060 out there vs the lowest RX 580.
Glorious 60fps (30 days ago)
@3DP KALASH english isn't my first language either moron. Also,i'm not a corporate lifeless AMD slave on the internet,so kys.
3DP KALASH (30 days ago)
@Glorious 60fps 1 . My main language is not english so smc . 2. I am not the toxic person there and I'm not elaborating a reply after 3 weeks. peace
Glorious 60fps (30 days ago)
@3DP KALASH "replays after 3 weeks" - first of all, it's 'reply',not 'replay' you illiterate. Secondly, i'm not a lifeless AMD bot like you who spends all day on the internet trying to defend and serve his AMD overlord. And finally,you didn't even understand the pun you moron.
3DP KALASH (30 days ago)
@Glorious 60fps replays after 3 weeks . cuda cores and stream processors are the same thing lol?
Glorious 60fps (30 days ago)
@3DP KALASH i have AMD so im not a fanboy
Pro Tec (8 months ago)
Hay look at this 1:05 why the ground looks more detailed and the colors looks better with Rx580 ? this is strange
Mager (6 months ago)
Nothing strange, AMD GPU always have better image quality
Gordon Freeman (8 months ago)
Yes, RX have some + in textures.
Darkpyron 666 (8 months ago)
The GTX 1060 is an OC version vs RX 580 stock version. Sorry, compare apples with apples.
PritomPaul BD Gaming (8 months ago)
Gtx 1060 win Poor AMD
There are more moments between both cards that the quality of texture and some graphics also the anti aliasing are buggy and not making equall the quality of the game, but this still buggysoft that moment when your game is optimized and sponsored by amd but hey the goddammit card run slower then the Nvidia card
@lege pro thats the problem even with advantage the thing is unfair, nobody understand ubisoft
lege pro (8 months ago)
sponsored and optimized are two different things ,that's why you will always get better results with nvidia and intel in gaming even if they are not sponsored by them , it's already optimized by default
Antonio Sierra Puertas (8 months ago)
Ubi Soft has his face made of concrete. Stop buying his pure shit
I've Crush on Tim (8 months ago)
Why color on Rx looks a little bit vibrant?
Gordon Freeman (8 months ago)
Because it is, in some scenes it looks like 1060 have better coloring, but its only higher contrast. RX just have some + in textures.
Peter Gruev (8 months ago)
What rx 580 is running at 1340mghz most are 1400+?
shad bud (6 months ago)
To be fair my 1060 runs at 1900+
LepStarHD (7 months ago)
No its an Rx580, my Rx580 has the same clock on normal mode but on Boost mode it has 1440mhz
Peter Gruev (8 months ago)
@Sotir Kolarov ye me 2 probably asus but not rx
Sotir Kolarov (8 months ago)
i think its rx 480
Sam Fisher (8 months ago)
Dude cool vid n but can i get the link to the music used in it? Thanks in advance <3 great work.
w/e (8 months ago)
Honestly hate when mid-range GPU comparison videos use higher-range CPUs. Like dawg I have a mid-range card for a reason - because my whole fucken build is mid-range lmfao
fg1200 (1 month ago)
Thats a must In order to make sure that there is nothing holding the gpu back to see what the gpu is really capable of
Stalker 90 (8 months ago)
What is happenining with these games today wtf it should be able to have 60 fps at ultra at full hd.. Pure optimisation fraud
ikolo o (6 months ago)
Stalker 90 games are getting more demanding just because you could play on ultra on 60 fps with these cards it doesn't mean that you will be able to do that for the next decade. As it is expected they will have worse performance as time goes by. However this game is very badly optimized
Bogdan 96 (8 months ago)
it's just a setting which need to be put it on medium and you have a 30% fps boost...and doesn't affect the look of the game
demonized (8 months ago)
frametime spikes and overall cpu usage on 1060 bothers me
Gordon Freeman (8 months ago)
Its fun that they say the RX are more power consuption, but GTX are on higher load... :-)
fat cat22 fan (8 months ago)
Gtx 970 vs 1070 pls
Kingston Mocktail (8 months ago)
Thanks mate being waiting for this. All the other benchmarks I checked said 1060 is 10FPS better than RX580. This benchmark is far more realistic than the rest I checked. PS., Nice tune!
Mugh Hungus (7 months ago)
You're too ducking gullible. Take a look at the clock speeds...
