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What Will It Take to End Poverty in Vietnam?

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Tiếng Việt: http://bit.ly/1iSbWdE - Vietnam's poverty rate has fallen from nearly 60 percent to 20 percent in the past two decades, but challenges remain. Let's follow a story of two brothers born in a poor family, one living in the mountainous area, one migrating to the city, to respond to the question: What will it take to end poverty in Vietnam?
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Tonny21391gamer (22 hours ago)
Its all the US fault
Saranghaeyo Oppar (2 months ago)
You know, the fact I’m vietnamese and I live in America is just sad. I have everything I need, but all of these people are struggling.
M M (4 months ago)
Hey World Bank i have a good plan how to end the poverty not just in Vietnam but in many other countries! Forbid the fuckin US to set Sanctions and Economic Blockades on countries that dont support their studid ass view on the world, what about that? Vietnam would be much richer and with better living conditions if the US wouldnt used more bombs than in whole World War 2 combined on only 1 country of ricefarmers.
AN TRINH (5 months ago)
the problem of the poverty of the ethnic minorities living in the mountainous regions are really difficult to solve. The roads, the bridges, the access to the electricity and education are very difficult. In these regions people live and work the fields like in the middle age.
Lloyd Christmas (5 months ago)
I'll be donating to Rock-Paper-Scissors Children's Fund to buy a Vietnamese girl a bicycle to improve her life (100 Bikes for 100 Girls).
Derin Tran (5 months ago)
As a vietnamese im very ashamed, though many people proud of themself for many stupid resons,
I love You (7 months ago)
Khalila Asri (7 months ago)
I'm in Vietnam now From Malaysia
Main reason is vietnam traditional life style...everybody want to get marry very young age and ladies give birth very young age but most of them dont have any ability to run a family or raise at least a kid properly...so poverty begun...even i can see this situation in Phillipines,Laos,Some parts of thailand,indonesia...malaysia is the only country in south east asia does not have like this issue
Maeu Daou (8 months ago)
The best way to help is by providing jobs. Charity won't help. They need jobs to feed themselves for life.
ooi cheng hean (8 months ago)
Vietnam is Prussia of the east Paris of the east, I believe in the future Vietnam will become strong in economy and rich in cultures.
Indonesian Hero (8 months ago)
And they are still proud of win the war, LOL
Princess Jinerella (11 months ago)
I heard that Vetnam is poor because of all the wars
JJ HNF (1 year ago)
The main thing is food and water. second is clothes, next education and health the last is security. just provide those thing is enough.
A Nguyen (1 year ago)
Economic and political reform is absolutely necessary for Vietnam to develop itself. International organization like WB and IFM can only use their money leverage to push the government for economic reform little by little.
Bir B (1 year ago)
Reason is that Vietnam war caused this in theory due to the fact Vietnam has a lot to still pay off and the USA keeps sitting on their fat asses instead of helping countries like this.
ToiYeuYAHWEH (1 year ago)
What will it take to end poverty in Vietnam? Very easy: IMMEDIATE OVERTHROW of the corrupt communist regime from power NOW!!! Anywhere that communism touches, there is poverty, misery and hardship for the masses while the communist elites enjoy SUPER RICH status. The people of Vietnam deserve much much better than this. Please help the people of Vietnam by OVERTHROWING the corrupt communist dictators. Thank you.
Wooden Potato (1 year ago)
The United States have their own problems. Why should they have to help countries like Vietnam?
newbieshelper (1 year ago)
Thanks to the US, they destroyed their country. To hell with westerners. They are terrorists
Insert Name (1 year ago)
Makes me appreciate the people who excavated my mom and dad after the Vietnam war
Competitive capitalism.
