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Episode 5: MERLTech

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In episode five of DataDay, Nick, Samhir, & Priyanka head to the MERLTech conference in DC to ask some hard questions to members of data for development community. Follow TechChange on Twitter at @TechChange and see our latest course listings here: https://www.techchange.org/online-courses/
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afivenson (10 months ago)
Data is relationships... And so much more.
Andrew Fichter (10 months ago)
Data is....everything or nothing, depending on how it is gathered, used, and interpreted.
Eric Couper (11 months ago)
Data is our attempt to quantify reality so that we can understand it better. Awesome, guys!
Élodie Roy (11 months ago)
Data is my work...Data visualization is my PASSION! Nice video, I enjoyed watching it and I shared it with some of my colleagues. I would love to continue being in touch....see you ('virtually') maybe in your next Technology for Data Visualization class ;)
Ann K. Emery (11 months ago)
You guys are too funny. Great work!
yama saraj (11 months ago)
awsome guys, keep up the good job!

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