Hong Long Vo (8 months ago)
They're both at the end of their lifetime now and the 1060 is still kicking rx580 ass, but Amd retarded fanboys still say it's "future proof"
Stalker 90 (8 months ago)
Hong Long Vo Ubisoft is in bed with nshitia its pure gimping
Zodiac011 (8 months ago)
Games are starting to need a 1070 for 60fps at 1080p Ultra, I know this is poorly optimized but still, I have a 1070 at 1440p which performs similar to the 1060 at 1080p or the 1080ti at 4k. I kind of want to upgrade but the 2080ti is too expensive and I don't feel like the 1080ti is a big enough upgrade for it's price. My 1070 cost me quite a bit for a GPU to only last me 2 years so i'll probably give it another year or 2, probably buy and #80 or #80ti in the next generation or the one after. Maybe by then they'll be worth buying and RTX features will perform well
Ta Duc Anh (6 months ago)
Buy an PS4 Pro or Xbox One for gaming. Card are so expensive and can reach 60 stable like console.
German Lehmann (7 months ago)
@Diego TM Yea, most newer games are falling short for 1080p60fps ultra with the 580/1060.
Diego TM (7 months ago)
@German Lehmann nope
David Nguyen (8 months ago)
@German Lehmann Basically. I have a little rule that cards advertised for a specific resolution will only run for 60 fps target will only do so for games released around the same time as the cards, give or take 1 year. Meaning my GTX 1050 ti, I'll do well to play For Honor or ROTTR, but not ACO (Both Origin & Odyssey) and SOTTR
German Lehmann (8 months ago)
@Stalker 90 Or maybe games are starting to get more demanding like it has always been...?
kimmkroo (8 months ago)
just turn off 1-2 useless features and it runs smooth as hell
Ivan Valentina (3 months ago)
No setting is useless, everything on high/ultra looks better, set the resolution to 900p and it will be smooth as hell
Bass Booster HD (6 months ago)
I play IT on ultra on myrx 580 and ryzen 5 1600x 35 fps minim 47 average
shad bud (6 months ago)
I get constant 60 fps with a few rare drops to 58 57 fps (1060) Adaptive quality 60 fps Enable triple buffering and v sync in control panel Shadow medium Fog low Volumetric clouds low Depth of field off Ao medium or high
Harmish Pandya (6 months ago)
@dolev firanko keep volumetric cloud on low, anti aliasing on low, shadows on high, textures medium (if 2gb vram) or high( if 6gb vram even 4gb stutters on high textures). There is very little difference between high and very high shadows which you have to notice with a magnifying glass xD, same goes with the anti aliasing part it looks pretty much same with medium anti aliasing. Keep fog on low (that's my own preference, it doesn't enhance the visuals anyway) you will get much stable fps with these settings for sure. I run these settings on my 750ti 2gb with 30-35 stable fps with minor overclock (+200mhz on core clock, +350mhz on vram)
El Pantano de Mordor (8 months ago)
Scooby Dooby (8 months ago)
AMD: For those who like losing.
Mager (6 months ago)
Nvidia: for those who like washed out image
Stalker 90 (8 months ago)
Scooby Dooby AMD for those who like silky smooth frametimes compared to your crappy green trash gpu!🖕😂
imlost19 (8 months ago)
lol and ea's frostbite runs at 90fps with the same card and looks 10x better.
Nima V (8 months ago)
Check out a big open world game like Mass effect andromeda on Frostbite. it's is as bad as this if not worse. you can't compare small environments of BF with huge open world of other games
MORPH Hero YT (8 months ago)
Sir, can you please make a video on asssassins creed odyssey using gtx 1080 founder's edition on ultra settings 1980x1080p please sir
chainsaw2010 (8 months ago)
can you Test Gsync with SLi, show how G-sync affects SLi please
Franciscoman22 (8 months ago)
1060 wins again? I was not expecting this
Mager (6 months ago)
What consider win? Fps...Nvidia image looks washed out, AMD side more vibrant
Franciscoman22 (8 months ago)
Every new game. Ubisoft also uses dx11
Levi Varga (8 months ago)
Every old game, except for Ubisoft apparently
Franciscoman22 (8 months ago)
The api that every game uses?
Levi Varga (8 months ago)
NexGenTek (8 months ago)
Who I'd rather play the one x version at least that can hit native 4K at time with a good hold on 30fps
Jelle Posthuma (8 months ago)
@Juice Head2003 And please, stop bragging about your "Dominance" just because you have a machine that is more capable, it makes you seem like a douchebag.
Jelle Posthuma (8 months ago)
@NexGenTek The xbox one x is a great machine and its pretty good for gaming, but accept it, it just isn't of the same calibre as the GTX1080...