Freedom-Vietnam Kay (1 year ago)
Change the Vietnam government, stop communist ideology. Stop suffering the Vietnamese people, and allow my people to grow. Stop being influenced by China. Stand up and fight for our rights, and stop hunger and poverty. Don't sound ignorant like nicodemus
Hải Hùng (11 months ago)
Communist use free market just protect Regime
Zane N. (1 year ago)
Blah blah blah... Of all the major economies, China grows the fastest, Vietnam comes second. Half of China population will enter middle-class in 2020, and so will Vietnam's in 2030 (this also applies to Laos's) --- the three communist regimes. Say whatever you want, they are doing a much better job than those of the 'democratic' Philippines, India, South Africa and many South Americas, etc. Don't deflect, 'communist ideology' is not the problem. Every fast-growing economy has to face inequality, but with improved educational/healthcare system and more infrastructure investment (for under-developed regions), as well as rapid urbanization, inequality in wealth distribution will eventually be alleviated, thus end poverty. What's happening to Vietnam now, happened to China several years ago. After decades of focusing primarily on the East coast, China economy boomed, but this had little effect on the poor mountainous area of the South West and Tibet. Then a few years ago, China launched a campaign to invest more infrastructure into the area to tackle the issue, early numbers show positive results. With many similarities between the two countries, Vietnam can learn much from the China's miracle and how they solved their problems.
Alex Hines (1 year ago)
Capitalist propaganda! All power to the Viet Minh! Overthrow World Bank and IMF for imposing neocolonialism on my comrades! Workers of the world unite! Stop corruption and embezzlement! FREE HEALTHCARE AND EDUCATION FOR ALL COMRADES!
Hải Hùng (11 months ago)
by Teriost and lie about communist you must be don't know what happen in vietnam
Đặng Tú (2 years ago)
can i get to know the name of the software you used ?
Ghost (1 year ago)
Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop for graphics. Adobe After Effects to make the graphics move and be a cartoon.
Margaret Rodd (2 years ago)
Australia denies
Seablian (2 years ago)
Vietnam government has lots of money from growing industry. It would reduce poverty even more if more roads were paved and schools were built and public schools were free. Also if people moved to the city it would benifit alot too.
Nhoc Cool (2 years ago)
Has lots of money and they kept to themselves not for the people. They took our $
Hai Bui (2 years ago)
To end poverty if im the policy maker i will give them food and have a program to train a skill for them or maybe give them a loan with no interest for them to trade.
Hai Bui (2 years ago)
The poverty will end if the goverment got a god policy
Thanh kiem Nguyen (2 years ago)
This's truth! But it doesn't mean vietnam economic will end poverty!!! We still have many problems and we're trying to resolve it!!! Just wait to see our success!!
AlphuKenny 1 (2 years ago)
Thanh kiem Nguyen đó là một phần của Việt Nam là bạn từ
longzsta (2 years ago)
cycle of life everywhere around the world
bananaisnotcool (2 years ago)
I am very glad to be Vietnamese, a Canadian one. I'm not poor, I've experienced it but in Vietnam we are persevered and try it all, not me us! I'm very proud to be in a country full of determined people- K I'll stop but this is so tru ;-;
Phuong pham (2 years ago)
i wanna cry
OnkarrSingh (2 years ago)
If and world bank are part of the problem!
Van Vu (2 years ago)
If Viet Nam as a whole is a company, it doesnt make much but spends a lot and borrows a lot. So tell me how in the world does it escape poverty? Oh You didnt guess it, its what they are doing right now : Selling assets and Borrowing even more money! Brilliance!
Van Vu (2 years ago)
@fdamoreg  While you are at it, how does Vietnam as an economy makes it growth? Exporting Rice? Fish or more correctly Labor?
Shepetto (2 years ago)
Vietnam economy is growing at a 7% yearly from the last, what? 2 decades? Im guessing by their increase in gdp per capita and the reduction in poverty from the last years that they are doing just fine, and they will be in a much better place in the future. Where does people like you come from? I know it may be hard for people in the internet age to pay attention, but right above your message there is a video of only 4 minutes with diggested information that even you can understand.
Mai Anh Trần (2 years ago)
I cried watching this video
Tactical Panda (3 years ago)
You know what is better? Not having children. I mean ffs if you can't even support yourself then don't bring more souls into this world. Breeding while can't even support one self should be crime against humanity. Bringing children into the world only to have them suffer, great idea.
