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Hans Rosling’s Favorite Number? Zero!

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Celebrated Swedish statistician Hans Rosling visits the World Bank and tells Pabsy Pabalan that he supports the Bank’s open data policy; believes statistics represent stories about people and that his favorite number is zero. Then he pulls out some dollar bills and things get even more interesting. #PabsyLive ABOUT PABSYLIVE A young professional and a native of the Philippines, Pabsy has become our star reporter and a trusted voice with young people. Her interviews capture a wide range of World Bank Group issues: agriculture and sustainability, food and water security, childhood development, forced marriage, climate change, microfinance, transportation, labor issues and regulations, and digital dividends. Read more: http://blogs.worldbank.org/voices/pabsylive-springs-meetings
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Deva Prasad (2 years ago)
takes three notes out of his pockets and he has everything to make a 1 hour speech on our world.
Galah Townsville (3 years ago)
What about the environmental impact of the $1, $10 and $100 people!?
Rabbin Edmond HILLAH (3 years ago)
nous allons tous grandi
World Bank (3 years ago)
Why no one should live without a zero in their daily income. Hans Rosling explains with dollar bills. #PabsyLive
Do not forget the comma
UTube4MN (3 years ago)
Short & precise interview. Well done.

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