Juice Head2003 (8 months ago)
NexGenTek digital foundery just did a video on it , yeah i was 100% right , My tests I did were on POINT with what he said , get fucked on bitch , told you I wasn’t lying
Juice Head2003 (8 months ago)
NexGenTek still waiting for that email if you want to compare , seems like your to much of a bitch to want to compare ;)
Juice Head2003 (8 months ago)
NexGenTek I seriously can even comprehend that their are people as dumb as you , omg , dude your in denial , Ight apparently your fucking autistic and don’t want to except your console runs like shit and can’t run any games close to as good looking as a pc , ight well then you asked for a pic and now that I’m willing to give one your backing down, what a little bruh you are c ight because your probably a liberal (cause only liberals are this retarded) go fuck yourself
amd can't handle assassins creed.
Stalker 90 (8 months ago)
ᴋ̶̲̅ᴀ̶̲̅i T̡̀͟ei͢͡n̸҉ Nvidia coding strike again
Aegis Reflector (8 months ago)
1080p, and neither card can't hold above 60.... jesus...
Sam (4 months ago)
@Stalker 90 Also how the fuck is a card that is VR ready a "720p card"
Sam (4 months ago)
@Noobish the 1060 is 4K capable..what thr fuck are you smoking? The problem is that Ubisoft doesnt optimize their games for PC users
Nick (5 months ago)
@Noobish the 1050ti is a 1080p card too. Who the fuck would buy a monitor below 1080p resolution ? Duh
BlackHairedGoon (6 months ago)
SFV is trash
Gabriel Savian Kenway (6 months ago)
You guys are retarderd. Serious.
Корень из 2 (8 months ago)
That frametime on 1060
someone (8 months ago)
"RX 580 will scale better than GTX 1060 in the future .. trust me its future proof" hmmmm ...
Wonder Lamb (4 months ago)
@Noobish shutup Mr 1060/580 aren't 1080p cards (yes that's what he said lol) so don't listen to him he doesn't know what he's talking about
Blue Liner (4 months ago)
Noobish the game is dx 11. 1060 is more proofed for dx 11 and rx 580 for dx 12
shad bud (6 months ago)
@VICKY GAMEBOY just use v sync locked frame time 16.6
Glorious 60fps (6 months ago)
so true. The irony is that this game is AMD Radeon+ryzen optimized and yet Nvidia+intel whooped AMD's ass with this game.
L a U r y ` (6 months ago)
@Mr username 2070 is less than 550 euro.. even cheaper if u find an used.. if u talk about "futureproof" you have to spend some bucks on it.. :) if u cant then buy something for 1-2 year and problem solved..
Rellor (8 months ago)
Nice CPU load with GTX 1060.
Glorious 60fps (6 months ago)
@Rellor Sometimes cpu usage vary differently,doesn't mean one is using less cpu than other one. Same scenary can use less or more cpu usage with same gpu. In the same location at the same weather and sun position, sometimes i get 60% cpu usage, then come back to it later(still same condition) and see that the cpu usage increased to 75%, then again i comeback and see it decreased to 55%. So cpu usage isn't always the same in same place. SO no need to get your detective mode on. That's just how games work and it's not related to nvidia or amd.
TheXino™ (7 months ago)
@Stalker 90 lol
Stalker 90 (8 months ago)
Rellor Nvidia cheating.. Ubisoft sabotage amd cards
German Lehmann (8 months ago)
@Rellor Im not home right now, can send some links later if I remember.
Rellor (8 months ago)
Drop the link to these comparisons of AMD and Nvidia in this game with system monitoring. It is possible that the problem is in this tester,but if you don’t have proof,you will be a liar.
Mustafa Başaran (8 months ago)
this game is pushing the video cards very hard. I think you should make oc to video cards. video cards doesn't give performance just by increasing power limits.
Scottish Gamer72 (8 months ago)
GTX 1060 wins again part 24678464396786 and RX Fail 580 fails again part 6557585768685876856898645
Stalker 90 (8 months ago)
Scottish Gamer72 Just end your miserable existence follow curt cobain example😂😂😁 pull the trigger nigga😂
Pannawit Masak (8 months ago)
Why AMD Card still use cpu less then Nvidia Card ... @0:47
Richard De jong (30 days ago)
Nvidia bought the rights for assasins creed games for optimal optimazion thats why with assasins creed games Always runs better with Nvidia gpu but i use the strixx 8gb rx 580 and stilkl get around 52 to 60fps most time solid 60 amd is doing there best with drivers updates
Glorious 60fps (6 months ago)
@Silver Werewolf lul i see you in every video sucking AMD's dick you pathetic rx 570 user. Sometimes cpu usage vary differently,doesn't mean one is using less cpu than other one. Same scenary can use less or more cpu usage with same gpu. In the same location at the same weather and sun position, sometimes i get 60% cpu usage, then come back to it later(still same condition) and see that the cpu usage increased to 75%, then again i comeback and see it decreased to 55%. So cpu usage isn't always the same in same place. SO no need to get your detective mode on. That's just how games work and it's not related to nvidia or amd.