M M (4 months ago)
The main goal of every family is to get children and raise them, if u cant support urself u better work harder, because a life without a family is nearly pointless.
boni aditya (7 months ago)
@Shepetto it is not about life being hard, it is about torture, when your entire life experience was shit, when you haven't had a single happy moment in your entire life how can you give birth to four more souls and ask them to live a torturous life like yours, where you don't provide them education, don't give them food to eat, don't give them anything to be happy about and then they die working 15 hours a day. it is not compulsion that you have kids, the species isn't going extinct because you don't have any kids. There are 8 billion people in this world adding one more makes no sense, if you can't give them better opportunities. Just don't give them a life of misery and eternal sorrow from birth to death! In India the situation is worse, after they give birth they don't take responsibility of the kid, they desert the kid, there are million of orphans roaming in the streets of India, please use condoms and don't give birth! This institution of marriage and the social pressure to give birth should be regulated. I love the Chinese one kid policy - If it is only one kid, it would receive all the resources, however little and grow up to have better lives than their parents!
Eric Decamps (1 year ago)
People in poor countries have more kids cause it's the only "pension" they will have when they grow old. In China, Vietnam or the Philippines (where I lived), kids are expected to work hard to financially help their parents and grandparents. A couple without kids is certainly gonna end up homeless and starving the day they cannot work anymore.
ToiYeuYAHWEH (1 year ago)
What will it take to end poverty in Vietnam? Very easy: IMMEDIATE OVERTHROW of the corrupt communist regime from power NOW!!! Anywhere that communism touches, there is poverty, misery and hardship for the masses while the communist elites enjoy SUPER RICH status. The people of Vietnam deserve much much better than this. Please help the people of Vietnam by OVERTHROWING the corrupt communist dictators. Thank you.
Tactical Panda (2 years ago)
There is a difference between 7 billion people and 400 millions people in the world. Sure back then we need to breed in order to ensure our survival, but now we are borderline overpopulation. It is no longer about human existence anymore, breeding like rabbits just does not work in the modern world.
derpii_ duckii (3 years ago)
Oh and by the way a 100 dollars in Vietnam is not even 10 dollars you have to change it to Vietnamese money
derpii_ duckii (3 years ago)
it's still poor, there are lots of poor people ,I lived there and I came last summer , still they had electronics but still hard work
Twinzzzzz (3 years ago)
Free education will help
Smart Man (3 years ago)
So simple.only 1 way.Let me be prime minister of vietnam.
Smart Man (3 years ago)
So simple,let me be King👑 of vietnam😃😃😃😃😃
Smart Man (3 years ago)
To get rid of poverty in vietnam,only 1 way.very easy and simple.Let me take over as PRIME MI NISTER of poor vietnam.Then i guarantee everyone in vietnam i pay SGD$10000 every month.Just follow my instruction.Then no more poor women going to wotk as prostitudes
2-1 BrAvO (4 years ago)
What will it take to end poverty everywhere? Even the U.S. is rife with poverty.
le jordan (4 years ago)
Change the government
YouCanBustHere (5 years ago)
hmmm maybe some fucking equality would help goddam everyone on the internet is so stupid
dada lala (5 years ago)
Vietnam needs to adapt multiple languages and start offering call centers and internet services. This is by the one of the most effective strategy.
VDung Nguyen (5 years ago)
I think we have to mention the importance of Bank of Vietnam and politics of Government. With the help of Banking and Government politics, they will find out the good solutions for improvement conditions, but it depends on their moral and intellectual skill, management, etc. Vietnam today, there are so many development commercial Bank with the right politics of authorities to help their people living better. Think and ask what can we do for the country, do not ask the country what can bring to us ( Đừng hỏi Tổ Quốc đã làm gì cho ta, mà hãy hỏi ta đã làm gì cho Tổ Quốc). Let's Give the opinion about solution to ending poverty or escape poor condition. 
Long Nguyen (5 years ago)
Education is the key but it should be REAL education: learning practical things instead of learning things that we won't make use after graduation. Education of Vietnam right now is very dated and unpractical.
