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How to Create and Access an Ubuntu Droplet on Digital Ocean

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How to Create and Access an Ubuntu Droplet on Digital Ocean In this video I walk you though creating an Ubuntu droplet on digital ocean. I also show the steps needed to connect to the droplet via an ssh terminal session. Full Blog Post: https://askmacgyver.com/blog/tutorials/how-to-create-and-access-an-ubuntu-droplet-on-digital-ocean #ubuntu #digitalocean
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Text Comments (17)
OPOKU BRIGHT (5 months ago)
Connection to my IP address failed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what could be the reason? Thank you
Macgyver (4 months ago)
The server is probably not up. Does curl localhost return anything? Otherwise it's ip tables (firewall).
travis magandoga (6 months ago)
hi i have no account please give me an account digital ocean because i need account please IDOL
Anonymous Fox Hits (7 months ago)
DigitalOcean Won’t Confirm My Account it’s been 30 days
SilverFoxA (8 months ago)
Nice tutorial. I liked how you covered all the key elements. I have covered few latest DigitalOcean videos as of 2018, do share your views. https://goo.gl/4DzSFe
jeff cobbs (10 months ago)
could you help me set up icecast and liquidsoap on my droplet with terminal. Every video i can find does it with putty.
Romel Gomez (11 months ago)
I linked my domain dns to DO, and set A and NS records the networking/domains, but I still see noting, after set new droplet .
Macgyver (11 months ago)
Romel Gomez you have to setup a web server nginx or apache
Romel Gomez (11 months ago)
at the 7:00 minute
Romel Gomez (11 months ago)
After setting a basic Droplet, after put the IP in the address bar, I get nothing, like your video, How I fix that?
Macgyver (11 months ago)
Flush your local DNS, also try opening an incognito window and hitting your site. DNS changes take 4-48 hours typically to propagate.
Romel Gomez (11 months ago)
Hi, I like your video, One question - I see you put in the address bar the IP, what is the next step after that, to see e.g: index.html or link a domain.
TechXSoftware (1 year ago)
Do you make much money from askmacgyver?
[revive project] (1 year ago)
omg take some coke before you start talking. sooo slow
Romel Gomez (11 months ago)
Set the speed to 1.5
Macgyver (1 year ago)
I will try to add more energy! Noted.

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