TheXino™ (6 months ago)
@Kyle right
Kyle (6 months ago)
CPU is getting necked by the video card, that's why its lower. In that scene anyway.
TheXino™ (7 months ago)
@Luciferismygod Lucifer iram is right there is no difference
Light (8 months ago)
Can anyone explain why the 8700k percentage was at times almost double on the side of the 1060 vs the 580 side? It can't really be explained with the 5-10% increase in performance of the 1060 over the 580.
Scottish Gamer72 (7 months ago)
@TheXino™ Yes true it's just a waste of time buying failed AMD video cards. Its like someone selling gold dust making you think it's real 24ct gold that's AMD in a nutshell.
TheXino™ (7 months ago)
@Scottish Gamer72 you know what there is no sense to talk with you its obviously that you dont know what are you talking about , i will not answer you again that's just a waste of time
Scottish Gamer72 (7 months ago)
@TheXino™ Cheaper save the old lion with the broken leg. AMD has always been the old lion since 1998. 20 years later they still failed make a real video card. I wonder whats coming in the next 20 years maybe the RX 2780 but that will be other fail. Nvidia is in heaven and the golden gate is locked and AMD wants come in.
TheXino™ (7 months ago)
@Scottish Gamer72 really? Because the RX 580 gives you the same performance that the Nvidia graphic card and gives you more Vram and for less money lol
Scottish Gamer72 (7 months ago)
@TheXino™ No sense buying a old lion with a broken leg. You can buy from Nvidia the young alpha male.
Sabakinno (8 months ago)
Both cant hold 60 fps at high(not ultra)... shame.
Niall (7 months ago)
I can't even hold 30fps in cities on high with rx 580 4gb and i5 8400.
Atitan Youtube (8 months ago)
@ihave7sacks God, I hate when people think that everything in the universe centers around them and their experience, here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/298110/discussions/0/360671984102514653/ Have you even bothered to max it out or did you left all the settings on ultra? Or perhaps you played it on max before the patch fixed the soft shadows? because before the patch, soft shadows actually didn't work and would run low shadows with no performance hit but that's "fixed" now...
ihave7sacks (8 months ago)
lies, I played Far cry 4 again last week running everything maxed out at 1440p with two GTX 980's . At 60fps my GPU load only ever reached 60 - 70%
Atitan Youtube (8 months ago)
typical ubisoft game. a gtx 1080ti couldn't hold 60 in Far Cry 4 at Max 1080p. I am not surprised.
Johannes Müller (8 months ago)
Nice video ✌ pls test the game at 2k with a gtx 1070
OxyGen (8 months ago)
1080p High Not 60 FPS RX 580 and 1060 Very Bad Optimize Ubisoft...
Ruan Amorim (8 months ago)
y love you
warcrab cyber (8 months ago)
Ubisoft competes with themselves for delivering the most unoptimized pc games every year.
Atitan Youtube (7 months ago)
@Diego TM true, I could run Rogue on higher fps than 3.
Diego TM (7 months ago)
@Atitan Youtube and ac 3 had a bad optimization
Doomguy (7 months ago)
All you have to do is turn volumetric clouds right down / off and it runs fine on high.
NCG (7 months ago)
What did you expect from a console FOCUSED company.
Pc ColdWar (8 months ago)
more or less true the game it self run very smooth at less whit my set-up running chill and a rx 570 blend of setting high mediun not bad at all my ryzen is half used only so not that bad front my view stand but surely whit a 4 core 4 tread kind of hard but there is alot going on in this game love it so far
Josh125 (8 months ago)
Do you mind testing it with volumetric clouds on medium in your next video. Apparently that setting is hitting performance by 50% in some cases...
Lapine2 (7 months ago)
That's when compared to ultra. The difference between medium and high is smaller than that but I play on medium anyway
Rahmat Sofyan (8 months ago)
what I've waiting for .. thanks dude 🙏

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