Việt Sơn (5 years ago)
Many thanks to the World Bank for this short but meaningful video. We'll try harder to improve the depth of education for Vietnamese, and for all the children
saigonsnaps (5 years ago)
not only in vietnam :( stop to do children !!
bai yue (5 years ago)
The World Bank now offered loans conditional on the sacking of tens of thousands of workers from public enterprises and the scrapping of public services that were once the envy of other poor countries. Even during the long years of war, primary care where people lived and worked had raised life expectancy to among the highest in the developing world. More babies had survived birth and their first precarious years than in most Asian countries. Now, under the tutelage of the foreign donor community, the government was forced to abandon support for health services; diseases, such as malaria, dengue and cholera, returned. It was as if the Vietnamese were finally being granted membership of the international community as long as they created a society based on divisions of wealth and poverty and exploited labour, in which social achievements were no longer valued: the kind of foreign-imposed system they had sacrificed so much to escape. It seemed, wrote Gabriel Kolko in his classic work, Anatomy of a War, that the Vietnam war would finally end in "the defeat of all who fought in it - and one of the greatest tragedies of modern history". LOL http://johnpilger.com/articles/the-price-of-vietnam-being-allowed-to-come-out-of-isolation-was-the-destruction-of-its-health-services
Bạch tử Quạ (5 years ago)
I love Vietnam
ToiYeuYAHWEH (5 months ago)
@ibn mjh Yes, of course. We must make sure that ALL the communist criminals LOSE power and go to jail for their crimes. Also, we must do EVERYTHING we can to TOTALLY DESTROY evil china forever. Thank you, dear friend.
ibn mjh (5 months ago)
@ToiYeuYAHWEH if so, we totally agree. However, please do not become worst if change the government system. Make sure it become better than previous
ToiYeuYAHWEH (5 months ago)
@ibn mjh YES!!! Vietnam must be liberated from communism. Also, evil china MUST BE TOTALLY DESTROYED FOREVER. Thank you.
ibn mjh (5 months ago)
@ToiYeuYAHWEH is it that easy?
ToiYeuYAHWEH (1 year ago)
If you love our nation and people, then you must overthrow the corrupt communist dictators from power.
Ngọc Vĩ Mai (5 years ago)
When I watched this clip I though that only education will end poverty in vietnam.
J.N Duong (5 years ago)
thanks for providing such useful information, vietnamese people will have to work and study harder and harder for the development of the country, i hope to share this vid to all my friends and also more and more people all around me, this vid really make people think about the future, thank u.
s sh (5 years ago)
OH MY GOD, I almost cried. Tears are gathering in my eyes. I'm going on a charity trip to one of Vietnam's villages in a few days. I'mma give the kids thre all my lovin' This is so sad.
Lan Bach (10 months ago)
RedDragonAwakens I bet you are Chinese
ToiYeuYAHWEH (1 year ago)
What will it take to end poverty in Vietnam? Very easy: IMMEDIATE OVERTHROW of the corrupt communist regime from power NOW!!! Anywhere that communism touches, there is poverty, misery and hardship for the masses while the communist elites enjoy SUPER RICH status. The people of Vietnam deserve much much better than this. Please help the people of Vietnam by OVERTHROWING the corrupt communist dictators. Thank you.
Eric C (2 years ago)
s sh I know this is late, but I hope you know that VN is one of the regions fastest growing economies. Why? It's because of innovation and smart business policies that have allowed entrepreneurs to flourish. Perhaps you should actually visit Vietnam instead of being completely delusional to how Vietnamese people actually are.
Hong Hanh Le (2 years ago)
RedDragonAwakens and Im sure Vietnamese people have a better lives than Chinese. Vietnamese r hard working, smart and we can be own without Westener countries intervention like we r nowadays. Stupidly!!!!!!!
Linh Hoàng (5 years ago)
thank you for your kindness :) if you need any help, guide or support while travelling in Vietnam, feel free to contact me. my email address: [email protected] Welcome to our country <3
somaling mgaundi (5 years ago)
see you all world
171717 (5 years ago)
@Khanh Quoc Tran "Vietnam has a well-educated population by international standards, especially as compared to the general level ins most low-income countries. At 94.1%, the official literacy rate is substantially highe than either India's or China's and is comparable to literacy rates in Asian countries that are much richer than Vietnam is."  - The Southeast Asia Handbook (Dr. Athar Hussein)  I agree, that education is a factor which IS essential for the economic situation. But I think another point is that, the reform program become more and more stagnant since "doi moi" - a reason, could be the political structure / system, which significantly slows down the process of decision-making. Hope it gets better soon.
k (5 years ago)
It will take serious political and economical reforms to fix Vietnam's poverty.
Nam Nguyen (5 years ago)
sir, take my like and my respect. Of course nearly noone from the government could hear you.
Claudia Gold (5 years ago)
When people are struggling with day-to-day existence, self-education is not so easy. Paying for food and shelter takes precedent over long-term goals when you are below a certain income level. It's a nice thought but it's not practical for most people.
T.O.T.G.A (5 years ago)
I think his opinion is kinda true...But I believe the main point of education here should not be making students comprehend unuseful and theoretical knowledge anymore: it should firstly focus on improving everybody's ways of thinking, helping them change their perspectives to make them think more about a big future and long-term goals than their immediate needs, so they can come up with appropriate moves and good decisions to improve their life as well as our country's life :D.
T.O.T.G.A (5 years ago)
học Tiếng Anh làm éo gì mà ko được sử dụng nó bất cứ khi nào mình thích và bất cứ chỗ nào phù hợp? Tiếng Anh là ngôn ngữ quốc tế, VN cũng là 1 phần tử của quốc tế, tại sao lại éo đc sử dụng ngôn ngữ dùng chung cho cái cộng đồng mà mình đang sống trong nó, là 1 thành viên của nó? huống j đối tượng hướng tới đâu phải chỉ là ng VN. Còn những thể loại học lâu dốt bền nếu thấy ko đủ khả năng để hòa nhập đc với cộng đồng quốc tế thì cứ phắn qua cái version Tiếng Việt để tranh luận, khỏi nói nhiều :))
Nguyễn Vũ no 8706 (1 year ago)
a cho e xin cái link version Tiếng Việt với.e fool quá biết làm sao giờ.hóng mãi cái version Tiếng Việt
Chow Shady (5 years ago)
Vu Tan lived in Phung Cong Family. So his way of thinking is pretty low.
Vu Tan (5 years ago)
à vâng, nếu như người nước ngoài nói với người việt thì tôi cũng chả nói làm gì, người việt nói tiếng anh với người việt thì cũng chỉ là kiểu show off mà thôi :))
Hiệp Phan (5 years ago)
According to the Maslow pyramid, we can see that people here struggle everyday for making a living. The very first basic things are very uncertain like this so how can possible for them to think of education, that is another step upper basic need. In my opinion, to end up the poverty in Viet Nam, we need to have a good management system and implement strict rules.
andreson muhindo (5 years ago)
ANDRESON a rdc goma j aimez beaucoup votre façon de nous satisfaire merci
max tran (5 years ago)
Vietnam has every good condition to end poverty except a clean government
k0r0u (5 years ago)
My friend, I like your optimism, but did you notice that one of the addressed problem is that poverty lead to inaccessibility to education?
Đạt Trần (5 years ago)
GOVERMENT! CHANGE GOVERMENT is the answer for this question
Trung Dũng Nguyễn (5 years ago)
I quite agree with you, don't care what the party is but what we need is a clear goverment. No doubt that education is the key. However, it's not work until we solve the root of the problem.
Woupsea :D (5 years ago)
We have these problems in America... If you and another person were sick and you had the money to cure yourself(even though the US really doesnt right now) youd cure yourself right? Worry abou others when youre well off.
Claudia Gold (5 years ago)
It's not as simple as just saying people should be more educated. Education is vital but as the video shows, it's not that these families didn't want to educate their children. The problems are more political. Education should be free and mandatory, which might mean raising taxes. The deeper problem is economic inequality.
Lm Ng (5 years ago)
In Vietnam, I'm sure there are so many good teachers who are capable of upgrading the education, however, we lack of the policies to push that capability into changes. We tends to attend so many meetings, come up with brilliant ideas, but no practical implications in the end. The government needs to do something, to standardise the quality of education, improve access to education and reduce social stratification.
Vu Tan (5 years ago)
người việt nói mẹ tiếng việt đi cho nó lành, bày đặt bắn tiếng anh -_-
Hoang Anh Nguyen (5 years ago)
Education should not be the solution by itself. What is the use of education if the economy is not strong enough to support all the graduates ? And whatever the solution is, it should produce enough jobs, with diversity of skills, and with acceptable income. I think it would involve a combination of law, education, etc.
Nam Long Pham (5 years ago)
No, it's not about education. Education is a very naive answer. If you want to double-check, check back to see if all of your friends in your same class having same amount of salary earned given the same amount of studying they have. It's more about the entrepreneurship of people, including governmental officers, to create their own chance and chances for others.
Thanh Danh Trần (5 years ago)
Well done! I think education is the best answer for the question. Thank you very much for making this video.
Ben Dinh (5 years ago)
Never forget geography when discerning which political system is best for a country. Geography and genealogy.
quynhmai doan (5 years ago)
why? back your ideas up to make it more persuasive please!
honeygem90 (5 years ago)
The most important solution in my opinion is education. However, even the education system in Vietnam presently doesn't meet the market need. Vietnam is lack of vocational training system and infrastructure. Education for higher levels orient in unpractical goals. It is common that students cannot find a job after graduate, research work cannot apply in reality. I think Vietnam should think about future occupation orientation for young generation before making any changes in education system
kabukyknight (5 years ago)
The communist party is holding back the country. Every single corner of the country is controlled by the politburo members. Education, healthcare, economy, politic... You may say that education is the best answer. But I am sorry, you are dead wrong. An efficient political system is the key
ToiYeuYAHWEH (1 year ago)
What will it take to end poverty in Vietnam? Very easy: IMMEDIATE OVERTHROW of the corrupt communist regime from power NOW!!! Anywhere that communism touches, there is poverty, misery and hardship for the masses while the communist elites enjoy SUPER RICH status. The people of Vietnam deserve much much better than this. Please help the people of Vietnam by OVERTHROWING the corrupt communist dictators. Thank you.
Yenny Lam (5 years ago)
Socialism is not a good idea to end poverty.
undefeated gamer Nikunj (2 months ago)
Hey idiot Switzerland is not socialist
Otakuvn99 (10 months ago)
And what's next? You can't answer that with a straight face. Turning peaceful land into war zones and puppet army camps. The facts are out and they are not so bright. War. All the incompetent sees is war. Overthrowing what with what? To create chaos in the street and put family from houses to shackles like that in 1993 Russia and Chilean coup? To let the already too rich suck out everything by placing Shell and Exxon in a sweet spot? Reversing back to the Vietnam war period now - dropping the GDP rate from 6% to minus figures? The overthrowing idea is naive. It is a disease within its own idea. A blatant failure of struggle and stupidity. If you want some real long-term planning, bring some new replacement answer to the table. It was the same with the Soviet back them, they try to overthrow the Tsar, but all of their plans ended their, they stood on loose ground and eventually tumbled.
Hải Hùng (11 months ago)
but over 1 billion people live a poverty and many zone in china very poor
Johnny Tran (11 months ago)
The world richest countries are socialism, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and Canada. China, moved 800M people out of poverty.
ToiYeuYAHWEH (1 year ago)
What will it take to end poverty in Vietnam? Very easy: IMMEDIATE OVERTHROW of the corrupt communist regime from power NOW!!! Anywhere that communism touches, there is poverty, misery and hardship for the masses while the communist elites enjoy SUPER RICH status. The people of Vietnam deserve much much better than this. Please help the people of Vietnam by OVERTHROWING the corrupt communist dictators. Thank you.
Hela Niflheim (5 years ago)
I think it needs the combination of education, law system and health services (including the need of basic lives). This task also requires the change in government's opinion. After watching this video, I feel sad about my country. Poor us :(
risingsun08107 (5 years ago)
Improved infrastructure linking cities and rural areas would certainly help the farmers transport their goods more easily, and might give them better information about which prices are competitive. Perhaps job training programs for rural migrants into the city, so that they don't get trapped working for low wages in factories.
Hai Nguyen (5 years ago)
Adobe Flash and After Effect.
EMY Nguyen (5 years ago)
I totally agree with you.
Phạm Đức Hoàng (5 years ago)
After watching The Lion King (again). These's a question pop up in my head: Why, with the same Pride Lands, Mufasa can still develop it with enough food and good life for all the animals. But when Scar invaded the Pride Lands, it became poor, dark and gloomy; even for the hyenas, followers of Scar. I think the answer is clear, bad leaders can't do anything but ruin people's life. Where there is oppression, there is struggle. Anyone can hear this?
Nguyễn Văn Đại (5 years ago)
Education is really important in the case of Vietnam but its not enough. In the past, achievements in education are great but it only stop at create the capability for majority of Vietnammese people. We need to reform and improve institution to mobilise resources, especially social and human capital accumulated before.
Dinh Trung Hoa (5 years ago)
there is nothing calling clean government.that kinda thing will never happen.
Mai Anh Le (5 years ago)
Totally agree with you. A clean government is the first thing came into my mind after watching this video.
Chi Phạm (5 years ago)
Which program did you use for this video?
James Richest (5 years ago)
Compared with Singapore, Vietnam has a very long way to go since it doesn’t satisfy the first requirement of having a clean government. Without this a priori condition, all other suggestions will be fruitless.
James Richest (5 years ago)
Learning from others means diversity of opinions is encouraged. Best practices from anywhere in the world are studied, reviewed, adapted and implemented whenever possible. Pragmatism means only policies that have a truly economic impact on raising the standard of the people are implemented. There is no need for grandiose projects, no political posturing and no political propaganda.
James Richest (5 years ago)
Meritocracy simply means only the best educated and the most qualified person will be appointed after undergoing a truly competitive and objective recruitment process to responsible governmental positions, and they are paid a very competitive salary as compared with similar positions in the private industry. Education is emphasized throughout the population, and the government will help anyone to succeed academically and technically. Innovation is encouraged.
James Richest (5 years ago)
Clean government simply means a government free from corruption, cronyism, and inefficiency but full of accountability and responsibility. Leaders lead by examples, and there is absolutely zero tolerance for corruption in all levels of government. Clean government simply means a government free from corruption, cronyism, and inefficiency but full of accountability and responsibility. Leaders lead by examples, and there is absolutely zero tolerance for corruption in all levels of government.
James Richest (5 years ago)
Maybe the Vietnamese people can learn from the Singaporean experience. In 1960’s, Singapore was among the poorest countries in Southeast Asia. Yet, within 20 years, Singapore became one of the four successful tigers of Asia: Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong. The secrets to Singaporean success have been mainly attributed to four key factors: clean government, meritocracy, learning from others and pragmatism.
Tram Phan (5 years ago)
Totally agree
Huy Hoang (5 years ago)
no more bribing, corruption, abusing power. I think that's the root of all our problem. We've had proper policies, the setting out of them is the tough challenge for the time being.
thecatsjimjams (5 years ago)
Well, in New Zealand and other developed nations (of course not the USA, since they're notoriously privatised) education *IS* free. Ironically, this is a very socialist/ communist ideal. And, p.s., the World Bank and IMF don't 'provide' anything (any money they give is a loan, and always with extreme strings attached).
Doan Yen (5 years ago)
Education and also the mindset of the people, can not be blamed all for education..
r45eys (5 years ago)
End the corruption! The principal of the school spends the school's money to an English center, the English center hires an English teacher, westerner, then gives the principal money back!
Mina Fitzerald (5 years ago)
Low cost education (including uniform and other extra cost beside school fee)
Dung Tran (5 years ago)
You meant free education? that's out of question, even U.S. cannot provide that fully. Where would the money come from? World Bank? IMF? Seriously?

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